Don’t Let Him Go


It was quite a night. It was Tom’s and April’s first anniversary night, and they celebrated just as hard as their first night together as husband and wife. April admired Tom for both his mind and body, and it was easy to tell that Tom reciprocated the thought. Her mahogany hair, her creamy, pink-tipped breasts, toned body, and perfect height made her stunning when naked. Tom was a football player; he had been one since he was a child. He was built like an Adonis, and very well endowed. His steel gray eyes and deep-set brow made him look very intense. Unlike last year when it was summer vacation during college, now was the last two weeks of his first training camp. He had to leave his blushing bride and get down to camp, but not before she slipped in another kiss for the morning; she knew she’d be going down to camp to meet him for his lunch break, so she reluctantly let him go. His complete attention had to be focused on making the team.

Morning practice went well. Before Tom knew it, it was nearly time for lunch. He saw her next to the coach talking and thought how good it was that she was socializing with him. He knew things were close for him in making the team, and anything in his favor would be helpful in making it. April looked radiant in her cream sundress and wide-brimmed lily-white hat.

“He’s close to not making the team Mrs. Kendall, but there is something that would secure it for him,” the coach said. April wondered why she would be able to make a difference. “My wife died two years ago, and it has been that long since I’ve slept with another woman. If you sleep with me I can absolutely guarantee Tom making the team.” April had to wonder about this. True the coach was rather handsome for being in his late forties, but she felt such a devotion to Tom. However, that same devotion told her that it meant the world for Tom to make the team, and if he didn’t make it, things would be quite hard at home. Tom had been one of those who had been unfortunate enough to not graduate, and landing a halfway decent job outside of football would be hard.

She hesitated, thinking of the possibility, then murmured “Yes…I’ll do it, but only once, and only because I love Tom.”

“There’s no deal unless we meet at least a few times. I need to know that I’m being given enough in return.” The thought that she would be sleeping with the coach more than once was making April a bit nervous. She would hate for Tom to find them together, it would crush his spirit, but not making the team was sure to be a more devastating blow.

“Okay,” she said, “but we have to be very discreet. I don’t want Tom to find out we’ve been sleeping together.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. What do you say to this afternoon in my office being our first meeting?”

April said, “Okay, but at least let me pretend to leave, so as to divert any attention as to what we’re doing?”

“That sounds perfect to me. In about two hours then.” Paul, the coach, had always admired April from afar. She could have been the sister of his wife, Faye; the resemblance was uncanny. He had really missed being with Faye. They, too, had been college sweethearts. He felt like a crud for asking April to sleep with him, but he had always seemed to sense that there was some kind of attraction between him and April.

Paul blew the whistle and that was the end of practice. Tom got out of his pads and took a shower. He wanted to be fresh for April and their picnic she had planned. They went to the park and found a nice sunny and lush spot to sit. All April could think of during the picnic was her meeting with the handsome coach. From the first time they met she had been enamored with Paul. Listening to him speak made it all the more obvious that if she had not been with Tom, she would have slept with Paul without hesitation.

Lunch was over too quickly for April. She knew, however, that she would be doing something that would bring Tom the recognition he had always desired. She drove him back to camp, kissed him goodbye, and then drove off. April drove around for about ten minutes until she knew they were deep into analyzing the films. Paul’s door was in a very out of the way place so it took no effort for her to pretend to drop something off for Tom and sneak back to Paul’s office. She knocked. No answer. Good, maybe Paul had forgotten. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Startled, she turned around; it was Paul.

Into the office they went. In no time Paul had yalova escort his fold away couch out and ready. He went over to April; he gently held her head in his hands and gave her a kiss. She just stood there and let him kiss her. She was going to show no emotion. However, after about the third or fourth kiss she could resist no longer, she softly returned Paul’s kiss. Soon they were kissing like two teenagers. Paul had his arms around her making it very easy for him to zip down the back of her dress. The dress fell to the floor as April stood there in her bra and panties. He pulled her closer to him. She could feel the warmth and hardness of his cock buried in his pants press against her leg. Down went her hand to rub him through the thin cloth.

As they continued to kiss, April unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, revealing a hairy, well-built chest. Paul’s hair felt soft against her cheek. His masculine musk scent was intoxicating to her. She pulled his head down, planting a wet kiss on his lips. He could smell her perfume; it was exactly what Faye always wore, Obsession. It brought back so many good memories. He reached around her to unhook her bra. The bra floated to the floor. Her erect nipples and her passionate kissing made it clear that she was now very much into it as well.

April pulled his belt from Paul’s pants and unzipped his zipper. He kicked his shoes off and his pants fell to the floor. He could feel the warmth of her breasts against his upper stomach. Their hearts were pounding. She pulled his white boxers down to reveal his ten inch wonder, just a little bit longer than Tom, but not nearly as wide around. She took it into her hand. The feel of April’s fingers around his cock made Paul shiver. He wanted her hands around his cock, but he wanted something else even more. He got down on his knees, pulling down her lacy panties as she kicked off her sandals. Her clean-shaven pussy was a sight to see. He could clearly smell a waft of her womaness.

Paul grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and brought April closer to him. He started kissing her firm belly, making his way around, until he reached her slit. He lingered there a bit, gently massaging her pussy lips with his fingers. Her animal instincts were starting to take over. She had never felt this way before. All thoughts of Tom went away as she became engulfed in the moment. All she could think of was what was Paul going to do next. Paul pulled apart her moist slit to reveal the darker pink underneath. He took his tongue and started to lick her labia all the way around. Her juices began to flow; he could taste it on tip of his tongue. He reached in further with his tongue to find her love bud. Using his tongue he flicked it towards his mouth many times, letting it fall back with each flick. Paul could resist no longer. He took her clit full into his soft lips and began to suck. The slurping noises and the feel of his moist warm mouth on her clit started to send April over the edge. She couldn’t resist moaning much longer.

April’s moaning soon became loud. Fearing that someone may hear them, Paul got up to gently put his hand over her mouth. His throbbing cock was too enticing for her to resist. She knelt down and took his cock into her hands. Without missing a beat, she grabbed his butt cheek, pulling him closer, mounting his cock with her mouth. Once in her mouth, she placed one hand on his balls and the other on his shaft, stroking him with both her lips and hands.

Paul had to be inside April. He lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He got on top of her, bringing her ankles up to his shoulders. He looked down and guided his hot rod into her sopping lovebox. He slid in easily, his thrusts became harder and harder with each pulse. She could feel his hairy balls start to slap against her soft skin sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body. April wanted to let out a yell, but she knew that someone might hear. Paul’s base instincts took over. He got up lifting her up and off, bending her over the edge of the bed; her slick slit now waiving in the air. He walked up to her right on target and thrust his hard cock into her lovebox.

Again, Paul’s balls could be heard slapping against April’s butt. Soon he could hold in his instincts no longer and started to grunt like an animal in heat. Taking his lead, April’s instincts took over as well, and she started to moan in rhythm to his beat. She came. edirne escort Her body felt flush. She wanted more and Paul was ready to oblige. He continued to pump and pump. He pumped so hard he had to hold her hips so she would not fall away. She felt him stop momentarily, and then a warmth inside her began to spread. He continued pumping his cock as streams of hot cum poured into her pussy. His cum stopped, but his hardness continued. Paul wanted more and April couldn’t believe it. Tom always stopped right after cumming. Paul put her facedown on the floor and continued pumping into her from behind. His appetite was insatiable.

His grunts and groans could surely be heard down the hall, but he didn’t care. The door was locked. Paul was going to have her no matter what. Beads of sweat were building up on both of them. April began to moan again as well. In no time, the satisfying feeling of having cum took over her body. Paul continued his unbelievable thrusting. She knew he was about to cum. Paul wanted her to see his face as he came in her. He turned her around and continued his pumping. She looked so beautiful. He felt so powerful. He could hold it no longer and let loose a load with each inward motion of his cock.

Paul looked over on the table next to the bed and saw that it was 4:30. Film study was scheduled to end at five. Luckily he had a personal shower in the room. They took turns taking a shower and getting dressed. April went first so that she could get out so no one would notice. Before she left he told her that she no longer had to sleep with him. His experience with her was more than he could have hoped for. She told him she would be there tomorrow at the same time and expected more of the same. She loved Tom, but Paul had performed so well, and she was now so enamored with Paul that she could not resist his flesh any longer. Paul happily agreed and made sure to change his schedule to fit her in.

That night Tom and April had the best sex they’d had in all their time together since their honeymoon. There was something about her earlier encounter with Paul that day that made her more aware of her body. In the morning Tom’s sexual appetite was still there. As April took a shower Tom snuck in behind the curtains surprising her. He cradled her breasts in each hand as he started kissing down her neck. As soon as he reached that junction where shoulder meets neck, a wave of pleasure swept through her body. She reached behind grabbing his butt cheeks, pulling him closer. April could feel Tom’s massive hardness rub up and down her crack. He took each nipple in his fingers and started to lightly twirl them. Harder and harder he twirled until they would go no more and would snap back.

Tom lifted April up and turned her around, and slowly set her down on his rod, feeling his fat mushroom head part her labia. He began lifting and dropping her like she weighed nothing. She gripped his cock with her strong love muscles. He coveted the added sensation this brought to his cock; the added sensation was as equally stimulating for April. She knew him like a book and could tell he was about to cum. Knowing that she could get him so aroused made her feel good inside. April, too, began to feel that deep down feeling. They both began to moan out loud. They let out a loud howl, and at that moment they both climaxed together.

Breakfast together was all giggles and smiles. They couldn’t get enough of each other. They would tell jokes laughing even at the most inane ones you could think of. Nothing could bring them down from their high this morning. However, soon it was time for Tom to leave for practice. April bade him farewell with a kiss and reminded him they would meet together for a picnic lunch again. Little did Tom know of the other rendezvous afterward.

Lunchtime came and April was there waiting for Tom at the practice field. Again, Tom was grateful that she was talking with the coach. Even better was that the coach was giving him even more attention during practice. Tom could sense that he was on the better side of the coach and wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize that, so even after the end of practice he let the two of them talk a bit longer.

At lunch Tom made sure to tell April that she should continue to talk with the coach and to get to know him better. Little did he know how close the coach and April had become. Just like breakfast, lunch, too, was a giggle erzurum escort fest. They talked about all kinds of things, but their college days were what they talked about most. They had met each other there and they would always have fond memories of when they had met in chemistry class. However, lunch was soon over.

They said their goodbyes at the practice field. April drove off, then snuck back in, and went immediately to Paul’s office where he was waiting. In no time they were in a close embrace, their lips caressing each other. Without nary a thought they both began to strip the other of clothing. When they were completely unclothed he took her to the shower. He wanted some wet hard fun. Warm wet water cascaded over them as he bent her over and penetrated her slit from behind. Their howls were amplified by being in the shower, but again, they didn’t care, again their animal instinct had taken the better of them.

Meanwhile, Tom was asked by an assistant coach to go see Paul about some plays that they had put together. Having gotten to the door he heard some wild sounds coming from inside. Feeling like he knew the higher voice from somewhere he became very curious and slowly opened the door and entered. Paul had forgotten to lock the door! Out of the shower flew coach and April. April? My god what is she doing here. She’s stark naked. He couldn’t help but begin to get hard. Stunned, everyone just stared at each other for a bit. Tom wanted to be mad at his wife, but inside, he had always wanted to do a three-way with her and another guy, and who better than to have the guy he admired most.

Tom told them of his secret desire. All three agreed that it would be a perfect match. Tom stripped and lay April on the bed. Both men knelt on either side of her. She took both cocks into her hands and began to take turns moistening their heads with her saliva. Paul being the ever-eager one left her side and began to kiss down the inside of her leg. Closer and closer he got till she could feel his breath brush by her mound. Paul began to massage her pussy lips with his fingers, getting her wetter and wetter by the moment. He opened her up, dived in headfirst and took her clit between his lips and began to suckle on it. In the meantime, Tom had moved down to April’s breasts and began to caress each, one by one. The feeling of having two erogenous areas stimulated at the same time were too much for her. Before she knew it she began to cum. The muscles of her love canal were contracting more than they ever had before. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her.

Again, Paul’s instinct got the better of him; he could wait no longer. He took his cock in hand and thrust it into April. Oh how good it felt to have her warm soft wall embrace his shaft. Not wanting to be left out of the fun Tom brought his cock up to her mouth and pulled her head over to him. She quickly reached out and took him into her mouth, all the way to the base of his balls. She began to pump his organ, her head bobbing up and down. Tom loved the feel of her lips around his cock. He could watch her suck forever.

Paul and April were soon about to climax. Each sensing the other was about to cum they prepared for what was about to happen. Their panting got so hard and heavy April had to let go of Tom’s cock. Tom stood there as he watched Paul pleasure his beautiful wife. He couldn’t believe how aroused he became at the sight of them together. April and Paul were in the throws of ecstasy, huffing and puffing like a well-tuned engine. Then they both came, loud and clear. Paul realized that Tom was wanting to cum inside his wife, too; Paul looked up and moved over to April’s head letting her taste their combined juices on his rock solid cock.

Tom moved in, sticking his fat, hard cock in her as far in as it would go, lifting her legs up high to get even deeper. She could feel his head reach the end of her love canal; he had never gotten this deep before. April loved all the attention she was getting. Two guys at once; only in her dreams had she ever experienced such a pleasure. April could tell that both Tom and Paul were about to cum. She waited in anticipation for that moment to arrive. Arrive it did, both men shooting streams of hot cum into her two waiting cavities. How good it felt to have both cum at once, and she had made it happen.

After a brief rest everyone recovered. It was 4:15, time to get ready. They each took showers individually and got dressed. After much discussion it was decided that coach should come over for dinner that night and they’d continue where they left off. The coach assured April that Tom’s skills on the field had been what guaranteed him a spot on the team. The season was just about to start. They had all of it to get to know one another better.

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