Down-Low Chronicles Ch. 01


This my first story. Please enjoy but don’t forget to rate and comment!


“Why do you have to leave?” Tariq almost whined as they lay in bed in the dark.

“I told you,” Roger replied, “Because I always wanted to go to Tokyo! This is a great opportunity and besides it will get Teresa’s parents off my back and the kids will be exposed to a new culture. Not to mention the free car, free house and the extra hundred grand in my pocket!”

Tariq sighed and rolled over on his side with his back facing Roger. Roger smiled and kissed the nape of his neck gently.

“Don’t be like that baby!” Roger whispered as he rubbed Tariq’s muscled ass.

“What am I going to do here all alone?” Tariq whispered.

Roger laughed, “The same thing that you’re doing now!”

Tariq turned on to his back pouting, “That’s not funny! I’ll be all alone!”

Roger kissed Tariq on the cheek, “You have Nancy and your step-son”

“You know what I mean!” Tariq rolled his eyes.

Roger stared at his lover as he played with his nipple. Tariq breathed heavily in the silence. Tariq suddenly sprang up and looked Roger in his hazel eyes.

“Fuck me again!” he spoke desperately.

“Now!” Roger exclaimed, “I’m sorry but I’m not a fucking machine! Let me get some rest first; we’ve been at it all night!”

Tariq threw back the covers to reveal their nakedness. He pushed Roger back on to the bed and straddled his thighs. Tariq bursa escort bayan grabbed Roger’s flaccid member at the base and gently squeezed. Roger propped himself up on his elbows and listened to Tariq lick the head.

Roger moaned as drops of precious pre-cum oozed from the eye again. Tariq skipped the eight-inch shaft and went straight to the ball sack. Roger opened his legs and Tariq sucked on his balls.

“Suck those balls baby! You know how we do!” Roger moaned.

Tariq obeyed as Roger’s dick stiffened in his hand. Roger moaned louder and his legs stiffened too. Tariq worked his way to the perineum. Roger squirmed as Tariq licked between his hairy legs while still squeezing his dick.

“You’re driving me crazy!” Roger giggled.

Tariq stopped and they kissed passionately. Roger pushed Tariq onto his back and settled in between Tariq’s long, smooth caramel legs.

“Turn on the light!” Roger ordered.

“What?” Tariq replied breathlessly.

“Turn on the light?” Roger repeated.

Confused, Tariq reached up and turned on the lamp. Roger was on his knees between Tariq’s legs. Roger grinned as he massaged his dick to its full ten-inches. Tariq played with his itchy nipples in anticipation.

“I want to see your face as I fuck that ass!” Roger whispered as he widened Tariq’s legs.

Roger kissed Tariq on the lips again. He grabbed a pillow and moved Tariq into position: pillow under his ass cheeks, nilüfer escort hips on his thighs, ass hole exposed. With one swift, skillful move, Roger was halfway in.

“Holy shit!” Tariq yelped. He rubbed his chest erratically then grabbed his dick.

Roger slapped his hands away. “You know the rule! You don’t cum until I say so!” Roger said in a stern tone.

Tariq went back to rubbing his itchy nipples. Roger smiled and shoved the rest of his dick in Tariq’s ass. Tariq let out a loud scream. He tried to grab his dick but Roger stopped him by holding both his wrists.

They both moved rhythmically. Roger in and out; Tariq up and down. Tariq watched as pre-cum escaped from his tip. There was nothing he could do about it.

After ten minutes, Roger withdrew his snake and stood on the floor. “Get up!” he ordered.

Tariq obeyed. They stood face-to-face; tip-to-tip. Roger pointed to the foot of the bed. “Bend over the bed!” he demanded.

Tariq obeyed again. The soft mattress felt good against his seven inches. Roger kicked Tariq’s legs further apart then grabbed Tariq by the hair.

“Don’t you dare cum before I tell you to!” Roger warned. He slapped Tariq’s bare ass. That was almost enough to send him over but he obeyed.

Roger shoved his dick in Tariq’s warm ass again. Tariq felt Roger’s nappy pubes rub his ass cheeks. Roger pumped furiously as Tariq tried to stay on the bed. Roger was türbanlı escort getting tired and finally was lying on top of Tariq as he continued to pump.

After ten minutes, Roger stood up and turned Tariq to face him. Tariq could tell Roger was about to explode. He reached down to Roger’s hard nut sack and gently massaged them.

“Cum in my ass baby! Cum in my ass!” Tariq panted.

With his massive hand, Roger squeezed the base of Tariq’s dick. Tariq was almost in tears as he watched his head turn purple. Roger suddenly stopped and shot his spunk into Tariq’s ass.

“Keep that dick in my ass while I cum!” Tariq panted.

Roger was becoming flaccid so he released Tariq. Tariq immediately shot his load in the air. Cum landed on the both of them. Roger popped out and they kissed as Tariq spread their chests with his spunk.

“I want to taste you!” Tariq whispered.

Roger lay back with his feet dangling off the foot of the bed. He closed his eyes; too spent to protest as Tariq ran his tongue up and down his shaft. Not three minutes later, Roger shot off again. Not as much but just as tasty. Tariq finished licking Roger dry then lay beside him.

After several minutes, Roger whispered, “Let’s get into bed. I have a big day ahead of me; I still have some packing to do”

Tariq sighed and got under the covers. Roger went to use the bathroom. When he returned, Tariq was on his side again. Roger turned off the lamp then nestled behind Tariq under the sheets. Tariq reached back and patted Roger’s ass. Roger smiled and placed his dick in the groove of Tariq’s ass.

“I will never forget this night!” Tariq whispered.

“Neither will I babe!” Roger smiled.

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