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I can’t help it any more. I love him so much and have no way of telling him how much I miss him every night. It’s been more than a year since that last day we had together. And then came that bitter morning where my brother left, right after our first kiss had finally happened.

My brother was getting ready to leave that morning. I was sitting on his bed staring at his sexy shoulders. I wanted to kiss his body all over. He then sat next to me on the bed and said how sad he was to leave his sister. He gave me a hug and held me so tight. Our eyes locked for few minutes and just like that out of nowhere my lips got close to him. All that time I was looking in his eyes, hoping for my brother to make his move. He gave me a quick kiss on my lips. His lips felt amazing on my lips. I held his neck and brought him closer to my body. My brother loved that I did that as he started to kiss me with passion this time. We kissed with full tongue and our lips felt so right together.

That was the best kiss of my life.

But now he is gone and I want to feel him again.

After spending too many nights fantasizing about his cock with my lips around it, I decided to send him an email. It was time for me to tell him how much I want to be intimate with him. It was time mecidiyeköy escort for him to know how I was so ready to go all the way with him. I wanted my brother to know my bed is always open for him. I wanted to tell him his time had come.

Here’s what I wrote in my e-mail.

” My dear brother:

Maybe I’d be more honest if I start by saying my dear love. I miss you and you’ve been gone for so long.

I am out of words and don’t know what to tell you. It’s not every day where a sister has to say these words to her brother.

I am not scared anymore and you have to know that I have strong feelings for you. I have sexual feelings for you. Ever since that kiss you’ve been on my mind every night. My bed is so empty without you my love. I want you in my bed; I want to feel your arms as I go to sleep every night.

Most of all, I want to feel your cock in my pussy. I thought about this over and over again, my tongue over your dick. I want to lick on your head and hold your dick in my hands. I want to give you a blowjob and make you hard and thick in my mouth. I can’t wait to rub your dick all over my clit. Most of all I want to feel that cock go in my pussy. I have a feeling you want that too. My baby I want şişli escort you to come in me. It’s going to be so erotic to feel you hold me while I get orgasm after orgasm. I know you will make me come far better than all the needles I’ve fucked.

We can make this our secret. No one else has to know.

I wish you were here with me this weekend. I want to feel your lips now. I wish I could see you now, touch your cock with my palm, and feel your hardness with my tongue. I know it will happen soon.

Love always,


I finally had the courage to send my brother this e-mail. Not that I was scared, but I get so horny and aroused when I think about all this. Putting my feelings and passions down on paper makes me want him more. I can’t wait till he answers and tells me the plan on where and how to meet him. I have a feeling he will call me very soon. My pussy will get so wet the minute I hear his voice.

An hour after I sent my e-mail, my brother called. He did not say much, as if he had not read my message yet. We had a sweet 2 min conversation. As expected, I was soaking wet hearing his sexy voice over the phone.

Then I get this in my inbox.

” Stephanie:

Why did you wait so long kağıthane escort to tell me all this?

Fucking your pussy is my ultimate fantasy.

I want you.

I want you now.

Attached is your ticket with the hotel reservation.

I’ll be waiting for you by the pool.”

And so that day finally arrived.

I saw my gorgeous waiting for me by the pool.

I had my sexiest swimsuit on. It was a black bikini with string bands going across the ass and parts of the bikini top. I know I was looking super hot. I am not comparing myself to a teenage slut. It was a different kind of hot only my brother would appreciate.

We kissed in public as soon as our faces met. We kissed with tongue just like lovers do.

He walked me up to our suite. With no introduction, he started with my nipples. He kissed them and sucked on them over my bikini. He told me how much he’s wanted to do that all this time. My nipples got hard in his mouth.

Our fuck was better than my wildest fantasy. My brother’s cock felt so good in my pussy. Even better was the way he gave me oral, his tongue and fingers drove me nuts. I had to have him too. I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked on him at the same time despite the fact that I was having orgasms. Sucking on him while having orgasms was making him go even thicker in my mouth. He came a minute after me. I tasted him cum in my mouth.

We fucked nonstop that weekend.

I can’t believe my fantasy is now my reality.

This was even better than my black cock gangbang fuck vacation.

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