Educating Ellie Ch. 03


“Happy birthday,” Ryan said, raising his glass. “Drink up!”

Ellie sipped her first legal alcoholic beverage, a golden-colored beer in a tall mug.

“Twenty-one,” she remarked.

They were at a small table towards the back of an old-school Italian restaurant, the kind of dimly-lit place with faded wallpaper and a menu that hadn’t changed much in decades. It was renowned for its thin-crust pizza, however, and was popular among the students at Ellie’s school. It was busy that night, especially for a Wednesday.

Ellie was happy it was Ryan who offered to take her out for pizza and beer for her birthday. Since transferring upstate after earning her Associate’s Degree a year ago, she’d had her share of fun. She’d been with half a dozen guys and one girl since she arrived, but Ryan stood out from the others. Twenty-five and a graduate student, he was more mature and sophisticated than the boys Ellie’s own age. In fact, Ryan was everything Ellie could have asked. He was smart, first off. He was attractive, too, with his scruffy blonde hair, big blue eyes, and abundant freckles. He was Irish on both sides and looked it, right down to the fair skin and devilish smile. He was on the skinny side, but toned and strong thanks in large measure to his part time job as a mover.

He was also an exceptionally bold and talented lover.

They polished off the pizza and another round of beers before walking back to Ryan’s place hand-in-hand. They passed a large glass storefront and Ellie glanced at their reflection. She looked good with Ryan, her Mediterranean features and long black hair contrasting nicely with his Celtic good looks.

Ryan was definitely boyfriend material, Ellie decided. There remained, however, the question of Adam.

Adam was the other guy Ellie was seeing. He was her age and she’d been dating him slightly longer than Ryan. Adam was less mature than Ryan, but he was very cute and had a good heart. He was not the experienced lover Ryan was, either, but at least he was a quick study.

Ellie sighed happily. Such problems to have! A few years ago, she was a lonely misfit wallowing in self-pity. That Ellie was long gone, however, and the Ellie with the handsome boy holding her hand and the other boy she was planning on seeing tomorrow was the much happier Ellie to be.

Ellie caught Ryan glancing at her ass. She’d chosen her clothes carefully for the evening, wanting to look her best. She wore a purple sweater which complimented her curves perfectly. Her black skirt fit snug against the curves of her large, round ass, and she knew it drove Ryan crazy. Her big ass was his favorite part of her, just as Adam fixated on her huge boobs.

An ass man and a tit man, and neither could get enough of her. Life was good.

Ryan had a small apartment near campus. His roommate was out of town for the week so they would have as much space and privacy as they wanted.

“Have a seat, birthday girl,” Ryan said as they went inside.

Ellie kicked off her high heels and sat down on the couch. Ryan turned on the stereo and a cool jazz number came on. He went into the kitchen and reemerged with two beer bottles. He handed one to Ellie and sat down next to her. They drank their beers and talked.

Ryan put his arm around her and she leaned against him. He turned, pulling her closer. Their eyes met and they shared a warm, soulful kiss.

“God, Ellie,” he told her. “You’re so damned hot.”

They started making-out, their hands all over each other. Ryan grabbed and squeezed Ellie’s tits, kissing her neck. She sighed and he kissed her mouth, savoring the feel of her soft, sensuous lips.

Ellie was gorgeous, with her long black hair and big brown eyes so dark they were almost black. Her plump, inviting lips were her face’s best feature, though, driving Ryan mad whenever he looked at her.

He took Ellie by the hand and led her into his bedroom. At one end of the room was a desk piled high with papers, Ryan’s bed pushed up against the wall on the other end. The walls were lined with crowded bookshelves and reproductions of old movie posters.

Ryan stripped off his shirt and jeans. He took Ellie into his arms, holding her tight as he kissed her mouth and neck. He loved the way Ellie’s breasts mashed against his chest when he held her close. He reached down, pulling her sweater up and over her head. She undid the button of her skirt and it fell away.

Ryan’s hands roamed over Ellie’s ass and he sighed, lost in the simple joy of feeling its ample breadth. He enjoyed everything about big girls. He loved their ample tits and their plump thighs, their soft arms and wide hips. A big fat ass was what really lit his fire, though, and Ellie sure had one.

Ellie reached down into Ryan’s boxers and pushed them down. She grabbed hold of his cock and stroked him to a full erection as they kissed.

Ryan reached around to undo Ellie’s bra. He fumbled with it for a few moments but finally got it right. Ellie’s tits sprang free and the bra fell away. yalova escort He pulled her tight against him and kissed her hard. Their tongues dueled.

They eased onto the bed and lay on their sides, still kissing furiously. Ryan moved down to Ellie’s chest, sucking on her nipples and enjoying the sheer ampleness of her breasts. They were big enough to have looked ridiculous on a smaller woman, but on Ellie they couldn’t have fit any better. To Ryan, Ellie was like a walking wet dream of big, beautiful erotic perfection.

Ellie started to groan. Ryan looked up at her and smiled.

“I’ve got something special in mind for the birthday girl,” he said, casting her that devilish grin of his. “Lay on your back. And lose those panties.”

Ellie did as he asked. Ryan parted her legs and lowered his face towards her pussy. He paused and looked up at her.

“I’m going to eat this pussy until you can’t take it anymore,” he said.

Ryan ran his tongue slowly down the entire length of her pussy, from above her clit all the way to her perineum right above her asshole. He noticed she was already wet as he pulled aside her pussy lips and took in her lovely aroma.

“You taste so fucking good, Ellie,” he murmured.

He started off slow, taking his time and enjoying Ellie’s flavor. His tongue caressed her clit and he sucked on it gently a few times. That always elicited a gasp of delight from Ellie, and this time was no exception.

Ryan began licking her clit again, slid his middle finger inside her, and started fingering her slowly as his tongue kept working her clit. Ellie moaned softly.

He slipped a second finger into Ellie and began fingering her faster. He angled his fingers upwards, seeking Ellie’s g-spot. All the while, he licked her clit. Ellie started to moan louder and he fingered her faster. She began to breathe heavier, her pulse racing as her orgasm approached.

“Oh, my god,” she moaned. “That feels so good. Oh, that’s it!”

Garret pushed the palm of his free hand against her pubic mound, putting pressure on her g-spot from above as his fingers stimulated it from below.

Ellie gasped loudly, a tingling pleasure spreading through her pussy unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

Ellie came right after. Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave, covering her in bliss. She squealed with delight, riding the tide of enjoyment until it slowly subsided.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed. “Damn, that was good.”

Ryan looked up at her with that mischievous grin of his. He was still fingering her, slowly and gently.

“Come on and fuck me now,” Ellie said.

“Not yet, birthday girl.”

Ryan lowered his head back into Ellie’s pussy and resumed licking it. He licked her very slowly, avoiding her clit. It went on that way for several minutes.

“Oh my god,” Ellie sighed.

Ryan increased the pace of his fingering and added a third finger. Ellie was sighing with happiness before long, turning into pronounced groans.

He returned to her clit, teasing it. He’d give it a gentle flick with his tongue, then lick below her clit several times before giving it another lick. Minutes passed, Ryan gradually licking her clit with greater frequency. Ellie was adrift in joy, another orgasm rising from deep within her.

“That’s it!” she began moaning. “Oh, my god that’s it!”

A second wave of pleasure pulsed through her body. She gasped, cherishing every moment of the wonderful feeling.

“No more, please,” she sighed. “I need your cock in me.”

Ryan smiled, giving her a few more licks as he fingered her.

“Just another minute, birthday girl,” he whispered.

Ellie sighed, eager to feel him inside her but relishing every sensation he was providing.

“Please, baby,” she moaned. “I need it.”

“What is it you need?” he teased.

“I need you to fuck me! Please fuck me!”

Ryan pulled back and withdrew his fingers. He arched an eyebrow and smiled

“Doggy-style?” he asked.

“Anything you want!”

Ellie got on all fours and Ryan positioned himself behind her. In one fluid motion Ryan’s cock entered her wet, stretch-out pussy. He buried his cock all the way inside her and began fucking her at a steady pace. Ellie felt his hands clutching her butt cheeks.

The view from Ryan’s point of view was delightful. There was Ellie’s big ass, her smooth back, and her lustrous black hair spilling across her soft shoulders. He couldn’t see them, but knew her big tits were swinging back and forth as he fucked her. He held on to her ass and stared at it as he drilled her, enjoying the warm tightness of her pussy.

Ryan fucked her like that for a long while. In any other sexual position, Ellie probably wouldn’t have come a third time. She loved getting fucked from behind, though, with her ass up in the air. Also, she knew Ryan was in heaven back there. That thought alone was enough to push her over the edge.

“Oh my god,” edirne escort she gasped. “You’re gonna make me come again. Fuck me harder.”

Ryan fucked her faster. Ellie grew more excited, feeling the explosion approaching. Ryan, too, began to grunt. Before long, Ellie was enjoying her third orgasm of the evening. It was every bit as powerful as the first two.

Ryan came right after. He froze mid-thrust and jammed his cock as deep into Ellie as he could manage. His cock throbbed, sending jolts of sweet joy throughout his body followed by a happy feeling of relief.

He pulled out of her and they flopped down on the bed together. They held each other tightly and kissed. Ellie couldn’t believe the lover Ryan was. No other man had ever given her three orgasms in a row like that, not even Garret.

It left her conflicted. She’d planned to have a lot of sex in college. That was a given. Ellie liked sex and there were tons of guys to choose from, too. She hadn’t expected to find someone who was such a good lover and so fun to be around, though. At least so soon.

Ellie got into pajamas and they sat on the couch until late drinking beer and talking. She’d planned to stay the night and brought an overnight bag with her earlier.

The conversation turned to sex. Ellie told Garret all about her past in lurid detail. She told him about the first time with Garret and then the first time with Linda. He smiled the entire time, the smile growing into a huge grin as she told him about having sex with Garret and Linda at the same time.

“This is turning you on,” she laughed.

“You’re damn right it is. How could it not?”

“I don’t know. It could be shocking to some people.”

“Not me! I think it’s great.”

Ryan shared his own sexual history. It included plenty of escapades and one threesome with two big beautiful sisters the previous summer.

“That was pretty awesome,” he said, recalling the incident. “I never did the other threesome. You know, two guys giving it to one girl. The chance just never presented itself, I guess.”

“I could see how that could be fun,” Ellie said, flashing her eyes playfully.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Ryan said. He leaned over and kissed her. “You are so awesome, you know that?”


The next day was a long one. Ellie had three classes in a row, ate a hurried lunch, and then rushed off to her job at the coffeehouse. It was nine when she finished her shift. After a quick shower she met Adam at ten for their date.

They went to a basement tapas bar on the other end of town. The walls were bare brick and the ceiling low. They ordered a few tapas and a bottle of wine, settling in and enjoying the guitar player in the corner.

Ellie felt a little guilty because it was costing Adam a bundle. He refused to take a dime from her, though.

“It’s still your birthday celebration,” he said. “And my turn to wine and dine you.”

Adam turned back to watch the musician and Ellie admired his handsome profile. Ellie admired his strong jawline, green eyes, and the patch of dark scruff on his chin. He was shorter than Ryan but broader across the chest and shoulders.

It felt odd to be out with Adam, especially after the night she’d had with Ryan. Both men knew about each other, of course, and took it in stride. No one had talked about any commitments, so everything remained casual. Ryan also had another lady friend he dated and Adam had a pair of other girls.

They wound up back in Ellie’s dorm. Her roommate was at a concert and would be gone for several more hours.

The moment the door closed, they were all over each other. Adam ran his hands over her tits. He gently fondled them and enjoyed their plump fullness.

Adam took off his shirt and pulled Ellie towards him. Adam unbuttoned her blouse as they kissed. It was soon cast aside and she was wiggling out of her jeans.

Adam reached around and undid her bra after some fumbling. Ellie recalled Ryan’s own ineptitude in that department the evening before and suppressed a giggle.

“Lay back,” Ellie murmured.

Adam lay back on the bed and Ellie joined him. They kissed for a while and then Ellie slid down his torso. She kissed his chest and stomach as she eased her way down to his crotch. His cock was fully-erect by then and she took it in her hand, stroking it gently. She had to admit it was a fine cock. It was shorter than Ryan’s, but thicker.

Adam gasped as Ellie flicked her tongue back and forth along the tip of his cock. Then she took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it back and forth as her fingers grasped the base and gently stroked it in rhythm to her mouth. With her spare hand she reached down and starting rubbing her clit.

Ellie sucked his dick for minutes, at last pulling her head away and climbing on top of him. Adam smiled, pleased at her choice of position. There were few things he enjoyed more than a big woman riding his cock. He loved the feel of erzurum escort Ellie’s full weight on top of him and the way her tits were right there in his face.

Ellie lowered herself onto him. Her pussy was already wet and Adam entered her with ease. He soon had his entire cock buried in her pussy as she began rocking back and forth on it.

Adam sat up, sucking both of her nipples in turn. She caressed the back of his head, moaning with delight.

Ellie began bouncing on his cock. Adam lay back, his hands still kneading her tits. He thrust upwards against her in time to her bouncing.

Ellie leaned forward, placing her arms on Adam’s shoulders for support. Her tits fell onto his face as she kept bouncing back and forth on his cock. After a few minutes, Ellie lowered herself further onto Adam, her elbows resting on either side of him.

“Oh, Ellie!” he groaned. “That’s it!”

Adam reveled in the sensation of being covered by Ellie, her full weight and size enveloping him. He sucked on her nipples as he thrust upwards into her pussy. It went on that way for a long while, and Adam never wanted it to end.

Ellie, for her part, was enjoying herself as much as Adam. She loved having him totally at her sexual mercy. She knew he couldn’t resist her big tits and it thrilled her.

She knew why it turned her on. No matter how confident a BBW like Ellie becomes, there will always be certain aspects of sex which are different than for a skinny girl. Ellie knew Adam was totally overawed by her body, in a state of pure bliss as a result. A skinny girl takes that sort of thing for granted. For Ellie, however, having a hot guy like Adam so totally in thrall to her body was empowering.

Ellie felt her orgasm approaching. She quickened her pace sliding up and down on Adam’s cock, savoring the full feeling he gave her. She came a short time later, gasping as the familiar waves of pleasure overtook her.

Adam didn’t last much longer than her.

“I’m so close,” he moaned.

He thrust upwards one last time, jamming his cock inside Ellie as far as he could. He let out a prolonged grunt and closed his eyes as his cock throbbed inside her. After the orgasm subsided, he opened his eyes and smiled happily. Ellie leaned down and kissed him.

They lay together afterwards cuddling. Then Adam slipped out of bed. They made small talk as he dressed and he left after giving her a final kiss.

Ellie lay in bed, staring at her roommate’s punk rock posters and thinking. Having made love to Ryan and then Adam on consecutive evenings, she felt she could compare them accurately.

Adam was good in bed, no question. Ryan, however, was on a whole other level of expertise when it came to sex. Ellie’s mind sought out metaphors to describe how Ryan worked her body. He was like a great artist, she decided, or perhaps a skilled musician interacting with his instrument. Then there were those blue eyes and that sly grin and…

Ellie realized she frequently found herself daydreaming about Ryan when he wasn’t around. It was never that way with Adam.


That Saturday Ellie and Ryan grabbed some dinner at a popular spot near Ryan’s place. It was a run-down little taco place that charged two bucks a taco, a college student’s dream. The tacos were simple and genuine, corn tortillas wrapped around meat and topped with onions and cilantro.

Ellie ordered a pair of chorizo tacos, squeezing plenty of lime juice over them. Ryan drizzled hot brown sauce over his pork tacos. They were about to take their first bites when Adam walked in the door.

“Hey,” Adam said, pausing by their table. He glanced at Ryan.

“Hey,” Ellie said. “Ryan, Adam. Adam, Ryan.”

Ryan stood and shook Adam’s hand firmly.

“Hey, Adam,” Ryan said. “Glad to meet you. What’s up?”

“My plans just fell through,” Adam said. “Thought I’d grab a bite.”

“Join us,” Ryan said.

“I, uh, wouldn’t want to intrude.”

“What? You wouldn’t be,” Ryan insisted.

“Okay,” Adam agreed.

Adam ordered a pair of pork tacos at the counter and returned to the table. He looked uncertain for a moment where to sit, finally taking the seat next to Ryan. Ryan and Ellie ignored their food as the three of them talked.

Ryan and Adam learned they liked the same pro football team. Ellie watched with fascination as the discovery forged some strange male bond that, oddly enough, seemed stronger than the fact that they were both dating the same woman.

Soon Adam’s tacos arrived and they all ate together. As they got up to leave, Ryan turned to Adam.

“My place is right up the street,” he said. “Come on up for a beer.”

“Sure.” Adam shrugged. “That sounds cool.”

Back at Ryan’s, they all sat down on the couch and drained their beers. Ellie sat between them, worried it could get awkward. She reminded herself they were all adults. No one had made any commitments to anyone, so there shouldn’t be any jealousy. It would be all right.

The three of them talked for a while, leading to another round of beers. Adam got up to leave after he drained his second bottle.

“I should go,” he said.

“Stay!” Ellie said. She surprised herself.

“Yeah, hang out a little longer,” Ryan added. He looked at Ellie and their eyes met.

“I dunno,” Adam said.

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