Family Swinging


I had moved to Indiana for three months and got bored. I posted a couple of personal ads on online sites boasting they had ads from people near me. Mike answered one of the bisexual advertisements. We shared information for a while and got comfortable enough that I offered him a chance to come by to meet in person. We sucked enough other to orgasm and I got him hard for a nice long fuck before he left. I left it up to him to get back in touch with me and he did.

The next week he called and asked if we could get together again. I am bisexual and his wife Liz had me horny every time he sent me one of her pictures. So I left it up to him to suggest bringing her along. I told him that the next Friday night that another couple would be coming by but if he and Liz were willing we could turn it into an orgy. With a few concessions, the date was made. I had been cultivating another couple as well but I only mix couples if it turns my perverse and horny mind.

I told Mike and Liz to come in the back door. That was several minutes after the other couple arrived. The first couple were ushered into one bedroom and told to strip. They sat on the bed and waited while I brought Liz and Mike to the second room with similar instructions.

I had each of them put on a ball gag and blindfold combination. I led each of them to a place to sit before I started explaining the rules of the day.

Rule one.

Each of you is wearing a blindfold. Do not remove them until I tell you.

Rule two.

The same with the ball gag. All contact between people will be sexual in nature. Touch and sound only, under my direction. Is that understood?

Rule three.

I control all contact between you.

I told the group all the participants signaled acceptance. I led Mike and the other man’s wife to a mat at one end of the room and put her hand on his cock. They began exploring each other. Their hands running over their bodies while I did the same to Liz and the other man. Soon muffled moans escaped around the gags as the four people got excited.

When the men were fully hard I took them from the women and led them to the middle of the room. şişli bayan escort “No one talk, if I take out your gag,” I told them. I lay both men down facing head to toe on their side with the other man’s cock inches from their face. Both men eagerly sucked the cock in their faces. The wet, slurping sounds had an obvious effect on the women who were fingering their pussies. I took the ball gag from the ladies’ mouths and had them lay head to toe so they could suck each other’s tit. Each was playing with their clit while the men were obviously nearing orgasm.

I told the men to stop and I got the other man on his knees while positioning Mike behind him. Gags back in place I aimed his rock hard cock in the other man’s open ass. “Fuck him good.” Was the only instruction I whispered in Mike’s ear as I got up and walked over to the ladies.

It was clear Mike hit bottom when the other man grunted through his ball gag. Mike was a crazed madman. Hammering the man like a demon. Trying to pull away at first the other man started rocking back trying to get all Mike had to offer in his right hole.

I had the ladies stop as I repositioned them in a sixty-nine position and let them taste the juicy hole in front of them. They were at each other like seasoned lesbians while I stood between them slowly rolling my balls in my hand.

Mike grunted into his gag and slammed against the other man and emptied his full nuts into him. I turned Mike on his back and aimed the other man’s cock covered in precum at Mike’s hole and gave him the same admonishment. He pulled back and rammed into Mike who nearly swallowed the gag in response to the invader filling him in one thrust.

Rapping his strong thighs around the other man. Mike rocked in time with him as they fucked each other. Their rapid breathing and rhythmic movements brought them to another orgasm.

Liz and the other lady had been having a string of orgasms as they lapped the pussy juice each was oozing. I separated them long enough to give Liz strap-on with a dildo for her pussy as well and moved her over the other lady. They quickly got into sync and were fucking as if they had been for years.

As the şişli escort four people lay on the floor I took Mike by the hand and led him over to the other man’s wife. When he sat down by her. Her hot mouth quickly found his cum-covered cock and started sucking and slurping. Mike was grunting into his gag as she worked him to diamond hardness.

Liz was led over to the other man and when she found his tool became her version of what the other lady was doing. Both men quickly responded, their cocks standing tall. Liz there her leg over and eased his cock inside. Wiggling her hips as she slid down his shaft and against his pelvis. Her work with the strap-on had her pussy aching for release. Her tits were dancing in counterpoint to her hips. The second woman was quick to follow as both couples were deep in their sexual release when I pulled my April Fool’s Day prank.

Mike was close to shooting when I released his blindfold so he could see who had his cock deep in her sopping pussy. I left his ball gag in his mouth. As he grabbed her tits and rammed up into her pussy and exploded. Sara’s eyes nearly left her head when her blindfold was removed, then jammed closed as her orgasmic explosion raced through her as her brother in law filed her pussy with his seed.

Liz was deep in the lust of a cock inside her when I removed her blindfold. Her body was shaking as she came all over her sister’s husband. Randy shot his load with a force that blasted a second orgasm from her as he looked into her red-faced shock.

I blurted out, “April Fool’s”. Walking over the counter I pulled out a bottle of scotch and poured them all a drink. The ball gags dropped on the pool table and they all sat down and recovered.

After everyone finished their drink; which took no time at all, we had a brief discussion. Mike and Liz had no idea Sara and Randy were into swinging as they were. And it was clear from his cock growing in his lap, Mike liked the idea. Liz and Mike were snuggling on the sofa while Sara and Randy started backing in response. I sat stroking my cock as they got ready for round two.

“Mike. Come sit on my cock, ” four heads turned my way. Mike pulled away from mecidiyeköy escort Liz. Who looked dumbfounded as her husband turned and lowered his ass on my hard cock. The juice from his brother-in-law lubed my entry as he moved further down. He gasped as his balls rested on top of mine.

“Randy. Show your wife how good you can suck a man’s cock.” This time it was Sara to look shocked as her husband walked over and to another man’s cock to the base down his throat. As Randy worked on his cock Mike began to bounce mine. Randy’s hand was rolling his balls in his hand while both women stood and came close to get a good look.

I looked into Liz’s face and told her, “Play with Sara.” She moved close and began nipping at her sister’s hard nipples. Her own rock hard as well. The room was filling with the sounds of sex. The slurping sound of Randy on Mike’s cock. Mike was moaning each time he slid down my cock. The ladies were pawing each other until I ordered Liz to slide under Randy and lick his balls. And Sara would eat her husband’s cum from her sister.

I planned it this way. I wanted both men to take a long time the second time. Between the alcohol and a drop of Salt Peter in the booze, they were going to work a long time before either had an orgasm.

Liz was mewing like a kitten while Sara made love to her pussy. Sara was tugging at her nipples while she emptied the combination of cream in Liz’s oozing pussy. I felt my balls tightening as Mike’s danced over mine. Randy grunted as he face fucked his sister-in-law and ate every inch of Mike as he fucked Randy’s willing mouth.

I pushed up and filled my seed into his body. My orgasm caused added stimulation to Mike’s balls and ass his body continued to build to a sexual explosion. I had Mike to stand, which was tricky since Randy’s mouth never left his cock. Mike sat back down in the chair as Randy fucked his mouth up and down his cock. Mike held the back of his head and clearly was nearing release. I moved behind Sara and slowly licked and lapped at her pussy as it oozed cream from her spread lips.

I enjoyed the taste of their fluids. My cock was stirring by the time Mike groaned as he raised up and shot his cum in Randy’s mouth. The chain reaction caused Randy then Liz to burst with joy. Sara was face first in her sister as I tongued another orgasm from her body.

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