First Time

Big Tits

We’d talked about this for several weeks, but never thought it could actually happen. Due to a change in plans he had two free days in a nearby city and decided to make the three-hour drive to my home.

I paced the floor, nervous, antsy, fidgety. No matter how much a person thinks about, fantasizes and wants something, when it becomes reality it’s a bit nerve-wracking.

I heard a car door slam and there he was. After the first few minutes of nervous conversation, I took his hand and we went into the bedroom. I’d tried to prepare everything to help ease both of us. I could tell he was as nervous as I was.

A low-wattage bulb glowed in the bedside lamp and several candles burned. More candles and an antique oil lamp provided the only light in the adjoining bathroom.

With gentle hands I pushed him back on the antique four-poster bed. He took my hand and pulled me down with him. Our hearts pounded, then slowed as we became more at ease. He unbuttoned the first button on my blouse, hesitated, then continued when I didn’t object.

Warm hands tugged me over on my stomach. I sighed as firm strokes circled on my back. Long moments passed as I relaxed under his skillful hands. When I felt comfortable with him, I rolled over, unbuttoned his shirt, slid it off and ran my hands down his chest.

I tugged him over on his tummy, feathered light strokes across his back and shoulders. He sighed in contentment. With tentative fingers I reached underneath him and unfastened his jeans. I tugged his jeans and briefs to his knees, waited as he kicked off his shoes, then pushed them off and let them drop to the floor.

He took a deep breath. “That’s not fair. You still have clothes on.”

I chuckled. “Well, I guess you’ll have to do something about that.”

He sat up, unfastened my bra, and removed it. I lay back as he unfastened my jeans and slid them down, along with my panties. Self-consciousness bloomed and I was thankful for the dim lighting.

We held each other, both a little nervous about the next step. Then his hand hovered over my breasts, wordlessly asking if he could touch. I pressed his hand to me and told him that’s something I love. His hand kneaded my breast as I ran my hand over his chest again, then a bit lower. I wondered how he felt about being touched … until he pressed himself against my hand.

I could stay like this forever, as warm fingers made sensuous circles on my nipples. His other hand danced over my tummy with feathery touches. I squirmed as he tickled. I gasped as his fingers moved lower, then after a brief brush against me, skipped away.

He whispered against my ear. “Should we use a vibrator yet?”

“No, not yet. If I get too … um … excited … I can’t enjoy the next ‘treat.’

He sighed, but said he understood.

I turned towards him, propped my head on my hand, then ran my fingers up and down his erect penis. His breathing quickened as I circled Antep Escort Bayan him with my hand. I wondered how he would feel if I would lean over and take him in my mouth.

I said, “You know, I could do this forever. Let me know when you want to try your first enema.”

I felt him tense and his breath whooshed. I knew how he felt. This was so new for both of us. He’d never had one before, and although I’ve indulged by myself, I’ve never given one. We’d talked about this for weeks. But now I could tell he was very nervous and I wondered if he could go through with it.

His hand continued to made lazy circles on my breasts, but I could sense his nervousness. I wondered if he could sense mine as well. He took a deep breath, blew it out, then took another. Another whooshed out breath. “OK. I really want to try this. I guess we’re both nervous as hell about it. Who’s gonna go first?”

I giggled. “Well, you’re the guest, so I guess it should be appropriate for you to be first, right?”

He hesitated a moment. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just that it’s so new ….”

I slid off the bed and pulled a sack from under it. Paper rustled as I opened it and showed him the contents. “Here’s your very own ‘red bag’. I put your initial on it so you’ll know it’s yours if you ever get back.”

He laughed at that. “You’re so thoughtful.”

With the bag in my hand I turned toward the bathroom. “Do you want to help me fill it?”

“No. Surprise me.”

I wondered about his thoughts as he heard the water run. Since this was his first enema, and he was nervous, he wouldn’t be able to hold much. I filled the pitcher with almost a quart, squirted in a few drops of peppermint castile soap, stirred it a moment, then poured it into the bag. Stopper in place, I opened the clamp and let a few drops run through the tube.

I grabbed a couple of towels, the KY and went back into the bedroom with the bag. His eyes widened as he watched me hang the bag on the bedpost. With a nervous laugh he said, “I wonder if anybody else ever used that post this way.” He took another deep breath. “OK. Now what?”

“Scoot over this way so I can reach where I need to reach. You can either lie on your left side with your right leg bent a little, or you can be on your knees with your chest on the bed. Whichever you want is fine with me.

He asked which position would be best. I suggested he try it on his side, since I could massage his tummy and also reach … um … other areas if he needed to be distracted.

He squirmed closer to the edge of the bed and rolled over on his side. “Like this?”

“Yep. That’s fine. Pull your knee up just a little more, OK? Lift up a second, so I can put a towel underneath you.”

I held up the two tips that came in the kit and asked if he had a preference. I told him that I prefer the douche tip, but would use the other if he thought it would be more comfortable.

“Well, you’re the expert.”

He twisted a bit more so he could watch me. With intent eyes he watched as I globbed KY on the nozzle and smeared it around. His breathing quickened. I could tell he was either very nervous or very excited. Nerves, I thought, since a certain part of his anatomy was rather uninterested in the proceedings. I chuckled to myself. “Man, is that gonna change!”

He blinked as I dropped a gob of KY on my finger. “OK. Ready?”

“Well, ready as I’m gonna be, I guess.”

I rubbed his tight buttocks. “Relax.”

He tensed even more as I spread his cheeks, then gasped when my finger touched his anus. As I pressed my slippery finger against him, he tightened even more.

“Relax. C’mon. Take a couple of deep breaths and think how good this’ll feel. Take a deep breath, hold it, then breathe out through your mouth. Push a little.”

As he pushed, I slid my finger just through his sphincter. He tensed and moaned as I slid it in further and rotated it. His muscles relaxed and he sighed. “Mmm, that feels good.”

With gentle motions, I massaged his rectum for a moment. Then I slid my finger out. “Ready?”

He hesitated, then nodded but didn’t say anything. Another brief gasp as I parted his buttocks again, but still silence. I pressed the cool, slippery tip against him. “OK. Here we go. Take a deep breath.”

Gently I slid it in till it wouldn’t go any farther. He moaned as he felt the alien intruder, tensed, then sighed. His breathing deepened. “Want me to open the clamp?”

“Umm. OK.”

He heard the “click” as I opened it part way. I felt him tighten against my hand as I slowly slid the nozzle in and out, rotating it as it moved.

“Don’t tense up. Just relax. Deep breaths. Breathe slowly ….”

He relaxed a little, but I could still feel tense muscles under my hand. “Breathe. Take a deep breath and feel how warm you feel inside.” Again I slid the tip almost out, then back in.


“Is that a good ‘oh’ or a bad ‘oh?’ Have a cramp? Want me to slow it down?”

“No. It feels sooo good. Warm.”

As I moved the tip inside him, I took hold of his erect penis with my other hand. With infinite gentleness, I squeezed, released, squeezed again. He pushed against my hand, breath rasping. His fingers tangled in the quilt.

“Still OK? Want me to rub your tummy?”

For a moment he didn’t respond. “I’m OK, but I think that’s enough. I’m really full. Is the bag empty yet?”

“No, not yet. I put about a quart in and it’s only a little over half gone.” I closed the clamp and feathered my fingers over his lower abdomen. With my other hand I pulled the nozzle part way out, then pressed it back in. At the same time I massaged firm circles around his tummy. “Is that any better?”

He nodded. “It’s better now.”

I opened the clamp again, felt him jerk and stiffen. “You can do it. Just lie there and think of how wonderful it feels … the nozzle against your prostate, and my hand caressing you, the warmth curling inside you.”

With a deep sigh he relaxed against me. I caressed his penis, cupped his testicles, squeezed almost to the point of discomfort, then released. My hand massaged his abdomen, moved back to his penis. He moaned when fingers danced up and down his hard shaft.

As the last of the water gurgled through the tube, I leaned over and took him in my mouth. My tongue circled the tip of his penis. He was lost in a myriad of feelings as my mouth slid up and down. I ran my tongue up and down him as I massaged his tummy. My teeth scraped with infinite gentleness across him. He pushed against me harder and harder, indicating his need.

I started to slide the enema tip out, but he reached back to put his hand over mine. Half turned towards me, he whispered, “I’m afraid there might be a problem if you do that.”

“Just relax, I have something you’re absolutely gonna love.”

He chuckled. “You mean it gets better than this?”

I patted his shoulder. “Hold on. I need both hands for a second. Don’t go away.”

Flipping open the KY, I squeezed a glob onto the anal vibrator, smeared it around and said, “Turn back over on your left side, OK?”

He rolled back and looked back over his shoulder. “I can’t wait much longer. What’re you doing?”

His eyes widened as he saw the vibrator in my hand. He started to shake his head. “You aren’t gonna do what I think you’re gonna do with it, are you?”

I rubbed his back. “Yep, I am and I guarantee you’ll love it. Put your head down, take a deep breath and just relax.”

He moaned a little. “I don’t know about this ….”

My KY covered finger circled his anus. He gasped and stiffened as it found entrance. As I lubricated him, he relaxed. Another gasp as he felt the vibrator begin its entrance.

“Umm. That hurts. Wait a minute.”

“It’s OK. Press back. I’ll be careful.”

His muscles relaxed as I pressed the vibrator against him and eased the first two inches past his sphincter. He moaned and twisted a bit. I reached over to caress his penis and testicles again as I slid the vibrator deeper.

When it was fully inserted I shifted a little so I could take him in my mouth, running my tongue up and down, scraping gently with my teeth. When his breathing turned to gasps, I turned on the vibrator.

“OH, my God!” I felt him jerk with the overwhelming sensations. His fingers tangled in my hair and held me against him as he spiraled out of control.

When his breathing slowed, he opened his eyes and looked at me with a dazed expression. “Am I still alive? My God! I have never felt anything even close to that!”

I smiled. “Told you it would be something you’d never forget!” I brushed a kiss across his lips. “Just remember, it’s my turn next.”

As he rolled off the bed and headed to the bathroom, he patted my back. “Babe, you have no idea what I have planned for you! I’m a fast learner. Just wait’ll I get back….”

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