First Time at Work Ch. 02


It took me a week to make that phone call. One week filled with nights of sniffing her panties, tranny porn, and furious masturbation all culminating in me greedily lapping up my cum like a cat with a saucer of milk.

The phone seemed to ring for an eternity before a voice on the other end picked up.


“Hi, this is… I met you last week at…”

A laugh echoed across the phone line before she replied, “Is this my naughty little cum slut from the dressing room? I was wondering when you would get up the nerve for round 2. When are you free sweety?”

“Umm, now I guess?” I took a deep breathe as nerves of excitement shivered through me.

“Perfect, here’s my address I’ll see you soon.”

She hung up with a click and I raced up the stairs and jumped in the shower. I shaved myself all around my cock and ass remembering how sexy her throbbing cock and sexy tight ass was smooth and shaven and I wanted to return that favor. It took me less then 30 minutes before I was showered and dressed and racing towards her.

It was just before ten when I pulled into a large apartment complex on the outskirts of Atlanta. I punched in the gate code she’d given me and stepped from the car having to slide my hard cock under my belt so it wouldn’t stick out lewdly. I knocked on the door and was rewarded quickly when my blonde haired vixen opened the door with a smile. She was just as stunning as when I’d first met her. This time she was dressed in a spaghetti strap black top that made those gorgeous tits look even bigger and tight white sophies where I thought I could see the faint outline of her beautiful cock tucked between her legs. Her toes were painted just as her nails, bright red.

I entered her apartment and she greeted me with a sensual kiss, her tongue darting between my lips and rolling around my tongue while she sucked gently as if she was trying to tease the tip of my cock. She broke our kiss first and took my hand in her soft feminine one as she lead me silently into the bedroom. Once inside she walked me to the front of the bed and dropped to her knees and without saying a word fished my aching cock from my jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

Her lips wrapped around my cock and she instantly went to work on my prick as if it was the last one she would ever suck. She was moaning and slobbering denizli escort around my thick pole with two fingers wrapped around the base jerking it into her mouth as the other was on my ass forcing me deeper down her slick hot throat. My cock was pulsing I was so turned on. I’d been fantasizing about this sexy woman doing everything and anything to me that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Through a deep moan I told her she needed to slow down or I’d cum and she just stared up at me while the entire length of my cock vanished into the confines of her mouth. It was pure ecstasy as she slurped and ran her tongue over me. I picked up pace and began humping her mouth in earnest. If she wanted me to cum she was going to get a mouthful. As I began pounding into her throat I felt a finger run the length of my shaft, drenched with spit, then disappear for a moment before I felt it’s wetness press against my back door. I tensed for a second before relaxing and giving in to its touch. Every time I rocked in and out of her mouth I could feel her finger pressing harder against the virgin confines of my asshole. I pushed back against it hard this time as I pulled back from her mouth. There was a burning desire inside me. I wanted her finger in my ass, I needed it and with that last push I felt it slide inside me. As her finger slid inside my tight ass she pulled her mouth off me and told me to turn around leaving my aching cock yearning for release as it bobbed in the hot heavy air. I stared down at her almost begging her to finish me but finally I relented and turned bending over the bed and presenting my ass to her.

I heard rustling behind me as she took off her clothes and then was delighted to feel something soft and wet sliding over my puckered hole. Her tongue was alternating between tracing circles around my rosebud and trying to snake its way up those dark confines. I pushed back against her face and she gripped both of my cheeks hard as she buried her face in between them. And then her finger was back, except with a friend this time. I could feel two pushing against my now wet hole. I pushed back against them in an effort to relax my ass and was greeted with the a jolt of pain followed by a new sense of pleasure as the digits cleared my ring and worked themselves to the last knuckle. My cock twitched, precum diyarbakır escort undoubtedly oozing from the tip, as she began to slowly finger fuck my asshole. After I grew accustomed to her fingers I began to want more and started rocking back and forth, impaling myself on her hand as it flicked over my prostate.

“You are my naughty slut aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, ohhh god yes I fucking love it!” I moaned back.

“My little slut is sick of these fingers isn’t he? My little slut wants to get fucked by a big thick lady cock doesn’t he?”

I moaned as she forced her fingers into my ass hard. “Yes please, ohh please give me that!”

Her fingers fucked me quickly one more time and then they were gone, leaving my feeling empty and wanting. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as I felt her hot thick 7″ pressing against my ass. I turned back and looked up at her. Her naked tits swaying slightly as she pushed gently forward.

“You’re going to love this.” she grinned and with a jolt forced the tip into my ass. I tensed and over the next few minutes began to slowly adjust as she eased her way in and out of my ass till I had grown accustomed to having it’s full length sliding slowly in and out of me. She was right. I did love it and I wanted more. I began to push back, fucking myself on her long thick rod. I could feel it pulsing inside my ass and I would squeeze it hard as she would slide it in loving every inch of it. We were both moaning now as I could feel her balls slapping against mine, my cock hanging forgotten between my legs as I was lost in lust with the cock buried in my ass. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever done. I was so hot I wanted her to keep pounding my ass all night.

And she did continue pounding me like this for a few more minutes before pulling out and climbing on top of the bed. She lay there on her back, slowly stroking her gorgeous cock as it stuck wonderfully up in the air. I could see her soft heavy balls dangling there and as I climbed up towards her I stopped and sucked each one relishing in their taste before I mounted her reverse cow girl. I could feel every inch of her cock stretching and sliding deep into my ass before I bottomed out on her balls. I sat there still for a moment just enjoying the full feeling of her thick love stick antalya escort buried deep within. Then when I couldn’t wait any longer I began bouncing up and down hard. My own cock slapping against me smearing my precum across my stomach. Her hips were thrusting up against me, smacking hard against my ass as she grabbed my cock and began to jerk it hard. I was in ecstasy. That big cock plummeting in and out of my ass with her hand stroking me. I had never been so hard. I couldn’t take it any longer and my ass squeezed hard on that throbbing dick inside me while my cock jerked and launched the first shot of cum shot across my chest. At this point my eyes closed and I was on the verge of blacking out as my dick continued to rocket shots of cum all over myself. As my orgasm subsided I grudgingly eased off her that magnificent cock and onto my back. My cum was sliding down my chest and I eagerly scooped it up and dribbled it into my mouth, swallowing greedily.

“Look at you, you nasty cum slut! That’s so sexy.” She said rising and standing over me stroking her hard shaft as she watched me eat my cum. I scooped the last bit onto my finger and sucked it deep into my mouth as if I was sucking her hard cock. I stared up at her. The taste of my own salty thick cum still fresh on my tongue. I wanted more, I wanted hers. I got on my knees and engulfed her rigid pole taking it to the hilt. She moaned and fucked my mouth. I loved that big dick in my throat, hot and throbbing it’s flesh tasting so musky and salty. I rolled my tongue over it and pulled to the tip sucking swirling my mouth and lips around it as I jacked her off. It was then her cock started pulsing and her pace picked up. I sat back on my heels.

“On my face, I want it on my face.” I said as I stared up at her and opened my mouth. My tongue wagged back and forth as I continued to jerk her hard cock.

“Ohhh yes” she screamed as the first torrent of spunk shot forth and landed across my tongue. I could feel the heat as the second shot across my face then another and another with the last few dribbling into my mouth as she jerked her thick pole dry. She bent down and sucked her cum off my face, saving it all up in her mouth before leaning in and emptying it into mine with a sexy cum filled kiss. It tasted even better than the first time I’d sucked her sticky sweet nectar into my waiting mouth. I swished it around savoring the taste before allowing it to slide down to my stomach.

“You are so sexy when you act all slutty.” She said as she bent over and kissed my cheek.

I laughed. “You and your big cock are always sexy.” I said as I lay there exhausted and sore from my first, but definitely not my last fucking.

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