Flying to Indonesian

Flying to IndonesianMeeting RicaIf you didnt read the frist of my story then let me tell you about Rica. She is a 19 y/o Indonesian girl I chatted with online. She is only 5ft.3in. prettiest girl I have ever seen and with a body any man would love.Her34c breast and long black hair and when you see her looking so innocent and shy don’t let her fool you. We had been chatting online now for 3 months.She opened up to me telling me her fantasies and how young she was when she sucked her frist cock.She had told me one of her fantasy was to try D.P. also she wanted to be handcuffed and blindfolded. I was going to do everything I could to be the one who helps her fantasies come true.I couldnt believe that I was flying to Indonesia to finally meet this virgin goddess.Before I had left we were talking about her fantasy about being handcuffed and blindfolded. I told her when I get to Indonesia and get a room I was going to leave a key at the desk for her so she can go to my room while I was out shopping. Rica had told me she bought handcuffs online. I wanted her to handcuff herself to the headboard and also wrap a cloth around her head to cover her eyes.Rica had agreed .I checked in and the room was perfect. The bed was a king bed but nothing to handcuff Rica to. well I called her letting her know the hotel and room number. The hotel was a 5star and downtown Jakarta only minutes from her place. On my way out I told the front desk the information that Rica was coming to visit me and would they be so kind to please give her a key if Im not here. I went to find a drink and sat near a window drinking couple shots of whiskey. About 15 minutes past when I thought I noticed a young tiny asian girl looking like Rica walk pass the window. She was wearing a pink top and black shorts and had a large purse with the strap over her shoulder. Seems she looked just as normal girl out for a nice shopping day.Still I could’nt help but notice her big round breast she was hiding under her blouse.I bayraklı escort gave her another 15 minutes then headed back to my room. My mind was racing with the thoughts of finally after months of online sex chats and hearing her cuming for me plus knowning her fantasies and what makes her crazy horny I was about to use all the information and make her “Daddy’s lil slut” Just before I opened the door to my room I took a deep breath letting it out slowly as my hands turned the knob and pushed the door open. Peeking in I wasnt sure if she was going to be there or not…FUCK! there she was wearing only her panties, bra and blindfold.She had cuffed her wrist over her head and my cock was hard so fast I just wanted to fuck this lil slut so bad but i was going to take my time and give this Asian virgin something she will remember the rest of her life. So when she would finally tell her friends about her frist time they will envy her.Hello Rica, Daddy is home I said to her as I walked towards the bed. Pulling my shirts over my head and letting it drop to the floor. She so fucking hot laying there , her big boobs bulging out the top of her bra and sexy purple panties and from my view she must have waxed not long ago. Dropping my shorts just a foot away from the bed my cock has never been so hard. I felt as if I was going to burst out of my skin. Standing next to the bed my cock was only inches from her face. She was wearing dark red lipstick that made her lips look amazinly hot and the only thing they needed was my hard thick cock between them. Holding my cock i pressed the tip of it agianst her red lips and she opened her mouth as I pushed the mushroom looking tip between those sexy red lips of Rica’s. Slowly pushing more of my hard shaft into her warm wet mouth. Damn she felt so good as I pulled out I heard her moan , Holding my cock slapping it on her cute blindfolded face coulpe times. I happy you could make it Rica.Then pushing my cock back between her red escort bayraklı lips until she gagged on it.Pulling my cock back still holding my cock I slap it lightly on her bright red lips teasing her a lil. I know we talked about this day for a couple months but I had to be sure so I asked Rica if she was sure about what she wanted? ‘ Yes Daddy I want to be daddy’s naughty cum slut” was her reply.Blindfolded and it wouldnt matter what her answer was because she couldnt stop me with her hands cuffed.Getting up on the huge bed I sat on Rica with a knee on both side reaching down unclipped her bra from the front and pulled the cups away from her gorgeous set of young firm amazing boobs I took and place each one of my hands over her 34C and squeezed them hard. Then placing my rock hard thick cock between those amazing boobs, I didnt have to push them together they were that firm.Sliding my cock up towards her sexy lips then pushing my mushroom looking head between her lips only pushing the head in then sliding back down slowly, after a couple times I leaned forward and started lightly kissing Rica’s warm soft neck.From our chats in the past she had told me what made her melt and many things that she wanted to try and do. Having her neck kissed made her horny fast.Taking my time I was lightly kissing her warm naked soft neck as my fingers were twisting , pulling and pinching Rica’s very hard nipples. Kissing down to her shoulder WOW her body was on fire, as I kissed lower until my lips were in the middle of her chest.I had both hands working squeezing hard on her firm young boobs. Hearing her soft moans got me more excited if that was possiable.starting at the top of one of her breast I kissed around down and back up slowly working in toward her big hard nipple and when I was close I used the tip of my tongue to finish licking to her nipple.Then repeat on the other breast.My mouth was sucking tongue was licking her boobs and the more I gave those firm boobs attention bayraklı escort bayan the louder her moans became . As I was kissing lower down her tummy I heard Rica “Oh come on daddy fuck me”,Bang me come on Daddy you want to destroy my tight pussy right?”Damn I havnt even licked this sluts wet virgin pussy yes and she already wanting me to wreck her virgin tight wet pussy. My face is now even with her bellybutton as my hands peel Rica’s panties lower, she lifts her sweet ass up to make it easier for me to finish getting her totally naked. Once Rica was totally naked I had to sit up and take a look at this sexy, horny slut’s body.”Dont stop now!” she had said to me.OH no worries my lil slut Daddy is just beginning. .Rica you are going to be a very sore girl when the sun comes up in the morning. Having said that my hands pushed her thighs futher apart and I lightly kissed her inner thighs up towards her smooth wet virgin pussy.Teasing her more, I kissed around her wet pussy then pushed just the tip of my tongue between her wet pussy lips and slowly licked upwards. “Oh Daddy that feels so good”followed with a loud long moaning. Looking up watching her head move from side to side and she was biting her lower lip.OH Daddy “that feels so fucking good” , “I have been waiting monthes for this day” were her next words between her moaning and cries for more. Licking between her sweet pussy lips I have never tasted such a finer pussy than the one my face was buried deep into.when I got to her clit I pushed my tongue under and the licked upwards thats when i heard a loud OOOOOOOH.placing my lips over her tiny clit I lightly sucked on it pulling on it with my lips . As I gave Rica’s clit all the attention I twisted a finger into her soaking wet pussy.This pussy was the tightest. I was finger fucking Rica twisting in n out hertight young pussy. My mouth was still enjoying her clit as I started to flick my tongue against her clit and also finger banging her pussy hard n rapid . “OOOH fuck,” was all I heard then felt Rica’s body tense up and her body was having her 1 st of many orgasms of the day.I’m not done yet , this is only the beginning. Hope you enjoyed it. leave your commemts please. thank you for reading .

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