For Rebecca – our first meeting


For Rebecca – our first meetingThis happened to me late last Autumn, on my way to a suppliers for a meeting. I was taking the train which I don’t normally do, and arrived on the platform wondering if I’d got the right one, as no one else seemed to be around. I stepped out towards the edge and looked back left and right, and caught a flash of light out of the corner of my eye – “At least the trainspotters are here” I thought. But wait, there weren’t any trains – what were they taking photos of? Turning to look I saw a woman in black at the end of the platform, leaning over a bench, her back to me, and a man taking photos of her. As I watched, she reached down and lifted her top.I need to be seeing this I thought, and walked towards them. As I got closer I could see she was in her 30s or early 40s, a little chubby, a nice round backside, dark hair. She was wearing tight black trousers, cotton perhaps, and a black sweater. The guy was tallish, similar age, nondescript. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t looking at him. He saw me though. Our eyes made contact and I saw a little smile grow on his face. Okay, I thought. The woman, I was now thinking of her as his wife, as that’s how it looked to me, was kneeling on the bench, sideways along its length, half supporting herself on the backrest with one hand, rubbing her tits with the other. Her arse was thrust backwards, and I could tell from the way she was weaving and bobbing that fat backside around that she was enjoying the feel of those tight cotton trousers moving tightly across her snatch. He was talking softly to her, calling her a sexy bitch, telling her not to touch her pussy, to squeeze her tits, to imagine how it would look to passersby, to think of other men seeing her and getting hard. That was a pretty good guess, because my dick was thick and heavy and nine tenths of the way towards a raging hard on. I guess he could halkalı escort see. In fact, I figured, perhaps he wanted to see. I was no just a foot or two behind her, and I unzipped, and took my long thick cock out.She had no idea. She couldn’t hear me over the little moans and whimpers she was making. He knew though, and liked it. “Reach behind you, pull your trousers and panties down to your knees” he said. Her hands shot back, she didn’t need telling twice. As her panties pulled away from her hairy cunt I heard a soft wet plop, the cotton was soaked. I thought at first she’d pissed herself, she was so wet, then could smell her. The warm salty smell of cunt. She was literally dripping. “Now on your tits again, both hands, dig you nails in, make them red” – his voice was cracking, the feller was as turned on as she was. “I need to cum” she whispered. “Please…” I could stand it no longer, I grabbed her shoulder, steadied her, and slid forward, straight in, deep and hard, her wet pussy opening softly for me, one smooth single thrust right up her gushing wet cunt. “Yes bitch” he said. “Yes”. Within two or three thrusts she’d cum, then again, then again. Her body spasmed and shuddered, her cunt gripping and pulsing on my thick hard cock, my meat hard and rigid inside her soft wet body. It was at least a minute of fucking before she even thought of turning her head, even seemed to understand that a stranger was fucking her, the pleasure and fulfilment of her fantasy had been too much, and she’d not realised reality had become, well, real. She shook herself, tried to turn herself to see me. “No you fucking don’t cunt” I said. Leaning close, whispering, “No you fucking don’t, cunt. You’re not involved in this. Just me, him, and your holes. You shut the fuck up, look at him, keep out of the important business involving me, and your cunt, şişli escort understand?” Whimpering, shaking, she mmmmed, nodding. I grabbed her fat arse with both hands and hammered at her, fast, deep, pumping hard at her cunt, sloppy liquid noises and her cries filled the air. “Nice slag you have here” I said. “How much do you want for her?” Smiling he responded: “She’s not for sale, the k**s wouldn’t like that, but you can rent her any time you like. As you can see she’s in reasonable condition, and up for anything. Do anything you like to her, seriously. Help yourself.” “Anything?” I said, and slipped my thumb up her arse. He head snapped back, all the air went out of her lungs, one explosive shiver raced through her body, the muscular rings of her arsehole clenched and spasmed on my thumb. “You fucking dirty little slag” I shouted at her. I jabbed my thumb in and out of her arse, it loosened, parted, just as a woman’s arse will do when she’s cum and cum and cum, and needs more. “Dirty fat pig” I looked up and saw her husband had his average little dick in his hand, “That ain’t much of a cock for you is it pig? Want my fat one up your shithole?” “”NOW!” she shouted, “now, please”. I spat on her bum, spat again, worked the saliva into her arsehole, then pulled back, out of her cunt, and slid my thick knob along her crack, my cock was as wet as her cunt, and her well-used backside was already opening up for me, I slid in, thrusting, pushing, forcing my way past her stretched ring, deep inside her arse. She came, came, came. I was close myself, and her pussy husband was too, from the look of him – he’d given up taking photos now and was wanking furiously, watching his fat slag wife being arse fucked, barebacked, by a man she’d never even seen. “What a slag you have here, what a fucking dirty little cunt, fat sarıyer escort fucking pig, fat fucking skanky pig!” I was yelling now, I didn’t care. I despised this slag, she turned her head to look at me, I saw her cheek, her wide eye, I spat on her face, “Don’t fucking look at me pig. You piece of shit. Look at him, look at your husband you cheating fucking trash” I looked down at her, her head twisting and shaking as the orgasmed passed through her, my saliva dripping from her face onto the metal bench seat. I saw him, his lust, her body, her fat arse shaking, the desperation and sickness in her, the perversions in him, hated her and him and myself, and I came. I shot. My balls clenched and burst spunk into her, my head swam, the sensation was of a flood shooting into her, my cock was suddenly slipping and sliding so easily and freely in her gaping, cum-filled arse. I was laughing, she was panting, her husband spunked into the air, semen spraying along the platform. “Filth”. I pulled out of her, pushed her flat on the bench, face down. I wiped my dirty cock on her back, in her dark hair, smearing cum on her pale skin. Her husband spoke, quietly. “You don’t think much of her, do you? But would you like to see her again? Alone, if you want?””I will. I’ll use her. She might like the sex but she won’t like me. But that doesn’t really matter does it?”He grinned and hurriedly wrote on a ticket stub: “That’s her number, and her email. She uses the same name as the email on a few swinging sites – you’ll find her. Do what you want to her. She’ll say no, or make excuses, ignore her. Do whatever you want. Make her video it on her phone, if you would – for me? She’s just a fat slag, I don’t know why I haven’t thrown her out. She said she’d stop cruising the web for men – that’s why I take photos of her like this, for her excitement But she never stops. You were right, she is a fat pig, a fat slag. But you seem like a man who can handle her.””I reckon I can.” I reached out, took the paper. On impulse I shook his hand. It was hot. I regretted that instantly. “I’ll be in touch”And I turned and walked away. As I passed the bench I noticed she was softly weeping, and I smiled.

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