From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 14


Chapter Fourteen: Going to a Rock Concert and Something Very Special.

Mikel and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. Helen and Alan both like him a lot, find he is a solid citizen and man. Helen sees how Mikel lights my life up, fills my heart with love and joy. She hopes for a better future together but warns me to be careful so as not to get too far ahead of myself. I do keep things in better perspective and try to enjoy my relationship with Mikel and hope he enjoys it too. I do love him an feel he loves me but we will see where things go.

My relationship with my daughter now has moved quite forward over the last year and a half or so, of my going trans. Sara wants to rekindle a new relationship with me as my life is new. We decide that it’s ok if she still calls me dad, but we settle mostly on being called ‘mum’. My first wife and her real mother is ‘mom’. I like it when Sara calls myself ‘mum’. She lives out of town so we do not see each other often but she did visit over Christmas and she really likes Mikel. Her young 24 year old woman’s intuition tells her that Mikel and I are very good with each other and special to each other.

My first wife has come a longway to be hopeful and happy for me too. She did stop by with Sara for Christmas and we had nice dinner together, her, me and Mikel. Though we will always have level of estrangement she wants me to be happy. She has found a new husband in the last six months so I’m happy for her.

Helen my second wife and now best girl friends, her adult kids really think I’m cool. They are very open minded and enjoy me now more as Chantel than even as Phil their then step father, so all is going well.

Mikel’s son and daughter will always be protective of him as he had to be there for them when their mother passed away. But they both see how I make their dad feel and to see the love we share. They want him to be happy and if I can help do that, they will like me. It’s going well as we three have only known each other a bit over three months. They see I have no bad motives but I just want acceptance and love.

Since the New Year Mikel and I have grown closer and closer, we have bonded as a couple in love. For Valentines Day, Mikel has snapped up tickets to a Fleetwood Mac concert in town. Both of us really like Fleetwood Mac. The concert is Saturday Feb. 11. So we will make a day and night of it. Sunday Feb. 12 will see us just lazing around downtown as we enjoy an early Valentines Day celebration for us.

As for me, I still do my contracted out maids duties to our list of gentleman clients. I am doing well and ok if I do hand jobs and blowjobs as perks for my list of gentlemen clients whom houses I still clean as sexy maid. The list of clients is now fixed and I pull in about $1500.00 per week cleaning on average five days per week. Helen, Alan and I have agreed to stop my Friday and Saturday night escorting now that I’am serious with Mikel. The online sex an sexy videos from my website still are popular and we make about a $1000.00 per month from sales and subscriptions. So my income is pretty good, even after cutting in Helen an Alan who now only take a token amount as business partners. Helen still makes good money as an accountant and Alan does ok in business management. So I keep about $5000.00 per month for myself and a new life with Mikel. Of course Mikel is successful in his business too.

I’m out on a Saturday maid cleaning call, Mikel has arranged to meet with Helen and Alan today to discuss things between himself and me. Once he arrives they sit and chat.

Mikel says, “You both know that Chan and I have become quite the pair. I love her very much.”

Helen says, “Yes, and we are happy for you both.”

Mikel smiles and says, “Well I know you three have a special relationship and business dealings. Chan is a big girl to keep her own work going. I am glad she only does maid’s work and no longer does anything well you know serious sex wise with the list of established gents.”

Alan says, “Well we feel she has a right to make her own way now she has gone trans and is involved. The money she earns is still good and we all benefit from such a a business venture.”

Mikel says, “Well that is why I speak to you two first. You see I’ve done a lot of thinking and I feel in my heart that Chantel is the new girl for me…[pause] I love and am fascinated by her being transsexual. I want to forge a hopeful long life together, therefor I wish to propose to her.”

Helen’s eyes go wide as she says, “Propose! you want to ask her to marry you?”

Mikel smiles and says, “Yes, I want her to be my new wife.” he is excited as he says, “I love her more than one can imagine, I have not felt love like this since going back to my early days with my late wife and of that it’s different and special.”

Alan says, “Well we can’t and won’t hold you back, if you wish to ask Chan to marry you then you have our blessings. We will enjoy having you two as our favorite couple.”

The discussion wraps up, Mikel urfa escort tells them he plans on proposing to me on the concert weekend coming up next Saturday. Both say things sounds great. Mikel asks for them to keep it a secret from me, he then is off.

Things are all quite uplifting over the next number of days. Helen and Alan know Mikel will be proposing to me this coming weekend. It’s hard especially for Helen to not tell me. But this knowledge they know that I don’t, well, is quite fun for them.


I’m all pumped up going with Mikel to the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight. We are going in costume. 1980’s fashion/style as Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham. Of course I’m going as the lovely Stevie Nicks, got my outfit ready. By 4:00pm I begin my dressing, 80’s style Stevie Nicks makeup, I will put on a long blonde wig similar to the style of hair Stevie wore in much of the 80’s. I found at a thrift shop a black dress with a shaping design that is sequinned and will hi-light my nice and firm girlie boobs. It has that oh so Stevie Nicks look, flowing chiffon type skirt that goes down to my calves. I take a nice, black knit shawl to wrap my shoulders with. I have suede style platform with a chunky spike heel knee boots. I even have a sexy black top hat that will contrast with my long blonde wig. Once dressed I see myself in the full length mirror. I think, ‘Jeez I look like Stevie Nicks… a tall Stevie Nicks but Stevie Nicks in her 80’s fashion.’

I pack small over night bag so I have a set of clothes to dress at Mikel’s place in the morning. I also grab a black suede over the shoulder purse fill my personals and I.D. and head out to the living room to show Helen and Alan my costume. They both love it, they say, I look like a tall Stevie Nicks. I feel great, I’ve always loved Stevie Nicks. We chat for a few minutes then we see Mikel pull into the driveway in his black 370Z.

I say good night to Helen and Alan, they wish me and Mikel a fun night and will see us tomorrow. They both smile as they know Mikel will propose to me, but they know I have no clue. As I get to the door and open it to see Mikel I am very happy.

Opening the door, I see my man, dressed very much like Lindsay Buckingham, circa 1980’s Black pants, black Italian dress shoes, a white button front shirt, top two buttons open showing some chest, a black silk vest, he’s even sporting bit of the 80’s gruff beard and he has on a classy black fedora. We embrace and kiss deep and long with tongue. Then I stand back my right hand in his left and I twirl for him showing my idea of Stevie Nicks circa 1980’s.

He says, “Babe you got it…you nailed her look…you look fabulous.”

I smile and say, “Thank you babe, you look so yummy as a classic Lindsay Buckingham.”

We then walk to his car, he opens the passenger door and helps me in then he scampers to the driver’s side. It’s a chilly but dry, cloudy late afternoon. Only a trace of snow on the ground. We drive to the downtown city core. We will park at the hotel Mikel likes to use if he has to stay downtown. We will check in, leave our over night bags in our room and then go for a nice pre-concert dinner, following to go to the concert venue.

Once settled town, dropped off our overnight bags in our room, we walk the downtown core and find a place to eat. Dressed in costume we both attract attention and compliments by people who know who Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham are. It’s really cute and fun for us. We wander around the hotel area and walk down the city block to find a place to share dinner together. Mikel finds a nice sports bar, it’s called “The End Zone.” so we enter and it’s getting busy for a Saturday diner and socializing. As we walk in a waitress says ‘Hello, have a seat anywhere.” we greet her and we find a table for two by the sidewalk facing window. We both sit and give each other a little kiss. Sports broadcasts are on the various t.v.’s as we relax.

A waitress comes to us and says, “Hello, you two look cute tonight, let me guess you are going the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight?”

Mikel says as I smile, “Yes, and thank you.”

She asks, “What will you two like for drinks? and would you like menus?”

Mikel says, “Menus please and I’d like a pint of Pale Ale.”

I reply, “A Cranberry Vodka Cooler please.”

Our waitress says, “Great, and by the way I love your costumes, you two really nailed Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham. I especially love your dress honey.”

We both say thank you.

Minutes later our drinks come and we place our orders. Mikel has a house cheese burger with fries and I have a chicken Caesar salad.

Over the course of the next 45-50 minutes Mikel and I chat and flirt with each other. A couple of drinks later we both feel good as we pay our tab, tip our waitress and walk up a couple of blocks to the concert venue. Entering about 40 minutes before the concert is to start we mingle among the public. We are not the only fans in balıkesir escort costume. We see more Stevie’s, Christine’s, Lindsay’s, Mick’s and Jon’s. I’d say Mikel and I really nail it though as we are complimented by fans.

As we settle into a set of lower second balcony seats in a good placing from the stage we both kiss and play with each others costumes. Beside us come another couple. A few years older than us. They introduce themselves as Roger and Dianne, both huge Mac fans. They really like our costumes. Dianne sits beside me, Roger to her right and Mikel to my left. Soon Roger pulls out a joint and asks if we mind? Of course we don’t, even though smoking pot is not allowed, rock concerts generally have it happen. In fact they ask if we’d like to smoke some. We cheerfully do so.

[about 1 hr later]

The concert is going well, Mikel and I enjoy it and each other. Roger and Dianne are also having fun and the four of us enjoy each other’s company too.

Dianne asks, “Chantel would you like to come to the ladies room with me?”

Ah such is the life of a woman now, back in my guy days we won’t ask our buddies to come too the bathroom with us, but now I’m a chick and enjoy this new part of the female sorority sort of life

I reply, “Ok Dianne.”

As we get up the men ask if we’d get a couple of beers? We agree like good loving women would do.”

As Dianne and I walk out and to the ladies room, we chit chat, tell a little about each other. Nothing about me being trans, but I am so femme now I fit in pretty well and even if read I look too girlie so it’s no bother now.

After our visit to the loo we get to a drinks section and wait in line to buy the drinks. I get more compliments for looking like a good Stevie Nicks, many dudes scan me top to bottom and damn I love it now. I love being looked at by guys now, it’s empowering as a still new girl. We get our drinks and get back to our seats and enjoy the rest of the concert.

It wraps up with two encores by 10:45pm. Mikel and I say good bye to Roger and Dianne and we decide to sit and wait for much of the crowd to leave. We kiss a bit and I lay my head on Mikel’s right shoulder, telling him I love him and he strokes my hair and tells me he loves me too.

As we leave and walk to our hotel room, it’s a beautiful cool and crisp February night. We walk hand in hand and I am mesmerized being with a true gentleman. I’d never have thought some two or so years ago I’d find my true self a trans woman who loves the thought of being with a classy man. But here I am…

As we get into our hotel room, we sit and relax, I zip off my high heel platform boots and Mikel kicks off his Italian dress shoes. We sit on the sofa and and I put my feet up over Mikel’s lap, he massages my suntan coloured pantyhose clad feet and it feels so nice. We then kiss and pet each other. Our passion begins to heat up. We have had such a great evening we feel we should cap it off with some great love making. Soon Mikel has his shirt undone then off. He unzips the back of my dress and helps pull it down and off, his firm hands round my now melting in his hands shoulders. He pulls the wig away from the right side of my neck and kisses it from behind. Oh it feels so damn good. I am standing in my black satin bra and black satin panty with suntan coloured pantyhose up to my hips.

I turn to Mikel, forehead into forehead as I undo his black dress pants and let them fall to the floor, him stepping out of them. He takes off his socks. The heat between us is building bad! Soon our hands run over each other’s bodies and we sigh, moan and pant as we kiss. Mikel firmly leads me to the bed and lays me on my back. He pulls down and off my pantyhose, he undoes my bra and pulls off my high cut panty. I lay there for him my t-girl dick is erect, like I’m some gourmet dessert. He pulls off his briefs and his 7 odd inch gorgeous cock is standing at attention and if it could talk it would be saying. “yes ma’am, how high ma’am?” He falls into my arms and we begin grinding our bodies and we kiss in deep passion.

I sigh, “Ohhh…God Mikel…ohhh…dear…ohhh…babe…ahhh you feel so good…ahhh so manly.”

He replies with lust, “Oh…babe…babe…babe…you fucking drive me wild…you are so sexy… ahhhh… so feminine…I fucking love it…I want you so fucking bad!”

We kiss more and I say, “Take me…take me Mikel…I’m yours…you have me babe.”

Mikel takes control, grabs some lube we have on the night table, puts all the pillows under my head and neck and he lifts my legs up and back over me holding them that way as he takes his right hand and lubes my back side, tosses the tube away and is horny as a wild boar to get his hard fucking cock up inside me. He holds me up as he feeds his manhood inside me and we both grunt and groan as we work to get a good love making rhythm going…He works even more harder and deeper as we rock back and forth, he nailing my back side as he intently trabzon escort watches my gorgeous girlie face now in ecstasy as Mikel is inside me. My lustful facial expressions drive him to fuck me harder.

He is working hard, “Ahhh…f…fuck…God…fuck yeah…girl…you…ohhh…you make me crazy…damn you are so fine…God Chan I…fucking love you…ahhhh…ohhhh…ahhh.”

I am breathing hard as I moan “Mmmm…ohhh…ohhh…ahhh…hun…hun…honey…ohhh… you…are such… a …man…my…my…man…Ahhh Mikel I…love you.”

We get going to the point where he can’t hold back and he unloads inside me, thrusting and shooting his semen inside me. It’s magical. He slows, pulls out and lets my legs fall back down, his cum spurts a dribble from my backside. I lay on my back and am in wild lust, he is spent as he kisses me. He then takes his hand and tells me he will rub my girlie dick so that I can cum too. It’s was incredible for my man to care enough for me to have me orgasm too. I am so horny it did not take long as I shoot a t-girl amount of dribble on my stomach and Mikel licks it off of me.

We fall asleep inch others arms…It was magic.

I wake up to a nice warm bed, Sunday morning roll over to see Mikel is up and out of bed. I hear that he is in the shower. I scamper in my girlie nakedness to the bathroom and step into the shower with him and we kiss.

I say, “Good morning hun.”

Mikel smiles and says, “Good morning babe.”

We hold each other as water from the shower head drizzles over us, my sandy blonde hair, now free of my blonde Stevie Nicks style wig has water wash over it. Mikel take his manly right hand and pulls it over my wet hair as his left hand pulls me into to his dripping wet body. We hug each other as water continues to shower over us.

We wash each other and then step out, dry off and get ready for a nice day on the town. I sit and get my day makeup done, fresh with pleasant light colour. Mikel is dressed in black jeans, a Navy blue shirt and a pair of black Reebok walking shoes. He’s now clean shaven and smells very manly fresh.

I then put on my black bra and panty, put my suntan pantyhose back on. I pull from my over night bag a pair of faded blue denim skinny jeans, a white cotton long sleeve shirt. I put on a pair of black Nike wedge high top sneakers. Mikel grabs a black bomber style jacket I put on my faded denim crop jacket with lambs wool lining. I spritz on some perfume, grab my black suede over the shoulder purse and we get our things together to check out and pack our bags in Mikel’s car as we walk the downtown core of the city. We have some breakfast first, then it’s out and about.

As we walk, sight seeing and window shopping we talk about life and what may be in store. We are both really in love with each other. We soon stop at a doorway to a local Jeweler [Mikel has prearranged this with the staff]. Mikel has us stop inside. He says he wants to buy me a gift of jewelry, so being the new girl I am I agree.

As we walk inside from the cool but sunny day we are greeted by a lady at the counter.

She says, “Hello, and how are you two today?”

We both say fine.

She adds, “A beautiful but chilly day today, but it’s nice and warm inside here.” She asks,” Is there something you two are looking for today?”

Mikel pauses then says, “I’m looking for nice piece of jewelry for my girlfriend here. Maybe a bracelet or earrings.”

She says, “My name is Jill and I can show you some earrings and bracelets if you both wish.”

We introduce ourselves, “I’m Chantel.” and Mikel says, “I’m Mikel.”

We are shown a couple of bracelets, gold bracelets. Mikel has me try them and see which I may like. I tell him which I like and then he asks about the earrings. Jill show us two sets of earrings and again Mikel asks which I may like, I tell him my favorite.

Mikel begins to tap his keys on the counter, this is a prearranged signal to the staff that he wishes to go on and do the proposal. Jill sees this and readies to excuse herself.

Jill chimes in, “You, know what? We have some brand new merchandise in back, let me get a few items for you both?”

Mikel says, “Ok, sounds good.”

As Jill goes in back another lady introduces herself as Melissa. I do not notice that Mikel quietly hands her his cell phone. It seems he wants her to video the upcoming proposal. I keep looking at the bracelets and earrings shown but Jill returns with three jewelry boxes.

She says, “Here we go a few items brand new you both may like.” She hands Mikel a bracelet box, a lovely heavy gold bracelet priced at $4000.00 I look to have a heart attack as I scan the price. He asks me to try it on, I do but jeez I don’t need him to spend $4000.00. We then move on to the second box a box for earrings, Beautiful gold and opal earrings and they are $1999.00, again I almost faint at the price for two earrings. But I put them on my ears and Mikel likes them. I do too. I take them back off.

However he asks, “The last jewelry box, can we see it too?”

Jill says, “Surely.” as she holds it and opens it… “Oh it looks to be a mistake, it’s not earrings but a lovely gold and diamond ring, looks like an engagement ring.” Me being well being sandy blonde am have my equivalent to a blonde moment and fail to connect the dots.

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