Fuck Me Baby!


Gentle readers, for those of you who don’t like when we play with honey a lot, worry not.

This is not about playing with honey…it’s only how it got started, and it’s only a little, so please stick with me. This is an actual sexual account, so I had to include it. Thank-you!

This is the longest thing I’ve ever written, I think, but so much happened! When you write about real sex, you’re driven to get it all in!

Feel free to comment. I love comments!


When I hopped into bed, Blue was eating a honey and peanut butter sandwich. I just sat there, smiling at her and waiting for her to finish it. She knew I was waiting to have MY snack…her delectable pussy. She set her sandwich aside and kissed me, then said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back!”

I think she had plans. Sure enough, when she returned, she had the honey bottle with her! Good thing we had three layers of towels under us.

She got our big double dildo from our toy drawer.

Blue squirted honey in my pussy and eased the double toy ALL the way inside me, then sat back and played with her pussy, watching me hold the toy with both hands and fuck myself to death…

I had my knees back and spread wide, and I was ramming the toy in and out of my hungry pussy…a mixture of my juices and the honey oozed from around the toy, soaking my pussy. Blue loves watching me…she loves watching how hard I’ll fuck myself, and she loves watching my orgasms.

I love making her cum while she watches…I try to be as slutty as possible when she’s watching me like this.

Right now, the toy, lubricated very nicely by my honeyjuices, slid soooooooooo easily to the back of my eager pussy, then almost out of me, then back in…out…in…out…in, my hands gripping it firmly. The entire toy was slippery and it took both hands to hold onto it and pull it over and over again from the grasp of my strong pussy muscles before roughly fucking it back in each time…

“Go Sunny! Take it, baby!”

The noise Blue’s pussy was making, wetly swallowing her two fingers, sounded wonderful! It made me wish I had a mouthful of her pussy, eating her and sucking her…

Baby’s fine ass rose from the bed, she threw her head back and she came like a wild animal…I followed close behind with my orgasm taking over my body, both of us yelling at the top of our lungs.

My knees unfolded and my legs fell on the mattress…Baby slid her face between my legs and held the toy in my pussy while she licked the sweet honey and cum from my inner thighs…my muscles were quivering as she licked my soft, smooth skin next to my pussy, getting honeycum all over her face…

When she slid her finger down to my ass and massaged my soaked, slippery opening, I whimpered…when she held the toy and moved it around in circles, sliding it around the walls of my pussy and sliding her finger in my ass, I screamed and came all over again, my pussy convulsing around the toy.

She smiled and said, “My goodness, you’re just full of orgasms tonight, aren’t you?”

“Oh, you know I have more!”

She giggled and slid her ass between my legs…the other end of the toy disappeared inside her pussy…she gasped and took a deep breath, held herself up on her hands and feet and SLAPPED herself between my legs, fucking Ankara bayan escort my pussy hard as hell with the toy!


We fucked each other with the double toy, honey and juices splattering our thighs, tummies and faces! We both came so noisily and wildly!

We gently slipped ourselves away from the double toy…I licked her all over while she lay there, enjoying being pampered by my tongue. I licked all of her, lapping up both of our cum and juices, along with some honey mixed in. I loved it, and she purred her pleasure and approval, holding onto my hair and squirming.

I pushed my face into her pussy and eagerly licked my hot baby to another orgasm. How could I resist? I cannot!

Baby lied there with her arms and legs spread, catching her breath while I flopped on my back and rubbed everything all over me, getting hot all over again. I leaned over and kissed her slightly open lips…she explored my mouth with her tongue, then asked me, “Time for a shower?”

“I am not showering…I’m going outside for some sun, baby.”

Her mouth opened wider. “Ooooooooo…with your body all messy?”

“Of course! I love it that way!” I leaned back to her, touched her lips with mine and said, “and with suntan oil all over me…”

“Oooooooohhhhhhh…you might have to suck my pussy again!”

I smiled and told her, “Any time, sweetheart! You KNOW I love being as hot and slutty as I can be for you. That’s all I’ll think about while I’m out there, dripping with oil: sucking and licking that hot pussy of yours.”

“Fuck, Sunny…”

I patted my smooth, wet pussy. “Now, I’m going to go out there and tan this for you, because that’s the way you like it.”

“That’s right! That pussy belongs to me!”

I kissed her breathlessly and spoke softly, “No one else shall ever have it…ever.”

Soooooooooo hot under the UV-transparent dome over the pool and surrounding deck. The sun was at a slight angle, perfect for shining right on my pussy with my legs spread.

I was drenched in banana oil extract. Edible…very good for when my baby desires to eat me alive while I’m out there…

Fuck…I was getting more horny by the second. If I play with my pussy, that will block the sun from it. Damn.

I don’t think I can NOT play with my pussy. I’ve never been able to do that. I do have an alternative, however…if I fuck my ass, I will cum, and my pussy doesn’t have to go without sunlight!

I pulled my knees back and spread them wide. I slid my hand around to my ass…my opening was soaked with oil and my hot juices, which had dribbled down from my pussy. I eagerly slid my oily, slippery finger in my ass…


I felt my oncoming orgasm rush through my body…my toes curled backward…my tummy tightened…my head raised involuntarily…


I came so hard! My pussy poured my cum down to my opening and lubed it more for my finger plunging in and out of my ass…deeper…deeper…riding my orgasm!

Oooooooohhhhhh…my…goodness! My legs fell down with my knees straight and my breathing was quick and deep…

I lied there, pretty sure Blue heard me scream from inside the house. I hoped she’d be hot for me when I went back in.

My oversexed mind went Escort bayan Ankara through a few ways I could tease her. It makes me horny as fuck to tease her without letting her touch me, and she loves it.

I could sit down in front of her and play with my pussy.

I could get on my knees in front of her and play with my pussy, letting my juices soak my inner thighs.

If she’s standing up, I could press her against the wall with my ass and rub it against her while I fuck myself.

I could hold her against the wall and hold her thigh against my pussy, fucking on it until I cum all over her thigh.

I could put on my slutty, little denim shorts, sit down and rub my pussy, and let my juices soak through them, then cum through them!

Oh! I could hold a handful of my long hair and tease her pussy with it until she cums while I hold her down! Last time I did that, she came so hard, her body bucked me off of her!

So many possibilities. My pussy was throbbing and dripping wet just thinking about them.

My baby is so hot, she makes me such a fucking sweet slut for her…

I squirted more banana oil all over myself…it was now much hotter. It would feel too hot on my skin if I wasn’t so fucking horny. I stood up and squirted it down my back…it was so hot on my ass! I rubbed it all over my body so it wouldn’t drip off of me and headed inside.

There was Blue, just as naked as me, of course. I walked toward her, smiling. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply, backing away on the couch. “Uh, Sunny, you’re all oily and stuff.”

“That’s right, and in just a few minutes, you will be too.”

I kept heading toward her.

“Yeah…ya see, I just took a shower, so…”

I smiled more. “Well, I’m just real sorry about that, but I want your pussy…I going to suck you and make you scream.”

Baby actually wanted this. Otherwise, she would have run out of the room, but she stood up and said, “You’re going to make me all greasy and oily!”

I gently took her arm. “I’m gonna make your pussy very wet and messy, too!”

Obviously to play along, she backed against the wall…I playfully shoved her against the wall, turning around and pressing my slippery ass against her nude body…reaching behind me, I held my hands around her hips and rubbed my ass on her, my back against her now-oil-slippery breasts…she held my hips and pulled me harder against her.

I tipped my head way back and spoke softer, “Wouldn’t baby like to have some of this good stuff between her legs?”

Her open mouth was on my neck. I could feel her teeth on my skin when she said, “Oh…fuck…yes…”

With her arms around me, I turned my oil-soaked body around and around, getting banana oil all over her, then faced her, our breasts, tummies, hips and thighs pressed together. We kissed very deeply, then I spoke into her mouth, “I think my baby needs a good tongue-fucking.”

“Fuck yes, I do…I need to be sucked hard!”

Keeping her against the wall, I rubbed my body more on hers, then slid my thigh between her legs…she grabbed it, bent her knees and slapped her pussy onto my thigh muscle, crying out in pleasure, her slick, swollen pussy soooooooo ready to cum…

I pulled my thigh away from her pussy, touched my lips to hers and spoke with my breath burning Bayan escort Ankara her mouth, “My baby will cum when I let her.”

“Now! It has to be now!”

I insisted. “Nope, I want you so hot for me…so close to cumming, that you can’t stand it.”


I smiled at her. “Oooooooooo…that’s it…just like that.”

I slid my body down hers, licking the sweet, delicious banana oil from her tummy…she spread her legs…I took her hands from my hair and pinned them against the wall and slid my cheeks on her inner thighs, blowing my hot breath on her quivering pussy.

Like the rest of her body, her voice was shuddering.

“Eat me…eat…me…” Baby struggled to pull her hands free from the wall, and was trying to fuck her pussy at my tongue…I stuck out my tongue and let her clit hit it with each thrust she made at me.


I pressed my tongue against her clit and kept it there…she wriggled and squirmed, trying desperately to fuck my mouth.

Her juices poured over my cheeks.

I grabbed her outer lips with my mouth and sucked hard, pulling on them and growling at her…she screamed nonstop, wrenched her hands from my grasp and fucked my mouth…I took only her clit, letting her hot river of Bluecum flow over my lips, down my neck and over my breasts…

My baby lost all strength in her legs and started to slump down against the wall, but I laid backward on my back and pulled her on top of me while she was falling. She landed on top of me with her face in my breasts and her legs spread, her body quivering on top of mine.

I stroked her down her back with my fingertips over and over, then slid my hands over her ass and caressed it…her muscles tightened…relaxed…tightened…relaxed.

When I slid my well-oiled finger between her ass cheeks, she inhaled deeply…then whimpered when that finger pressed on her opening, she clenched her ass cheeks firmly to hold it there and spoke quietly, but desperately, into my breasts, “Yes yes yes”, wriggling her ass at my finger.

With my lips in her hair, I whispered, “Turn around, sweetheart. Give your ass to me…let me be your sweet, slutty whore.”

Right then, just from pure excitement, I came without her touching me…she had to hold onto my earthquake-shaking body to stay on top of me!

Baby squealed with delight and turned around…eagerly surrendering her ass to my mouth, her pussy dribbling her juices on my breasts…I held both of her ass cheeks and gave her opening hot, lollipop-licks…with her hands resting on my thighs, she pushed her ass harder at my face. “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS AND MAKE ME CUM!”

With my pussy still excited from my last orgasm, I gripped her hips and drove my tongue HARD into her ass, growling into her…shoving it deeper and wiggling it…Baby came screaming, drenching my breasts and tummy with her wet , noisy orgasm!

Blue’s arms collapsed and she fell between my wide-spread legs, her face buried in my pussy…she purred into me, licking my oozing cum from my last orgasm, then noisily licked, sucked, and tonguefucked me to another one, by body going crazy while she swallowed all my sweet ladycum…

My, my, my…

She turned around, our oily bodies sliding so nicely, then we wrapped ourselves around each other, smothering our lips in a mass of loving kisses.

“Oh fuck…I love you, Blue…”

“Fuck, I love you, Sunny…”

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all of you,


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