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Full Body SearchWorking in Customs at the local international airport could be a drag at times. Nobody knew this better than Steve Wormill. He had gone through enough bags and purses in the first 3 hours of his shift for a lifetime, all with no results.Steve’s job was to search for any d**gs that might be i*****lly entering the country. More than often though, he found nothing.But he would be the first to tell you this job also had it’s perks. Namely, the foreign women who came through, visiting America for the first time, and speaking little English. Steve had occasionally used his authority to strip search some of them in the private room Customs had for suspects. A few times Steve could get the woman to go all the way, and he could always count on his authority to keep them from talking.Today was no different for Steve than any other. Many people came through his gates, many bags were searched, nothing was found. He was beginning to think the day was a waste when he saw her.A beautiful tall brunette walked through his gates. She was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt, through which Steve eyed her D-sized tits. With her hair down and sunglasses on, he first thought she was Shannon Elizabeth, the actress who garnered fame by going topless in the American Pie movie. As she approached the counter, Steve asked for her passport. “How’s it going today?” he asked while looking over her passport. She was a first time visitor to the U.S., straight from the Czech Republic.”Going? Where are we going?” she asked in a deep accent, unsure of his slang.Perfect, Steve thought, her English is touchy at best. This could be fun.”I mean, how are you?””Oh, I am well,” she answered with a smile, as she removed her sunglasses to reveal chocolate brown eyes. “Good,” Steve said as he asked for her to put her bag on the counter. As she did he reached below the counter and picked up the small bag of marijuana he kept there for just such a purpose. She never saw it in his hand as he reached into her bag.”Whoa, what is this?” Steve asked, holding up the small bag.”I do not know, it is not mine,” she said, startled.”This is an i*****l d**g, miss. I’m going to have to ask you to step over here with me.””What is problem?” she asked slowly.”Just step over here with me, ma’am.” Steve said, leading her into the private room. He switched the light on to reveal an empty room with one table and two chairs in the middle of it.”Please stand up against the wall, miss,” Steve said firmly as he put her bag on the table and lead her to the wall. “Right there, up against the wall, facing me,” he ordered.”What I did do?” she asked fearfully. “I have no d**gs.”Steve continued to search through her bag, pulling out her things and putting them on the table as he did. After going through the entire bag with nothing else, he looked at her standing there. His mouth began to wet at the thought of what he was going to do to this gorgeous Czech.”Ma’am, this is a very serious thing here,” he said holding up the bag of pot. “As the Customs Official, I cannot allow d**gs into the country. Do you understand?””Yes, but I have no d**gs. It is not mine,” she said motioning to the bag.”I hear that alot, ma’am.” Steve sighed, acting like he was trying to figure out what to do next.”I’m afraid I have no other choice but to search you. I can’t allow d**gs through here.””Search me? I have no d**gs!” she said, pouting.”Ma’am, please remove your clothes,” Steve maltepe escort said firmly, as he put on a pair of rubber gloves.”My clothes, but why?” she asked naively.”Alot of people hide d**gs in their underwear, in their bras and panties. I have to make sure you don’t have any hiding there,” Steve said, eyeing her perfect body.”I do not.” She said it quickly, eyes widening in fear.”Ma’am, if you don’t let me search you, I can have you arrested and sent back home, do you understand me.””Yes, but…””No buts!” Steve shouted at her, coming within inches of her pretty face. “If you don’t do everything I say, I will have you arrested! Do you understand! Now, take off your clothes!””Ok,” she said quietly and began removing her shirt and pants. When she was just in her underwear, she paused.”Take it all off! This is a very serious incident ma’am, and if you do not obey my every command, I will be forced to arrest you! Do you understand!” Steve shouted again, startling her.”Yes,” she softly said, tears forming in her eyes. “Please do not arrest me, I do what you say.” With this, she undid her bra clasp and let it fall to the floor. Her full D-cup breasts burst into view, wetting Steve’s mouth even more. She slowly pulled down her panties, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy that she tried to hide from view with her hands.”Ok, now turn around,” Steve said, picking up her clothes and making a show of checking them for more d**gs. She turned to face the wall.”Now, bend over and grab your ankles,” Steve said hoarsely. She turned to look at him, but he grabbed the back of her neck with an intensely strong grip. Steve’s job did require a bit of physical strength at times to restrain unruly visitors at his Customs desk. He made sure to work out and he was rewarded with the muscles of a bodybuilder. He used his force now to bend her forward.She said nothing as she bent over, giving Steve a great view of her pussy lips reaching back to him.”Spread you legs,” he ordered. Again, she looked back at him in confusion and shock. But Steve said nothing as he took a small jar of Vaseline from a drawer and started to lube the glove on his right hand.”Ma’am, I’m going to have to do a full cavity search on you. Many d**gs are hidden there,” he said sternly, putting his left hand on her butt-cheeks and pushing them open.”But I have no d**gs in my butt!” she exclaimed in that cute accent that made Steve’s dick jump in his pants.”I have to check. Now if you don’t want to be arrested, spread your legs.”She made a soft grunting noise in protest, but did as he said, opening her ass-crack and revealing her puckered star. Steve’s lubed finger started tracing a circle around her hole, covering her with the lube. She tried to look back, but Steve ordered her to face the wall. He heard soft sobs coming from her throat, but she made no protest as Steve slid his well-oiled finger into her anal cavity. She let out a sharp breath and her body shook as he pushed his finger deeper into her out-door. Steve’s dick began to grow as he slowly turned his finger around in her butt-hole, wiggling it a little now and again as if searching. This made her body quiver, but she still made no other sounds. Steve figured he had her in the palm of his hand now, believing she would be sent to jail if she didn’t do what he wanted. He continued to wiggle his finger inside her ass, as he brought his other hand underneath her, in between her legs. “I have to escort maltepe search here too,” he said as he cupped her pussy with his gloved hand. She whimpered, but made no protests as he began rubbing her pussy lips. Slowly he inserted one finger past her fleshy fold into her love canal.”Ooooo,” came quickly from her mouth as he inserted another finger into her soft cunt. The sweat dripped from Steve’s forehead and his cock threatened to break through his pants as he inserted yet another finger into her tight vagina.Her body quivered at the feel of the intruders inside her, pushing their way deeper into her pussy and ass. Her legs began to tremble as Steve wiggled all his fingers, and her knees buckled.”Move over to the table,” Steve ordered as he removed his three fingers from her cunt. He kept his finger in her asshole as she straightened up halfway and slowly walked to the table. Steve walked behind, making sure his finger remained as still as possible as she walked. He didn’t really want to hurt her, just pleasure her, hard.She bent over the table and laid the top half of her body over it, face down. He didn’t know what she was thinking, but she didn’t speak or try to move with his finger in her ass.Again he brought his other hand up to her pussy, and repeated the earlier operation. First one, then two, then the third finger entered her warm cunt. Steve licked his lips as he began to move his fingers in and out. She moaned softly as he wiggled the finger in her ass and began to finger-fuck her pussy. He slid his fingers up her cunt faster, and she let out a quick gasp. Steve could tell she was beginning to enjoy this, and the glistening moisture from her pussy told him he was right. He continued to slide his three fingers up her pussy, thrusting a little faster with each minute.”Ohhhh,” she moaned, then said something in her native tongue that Steve didn’t understand. She began to buck her hips in unison with his invasive thrusts, and when her hand reached back to finger her clit, he knew she was ready.Steve removed his fingers from her pussy, keeping the one from his right hand buried in her ass. She squealed slightly in protest as he pulled them out, and for the first time since he bent her over, she looked back at him.Her eyes, still moist with tears, gleamed with lust. She knew now that he was going to fuck her, and she wanted it as much as he did. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 9 inch cock, hard as a rock. She licked her lips in anticipation as she saw his prick spring free.”Do you want this?” Steve asked as he saw her eyeing his hard cock. “Do you want this cock in your pussy?” he asked, holding it just inches from her dripping slit.She could feel the heat from his hard prick on her pussy lips. All she wanted was it inside her, to fill her up.”Do you want me to fuck you?” Steve asked again, waiting for an answer. “Do you?” he screamed, wanting to hear her say it in her thick accent.”Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard in my pussy!” she exclaimed with unbridled lust.”That’s what I needed to hear. You want it, you got it, sweetheart,” Steve said, knowing now that he would get away with this fully.She turned back to face the table as he slid his dick into her now dripping cunt. Slowly, he inched inside her. She made little gasping noises as he went deeper and deeper. She was speaking in her native tongue under her breath, and her finger continued its buzzing on her clit.Steve pushed maltepe escort bayan deeper until his entire cock was inside her tight, wet cunt. He held that position for a moment, savoring the tight wetness that surrounded his cock. “Oh, fuck yeah, you have one tight little pussy, miss,” Steve breathed out as he prepared to fuck her silly. Then he pulled it almost all the way out, until only his head remained in her. She wiggled in anticipation. Suddenly he slammed his prick deep into her, and she yelped with joy. He began to thrust his rock hard cock into her, pushing all the way into her cunt before removing almost the whole thing, then doing it again.He pounded her fresh pussy again and again as she bucked her hips back into him. He fingered her asshole wildly as his dick slammed her cunt over and over. She was breathing heavy now, close to an orgasm. Steve slowed his thrusts a little, trying to prolong the ecstacy.”Yeah, your a little European slut aren’t you,” Steve muttered as she moaned with his thrusts.”Do you like American dick?” he asked, as she looked back at him with half-closed eyes.”You have much bigger cock than men in my country,” she said in that accent.”Yeah,” Steve said, “Do you like it?” He loved to hear approval from his partners.”I love it,” she moaned breathlessly. “Please keep fucking me, I want to cum on your cock,” she said with a bold smile. That was all Steve needed to hear.She grunted in pleasure as he started to pick up the speed again. She begged for him to fuck her, to make her cum. A torrent of dirty words poured from her mouth in a language Steve didn’t understand. But he did understand her body language, which begged him to fuck her hard and fast. He complied and soon he was moaning in pleasure too.”Ohhh yeah, you tight little slut,” he moaned as she bucked under him. “I’ll make you cum like you never have before.”As he fucked her tight cunt and plunged his finger deep in her asshole, she fingered her clit wildly. Steve felt her cunt walls contract around his dick and he plunged his finger deeper into her asshole as she screamed with the unbridled orgasm that washed over her body.Her juices flooded over Steve’s cock and her body shook with wave after wave of pleasure. Soon Steve had to cum too.”Ohhh fuck yeah, yeah, your so tight,” Steve shouted as he felt his orgasm swell in his balls.”Ohhh, I’m gonna cum.”As he pulled out of her, he removed his finger from her ass, and quickly spun her around by her hair. She immediately knew what was happening and what he wanted. She lurched forward to take his cock into her mouth and began sucking hard on his spewing dick. As Steve unloaded wave after wave of cum into her mouth, her tongue worked furiously over his cock, slurping his juices down her throat.Strings of cum hung from her chin as he pulled out of her mouth. She quickly lapped them up off her hand as she wiped her chin. Steve collapsed into one of the chairs, exhausted and fulfilled as he put his limp dick back into his pants and zipped them up.She sat on the table, a look in her eye that made Steve shiver. She silently began to pick her clothes off the floor and put them back on.When she was dressed, she asked in her deep accent, “Can I go now?””Remember,” Steve said, panting, “Don’t tell anybody about this or you could go to jail.””Ok, I will not tell,” she said, with a small smile on her face. She picked up her bag and slowly exited the room, looking back at Steve one last time as she left the room. The smile on her face told him that she wasn’t going to tell anyone. He watched her tight ass as the door shut and she disappeared.Yeah, Steve though smiling broadly, this job definitely has it’s perks.

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