Fun at the wedding. Part 3 of 3. The mother in law


Fun at the wedding. Part 3 of 3. The mother in lawSam slipped out of her daughters bridal suite quietly. She had enjoyed the shag from her daughters husband Michael, and the excitement of rescuing his best man Paul had got her adrenaline going. But most of all, she had enjoyed seeing Pauls naked body with his huge cock. God what a cock.As she closed the door she turned and bumped into…..Paul. He hadn’t even dressed. He was covered by a hotel dressing gown and had his tux and shoes under his arm. I asked him what the hell was he still doing here.He told me he was waiting on me. I moved one door down to where my room was, the mother of the bride.I told him if he thought I was going to fuck him, minutes after he fucked my daughter, he was sadly mistaken.He said no problem, and the bastard honestly didn’t seem bothered. Well, his loss. He asked if he could have a kiss goodnight. I said o.k. but just a kiss.He moved closer and kissed me gently. He was a great kisser,unlike my d*unk son in law who had been a wet aggressive kisser. Paul was gentle. He was holding my hand which I thought was nice. I was wrong. He was holding my hand so he could move it to where he wanted it. On his cock. And it made me gasp. It was bigger than any cock I had ever felt.And I had felt more than a few. I could barely get my hand around it. güvenilir bahis It was alive. Warm and hard, so hard.I looked into his eyes and told him I wanted him.He smiled and told me we should get me out of the wet clothes I was wearing.We entered my room , which was smaller than next door where my daughter was in bed with her new husband. My small suitcase was on the bed, still open. I shut it, hoping Paul hadn’t seen the large vibrator inside. I put it on the floor, and lay on the bed.I looked at Paul and he had already dropped his gown to the floor.He was magnificent.He moved between my legs and helped me pull my short black dress off. I had no underwear to remove.He bent forward and cupped each cheek of my ass in each of his big hands.He put his head straight to my wet pussy and kissed me there.He asked me if Michael had cum inside me.I told him yes and I obviously didn’t expect to be licked out. He smiled and licked my pussy once.He looked up at me and smiled.”Salty”,he said and proceeded to lick me hungrily, like a starving man enjoying a hot meal. He licked out every last drop.Then he reached down to the floor and grabbed something.My dildo. He told me to start using it…I had masturbated in front of many men before,and two women, so I wasn’t embarrassed. I was horny.Very horny.As I played with clitoris türkçe bahis with my vibrating rabbit, Paul sucked my tits and kissed me.He moved his cock to my now clean pussy and entered me. I don’t know if my daughter was able to take him , but I did. He slid in with only a little resistance. He looked at me a little surprised and said most women can’t take him without lube or a lot of play.I told him some of my other toys were bigger than him. He laughed and thrust quickly, in and out.The headboard was hitting the wall hard,and I didn’t care.I would have put a pillow between the headboard and the wall, but I could hear banging from the next door. Ann-Marie and Michael were consummating their marriage. With each other this time.After a few minutes the banging next door stopped and I heard Michael scream in ecstasy as he came inside my daughter. Paul had more stamina and continued fucking me. After another few minutes I told him I was getting sore.Well, he was huge. He stopped and took my toy from my hand. He licked it and threw it on the floor.He slid out of me and took my hand again.He licked my middle finger and put it fully in his mouth,wetting it.He told me to finish myself so I continued playing with my clitoris.He moved up the bed and put his cock to my lips. I told him he was too big,.He again told me güvenilir bahis siteleri to open and pushed his cock inside my mouth.I sucked the first couple of inches and he didn’t push in any further. I had already come so many times that night but I felt a big one coming. He knew from the sounds I was making I was about to cum.He now had a tit in each hand and was fucking my mouth, but not entering fully. The sensations were incredible as I came. I gushed,which I had done a few times before tonight, but not in years. I knew I was soaking the bed.I had wondered if Paul would warn me when he was going to cum. I wanted to suck him dry.He didn’t warn me. But he did pull out. He moved his hand up and down his massive cock and shot a huge load over my face, and all over my tits.I was still cumming.It was a multi orgasm. There was a few drops on my face,on my mouth.I licked my salty lips as I came. He rubbed his cum into my tits, pulling my nipples as he did.We were done. He lay beside me. I had been fucked like I had never been fucked before. I had been stretched, and I loved it.I was old enough to be his mother, but he didn’t care.Well if he didn’t care, I didn’t.We lay there kissing,and he gently cupped my left breast.I could feel his monster cock,now soft,but still bigger than many erect cocks I had enjoyed.He started gently sucking my breast now, but softly. Not to arouse me for sex, but because he wanted to.God I hoped to make this a regular thing…..The end…Hope everyone like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.All comments appreciated !

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