Funland Ch. 02


This is the second part of a much longer saga I have written in my head but am only now getting round to putting to paper. I shall try and make it possible to read from here but it may make more sense to read chapter 1 first. All characters involved in sexual acts are 18 or older if noted. Fair warning, this story involves free peeing, being peed on and heterosexual sex. If that’s not for you then feel free to find another story.

Still with me? Good. Comments are appreciated even if you didn’t like my tale. For a writer, even hatred is better than indifference.


Tom felt happy as he left Funland. One of the ice cream machines had broken down in the park and the kiosk housing it had to be closed for the day. Jeremy usually worked that stall, however he had decided he would rather stay in work as he needed the money. With one employee extra, Jeremy had taken over the slush stall and this allowed Tom to finish his shift early. While he wouldn’t be paid after he had signed out, this didn’t bother Tom too much as he now had the rest of the sunny day to himself.

He had tied his hoody around his waist by the sleeves and turned on his MP3 player. While Funland had its own PA system, Tom was glad that he could now listen to his preferred heavier taste. Most of the parks customers arrived by car or coach and the woods were quiet. Normally his walk allowed him to unwind from the stresses of his working day and with his headphones in he didn’t mind the solitude. Today, however, he noticed a blonde ahead of him on the trail.

With his powerful stride that was used to the terrain, he quickly began to gain ground and pretty soon he was able to make out her pink tshirt and the sway of her hips in her combats as she walked. With eyes fixed firmly on her ass he had even stopped paying attention to the music from his earphones. Screaming guitars and growled lyrics were no match for the vision before his eyes. The path bent slightly and as she turned to follow it Tom caught a glimpse of her profile and was startled. It was the pretty blonde who had teased him earlier!

Chloe walked through the woods at an unhurried pace, enjoying the warm summers day it had turned into. The world looked fresh as it always did after an orgasm and she loved the feel of the sun on her bare arms. She heard footsteps and turned around to investigate. She smiled as she recognised the figure just behind her – it was the cute slush guy from earlier! She stopped and waited for him to catch up… maybe she could continue her teasing again? Despite her earlier exploits she was always ready for more! “Hey” she greeted him “Slush guy, ain’t you?”

Tom paused his music and took both his headphones out – a rare occurrence for him while not working. “It’s Tom, but yeah. And you’re… large mixed red and blue right?”

“Wow, you remembered me? I’m flattered! My name’s Chloe.”

“Well Chloe, how could I forget with the way you were drinking earlier?”

Chloe was embarrassed at being caught out so easily, though it pleased her that she had created a lasting impression. “Actually I thought the redhead on The Drop would’ve wiped your mind clean of little old me.”

“Well she was hot, but don’t put yourself down. Anyway, you were literally drooling at her yourself!”

‘Dammit’ Chloe thought, caught out again!

They walked on in a semi-awkward silence and Tom let his mouth run to fill it. “N-not that I mind, I mean anybody would think she was hot, and I’m not saying that you are, but even if you were into girls that way then I’d be fine with it, not that you’d need my permission as such, just that I, well, y’know…”

She decided to save him before he got any deeper. “Well I like both to be honest…and she did taste good!” She turned her head and winked at her companion, then enjoyed watching his expression as her words registered in his brain and he began to comprehend the meaning of them. Had this hot blonde really admitted to tasting the redhead? From confusion to shock, his features finally settled on skepticism. Ok, so she said she had, but did he believe her? “She walked right by you earlier, she’s not your girlfriend!”

Her mind quickly tried to turn this into a situation ending with more sex for her. Maybe if she gave details it would turn him on and he’d be easy to lead from then on? “No, she isn’t..but I did taste her” she reaffirmed. In actual fact she could still taste the stunning redheads juices very faintly on her tongue.

“How did you manage that?” Tom asked, still unconvinced.

“I followed her into the toilets and we ended up eating each other out.” Chloe felt it better to keep the exact details vague for now. While most guys were turned on by the thought of two girls, not many of them shared her fetish for watersports and she didn’t want to scare this new cutie off too soon. “To tell the truth, I was her first! Her name’s Marie…and yes her collars and cuffs do match! She’s got a cute red bush, all wild, like an unexplored jungle!”

Tom Bayan Escort Antep noted the look of remembrance on her face and the half smile that went along with it, and that convinced him she was telling the truth. “So that’s why the toilets were shut earlier!” Tom muttered half to himself as he remembered seeing the ladies room locked earlier.

Chloe felt a familiar ache in her bladder. Perfect timing! Maybe this could help her snare her new victim. She turned to Tom and attempted to look desperate while half crossing her legs. “Hey, I need to go… if you know what I mean. D’you mind waiting for me?”

“Yeah, sure. All that time in the bathroom and you need to go again?”

“Well earlier I was on the floor between Marie’s legs… I didn’t actually use the facilities.” With that, Chloe turned off the path and threaded her way through the trees. “Hey, come here! You need to see this.” she called over her shoulder.

Tom followed the sound of her voice and stepped into a small clearing. The trees grew together thicker around the edge, though there was a gap above where the sunlight shone through. Soft grass carpeted the area and it looked like a picture in a fairytale book. Tom gasped. This looked like the type of place where you might find the end of a rainbow. He couldn’t believe such a peaceful looking place could exist so close to the path and just fifteen minutes walk from the screaming kids and rollercoasters. He had walked to and fro his work every day for the past six months and he had never even guessed at its existence.

Chloe turned, her face beaming. “Isn’t this place just beautiful? I almost hate to ruin it, but needs must…” With that she undid her trousers and pulled them down with her underwear. Tom realised what she was doing and turned away suitably embarrassed. Chloe thought it was gentlemanly, however it would not help her plan, she would just have to come out with it. She continued undressing, “See, girls can pee in the woods it can just get a bit messy. There! Now that those are off it will be a lot easier. Can you hold these for me so they don’t get dirty?”

Tom was conflicted between the impropriety of seeing her naked and the rudeness of ignoring her request. His desire eventually swung the decision, though trying to be polite he only half turned and reached a hand for the clothes while seeming to avert his eyes. Never previously interested in dendrology, he pretended to study the surroundings of the clearing in a failed attempt to occupy his mind. ‘Tall tree with green leafs, slightly fatter tree – also green leaves. What else have we got? NAKED GIRL! Shit, no staring! I’ll just look at this tree, tree, another tree SHE’S RIGHT BESIDE ME NAKED!’

Chloe noticed the peeks he was trying to sneak out the corner of his eyes and rejoiced. He did want her after all! “What’s wrong? Haven’t you ever seen a half-naked girl peeing in the woods before? It’s ok, I don’t mind if you look. Here I go…” She relaxed her muscles and within seconds she was peeing on the grass. Crouched down with her legs spread open her stream shot forward with the pressure that had built up in her bladder. “Better watch your shoes!” she giggled as her golden jet passed Tom, missing him by centimeters and spattering onto the luscious green grass.

Tom had no choice but to look down and he moved his feet further away from her target, causing him to turn around fully to face her. Chloe was at the perfect height to notice the bulge in his trousers as he turned. Not only was he cute, and more than likely attracted to her, could he also share her enthusiasm for golden showers? This really did seem like her lucky day! She decided to continue with her forward approach. “You like watching girls peeing? Or are you too afraid to admit it?!”

Tom couldn’t hear her over the tinkly and splashing noises that mesmerised him and seemed to fill his ears. The stream of piss was now flowing freely, forming a small puddle where his right shoe had been. The sunlight shone down between the leaves of the trees and reflected back off the rippling surface of the pee. His eyes followed it back to its point of origin and he noticed that she was completely shaven between her legs. This caused his cock to twitch even in its already excited state, a reaction which he failed to notice but it didn’t miss Chloe’s sharp eye.

The flow slowed down to a trickle and eventually all that was left was a few golden drops, hanging from her wet cunt lips and glistening in the sunlight that shone through the trees. Chloe watched as her small puddle was absorbed into the soil and drained naturally through the dirt. The area was now a darker shade of green, in contrast to the rest of the glade, but she knew that instead of ruining the beautiful spot she had more than likely helped it along, providing water and some nutrients for the small patch of grass. Still, it was a shame to see such perfectly lovely golden piss disappear without being tasted or felt on naked skin. It couldn’t be avoided, she supposed, but if it helped in her seduction it wouldn’t have been a total waste.

While she had been wistfully watching her disappearing pee, Tom had been watching her. Or rather, one part of her; his eyes were glued to her hairless pussy and his gaze was so intense he hadn’t even realised she had finished. How he longed to touch her smooth mound and even taste her pink lips! Tom subconsciously licked his lips and then realised that he had been staring. He lifted his gaze from the shiny cunt lips but, instead of anger or embarrassment he noticed a different expression on the exibitionists face. Obviously comfortable with what she had done, she looked full of desire and was now staring directly at his trousers.

Tom held her clothes out to her and this gave him a shield to cover his crotch and hide his obvious erection. Her gaze broken, Chloe realized that she too had been staring and took her clothes from him. Instead of dressing, however, she threw them to the ground behind her, making sure that they landed clear of the wet patch of grass. She returned her gaze to Tom’s erection, straining against the confines of his work trousers. “You know it’s so sunny and sheltered here I don’t think I need clothes at the moment. Besides I can see at least part of you may have enjoyed my show. Did you? Don’t be afraid, I like watching girls pee myself!” Chloe held her breath. This was it, make or break time, he’d either go for it or he’d call her a freak. She braced herself mentally to be ready for either option.

“Well I’ve never really thought about it before and it felt so wrong, but it was hot watching something we don’t normally get to see. I mean, on some level I know everybody does it but to see someone so beautiful, so exposed like that… just kinda turned me on.” Tom’s voice tapered away as his brain caught up with what his mouth had said, blurting more than he had intended to this strange girl. He was still fully trying to comprehend what he had just witnessed, that his brain had not fully processed how it had made him feel. He also felt strangely hypnotised by her, which helped with his natural shyness, but even despite of that he had a feeling that she was the type to just accept people without judgement. Certainly she couldn’t judge him after her own admissions anyway!

“Well it really turns me on to be watched. In fact the only thing I find hotter is to be peed on! It makes me wet…pun definitely intended.” Chloe giggled, while noting he had both called her beautiful and admitted to being turned on by her in the same breath. The tension fell from her mind and was replaced with the joy of knowing she had trapped another prey.

Tom’s eyes widened in surprise at this new revelation as his cock struggled against its confines. “So you’re pretty turned on now?” he asked nervously, and secretly hopeful.

Chloe licked her lips suggestively. “You’ve no idea! I’m so horny right now, I need to cum ASAP! You’re invited to watch, though of course what I’d really like is for you to join in!” With that she pulled her top and bra off and set them on top of her clothes for the second time that day.

Tom felt as though he was in a dream as he watched her, hardly daring to hope that she had been serious about her offer. The naked and beautiful girl squatting in the middle of the clearing must be a figment of his imagination. This diaphanous vision was now lying down on her back running her hands up her stomach and squeezing her breasts. Her nipples were erect and she rolled these against her palm. “Oh man I would love a good fuck right now!” she moaned as she stared longingly at Tom.

The invitation couldn’t have been clearer without a neon sign or an advert in the Times. Tom looked down at her and the sensible part of his brain took over and made him pause. “Wait, how old are you?”

“Don’t worry, I’m eighteen. You?” Chloe’s fingers stopped in their movement as she waited for the answer to a question she hadn’t even considered in her lust fuelled brain.

“I’m twenty one!” he answered as he took his tshirt off and threw it onto the pile of clothes.

Chloe’s eyes sparkled with relief and delight as she realised that Tom was now finally giving in. She admired his body which, although average, clearly bore the benefits of his work. Hauling boxes of syrup and stacks of cups from the supply shed to his stall was no easy task. Coupled with his long walks to and from work each day it kept him fit without the need to work out. It had also given him a tan from days working under the sun, amusingly however, she could see it ended at his tshirt line. Tom unbuckled his belt and his trousers dropped to the ground. Then he knelt down to untie his shoes and pulled them and his work trousers off.

Chloes left hand continued to massage and squeeze her tit as her right slid down her stomach and gently teased her wet pussy, a re-enactment of the same pose she had adopted a few hours earlier between the sinks in the bathroom. This time, however, she was fully spread out and could really tease herself. Her hand massaged her whole pussy with the same motions she was using on her breasts. Her palm against her mound and her fingers against her lips, she squeezed and groped slowly, building herself up in anticipation of what Tom was going to do to her. Her middle finger lay directly over her clit and covered the entrance to her opening, but she denied herself the pleasure of sinking it deep inside. She knew the longer that she waited, the better it would feel in the end. She moaned loudly as she spread her wetness, unable to tell if it was her arousal or leftover piss that she was lubricating herself with. And in truth she didn’t care much, as she loved all of her bodys juices!

Tom had finally gotten down to his boxers and from his lower eye level he was able to get a much clearer view of the hairless pink cunt that was being offered to him so wantonly. Her wetness glistened in the sunlight and he licked his lips again. Although subconscious, this time he recognised the movement and it inspired him to action. Chloe’s legs still spread open, he reached between them and lifted her hand gently away. Chloe was surprised and looked down to find Tom’s face hovering just inches above her pussy. “May I?” he asked, his manners ruling over lust in his brain. She may not like that feeling, she might just not want to do that specific act with him, with a new lover you can never be too careful. And anyway, he reasoned, reconfirming consent can never be a bad thing.

His fears were proven to be unfounded as she moaned to him “Mmm fuck yeah you better do something quick, this is torturous!”

Deciding that she had suffered enough, Tom finally lowered his face and kissed her left outer lip before slightly turning and repeating the action on the right side. Between them, her labia glistened with a mixture of juices before spreading slightly at her entrance. Tom’s tongue wasn’t as long as Marie’s had been, however experience had taught him techniques which he could use to please Chloe in a different way. He licked up and down the folds of her wet pussy, tasting her arousal as well as the faintest taste of something else he realised was probably her pee. It was different, a bit salty, however not as bad as he had feared, and it certainly wasn’t going to dissuade him from his task.

Next he moved up to her clit and circled his tongue around the hard point. Chloe gasped and shouted aloud “Ah fuck yeah right there that’s it!” She didn’t care if anyone walking by in the woods heard her, Tom had found the right button to push and she couldn’t help vocalising her enjoyment.

Encouraged by her reaction Tom sucked her clit into his mouth and concentrated his efforts there. Holding the hard nub between his lips he flicked his tongue back and forth slowly. Chloe was more than happy with the feelings her new lover was producing within her. A mixture of sensations fought and combined within her; the soft cool grass she lay on contrasted with the heat from the sun on her naked body, the waves of pleasure radiating from her clit versus the pain shooting from her hard nipples as she twisted and pulled them with her hands. The powerful mix of sensations multiplied each other and drove her ever on towards her peak. She couldn’t believe that not only did she find two new lovers today, both of them had serious oral skills.

Tom now had her clit inside his mouth and was sucking it whilst circling with his tongue. His arms were wrapped around her legs and he stroked and squeezed her inner thighs, touching and appreciating as much of her body as he could. Sensing that Chloe was getting close he stopped his actions and turned his face to the side, pressing his cheek into her pussy. He rubbed his face up and down and around, maintaining the same contact and pressure against her excited nub as before The new tactic succeedded in delaying Chloe’s impending orgasm while ensuring she remained highly aroused.

“Hey what the..? Oh..oh!” Initially confused at the denial of her release, she soon forgot her annoyance as she felt the new textures pressing on her. The smoothness of his cheek replaced by the slight scratch of the five o clock shadow on his chin, in turn replaced by his smooth other cheek and even the spongy feeling of his nose as it rubbed against her clit before he resumed the attack with his tongue. “Fuck, what’re you doing to me? Oh yeah, keep your tongue there …mmh fuck!”

A light sheen of cum now covered Tom’s face but he couldn’t have felt happier as he returned to licking the hairless cunt spread before him. He’d always loved the intimate taste of his lovers, and Chloe’s essence was especially exciting to his tastebuds. Given the choice he would have happily lain between her legs all day licking and slurping at her juices, however he could tell that she was getting impatient for her release. He attacked her pussy with renewed vigor; battering her clit harder, back and forth with his tongue as his lips held it firmly in place. His cheeks pressed against her hairless lips and his nose rested against her smooth mound as he brought Chloe closer to orgasm.

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