Gang-Fucked For Fun! Ch. 02: At a Party!


Author’s note:
This is the 2nd part of a story following Jess. However, this should work as a stand-alone read, as well. This story contains moderate cuckold elements and very minor male on male oral. Enjoy!


I awoke and could feel his breath on my pussy. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him lean in and begin his work, moaning softly as his tongue touched my clit. I wrapped one leg over his shoulder and pulled him in, letting him know I was awake.

“Good morning, Jess,” he said quietly, knowing I didn’t want to hear anything much above a whisper while I was still waking up. He continued paying slow careful attention to my pussy, and I kept my eyes closed.

I had been staying with Jeremy for two weeks now. Things had been awkward between us at work, after the gangbang in which neither of us had expected to see the other. My old-self, as I now thought of it, would have been mortified to even see him after he had not only seen me involved in so many dirty acts, but had participated in them himself. But something had changed in me. Something had awoken. I wanted more, and I wasn’t ashamed to say so.

One morning we had ended up in the breakroom together, alone, at work. He was still clearly feeling uncomfortable about the whole thing, but I looked directly at him and told him there was nothing to be uncomfortable about. He had looked up at me then, probably the first time he had made eye contact with me since I had told him to fuck me on the table beneath the sex shop, and seemed relieved. Maybe even a little hopeful? I had smiled at him, knowing what he was hoping for, and took his hand and led him into the restroom. With his back against the wall I blew him until he came, panting from excitement, in my mouth.

Soon after, we were meeting up regularly outside of work to fuck, and soon after that I just began staying at his place all the time. I was insatiable, and he certainly didn’t complain. It was basically sex-on-tap for him, and I let him do basically whatever he wanted with me. He fucked me in front of windows, he fucked my ass with a toy deep in my pussy, he fucked my throat until I almost passed out. For me, it was new, exciting, and enjoyable.

But today, as I felt him between my legs, I found myself feeling something new. My eyes were still closed and I realized I was imagining he was the tall Scandinavian man from the gangbang. I was imaging that I was there lying on the table again, my body exhausted and sore from sex, while he ate me out and ate the loads of cum that dripped out of my pussy. I found myself wanting that again, wanting to feel that exhausted and expended. I wanted to feel dirty in a way I realized I hadn’t since that moment, even with Jeremy’s best efforts the past two weeks.

I reached down and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him into my pussy and imagining pressing his face into it after it had been used by so many men. The thought turned me on so much that I began bucking my hips and grinding my pussy on him, still imagining it a mess and covered in cum. He realized how turned on I was and intensified his efforts.

Soon I was sitting up, sitting on his face and grinding it as my juices ran down. I moaned and panted and closed my eyes again, completely giving into the fantasy that he was someone else, that I was somewhere else, covered in cum and exhausted and satisfied. I began grinding harder on his face, not caring if he could breath, only caring about using his face to get off. I came hard. I leaned forward and grabbed the headboard to steady myself, breathing deeply. He sat up.

“That was something new,” he said, catching his breath. His face was covered in wetness. “What brought that on?”

I thought for a moment, my mind still a little foggy from the orgasm. “I uhh… I was just thinking about the gangbang.”

He looked surprised at that. “You don’t want to do that again, do you? I really hope you don’t, to be honest. It’s dangerous; you could get hurt really easily.”

“I know, I just…”

“Just what? Is what we do not enough?”

“I like to think about it, that’s all. Don’t worry about me, you’re all I need.” I smiled at him warmly, reaching over and grabbing his semi-hard cock, but something had been planted in my head. I could feel it there, like an itch, and I could taste the lie I had told him on my tongue.


Obviously, I had told my friend Alexi all about the gangbang. She and Jeremy were the only two people out of my friends and coworkers who knew. Alexi had been fascinated, and loved hearing about my escapades with Jeremy. I’d spare no details in the telling. We’d become very open with each other, sexually, in the last few weeks.

Two days after the gangbang I had come over to tell her. At first it was kind of awkward, and I kept pausing to leave things out that felt too embarrassing to tell. But, after a little bit of encouragement from her, and some interjections from her about her own experiences, Bayan Escort Gaziantep I began to open up more and more about the details: how it felt to have a man fuck me with cum already in my pussy, how it felt to have two men inside me at once, how it felt to look in the mirror with cum all over my body and know that someone was watching from the other side. I began to get distracted and turned on as I told her, and my hand which was resting on my thigh made little circles and inched ever further up. Eventually I noticed she was doing the same, openly squeezing her ample breasts and pinching her nipples through her shirt at certain parts of the story.

“I’m sorry,” she said after she realized I’d noticed, “I just… This is so fucking hot. Especially considering what I prude you used to be.”

“No, I get it,” I laughed, “I’m so wet right now just retelling it, God.”

“Well that settles that,” She said, standing up and stripping out of her jeans and t-shirt, “I’m not going to waste being this turned on right now. You just keep telling it like you have been, don’t mind me.”

I was a little surprised, but so hot that I just went with it. I stripped too, and we sat on the floor of her apartment next to each other, leaned against the couch, legs spread wide, slowly masturbating as I finished telling the story. I had my eyes closed, picturing everything that happened as I rubbed my clit slowly. Next to me I could hear Alexi panting and going at it furiously.

“And then, I was lying on the table, totally breathless, and felt someone between my legs.”

“~oh, uh huh.”

“And I thought someone was gonna fuck me again, but it was that tall bald guy, and he started eating me out real slow, with all that cum still leaking out of my pussy. He didn’t give a fuck. It felt so good, his tongue warm against my slit and so slick from all the semen that had been pumped into me.”

“Oh FUCK!” I heard her pick up her pace and I opened my eyes and looked over. She was hunched over, her eyes squeezed shut and mouth open in pleasure. Seeing her cum from my story bought on my own orgasm and I leaned back against the couch and basked in it, my hand slowly running up and down my dripping, spasming pussy.

After that experience, we’d usually hang out at my place when Jeremy had to work on my days off. We’d talk about sex, and Jeremy, and if we got hot enough we’d turn on some porn and masturbate together. Tonight we’d watched some gangbang scenes, at my prompting, and afterwards I confessed how I was feeling.

“So, what, you want to do it again?” She said, pulling her shirt back on over her head.

“No… I don’t know… I don’t want to go back to the sex shop for another round quite yet, but I need something more than Jeremy. He gets worried whenever I mention it though.

I’ve tried bringing it up a couple times now,” I said, grabbing my panties and slipping them on.

“Wait he’s worried about your safety now but he was totally cool with participating in the first place? How did he end up there anyways?”

“He told me he heard heard one of his dad’s friends mention it on the phone once when he thought he was alone, and then he just went in and asked the shop owner. Told her he had a referral.”

“Wow. It’s fucked up he’s willing to participate but trying to stop you from going back. I think he just doesn’t want to share you.”

I nodded and was silent. I liked Jeremy, but Alexi was right. There was a possessiveness in him that I didn’t like. He’d text me a lot to ask where I was, and things like that.

“Hey,” she said, breaking me out of my thoughts, “we should have a party next weekend. Dan’s lame roommates are gonna be out of town and we can throw a crazy party. You’ve been cooped up with Jeremy for so long it’d be good to get out and see some other people. Maybe even come alone and see what happens?” She winked quickly.

“That sounds fun, actually. I haven’t seen Dan in forever. Actually I feel like I haven’t really seen anyone except you and Jeremy in forever..”

“Great. Leave all the planning to me. It’ll be a great time. Promise.” She winked again, and had a coy smile on her face.


Jeremy fumbled with his keys absentmindedly as he walked up the stairs to his apartment. He was worried. Jess was starting to bring up the gangbang again, and he didn’t know how to make her stop. He unlocked the door and entered. He could hear Jess in the shower. That was strange too. She was usually in the shower now when he came home from work. Was she cheating on him?

The thought made him slightly ill-feeling. He couldn’t bear the thought of sharing her again. She was his, he’d gotten so lucky to have this happen, and that wasn’t going to change if he could help it. He’d keep lying about being worried about her safety or whatever until she dropped it for him. He sat down on the couch, deep in thought now. He didn’t give a solitary fuck about her safety, if he was being honest. What he really cared about was the sex and being able to get it whenever he wanted. He could walk into the bathroom right now, ask her how her day was, and they’d be fucking within minutes. You can’t beat that, he thought to himself, smiling, my own personal slut.

Though, to be honest, it was starting to bore him. He’d done everything he wanted with her now, basically, and there wasn’t much he could think of to spice things up, now. Still, the most important thing was that she stay his slut and his alone. Hey, if I got this lucky, maybe I can pick up another somewhere, he thought, smiling again. Her friend Alexi is pretty hot…

Abruptly he came out of his thought and realized Jess had come out of the bathroom and walking up behind him. She came around the side of the couch, naked, and he admired her perky breasts.

“Hey, babe,” Jeremy said.

“Hey,” she said softly, leaning down and unbuckling his belt.


I wasn’t sure if I should tell Jeremy about the party. What Alexi said about his possessiveness was true. I thought about how, while sucking his dick on the couch last night, he’d said things like “Tell me you’re my slut.” Normally maybe that would just be part of our dirty-talk, but there was something that felt different about it after talking to Alexi.

Alexi clearly had something planned for the party, and knowing her it probably involved sex, and setting me up with Dan or someone to fulfill the needs I’d told her about. Odds are Jeremy wouldn’t like that. At all. I decided I’d keep it from him. After all, we weren’t dating, and never had a talk about being exclusive. I texted Alexi and told her to make sure Jeremy wouldn’t find out. She quickly replied that she’d make sure he had no idea, and she’d cover for me if it came to that.

The day of the party came quickly, and in the meantime Jeremy and I had been fucking less and less. He’d started becoming very suspicious about my visits to Alexi on my days off, and that led to him sulking and sitting on his phone. A couple times I’d nearly caught him trying to look at my phone, and Alexi let me know he’d been hitting her up, either to check that I had been at her place or to see if she wanted to hang out with him, depending on the day.

I met up with Alexi at her apartment before the party so I could dress up a little without Jeremy asking why. As I put on some fairly dramatic mascara and eyeliner, I noticed Alexi smiling at her phone.

“What’s up?”

“Jeremy is asking if you’re here, and if we want to hang out with him tonight at his place instead,” she said, almost laughing.

“Yeah, I’ll pass. He’s been a real dick recently.”

“Uhhhhuh,” she nodded absentmindedly, tapping out a long message in her phone. I expected her to say something more about what she was replying to him with, but she put her phone away and went back to her makeup. Soon we were laughing and talking and I’d forgotten all about Jeremy.

She drove us to the party and parked her car on the street. The house was large, two floors and four bedrooms, and perfect for parties, with a pool and fence all the way around the decent-sized property. Dan had been our friend in high-school, and had scored a pretty good job at a tech company a year ago. He shared the house with two other, serious, straightlaced, tech guys. Apparently both were out of town for some business things at the same time, and had left Dan with strict instructions not to “do any parties or have a ton of people over or anything” while they were gone. And so Dan, of course, had organized exactly that. As we walked up we saw a few people on the porch smoking and drinking, and could hear music and voices from inside.

It turned out not to be too crazy of a party, and I found I was a little disappointed. I’d really gotten myself a little excited to get trashed, dance, and fuck whatever dude Alexi had undoubtitly set me up with. Still, it was a nice time, and by midnight it had really died down to just the core group of us. I began to wonder who it was Alexi had in mind for me tonight. There was Dan, who had clearly been working out since we had seen him last, and both Alexi and I kept sneaking little comments to each other about it. Then there was Lin, his friend who we’d never met before. He was wearing tight jeans, and I could tell he either had a massive cock or a banana shoved into his pants. I licked my lips a little, glancing over at him. Or maybe it was Demiti, a Russian friend of Alexi who’d hung out with us a couple times before. I thought she had a friends-with-benefits thing going with him though, so maybe it wouldn’t be him. He was must have been nearly 6 and a half feet tall, and looked mean as hell, but was actually a really sweet guy.

There were a few others around; some little blond guy Lin knew, another guy who kept trying to get a game of beerpong going even though nobody really wanted to play anymore, and some dude Dan worked with. I realized then that Alexi and I were the only girls left at the party. All the others had gone home already or fallen asleep. We were, us and the core group I named above, all seated around a table drinking and talking. Everyone was a little bit tipsy, but nothing serious.

Soon the topic of sex came up, as it often does at these kind of gatherings. Alexi had brought it up somehow and was now going around the room asking people to share the craziest places they had ever fucked. I glared at her and gave her a nudge. She knew I couldn’t answer that truthfully.

She grinned at me and said, “Why don’t you share, Jess? What could be so bad that you, the prude, has done?”

The guys all looked at us, and Lin laughed, “Come on spill the beans! It can’t be as bad as Dan’s!”

Dan looked a little defensive, “A graveyard isn’t that bad, come on, man.”

Alexi leaned over to me, “I have to go for a moment, I’ll be right back you stay right here.”

“Wait don’t leave me right after outing me like that!” I yelled after her, only half-joking. I picked up my beer and took a drink. The guys went back to talking about their stories but there was noticeably more tension now as they tried to imagine what would be so bad I wouldn’t share.


Jeremy hastily parked his car in the driveway and messaged Alexi that he was here. He smiled to himself. He hadn’t expected a booty call from her, especially tonight after she had already blown him off. He was gonna give her some shit for that for sure. Maybe guilt her a little with it, if he could. His phone buzzed.

Come around back. Jess is asleep in the living room.

Jeremy jumped out of his car and began moving around to the back of the house. Apparently Jess had lied to him and the two girls had gone to some party. Alexi had texted him around 11 saying that the party was shit, Jess had gotten drunk and fallen asleep, her date was some boring guy who’d left early, and she needed some cock. Well, he could handle that. It’d be a nice way to get back at Jess for not telling him she was going to some party.

As he reached the back door, she was already outside looking for him.

“Hey. Be quiet and come with me,” she whispered. He obliged without a word as she led him into the house and up the stairs. He heard voices from the front rooms but she shushed him when he started to ask.

Soon they were in a guest bedroom at the top of the stairs. She pushed him in and closed the door behind her, then reached out and kissed him, grabbing his hands and putting them on her ass.

“Damn, you really want it, don’t you?”

She moaned something and pressed herself against him harder, but then pulled back.

“Jeremy, would you be down to do something a little kinky with me?”

“What do you have in mind?” he replied with a stupid grin.

“That closet over there. Get into it, put your cock through the hole for me.” She motioned towards an open closet. It had the kind of door that slid into the wall, and a cutout circle instead of a knob for opening and closing it. He grinned wider.

“Sure, why not?”

He walked into the closet and pulled the door shut, then put his hard dick through the hole. He felt a hand on it for a moment, then it left, then the door shifted slightly and there was no sound.

“Alexi? You still out there?”

No answer.

“Uhh, you there?” he went to slide the door open but it was jammed. He peeked through the hole but all he could see was the bed.


I looked up to see if Alexi was coming back yet. What was taking her so long? All the guys are down here… I shrugged internally and took another drink. I was now seated between Dan and Lin on the couch, both of them pretty close to me. The warmth from the alcohol was nice and I relaxed into Lin’s side a little bit, glancing down at the bulge in his jeans as I did. He caught me looking a little and smiled at me in an amused but friendly way.

“Okay who’s up for a game?” Dan said, pulling out some cards.

“Sure,” Dimitri said, “what are we playing?”

“BS!” I suggested, “But the winner asks a question to someone and they can’t lie. That’s always a fun rule.” I glanced at Lin a little. In the back of my mind, I really wanted someone to ask about what I hadn’t been willing to tell before, about the gangbang. Dan’s had put his hand on my thigh and the feeling of even just being touched by two men was beginning to make me think about it again.

We played the first hand and I managed to win. I looked around the room to pick my victim. Alexi had come down halfway through and was on the other side of the table in a big chair, Dan and and Lin were next to me, and Demitri was sitting on the floor. I smiled deviously.

“Okay… Well since he’s already caught me looking a few times: Lin, how big is your cock?”

Lin burst out laughing, “Oh man, I did not think we were gonna go there right off the first round. Alright, alright. Ten inches.”

I doubled down. “How thick?”

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