Gaping Asshole Syndrome


Hello, there. My name is Amelia Styles. President of McGee & Gerald Enterprises, a billion-dollar multinational manufacturing corporation. I am also a member of the International Coalition of Women’s Social Clubs. All of our members are women from different classes, countries and backgrounds. We gather once a year for our well-being. Black women, white women, Hispanic women, Middle-Eastern women. We are traditionalists, feminists, housewives and all that jazz. They’re all there. The sisterhood is a proud, vibrant and active network. We support one another. Today, I have gathered with my sisters to discuss a grave threat to us all. When I called this meeting, the sisterhood assumed I would speak of a deathly illness, or perhaps something of that nature. We do have some unique health concerns, you know. That’s not what the meeting is about. I almost wish it were.

The topic of discussion is sex. Something which made the sisterhood smile, laugh or scoff, depending on the woman. I waited for them to quiet down. Five thousand women from sixty different countries, from all walks of life. Senators, state representatives, lawyers, doctors, corporate leaders and so forth. I felt bad for them because they didn’t know what was going on in their own backyard. An epidemic now threatened all of these brave, smart and charming women. I wouldn’t rest until all of them were warned about this new danger to the collective sisterhood and we took steps to prevent it. And so I told them. An epidemic of anal sex had swept across the world and it seemed that a lot of our sisters were simply bending over and taking it where the sun didn’t shine.

After I told them this, the sisterhood was laughing. Then they realized that I was serious, and began looking at each other. Some were smiling, others were simply rolling their eyes or whatever. I urged them to consider the seriousness of the situation. This was no joke. How can any smart, educated, strong and independent, empowered woman simply bend over and let a man shove his cock up her ass? This was wrong! Well, apparently among the women, the wrongness of this was debatable. Some of these women even said that they rather enjoyed getting their nether regions probed by cock. I wish I could tell you the names of these traitors, but since they’re an embarrassment to the sisterhood, I shall maintain tactful silence. Anyway, I identified the culprit.

Samuel X. A tall, debatably good-looking black man living in the Boston area in Massachusetts. His country of origin is Haiti. He’s a college student at some school in the city. He calls himself a Men’s Rights Activist. There are reports of him going around the city and indeed the country, sharing his message that men are discriminated against. He also speaks up for male victims of domestic abuse and the plight of fathers whom vindictive women prevent from seeing their offspring. He is a member of the men’s movement and arguably one of their most influential leaders. Oh, and he’s also bisexual and unapologetically claims to dislike both sexes. He says he only fights for men’s rights because they need a protector, in the interests of balance, not out of some deep loyalty to his fellow man. To date, he’s helped many men in bad situations. I see him as a threat not only to feministic dominion of the planet earth. If the men start to rally behind him, this could be our doom. I implore the sisterhood to deal with this man and what he represents at once.

You see, he’s not only advocating true equality for men, he’s also some kind of messiah. Indeed, he seems to have abilities far beyond those of ordinary men. He’s strong, smart and resilient. He doesn’t seem to care what women or men have to say about him. He doesn’t think much of either gender. He doesn’t practice chivalry either. He sees himself, and men in general as independent beings. He claims men should free themselves from societal expectations, stop trying to please women and instead focus on their own goals and personal happiness as men. He is forthrightly bisexual, but doesn’t seem to be as into sex as most men, and quite a few women, seem to be these days. Indeed, some have begun to see him as a superhuman figure destined to lead mankind into a golden age. He’s all that and a bag of chips. And he doesn’t like us, calling us man-hating manipulators. The disturbing part? Many men, and a few women not only believe in him, but they’re also loyal to him to their dying day.

After my spiel, I took a look at the sisterhood, and waited to see the effect of my words on them. Someone actually said : What a man! I looked in that direction, stunned. Apparently, this unapologetic, masculine bisexual stud had supporters everywhere, and admirers too. I made a note to myself to have that woman punished. A woman’s loyalties should be to those who have the same body parts she has, not some man she’s into! The nerve on her for thinking independently!!! Anyway, I continued. I could tell that I was losing my audience. They didn’t Escort Bayan Gaziantep see that man as a threat. Or those so-called men’s rights activists who follow him. These women lived in a time when women were most of all college students, and also had unlimited access to health care and other resources. Today, it’s men who were discriminated against, not women. These women didn’t see a man fighting for his rights as a threat. Well, I did. Any man who stood up for himself instead of kowtowing to women like a wimp was a threat to the sisterhood. That’s my personal viewpoint. I don’t care if a few women actually care about the men in their lives. I’m pushing my agenda no matter what.

So, I decided to enflame things a bit. I showed them some of his stories. Stories of sexually adventurous, macho men chasing horny and forlorn women, especially large women. In the stories of Samuel X, women often got fucked in the ass. I don’t think any woman should allow a man’s cock to go anywhere near her ass. If a woman wants to sleep with a man, then that’s why the pussy is for. That, and being licked and probed by our lesbian sisters, of course. Yes, and I read them excerpts from Samuel’s stories. I told them about a big black woman named Mary, who was being seduced by Paul, one of the macho and good-looking studs of Samuel’s stories. He’s fond of creating attractive and super confident men with heavenly bodies and gargantuan cocks who go after tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed women. When I described the women in his stories, I got mixed reactions from the sisterhood.

A lot of women at the meeting were large women. These women often felt invisible in the dating world. Even romance novels, which were hugely popular among women, usually featured skinny women getting it on with handsome men. No romance novel ever showed a big beautiful woman being happy and in love with a good man. The big sisters often felt neglected. And they resented the skinny women for stealing all the sexy men. That’s what often led to big women feeling low self-esteem. They were abandoned and betrayed by their so-called sisters and invisible to men. When the women in the assembly found out that Samuel was actually writing stories about big women getting laid, they were smiling. I grew angry. What’s the matter with these women? This self-assured bisexual stud and self-styled men’s rights activist wrote stories about big women getting their asses filled with cock and these so-called empowered women liked it? No way! What has happened to the sisterhood and its convictions? Bummer! Oops, no pun intended!

I continued to read them some of the stories written by Samuel X. I read them a chapter about a big black woman named Louisa, and her two lovers, a tall and muscular Latin stud named Jorge and James, a tall and sexy black man. Both studs were in their early twenties. They were college athletes and had two of the biggest cocks Louisa had ever seen. Jorge had a twelve-inch, uncut Latin cock with balls the size of apples. And he had a pretty face too. James was equally well-endowed, and quite virile. Louisa couldn’t believe her luck at hooking up with those two sexy studs. She was only an adjunct professor on the campus. Oh, well. When sexiness came your way, don’t run. Take it like a big woman.

They had a steamy sexual encounter in a bathroom. Jorge sucked on Louisa’s big tits and she moaned in pleasure while James spread her plump butt cheeks, fingered her butt hole and licked her pussy. The big woman writhed on the bathroom floor, letting go in the men’s erotic embrace. They worked her up real good. While James licked her pussy, she also sucked on Jorge’s cock. Jorge thrust his cock down Louisa’s throat. The big woman sucked on the Latin’s cock expertly, flicking her tongue over his dick head and also gently stroking his balls. Meanwhile, James began fucking her. He slid his cock into her puckered asshole, then gripped her by those wide hips of hers. He began slamming his cock into her poop chute like anal sex was going out of style. Louisa felt every thrust of the young black man’s twelve-inch super cock into her asshole. She couldn’t scream. Not with Jorge’s twelve inches of Latin cock in her mouth. So she endured the pain mixed with sweet pleasure like a champ, and sucked cock like a good gal.

They went at it like this for sometime, then switched positions. Now, it was Jorge fucking Louisa’s ass while she sucked James cock. I stopped reading. The whole thing made me feel ill. I looked at the gathered sisterhood. I could tell that they weren’t nearly as troubled by all this as I was. It was quite the opposite. They were enraptured by the story. Captivated. More than a few of them demanded that I hear more. I took a look around the vast hall. Thousands of women gathered. Many of them were big women, plump women, plus size women, curvy women or whatever they preferred to be called. Why didn’t they dislike this story? Why did so many of them like Samuel X? Damn them, traitors to the sisterhood!

I continued with the story. Louisa continued to suck on James cock, that same big black cock which had just been up her ass earlier. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but read on. Louisa sucked on James cock and licked his balls. He thrust his cock down her throat and she sucked him good like the great cock sucker she was. Meanwhile, Jorge had his way with Louisa’s ass. Jorge, the sexy Latin stud was a man with many fetishes. His top fetish was plump women, most specifically those with plump butts who were totally down with anal sex. He once read somewhere that the bigger the woman, the tighter the asshole. He had tested this theory by fucking a bunch of big women over the years and he had fallen in love with the big asshole of a willing big-bottomed big woman. I paused for effect. The same enraptured expression on the audience faces. I kept reading. Jorge rammed his cock into Louisa’s asshole. He loved the feel of the big woman’s asshole around his cock. It felt so wickedly, delicious good. He held her tightly by those wide hips of hers and began pumping away. Louisa’s plump body shook under the force of the thrusts of the super cocks of these macho men. They fucked her good.

They went at it for a while. Until Jorge came, sending his hot cum inside Louisa’s asshole. The big black woman’s eyes widened when she felt the stud’s hot masculine cum rushing deep inside her asshole. Down where the sun didn’t shine. James came as well, blasting Louisa’s face and mouth with his hot cum. Then, he made her lick the cum droplets off the bathroom floor. They switched positions yet again. This time, they tried double penetration. James wanted a go with Louisa’s asshole and she was happy to oblige. Well, so did Jorge. What’s a big gal to do? As sexually adventurous as she was, she only had one asshole. So, the two studs decided to work out their differences, and found a compromise. They would both insert their cocks inside Louisa’s asshole at the same time. Louisa was thrilled. She’d never tried double anal before, but she was up for anything.

First, they grabbed about a gallon of lubricant, and doused her bottom with it. Then, she got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Jorge lay underneath her, with his big cock sticking in the air. He rubbed it against her asshole, and pushed it inside. At the same time, James slowly pushed his cock into Louisa’s asshole. The big black woman gasped when she felt two cocks, each twelve inches long, penetrate her ass. She had always considered herself sexually adventurous and a real rough rider but this was extreme. Jorge and James began ramming their super-sized dicks down her asshole mercilessly. Louisa howled as she felt those two cocks down in her poop chute. Her asshole was stretched to the limit already, and she wasn’t sure if it was going to be enough. She grimaced, and gritted her teeth, determined not to scream as they fucked her good. Having her ass stretched like this hurt, but it also felt oddly good. The only bad thing was that she couldn’t control herself down there. She couldn’t hold things in, so to speak. Boom! She farted, with two cocks buried deep inside her asshole. Embarrassment flushed her dark face. Laughing, Jorge and James continued to fuck her, until they finally came, filling her stretched asshole with two massive loads of hot masculine seed. Screaming victoriously, they pumped her up, then pulled out. Afterwards, they hit the showers.

When I was done reading the stories of Samuel X, I looked into the faces of the women of the audience. Instead of seeing disgust, I saw that they were rather thrilled, surprised, and dare I say turned on. What the fuck? I wanted the women to get pissed at this man, to lash out, to do something! Instead, I think my words had the opposite effect. I made a mistake. The beliefs and opinions of women aren’t monolithic. Damn! Oh, well. I finished my spiel, waiting for reactions. When the reactions didn’t occur, I huffed, puffed, and went back to my seat.

I had no idea what my actions and words would cause. The women found out about Samuel X and they began downloading his stories and reading them. They found his super macho, politically incorrect power trip thing fascinating, even erotic. One of them even sent him a publishing offer, and a contract. I seethed with anger when I found out that a reputedly edgy publishing company would be publishing entire anthologies of Samuel X’s stories. The nerve! I could imagine his ego getting bigger, and to know that I had gotten him this hurt me like hell.

Before long, Samuel X’s books were everywhere. Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, everyone was selling them. Men and women were buying them. In him, men found an enviable and admirable role model. Women found him cool, sexy and irreverent. The bad guy type they all love but can’t admit to being attracted to. Then, a phenomenon took place. Big women began to feel sexy, confident and comfortable in their own skins. They found out that there were many men out there who liked them and actually preferred them to skinny chicks. Chubby chasers came out of the woodwork, and suddenly the forlorn and often insecure big gals found out they had an overabundance of men who desired them. The dating scene changed. Skinny women were no longer at the top of the heap. Big women were coming out in droves, and the men who liked them did as well. Muscular hunks chased big women instead of skinny supermodels. Yes, the rules have changed.

Oh, and thanks to Samuel X and those dastardly books of his, something happened. Anal sex became fashionable. It was no longer taboo. Rather, it became something both men and women talked about openly, and admitted to enjoying. Vaginal intercourse became a thing of the past. Like bell bottom pants, which went out of style with the 1970s. The women of the late 2000s were big, round and craved sex, especially anal sex. And there were tons of horny men ready to satisfy them by shoving their pricks where the sun didn’t shine. Yes, that twisted genius of Samuel X changed the world. Now, women were no longer starving themselves. In fact, they were eating up. being a big woman became fashionable because big women were confident and sexually adventurous. They were popular with men. Skinny women were abandoned for their curvier counterparts by men who revealed that they preferred the big gals and only went after skinny women for fear of social condemnation. Now that being a big gal was considered cool, chubby chasers seemed to multiply like wildfire. To compete, the skinny women of the world adapted by eating up. They got thick, and found the men who loved them. And they loved them back.

By the middle of the twenty first century, there were no more skinny women on earth. Just big beautiful women strolling about, and big handsome men with them. Skinny people and the muscle heads went out of style. They either shaped up by joining the program, or disappeared altogether. Men and women are now getting along better and living longer and happier lives than ever before. You see, everyone’s happy with their bodies and self image. Everyone’s getting along wonderfully and most importantly, getting laid regularly. Being a big man or a big woman is no longer a social or physical impediment. In fact, the motto of the modern men and modern women is the bigger the better. Gyms went out of style the same way drive in movie theaters did. Oh, and you can go to bed every night knowing that billions of happy, big women are bending over to take a big man’s worthy cock in their assholes and will all wake up with pleasurably sore bottoms, happy in the morning.

As for me, what did I do? Well, I’ve always prided myself on being one to keep up with the times. In the 1960s, women burned bras and marched for their rights. In the mid-twenty first century, all men and women are big and happy with their bodies. Universal health care became a reality. Anal sex is considered the normal sexual practice for all men and women and vaginal intercourse has become a rarity, used only by couples trying to conceive. I joined the revolution. If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s what they say, isn’t it? I found myself a big and tall, handsome stud with a twelve-inch cock. He was a member of the Cult of Samuel X, who showed all of us the light. Samuel X, who fought for Men’s Rights, Gay Rights and Civil Rights. The man who united the world under one banner. Tolerance, acceptance, equality and affirmative sexual practices. This cult stud’s name was Jefferson. I fell in love with him.

Our first night together, I went to his place. We ate a wonderful dinner, seven courses in total! Then, we went to bed. We had regular sex, with me sucking his cock and him licking my pussy. Then, he thrust his cock into my pussy and did me good. Finally, we were ready for me to lose my anal virginity. Across the world, scores of women were plumping up and also losing their anal cherries. Tonight was my night. Jeffrey was gentle with me. We used plenty of lube. He greased me up, then put me on all fours. He pressed his cock against my butt hole. I gritted my teeth, bracing myself for what was to come. He put his hand on my hips, and thrust into me. The moment I felt his cock enter my butt hole, I screamed. He stopped. I asked him to continue. He did. He fucked me good. When at last his full length was buried inside my asshole, in the middle of all my screaming, I had an epiphany. This anal sex stuff hurts, but it’s also wonderfully liberating. It felt oddly good to let go and let him take me. To fall under his power. To make me his. I loved feeling that deliciously hot pain as his cock plunged deep into my asshole. I was in love with the cock in my asshole and if loving it was wrong, then I didn’t want to be right. When he finally came, sending his hot cum deep inside my asshole, I had mixed reactions. I screamed. I cried. I wailed. And I thanked him with all my heart and soul for the most intense experience I’ve ever had. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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