George and Eula

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This takes place in the WWII era, namely 1942-1943. George is my great uncle on my mother’s side and Eula is his wife, They live in New York and he is in the import export business. They are rather wealthy and travel as much as possible by plane and train, given all the restrictions of the war. They have come to his mother’s home for the Christmas holidays and have just arrived an hour or so before. Everyone in the story is eighteen or older.

It should also be noted that women wore dresses and skirts and blouses or sweaters as well as nylon stockings. That also meant they wore a girdle or garter belt to keep their stockings up. Directoire Knickers were still worn by many women and they were being made in more colors than white or tea rose.

George and Eula had flown to Chicago then traveled by train to his boyhood home in central Illinois. The home was a beautiful rambling brick two story home with four bedrooms but only one and a half baths. His three sisters still lived together as two of the sisters were divorced and the third had never married.

George and his other brothers paid the rent on the home and took good care of his family. All had nice clothing to wear and were cared for with good foodstuffs, even though some of it was rationed because of the war effort.

His sisters Alice, Rose, and Agnes, my grandmother, all resided in the house. A couple of more brothers and their wives were expected to join the family in the next few days. My father, Mac, was also present, but my alcoholic mother was at her sorority house probably getting drunk, and would stay at the house overnight.

Daddy, on the other hand, had his eye on Alice, and would probably take her to bed that night and fuck her good. She kind of had a feeling for him as he had fucked her a few of times before.

After all the greetings were taken care of, George said he thought it was cocktail time, so he and daddy adjourned to the kitchen to make drinks. Eula was sitting across from me on the sofa and had her legs spread open enough for me to see she was wearing black Directoire Knickers which came down to just above her knees. She saw me looking at them and spread her legs open a little further so I was almost able to see up to her cunt.

“John, would you take my valises upstairs to the bedroom for me please?” Eula asked. “They are quite heavy and I don’t think I can manage them myself.”

“Sure. I’ll be happy to take them upstairs and put them in the bedroom you’ll be using.” I said. I got up from the chair I was sitting in and gave Eula my hand to help her off the sofa. She was wearing a pencil style skirt that hugged her hips and I could see the outline of garter bumps as she got up. We went over to the stairs and she got in front of me and hoisted her skirt so it was at least six inches above her knees. In doing so, she clearly exposed her black knickers to me as well as showing me the beautiful sheer stockings she was wearing.

I picked up her luggage and we proceeded to go upstairs with me keeping a close eye on her legs and knickers.

“Our bedroom is right here. You may put the luggage over on the floor and then help me pee. My eye teeth are floating. I haven’t peed since we got off the train and I really have to go. You would like to watch me pee wouldn’t you darling?” Eula asked. “You’ll have to help push my Directoire Knickers down so I don’t piss in them.”

“I’d love to help you Aunt Eula. I really enjoy watching ladies pee, especially when they have to take their knickers down to keep them dry.” I replied.

“Well. I think the crotch of mine may be a little damp as I think I’ve dribbled in them, but you’ll find out darling. When we finish I will want to suck your cock for a few minutes. I haven’t seen your cock for a few years and I imagine it has grown a bit since then. So let’s get to the toilet so I can pee.” she said.

We went into the bathroom, closed and locked the door and she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a long hard kiss on the lips, burrowing her tongue on my mouth.

“I’m so horny darling. George simply cannot get an erection anymore and I either have to masturbate myself or find a male friend who will fuck me. I haven’t had a cock in my cunt for over three months and I’m really cock hungry. Now put your thumbs in the waistband of my knickers and slip them down over my legs and take them off of me.” she said.

As I slipped my thumbs in the waistband, I told her I hadn’t seen any Directoire Knickers as sheer as hers were. She informed me they were made of pure silk and were quite transparent so you could see her gray pussy hair and her cunt lips.

“Yes and you can also see your garter straps and garter bumps too and that makes it look sexy.” I said. With that I slipped her DK’s down to her feet and she stepped out of them and sat down on the toilet. I immediately heard the hissing sound then the flow of her pee. It started Cami Halısı dribbling down into the toilet bowl. Suddenly it was a raging torrent and hitting the water loudly. Eula must have pissed for about ninety seconds and then it stopped.

“Now darling, I want you to slip your tongue in my lips and lick the remaining pee off my hairy cunt. Then I’m going to put your cock in my mouth and give you a good blow job.” she said.

She unbuckled my belt, slipped my zipper down and pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees. She raised up off the toilet seat, spread her cunt lips wide open and I slipped my tongue in her cunt, licking all the excess piss off of her. She had a magnificent growth of grey hair around her cunt and on her belly with the trace of a treasure trail going up to her navel. Her piss was slightly salty but that was probably from not having pissed for a few hours.

Suddenly she pulled away, gently grabbed my cock, pushed my long foreskin back over the head and stuffed it in her mouth. She immediately began sucking on it gently until I had a full erection. As she sucked my cock, she gently fondled my nuts with her other hand until I could hold back no longer and gave her a luncheon treat of warm creamy semen.

She swallowed it and licked it off her fingers, the said “Oh you big fucker. That was wonderful. I haven’t had a taste of pollen for so long. Now let me clean your cock off good, then we must get back downstairs and join that rest of them before they send a search party out looking for us.. I’ll fuck you tonight when my husband plays with his sister, Agnes. They used to do that when they were both younger, so you can have my grey haired cunt tonight.” she said.

“I’m not going to put my DK’s back on so you can look up my skirt and see my pussy. Your daddy will want to sleep with Alice tonight because she is his favorite when he is here. She enjoys him pissing all over her when they are in the shower. Do you need to piss now? If so, I’ll hold onto your cock while you go then lick you off when you’re finished.” Eula said.

“No. I’ll wait until after we’ve had a drink or two and some snacks. Let’s go join everyone else.” I replied.

When we got downstairs again everyone was seated at the dining room table. George was next to his sister Agnes and daddy was sitting next to Alice. I could see he had one hand on her thigh and was pushing her skirt up toward her crotch. I could actually see his hand on the welt of her stocking.

Eula and I sat down at the table and quickly had some snacks and a very cold Bombay gin martini. Eula took one sip of hers and exclaimed it was delicious. I sipped mine and I agreed with her. I presumed daddy had made them because he enjoyed a good cold martini after work. George told us dinner had been ordered and would arrive at six o’clock. We could eat, drink, and if anyone was tired, they could just go to bed.

About that time aunt Alice turned to daddy and I could see her mouth the words ‘I need to piss.’. She got up from her chair and quickly pulled her skirt down so her stocking tops weren’t showing and headed for the bathroom. Daddy got up and followed her.

“Eula. Did you get your valises to your room?” Agnes asked.

“Yes. John took them for me and while I was upstairs I took a good healthy piss for myself as my eye teeth were floating.” Eula replied. “I had to go so bad that I had actually dribbled a little bit in my Directoire Knickers. So I just left them off when I finished peeing.”

“Oh my. You naughty girl you. Someone will probably take and hide them from you so you won’t be able to find them again.” Agnes replied.

“She does that all the time anymore Agnes.” George replied. “She’s always dribbling in her knickers.”

Alice and daddy returned and sat down again. Daddy immediately slipped his hand down onto Alice’s thigh. I knew he wanted to play with her hairy cunt.

“Did you get to the toilet on time Alice? I hope you didn’t piss in your Directoire Knickers.” Agnes commented.

“Yes. I managed to get there in time Agnes. I didn’t pee in my Directoire Knickers or on my nylons either. Of course I had a little help with my clothing.” Alice replied. “Now I could use another martini and some cheese and crackers.”

Daddy got up and went into the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with a fresh drink for Alice and one for himself. He handed one to Alice and told her to drink it slowly so she didn’t get drunk. He whispered something in her ear and she just broke into a smile. I presumed he let her know he wanted to fuck her tonight.

Uncle George declared he needed to piss and was not going to go upstairs to use the toilet, so he would just go out on the patio. Agnes told him she wanted to watch as she hadn’t seen his peter for a long time and she might even want to hold it again. Eula just looked at me and smiled. Everyone decided they were going to watch George so we all went to the patio.

He unzipped his trousers, Cami Halıları took out his uncut peter, and began spraying the patio right through hiss very long foreskin. Suddenly Agnes took hold of his peter and said, “I haven’t held your uncut anteater cock for a long time and I just need to play with it now. I’m even going to push your foreskin back over the head of it so we can see how red it is.”

Eula said, “Oh I get to see him piss all the time. Sometimes I hold onto it too and then he begins to get a hard on. Maybe when he finishes peeing you might want to suck his cock Agnes. I think he would enjoy that as he’s told me about how you used to suck it when you were both younger.”

“I might just do that Eula since I’m probably going to fuck him tonight anyway. But I won’t let him blast off because then he probably wouldn’t be able to get an erection again later and I do want his cock inside my cunt tonight.” Agnes replied.

George finished pissing, Agnes shook his cock off, then squatted down in front of him and took it in her mouth. She sucked him for about a minute then stopped as he began to get an enormous erection.

“Agnes, you old whore, you suck him just as good as you do me.” daddy said. “You’re a great cocksucker as you’ve made me bust

my nuts off in your mouth a few times. Now I have to piss so perhaps Alice will hold my cock as I go.”

Alice moved over, unzipped daddy’s fly, took his cock out, and shook it a couple of times. She pushed his foreskin back over the head of his cock, then he began pissing. He didn’t piss on the patio but rather sprayed the grass in front of it. He pissed for about thirty seconds then stopped. Alice squatted down in front of him and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off..

“That’s enough for now Alice. I want to save my pollen for you a little later on tonight.” daddy told her. She let loose of his prick, tucked it back in his pants, and zipped his fly.

We went back inside and just then the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it it.” George said. “It’s probably dinner being delivered and I need to pay for it. Mac, perhaps you and Alice might help me bring the food inside.”

As they left Agnes asked me if I had seen Eula’s pussy when I went upstairs with her. I told her that I had and that Eula’s cunt hair was just as grey as hers was.

“Did she want you to watch her piss too?” Agnes asked

“She did and I played with her cunt while she was pissing too. She really had to go so my hand got nice and wet from her piss. Then when she finished I wiped her cunt with my tongue.” I said.

“What did she want you to do after you wiped her cunt with your hand?” Agnes asked.

“She wanted me to eat her pussy and try and stick my tongue into her pee hole. She also wanted to pull my foreskin back over the head of my peter and suck it.” I replied.

“Well, you know I’m going to suck my brother tonight so you and Eula can sleep together and you can fuck her as often as she wants you to. She’s a wonderful cock hound but George simply can’t get a hard on like he could ten years ago, so she doesn’t get as much cock from him as she would like to. So I suspect she will want you doing a few other things too. Maybe even fucking her in her ass.” Agnes said.

“Eula wears silk stockings made in China. They are very smooth and silky as I found out when I ran my hand on them. She told me George gets them for all of you, but you never seem to wear yours. Don’t you like them?” I asked.

“We like them but we like nylons better” Agnes replied. “We can sell most of the silk ones to people who covet them. Sr. Rita, Fr. Leo’s secretary, or whore as the case may be, loves silk stockings, so we sell a few pairs to her. She tells us Fr. Leo likes to piss all over them while she’s wearing them, then he fucks her good. Now the silk Directoire Knickers are a different thing. Even your alcoholic mother likes them. When she wears Directoire Knickers, she wears silk ones. I guess it is because the silk dries quickly and if she pees in them they don’t stay wet too long.”

As I sat next to Eula, I could see she had pulled her skirt up so the tops of her stockings were showing. She looked at me and mouthed ‘do you like seeing my stocking tops’?”

I mouthed back to her that I would enjoy seeing her skirt a little higher so I could see her grey haired cunt. With that, she pulled it up so her pussy was showing and mouthed ‘Is that better’?

I nodded and looked so I could see her bare cunt now. She reached up and pulled my hand down and put it on her thigh right at the welt of her stockings. She whispered in my ear that I could play with her hairy cunt if I wanted to.

I smiled at her and nodded ‘Yes’.

George, Alice, and daddy came back with several boxes and headed right for the kitchen. Agnes told George to fix her another drink so she would have something to drink as she ate her dinner. As she did so, she stood up and pulled her skirt up to mid thigh allowing Eula and I to see her sheer black knickers.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

Eula said “Of course I do and I presume John does too. He seems to enjoy looking at women wearing Directoire Knickers, especially if they are sheer and allow him to see their pubic hair.”

“Well, he gets to see mine frequently enough as I let him watch me pee all the time.” Agnes replied. “He also likes to eat my pussy and suck my fat clit too.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy playing with his long anteater prick tonight. I haven’t had a cock in my cunt for so long I’ve kind of forgotten how it feels, especially when it gets filled up with nice creamy baby batter.” Eula said. “So I think I will enjoy him fucking me tonight.”

“He certainly knows how to use his pecker Eula. I can feel him filling my cunt when he fucks me and I really enjoy it. It feels good when his cock erupts inside me and fills me with his creamy semen. Then when he pulls it out it is usually still dripping wet and he wipes it on the welt of my stockings and gets them wet too. He’s a real motherfucker.” Agnes said. “Then I either have to put my Directoire Knickers back on or let his cream run down my legs.”

“I think I might like having his cream run down my thighs and legs.” Eula said. “We’ll see. Perhaps I might just let him erupt in my mouth as I’m sucking him off.”

About that time George and daddy began bringing dinner to the table. Slices of prime rib, baked potatoes, lettuce salad, and cheesecake. Alice brought plates and silverware.

“Does anyone need a fresh drink before we dine?” George asked.

“I think I could use a fresher upper.” Agnes replied. “Mine seems to have a hole in the glass. Whoever is making the martinis is doing a fine job. They taste great.”

Georg went to the kitchen and returned with a pitcher of martinis.

“Now don’t drink too many my dear sister. I don’t want you drunk tonight.” George said.

Everyone took as much food as they wanted and we began eating. As I was eating Eula took my left hand and put it on her right stocking top and inched it up a little bit toward her hairy cunt. She looked at me and smiled mouthing the words ‘I want you to fuck me good tonight’.

I had to move my hand so I could cut my prime rib but I knew what Eula wanted. She was getting horny and needed my cock inside her cunt.

When everyone had finished eating we had a little touch of brandy to settle our stomachs then had a cigarette. I really needed to pee so when I announced it, everyone wanted me to go out onto the patio and show them my cock and pee for them.

Eula had a better idea and that was for me to piss all over her and let her drink a bit from the source. Everyone cheered their approval so Eula sat on a small chair, took my semi erect cock in her hand, and guided it all over her as I pissed on her.

Everyone seemed to enjoy watching her guide my peter around over her body and soaking her stockings and skirt as well as her blouse and teats.

Finally she slipped my peter in her mouth as I was still peeing and began drinking from it. After I emptied my bladder in her mouth she began sucking my prick in earnest trying to get me to erupt in her mouth. I finally had to pull my cock from her mouth telling her I wasn’t ready to climax yet.

Suddenly Alice decided to begin unbuttoning her dress and slipped out of it. She ten pulled her slip up over her head ending up standing on the patio in a gorgeous eight strap gold garter girdle that ended just above her pubic hair and wearing her sheer black stockings and pumps. Her grey salt and pepper cunt hair went down her thighs about eight inches and seemed to terminate just above the welt on her stockings.

“I want to get pissed on. I hope Mac has a bladder full for me because i want him to saturate me and get my girdle and stockings all wet. Then I’m going to drink the pee as it comes out the anteater foreskin of his.” Alice said.

We were all taken a little aback as Alice hardly ever expressed any interest in golden showers or drinking someone’s pee. But Mac was quite up to the task and told her to sit down in a chair and spread her legs apart so he could piss on her cunt too.

“Please don’t pull your long foreskin back.” Alice told him. “I want to watch you pee flowing out of the long snout that covers your fat prick.”

So Mac stood between her legs and began pissing having it dribbling out at first then becoming a torrent as he continued. It splattered off her grey hair around her cunt then he sprayed her garter girdle saturating that. He then peed all over her nylons before turning his cock up toward her fairly large teats and drenching them too.

Then he moved close to her and said. “Now you fucking whore. Open your fucking mouth so I can give you a good drink.”

Alice complied and Mac quickly filled her mouth with his golden nectar, causing Alice to choke ever so slightly. She quickly swallowed his pee and took some more.

Mac emptied his bladder then thrust his prick into her mouth and told her to suck it until he got and erection. When his prick got engorged he told Alice to stop sucking it and to let it go.

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