Health Club


Jake and I moved to our new neighborhood about six months ago. We had spent the previous 10 years of our marriage in the Midwest, so a Florida suburb was somewhat new to us. We enjoyed the mild winter; no more snow was fine with us.

We are both in our early thirties. Jake is 6’1″ well built and quite handsome. My name is Sandy. I am 5’5″, with long blonde hair, and maintain my figure through frequent work-outs at the health club.

Our new health club is only two blocks from home, so I usually walk. The new club has all the equipment to maintain conditioning; and there is also a lot of socializing. That’s how it all started.

There was a group of seven couples that I noticed usually worked out together. All of them were attractive and had nice bodies thanks to their many hours at the club. They all seemed to be in their late twenties to mid-forties. Primarily the women, but quite often the men came to the club at about the same time, on the same days. I wasn’t employed yet so I spent a lot of time at there. Watching the group I noticed that they all seemed to be the best of friends. On the infrequent times that Jake went with me he also noticed how much fun they had with each other, laughing and joking as they went through their exercise routine.

Going through my routine one evening I looked up as one of the women was standing next to me. We both smiled as she mentioned that I had become a regular at the club. I explained that it was so convenient for me, and that I liked to keep in shape.

Looking back at the three other women from her group, she asked if I would join them in the club’s juice bar after completing my routine. Knowing that Jake was working late I said “sure, I would love to.”

After showering the five of us got a table. I had only looked in the bar before, never having actually gone in.

As we each picked out our drink I was introduced to the other women. I tried to remember all their names, knowing that I wouldn’t. I did pick up on the fact that Judy, a striking tall blonde in her mid thirties, and her husband Jim owned the club, and had been in business for about three years. Everyone was quite nice to me as we discussed all kinds of things.

For the next month I saw several of the women almost every time I went. They were all very friendly, but only occasionally did the work-out end with a visit to the juice bar. It seemed that whenever the group socialized after the work-out I was invited; and I tried to attend as often as I could. Having no close friends in the area, it was nice chatting with friendly people.

Jake was pleased that I had gotten in with the group. He had made friends at his new job and wanted me to be happy in our new town.

On a Tuesday evening Judy mentioned that the three girls there, plus two of the men would be going to the bar afterwards, and asked me to join them. I had no other plans so I said “count me in”.

After a quick shower we pulled two tables together and selected our drinks. The two men, Sam and Mike sat with there wives Susan and Janet. I was getting better with the names. As we were sipping our drinks Susan, a petite girl with a very pretty face, asked me if Jake and I would like to attend a small party at the club after it closed on Saturday evening. She said that it would be just drinks and dancing, so we should eat before coming,

Needing to see if Jake had anything planned I said that I would certainly like to; and would let them know by tomorrow. Susan gave me her cell number.

Jake had no plans and thought it would be nice to socialize with the group. He commented “they all seem to have such a great time together sober; what would they be like after a few drinks?”

Saturday evening Jake and I had a light dinner before showering and getting ready. I wore a short black dress and Jake wore slacks and a polo shirt. Jake joked “we clean up pretty good for Midwesterners.”

We arrived at the time we were told, however the party was in full swing, and we were the last couple there. The bar was now stocked with liquor, beer, and wine.

Everyone was having a good time, and we hadn’t been there for more than two minutes before Sam asked me to dance. I said “let me get a drink first, but you can have the first dance”. As Jake was fixing us a drink Judy and her husband Jim came over to welcome us to the party

The music was loud and everyone was dancing and joking around. I found Sam and told him I was ready; so we proceeded to the dance floor. Over the music he told me how glad everyone was that Jake and I decided to attend, and that we seemed to fit in well with the group.

Jake and I both had a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to make a point of talking with us, and we got to know them much better.

At about 10:00PM Judy stopped the music and thanked everyone for coming; however it was time to close so they could get the club ready for business tomorrow.

Judy declined our offer to help clean up, but again told us how nice it was having us there.

Living only two blocks away, Jake and I started walking Bycasino home. A block away Jake looked back and noticed that no one else had come out of the building. We assumed that it was just old friends saying good bye. We both commented on having an enjoyable evening.

I continued my work-outs at the club, and now Jake seemed anxious to attend with me. Before the party I had to coax him into going, but now we were part of the group and automatically joined them on whatever machines they were using.

About a month after the first party Judy invited us to the next one, planned for Saturday evening, and we both eagerly accepted.

We arrived at 8:30PM as instructed; finding that, as before, we were the last ones there and the party appeared well under way. Mike and Tom, both fine looking men, asked me to dance within the first few minutes of our arrival.

After saying hello to everyone I found Mike, the first to request a dance, and he escorted me to the dance floor. As I looked back I saw Jake dancing with Judy at the bar.

Mike pulled me closer than anyone had at the previous party, and I felt the beginning of his erection as our bodies touched. Looking back, Jake was dancing cheek to cheek with Judy so I decided to just enjoy. Mike’s hand moved to my butt just as the music stopped. I smiled as we parted, thinking that he was getting a little frisky from the alcohol, nothing that I hadn’t experienced before.

I danced with Jim next, as another slow romantic song came on. It seemed the music was slower than at the last party. Jim also held me close. Jake seemed to be enjoying himself as he and Susan danced with her head on his shoulder and both arms around his neck. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

As the evening progressed, and more drinks were consumed, I think my butt was felt by every man there except Jake. I thought it was just good natured fun, and I did like the excitement of being involved in something naughty. Jake was having a good time. At one point I saw him talking with Judy at the bar, as she laughed and briefly ran her hand over his crotch, apparently making a point in their conversation.

The party ended as before, with Judy announcing that they had to clean up for tomorrow’s customers. Everyone had consumed a lot of alcohol and I got a hug and or a kiss from all the men. They seemed to have lined up just for that purpose. Jake got the same treatment from the women.

Walking the two blocks to our house, probably more staggering than walking, we looked back and noticed that, as at the last party, we seemed to be the only ones leaving the building.

The following week I was doing my work-out routine with Judy and Susan. Near the end of it Susan asked if I would join them in the juice bar. They were both seated when I walked in and both smiled and motioned for me to sit across from them.

After some small talk Judy said they had something important for me to consider. She continued “what we are about to discuss is a secret and no matter what you decide you have to promise never to discuss it with anyone other than Jake.” Not having a clue what she was talking about I agreed.

Judy started by explaining that before moving to Florida she and Jim had operated a swingers club up North. Upon arrival in Florida they opened the fitness club, intending for it to be no more than that.

Judy continued “Sam and Susan joined the club and became good friends. After a party one evening things got out of hand and we ended up sharing partners. This went on for awhile and then Tom and Pam joined the group. It proceeded that way until we had eight couples. At that time everyone agreed not to expand any further.”

Susan added “a few months ago Dennis and Helen moved to California, leaving us with seven couples. Since most of us make our social plans around our monthly parties, all seven couples are usually in attendance; and an odd number is inconvenient for some of our activities. We had a meeting with all seven couples and unanimously agreed to ask you and Jake to join us. You might say that the last two parties were an interview.”

I didn’t know what to say and sat there in shock. Judy continued “I know this is a total surprise to you, so don’t feel pressured to answer. A couple of the men had lunch with Jake today, so you don’t have to explain anything to him. Take your time and get back to us when you decide.”

All I could think to say was “can you give me some idea of what the activities are?” Judy replied “I don’t want to get too specific; however we have a lot of fun at all kinds of things. I will tell you that each of the women has been with each of the men more than once.”

After a pause to let this sink in she continued “You and Jake have to analyze your feelings and desires. Consider jealousy issues carefully. Also consider that men are often very possessive of their women, and while it might be fine for them to do it, it isn’t fine for their wife to get involved.” Susan added “either way you decide we will still remain friends. Don’t make any decisions based Bycasino giriş on fear of loosing the friendship of the group.”

Anxiety overwhelmed me on the walk home. My head pounded with my own thoughts, and wonder of how Jake would react.

Jake smiled as he met me at the door with a hug. “I understand you also had a meeting today” he said. “I thought it strange when Sam called with an invitation to lunch. What did the girls tell you?”

I explained what I was told; as much as I could remember. Jake said “well what do you think?” I responded “quite honestly I have mixed feelings. I know that I should say “no way! Absolutely not! But we do have fun with the group. My ass has been fondled by every man there. They told me that the biggest problem is usually possessiveness and jealousy by the man. What do you think?”

Jake responded “they told me the same thing. Maybe we should think about it for a few days.” I told him that I planned to stay away from the club until we decided.

For the next couple of days we made mention of the subject but had no meaningful discussions.

I was at home when Jake returned from work. After his usual kiss he said he had some thoughts he wanted to share with me over a cocktail. I rushed to fix them, wanting to hear what he had to say.

“I’ve given a lot of thought as to how I would feel seeing you with someone else. I’ve tried to visualize; imagining how I would react. I think it would be OK; and I know it wouldn’t diminish my feelings for you. I think we should accept their offer, but with the understanding that we may drop out after one party.”

Many thoughts crossed my mind as I put my arms around him. “Okay, I’ll go to the club tomorrow.”

After a sleepless night I went to the club at my usual time. I immediately saw Judy working at the weights. She smiled as I approached and said “Hi! Want to join me?” I replied “I’m very nervous, can we talk now!” She led the way to the empty juice bar.

Immediately after we sat down I nervously said “we want to take you up on your offer, but with the understanding that we may drop out quickly.” Judy replied “we wouldn’t have it any other way. You may find it’s not for you.”

She took my hand, knowing how nervous I was and said “the rules are simple:”

“Total secrecy.”

“You can meet other couples in the group outside of the club, although I don’t know that this happens much, if at all.”

“Attendance at a party must be as a couple. If someone can’t attend, their spouse doesn’t either.”

“No one is required to do anything that they don’t want to do.”

“The most important thing is; no sexual contact with any other member unless your spouse is present and, or gives consent.”

My head was nodding as she spoke. She smiled and added “the next party is Saturday night; now let’s get back to our work-out. Oh, by the way, arrive a half hour earlier this time; we don’t need the time to talk about you, and you can stay until the party’s over. Although you didn’t know it, you left in the middle of the last two parties.”

Preparation started on Friday for me. Wanting to look my best I went shopping and bought a mid thigh red dress with short slits on each side. It was low cut and showed some cleavage, although I consider my legs to be my best feature. I found matching panties and bra, and a shirt for Jake that would show off his muscular build.

Late Saturday afternoon we started getting ready. Both of us were obviously nervous, and seemed to touch and kiss at every opportunity. Jake suggested that while I showered I might want to trim my pubic hair. “Thanks” I said. “That hadn’t occurred to me.”

We walked the two blocks to the club and arrived just as two other couples drove up. As we walked in everyone greeted us warmly, welcoming the new members of the group.

The bar had again been stocked with alcoholic drinks and Jake proceeded to fix one for each of us. As the soft slow music started everyone was either dancing or joking around as they mingled. I danced with several men and Jake with several of the women. I noticed that the first few times Jake danced he was asked by the woman. As the evening progressed and he consumed more drinks he started asking them.

Everyone was having a good time as the drinks started having an effect. Janet was the first to lose her top. She was on the dance floor jumping up and down, apparently making some point to Sam about a woman’s tits bouncing. Everyone started laughing and a couple more tops came off. The party was in full swing.

As we stood there laughing Judy walked up. “I don’t think anyone has told you but in the aerobics room we have spread out eight soft mats and turned the lights low. You’ll see people coming and going, and that’s probably where they’re going.”

She continued, “last week after you accepted our offer we put each of your names on a paper in two bowls, along with six blank papers in each bowl. Each man pulled a paper out of your bowl Sandy, and each of the women got a paper from Jake’s bowl. The winners will Bycasino güncel giriş be approaching you at some point. You can go with them or not, as you wish. We wanted to spare you the pressure of everyone being after the new kids and you having to make decisions. If you’d rather approach someone else feel free. Have fun!”

As Judy walked away we looked at each other, wandering who had “won us”. Jake said, “Oh what the hell. Let’s have another drink and enjoy.”

Various degrees of nudity was now the norm, and I started seeing men and women leaving the bar together just as Judy had told us.

Looking around I noticed something odd. Of the sixteen people present, only two people still had all their clothes on, other that Jake and me. I found Jake and whispered in his ear “its Jim and Pam. Look; both are still fully dressed.”

I felt myself getting sexually excited thinking of being with Jim. Given my choice I would have probably picked him; over 6′, a muscular body, with a very pleasant outgoing personality. I couldn’t imagine Jake having a problem being selected by Pam, a very pretty, petite blonde with large tits and a very sexy body.

I next danced with Tom, who had his shirt off and was enjoying rubbing his bare chest on my still clad breasts. Jake was now dancing with a very drunk Janet. He was laughing as she rubbed her bare tits all over him.

Across the floor I noticed Jim and Pam talk briefly, probably about Tom and Janet being so forward, then head our way. I was close to Jake so I mouthed “This is it. I love you.” His mouth moved silently as he said “I love you too.”

Pam approached Jake and Janet as he danced with the near nude woman. Janet was now openly massaging his crotch with her hand and I could see that it was having the desired effect on him. Had I not been so nervous with Jim approaching I probably would have laughed hysterically. Pam asked Janet if she could cut in. Janet was not so drunk that she forgot the drawing of the past week, so she stepped aside and said “sure, I’ve got him warmed up for you.”

As Jim approached he asked if he could have the next dance. I took his outstretched hand and could feel the sexual tension build for both of us as we started to dance. It didn’t take long for him to move from the conventional way of holding me to having both hands at the top of my butt. My arms seemed to go around his neck of their own free will as we danced like this for several minutes.

Feeling him gradually pull me closer, my arms tightened around his neck. I could now feel the beginning of his erection. As he held me close I felt his leg start to move between my legs, rubbing my mound in a very pleasant way.

Looking across the floor at Jake and Pam it was obvious what her intentions were. She was snuggled up to his chest moving her abdomen against his hard cock as her hand slowly massaged his back.

As Jim and I continued what had become more foreplay than dancing he whispered in my ear “I’m sure my wife told you about the drawing we had last week. Fortunately I was the winner. I hope you’re not disappointed.” I moved my mouth to his ear and after a quick lick of his earlobe whispered “I’m absolutely thrilled that you won.”

We continued to stimulate each other on the dance floor as my stomach rubbed his now completely stiff cock. I was sure that the crotch of my panties was soaked from his leg rubbing between my legs.

Jim whispered in my ear “You were also told about the set up in the aerobics room. Would you go there with me?” “Yes I would like that” I replied.

As we walked out of the bar area, with Jim’s arm around my waist, I looked back briefly and noticed that Jake and Pam were gone.

Walking down the hallway we passed Jim’s wife Judy walking hand in hand with Pam’s husband Tom. After being in the aerobics room together Judy had apparently retrieved her panties but no bra and Tom had put his boxer shorts back on. I noticed Judy give her husband a quick smile and a wink as she and Tom proceeded back to the bar.

Approaching the aerobics room with Jim’s arm around my waist I felt my knees go weak, and I started to tremble. Jim stopped as he pulled me toward him and asked “are you all right?” Putting my head on his shoulder I replied “yes, just first time jitters. Please be patient with me.” He smiled and kissed my cheek as we continued walking.

Judy had been right about the lights being turned low in the aerobics room. We had to stop just inside the door and wait for our eyes to adjust before we could see anything. After a short time I was able to see the mats spread around the floor. They were spread about six feet apart. I could see movement on three of them and was sure that Jake and Pam were on one of the three.

Thankfully Jim took my hand and directed me next to a mat away from the three active ones. I didn’t want to be close to Jake and Pam right now.

Jim turned me until I was facing him and we kissed passionately as our tongues found each other. As his hand moved to my thighs I put my hand between us and gently massaged his cock. Breaking the kiss we both stepped back and slowly started removing our clothes. Unlike what I thought it would be like, neither of us was in a hurry. We just enjoyed watching what seemed like shadows of each other in the very dim light.

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