Hotel Hook-Up


In my career, I would travel abroad for extended periods of time so invariably I would have some down time for some fun and games here and there. I like this particular experience because I was still expanding my bisexuality and this really opened my submissive side to heavy set bears with an alpha personality.

As mentioned I was traveling abroad. I was staying at a reputable hotel where at the end of the day you could go down to the bar to relax and maybe you could meet-up with a friend that was passing through at the end of the night.

I finished a days work so I dropped my stuff in my room, changed into some more comfortable clothes, and made my way down to the bar. It was a Thursday night so the bar had some activity going. Arriving at the bar did not prove me wrong, it was promising. I took my seat at one end of the bar near an older gentlemen who was conversing with a lady half his age and behind me was a table with two ladies chattering about the days news.

After a couple of drinks it seemed to me that this crowd was not in the mood as some of the patrons left for their rooms or other destinations early. I found my self sipping my drink next to the same older, heavy-set gentleman who was talking to a younger lady earlier. He was ordering himself another drink.

While waiting for his drink he turned to me and asked with a slight slur “10 O’Clock and this place is dying; all the action is leaving.”

“Yeah, looks like everyone must have a big day tomorrow. It wasn’t this bad last week.” I replied. “What happened to the lady friend you were conversing with?”

“Oh, she had some other obligations, but she frequents this bar and said she would look me up since I will be here through next week. Leaves one hanging high and dry if you know what I mean. With this thinning crowd the pickings are slim for a little fun tonight.” he replied.

“I know what you mean, I was looking to unwind a little tonight, I didn’t want to have to head out. I mean this bar seemed to be always hopping with activity on Thursday. “

He turned and looked at me asking “So what are you looking for?”

Thinking about it I responded “Well, its been a long week, and I don’t have to go in tomorrow, so I was thinking about meeting up with someone for some action between the sheets if you know what I mean?”

“Someone?” he asked. “So it didn’t have to be a girl?”

I was sort of taken off guard by him bringing up my gender neutral specification. “Well I guess not.” I responded, feeling the alcohol and the questioning flush to my face creating a warm sensation.

“Don’t worry, I like to keep my options open too.” At this point he looked me in the eye, placed his hand on my knee, gave it a squeeze, and took a swig of his whiskey. “My name is Robert.”

It was getting late so the bartender was rushing us and the remaining patrons to finish our drinks so he could close for the night. We swallowed our drinks and made our way to the elevator to go to our rooms. His was the first stop. “I’m the last room before you turn the corner let’s continue our conversation, I don’t have to go in till late tomorrow.”

I Web Tools told him sure. As the elevator made its way to my floor I was debating whether to accept the invitation or not. I was curious where this was going to lead although in the back of my mind I had an inkling. I decided what the heck, I was curious and I was horny plus I hadn’t fooled around with another guy in a while, if it came to that.

When I made it to my room, I took a moment to freshen up. I took a couple of the small liquor bottles and made my way down the stairwell to my new friend’s room. I knocked on his door with anticipation. After a slight delay he answered the door. The first thing I noticed was that he changed into his robe. I wasn’t sure what he had on underneath, but it was open enough to see a hairy chest.

He welcomed me in and showed me a place on the sofa. He brought over two drinks he had already made. I guess he was certain that I would come over. He offered me one of the drinks and placed his on the coffee table. We resumed our conversation about our occupations and other trivial topics. With the alcohol flowing once again the conversation soon migrated to the topic of women and then to sex.

“So, do you like to be in control when you have sex with your lover or you like to give them control?” he asked.

“It depends.” I told him. I felt that the alcohol had loosened me up to talk about the subject freely but I also found my self getting aroused by the conversation. “I do like to take control some times. It depends on the person and their personality. If they take control, I will cede control but if they don’t I will.” I continued “I love oral so if I’m in control I like to grab their head, push them down on my cock and just feed them my cum to the last drop. Or i can be the cumslut if they take control.”

“There’s nothing like a soft set of lips on your cock.” he said. At this point he placed his hand on the side of my face and began to rub his thumb across my lips. I looked at him, he had a slight smile on his lips and then I looked to where his other hand was. At some point his robe had fallen open and he was stroking his now hardening cock with his other hand. I looked back up into his eyes where I encountered an intense stare of lust. He slid his hand to the back of my head and pushed my head toward his cock. He reclined and maneuvered his hips so he could better guide his cock into my lowering mouth.

I took his cock into my mouth. I slid of the couch onto my knees to get a better angle at his cock. His cock wasn’t long, about six to seven inches, but it was fat and thick with a foreskin that made it look much bigger than what it was. From the thrust of his hips he knew what he wanted. He was holding my head firmly and working my mouth, ensuring that with each thrust of his hips he was working his cock into my mouth to the hilt. My jaw hurt from the strain but I was able to bury my nose into his pubic patch with every thrust.

“Oh how good this feels. Indeed there is nothing like a good blowjob after a long days work.” he panted out in short breaths. “I like to find Online Web Tools someone that likes to swallow my cum too. Do you like the taste of cum?”

He looked down at me into my eyes when he asked this question. All I could do was muster a nod in the affirmative as he still had his hand on my head pushing me up and down on his cock.

“Well then that’s good. I’m getting close to releasing a weeks worth of pent up energy. You’re going to choke on my cum!”

I could here him groan louder with every thrust. He soon had both hands pushing on the back on my head as he slowly faced fucked me. I was drooling profusely as I accommodated his girth and savored the taste of his cock. I soon felt him lock his fingers behind my head and make a final thrust into my mouth. The first couple of blasts from his cock were copious, I couldn’t swallow it all and maintain his entire girth in my mouth. I choked a bit on some and I could feel some of his cum pour out of the sides of my mouth as he continued to ejaculate in my mouth. What a geyser! And what a mess. His cum pooled into his pubic hair and began to river down to his balls and down into his ass.

After what seemed like forever he finally finished but he didn’t give me the luxury of milking the rest of the cum from his cock. He began to push my head to follow the river of cum that had spewed from his cock. I sucked on his heavy balls, cleaning his ball sac of all cum. With the help of his hands I then preceded to lick his taint and his sphincter of the cum that had run down there. Satisfied he pulled my head up and guided his cock into my mouth. I milked the rest of the cum from his cock.

What a mess indeed, I was so sticky with his cum. He pushed my mouth off my cock and I leaned back on my knees. He grabbed my cock through my shorts and began to stroke me. He locked his lips with mine. He slid his hand under the waste band of my shorts and squeezed my cock hard. He joined me on the floor on one knee and continued to stroke my cock. He leaned into me and I began to suck on his nipple and stroke his now semi-erect cock. I began to ejaculate, my cum began to pool around his fist. Once complete he brought his cum-covered hand to my mouth and proceeded one finger at a time so I could clean them up. Once done he gave me another kiss.

“That was good, boy!” He said as he took a seat on the sofa. “Now I want to know how well you take a good fucking. Do you just lay there and just take it or do you fuck back?”

I was still on my knees recovering from my orgasm but I stood up and began to remove my clothing. I pulled off my shirt and removed my cum filled shorts and boxer briefs. At seeing me completely naked Robert, sat up on the couch, grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him. He took my semi-erect, cum-glistening cock in his mouth and began to suck. He pushed my legs apart and snaked one of his hands under my balls. I felt his fingers probe for my anus. The finger tip of his middle finger found my sphincter and using the left over cum that was around my balls as lube I felt him begin to work his finger into my anus. He worked his finger Çevrimiçi Web Araçları all way to his knuckle. His fingers were fat like his cock so I knew this was a feel for what was to come next.

At this point Robert had stopped sucking me and had pulled away. He was admiring what moving his finger in and around me was doing to me. He slowly worked a second finger in me continuing to massage my prostrate. He was stroking his cock and getting harder as he finger-fucked me.

He finally pulled his fingers out of me, grabbed my hips again and spun me around. He pulled my hips down toward his cock. I sat on his lap as he aligned his cock to my sphincter and then he pulled me onto his cock. The sensation was both pleasurable and painful. He worked me slowly down onto his cock until most of his length was inside me. I rested on his lap for moment so my anus could adjust to his girth. He began to lay back on the couch again and began to grind his hips, moving his cock inside me. He had me pulled me close, I had no leverage to move so I let him pump in and out of me.

After several minutes of this position I felt him push up and slowly push me off his cock. I turned to look at him as he stood up.

“Let’s go to the bed!” He said in a serious tone. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around pushing me toward the bed. At the foot he pushed me onto the bed on my stomach. “Move up!” He commanded.

As I moved up the bed I felt him behind me straddling my ass. I then felt him grab my hips to pull them up. Next I felt one hand spread my ass cheeks and the other guided his cock back into my spread ass. He made one forceful thrust that made me gasp. He paused a quick moment and then began to thrust. Remembering his question of whether I just laid down to get fucked or if I fucked back I began to meet his thrusts.

“Oh yeah, I like that, make me want to fuck you harder wanting my cock like that!” With that he picked up his pace.

He lay full on top of me in a prone bone position. He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tight and pinching my nipples. I could feel and hear his hot breath in my ear as he methodically grind-fucked my ass. After several minutes he stopped abruptly to flip me around to take me missionary. As he re-entered me he grabbed my hard cock with a firm grip and said. “I want to see you come from me fucking you!”

He continued to fuck me and maintain his grip on my cock. I felt his breath grow heavier but I was first to erupt, on my belly and my chest. When his orgasm finally arrived he released his grip on my cock and made one final thrust inside me. I felt his warm seed spill inside my anal cavity. He continued to thrust inside but slower so my sphincter could milk all his seed. Once his cock stopped twitching he laid on top of me, smearing my cum between our bodies.

After a few minutes he rolled off of me onto his back. “That was some good sex after a long week.” he said. I just lay there I felt my cum drying on my belly and chest and his cum oozing it self out of my now stretched ass.

After a few minutes I rolled off the bed and gave Robert’s now limp cock a parting suck. He smiled “I will be here for another week.”

“I will too!” I said nodding, knowing where I would be spending my evenings for the next week. Robert proved to be quite the commanding alpha bear in bed. It was a good week that left my ass and jaws sore…

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