At the Bar


We both have long days. Meeting at our favorite haunt at the end of the day for a drink is always a pleasure before we go home together. Tonight we are tired and the small table in the back is particularly comforting. We sit next to each other nursing our drinks, quiet after the hectic day.

After a while you get up and say, “I’ll be right back.” You smile mischievously as you head to the pair of restrooms in the back.

I smile back and enjoy watching you leave. Your walk is confident, strong and you move in a way difficult to describe. It always makes me wish I had X-ray vision just to watch your hips and legs move under your clothes. You have a lean, sinewy body and it seems made more for gliding naked through a steamy jungle than bound in clothes in a darkened bar. My fantasy image of the jungle vanishes as you disappear around the corner and I concentrate again on my drink.

You are back in only a few moments and I again take pleasure in watching you move. Your skirt is short, pleated and your buttoned shirt is tucked in, mostly, with your sleeves rolled to the elbows. I notice that the top two buttons are undone. You set your purse on the table and seem somewhat more at ease and you smile now with a purpose. As you sit down again next to me I notice you seem more playful, more energized than a few moments before. I grin at you as I realize what is to come. You often have an agenda and it usually includes erotic activities that are most enjoyable and I sense tonight will be special by the way your hand stokes my thigh as you scoot nearer in the small booth.

My legs separate a little as I feel you rub my muscles and caress my thigh first near my knee and then higher. I lean on the table and rest my chin on my hand while the other drops to my lap. I then move to touch your leg, our arms crossing and pressing against one another. Your skin is soft, smooth, delicious and bare to my probing fingers. I hear you giggle softly as your hand now reaches my crotch and I feel you knead the material of my pants groping gently for my quickly enlarging parts underneath. I let my fingers glide over your skirt and then the tips curl under the edge of the crisp material. Now we gaze into each other’s eyes as we play the quiet secret game below. I notice the next table and the old heavyset gentleman flowing over the edges of his chair. He is perspiring as he swills a large beer and I catch his eye after he glances first at our table, then below, then up to me. I wink at him and he quickly swallows another large mouthful of beer in embarrassment at being caught peeking.

My fingers inch lightly up and closer to your pussy. I feel your warmth and then my fingers meet your soft lips. I gasp a little as I realize your trip to the restroom wasn’t to relieve yourself from the inside but to relieve yourself from the outside by removing your thong. I grin and move my head closer to yours and nuzzle your neck lightly. Your dark hair covers my face as I nibble Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort and kiss your skin. I love your scent. My tongue now paints a warm moist line about your neck and then to your lips. I kiss you in small sucking movements and then I take your lower lip into my mouth and gently bite. Your tongue probes my lip and my tongue and then our tongues dance and caress in an erotic exploration. My fingers touch your hot bare pussy, shaved and moist now. I let a finger tip slide between your lips and across your clit and then up, pressing harder as I probe. I feel you take in a breath to my touch and you then bite my lip.

“Hungry?” I whisper, softly as you now kiss my cheek.

“Always, for you,” you respond and grin as you look into my eyes.

I love the gleam of electricity you seem to exude as you look at me. I always feel a flutter in my chest and a swell in my groin when we touch and tonight is particularly intense.

“Come with me,” you whisper as you scoot around the seat and stand next to the booth, holding my hand.

I follow and glance over at the fat man next to us as he watches us leave. I wink again and laugh as another beer disappears.

You lead me quickly across the noisy room and around the corner to the bathroom. You turn and grin and press your firm body next to mine as you tilt your head up to mine and kiss me hard on my lips. I catch my breath as I feel your fingers close around my balls and then stroke my hard straight cock. Then, still holding my cock you turn and take me into the small men’s restroom. There is an old urinal and two stalls with doors for privacy but the latches have never worked and they lean lazily on bent hinges. You take me into the farthest stall and sit on the toilet.

I shuffle against you and close the door behind me. My crotch is pressed close to your face and I lean back against the door and look down as you smile and seem intent on some mission. I smile, knowing the purpose for your work and eagerly anticipate your efforts. Your fingers quickly unbuckle my belt and unbutton my slacks. They slide down over my legs and rest at my ankles. My cock presses hard against my boxers and in an instant the boxers follow my slacks. My cock bounces in the still air, waving up and down at your open lips. My head is swollen, purple and my balls begin to ache with the familiar swelling. Your hand first cups my balls and gently closes around them. I lean my head back as I feel your gentle touch. I feel now as you lightly squeeze me and I separate my legs more. You follow my lead and I gasp as I feel your finger press hard just behind my sack. The spot is very sensitive tonight and I feel my cock tingle as you caress it. Your other hand now takes my cock by the base and slowly moves it around. You seem to enjoy positioning it before you and finally your lips meet with the tip. I love the soft touch of your warm lips. I next feel your tongue as you probe my hole. You lick and caress with your tongue and then slowly slide my head into your mouth and suck. Your tongue now swirls around my head inside your mouth and then your teeth lightly graze the tip.

“Ahhhh, mercy Babe,” I moan in a barely audible croak.

You squeeze my balls more and then slowly move down my shaft. You move your head slowly back and forth and as you move forward you slide a bit further until I feel my head press against the back of your throat. The sensation is wonderful as I feel you close tightly around me. I feel as though you are holding me and won’t let me go. The base of my shaft is pressed against your lip and I look down and see the erotic image of me disappearing down your throat, then seeming to grow out of your mouth and then disappear again. I feel a pressure building in my balls and rising up through my cock and into my spine. Your tongue now presses hard against the rod on the underside of my cock. You draw a line from the base of my cock slowly up to the head again and I feel as though you are drawing me out. My cock seems to lengthen and harder more as you pull slowly back. You sense I’m getting full, tense, closer to a climax and you lighten your touch, soften your tongue and let me settle just a bit. I love your talents, you know me so well. You lick and flick with your tongue, teasing my head. I hold your head now in my hands, letting my fingers get lost in your silky hair. I tilt your head up to me and smile.

“Now it’s my turn.”

I gently lift and then reach to support your arms. You stand next to me and my cock presses against a pleat in your skirt. I kiss you gently and taste a hint of my precum on your tongue; sweet, strong, pleasant as it mingles with your taste.

I turn you carefully and now your back is to me. I support your hips with one hand as I press your shoulders with the other and you easily bend and lean against the back of the toilet. Your ass now is before me, partially covered by your skirt. I flip the edge up and over your back and uncover your ass completely now. So beautiful, so round, so firm. You wriggle slowly as you move to be comfortable. Your feet separate as far as the small stall will allow. As you move my cock presses between your cheeks.

I hold my cock with one hand and caress your ass with the other. I guide my head against your ass and pussy and feel the wet warmth seem to surround me. My knees bend a bit and then feel my head pop between your lips and into your pussy. So delicious. I press with my hand, still guiding and probe your walls as I slowly enter. Your pussy spasms lightly against me as I press in. You seem to be gripping me, holding me, pulling me into you. I press and then feel my pelvis against your ass. I take in the pleasure of being completely inside you and then I slowly slide almost all out. I see the edge of my head next to your pussy and then quickly I thrust against you and you rock with my effort. You moan softly as I fuck you deeply now, and again. In and out now I press and pull and press again. Faster and harder as I feel the pressure building again in my balls and feel the tightness of each grip of your pussy around me. You seem to bounce each time I fill you and your breath comes in short gasps as I feel you tighten even more as you approach your climax.

You reach around now and grab my thigh, “fuck me in my ass, Babe, fuck my ass!”

I let my cock slide out of you and then guiding with my hand again I press against your ass. I’m wet with your juices as I press my head next to you, painting a sloppy pattern of wet. I jerk my hips a little and feel my head press into your ass. The sight of me disappearing into is amazing, my balls squeeze hard with the vision. I slowly press into you now, your hand still gripping my thigh. I feel you tighten your grip as I move and then press to make hold me. You move your feet again and then I feel you press your pelvis against me. I back against the door and take your hips in my hands and pull. I fill you now, my cock disappears into your hot ass. I firmly move you back and forth now watching again as I appear and disappear into you. I can’t help now but to speed up and press harder. Your breath is a bare pant now as I sense you are close. I can hold on no longer.

Then, a sound of metal and a grind and squeek. The fat man has followed us. I hear him shuffle in and enter the stall next to us. Then he is silent. My efforts are now beyond my control and I begin to spasm and feel my balls release.

You stiffen as I do and we both move little more than in quivers as our orgasms crash through us. First the rumble of cum rolls out of my balls and I feel the searing pleasure as it jets out of my cock in hot long spurts inside your ass. I feel a tightness not experienced before as you squeeze around me, your jerks now faster and harder than mine as you come in a series of quakes. It seems to last forever in a wonderful blinding glaze of pleasure. My knees buckle a little as I struggle to stand. Our pants and gasps and movements first constant, now slowing.

Finally, I feel emptied. My cock stops and softens a bit. I feel spent as I slowly pull out of you and watch as a thin river of cum oozes out of your ass and drips onto the floor. Your back heaves up and down for a few moments as you recover your breath. You stand and turn to face me and we kiss. Your lips are soft, sweet and I love the passion we just shared and the peace we now have. I smile into your sparkling blue eyes.

“Thanks, Love,” I say as I reach down for my boxers and pants. In a moment I’m zipped and buckled and your skirt is back around your wonderful thighs and your shirt is now buttoned.

You kiss me again and straighten my collar, “any time dear”. I smile at our small talk, few words speaking volumes.

I smile again as I hear the door next to us creak open and the man lumber out. We too exit and smile as we walk past the dazed man and I wink again. He stares blankly, mouth open and we laugh.

I take your hand and we walk out into the bar and then out into the night.

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