Girls who like balls!


Girls who like balls!I really enjoy my wife because she can give so much pleasure by sucking my balls!She does it in a such way that I’ve never felt before with any other women, and I’ve already got so many in my life. Firstly, she licks one of the balls, then she licks the other. After, she keeps on licking from one ball to the other at the bottom of the nut sack. She keeps on circling the tip of her tongue around the balls and starts going from side to side. After that, she goes straight to the bottom and licks it. It’s so amazing!So, she sucks one of the balls and puts it inside her mouth. Drooling and sucking it. Then, the same with the other.To finish, she puts the entire nut sack in her mouth and suck both balls together vigorously. Sometimes she even licks the balls inside her mouth. ankara rus escort This process takes about 10 minutes and I feel like I’m in heaven!Including hoes and one night stands, I think I had more than 500 women, but only 5 of them sucked my balls in a way that I couldn’t forget.The first one who showed me that I could get pleasure from that was a virgin girl. She was my girlfriend for a couple of months.She never ever had sucked a dick or something, but when it came to be her prime with me, she didn’t like the width. She said it was like an umbrella handler. Then, immediately, she went for the balls. Oh boy! She licked behind my balls and stayed there for about 5 minutes. What a sensation! After that, she started to suck one ball and then the other. ankara rus escort bayan It was so delightful that I had to say: Girl, you were born to suck balls. She giggled and stood there for more 5 minutes. 2 months later we split up and I never had the chance to have those lips around my balls again…A few months later, I found a prostitute who was willing to suck my balls. Man, that felt great! She was really enjoying that. I presume nobody had asked for that before. She used to suck my balls for 10 minutes and gone for the dick to finish it up. I’ve became a loyal customer for almost a year. My serious girlfriend at that time didn’t like to suck my balls, but I used to force her from time to time. Some times she said that my balls were rus escort ankara stinking and, believe me, that didn’t bother me at all. It kind of turned me on.I began to visit that prostitute without taking shower on purpose, just so that she could say that my balls were stinking too. In that case, she would be obliged to suck it anyway, since I was paying for it. Quite the opposite! She sucked them like it was nothing. Oh, how I appreciated that.A few months after I met my wife. At first, she was so pure and naive I was wondering how would I pervert that woman? A couple of months later, when she felt that I wouldn’t ditch her, she showed me what she was about. I asked her: Could you suck my balls? Wow! She went there like it was a fight. She did all my virgin girlfriend and that prostitute used to do, but all at once. I told her: Girl, you are the one! Keep on sucking my balls like that and you’ll get yourself a marriage. Said and done. We’re married for 4 years now, although she doesn’t suck my balls as much as the old days when were knowing each other, she still sucks them when I ask and when they’re shaved.

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