Goodnight My Love – 3


Goodnight My Love – Part 3 Previously: “Oh, Kevin, I don’t want you to be in the dog house. I just want you to take good care of yourself, for me… and for Sandra, I… we want you to be here for us for a very long time.” “Yes, of course, that’s why you beat the snot out of me. It makes perfect sense to me,” I teased. But her face fell and I was instantly sorry I’d said it. I handed the Sushi tray to Sandra then took the tea tray from Saki and set it on the bench next to me. I took both her hands and stood up. She came up with me. I kissed her fingers then put my arms around her. She returned my embrace and said, “If you really liked it, I could arrange to do it regularly.” “I think I’ll take a pass on that. I would rather do this… um, regularly.” “What, Sweetie? What would you rather do?” she asked as though she had no idea. I nuzzled her ear and whispered, “I would rather hold you in my arms.” It was suddenly very quiet. Saki held me very tight for a moment then let go. She pushed me gently back onto the bench. Reluctantly, I let her. She was blushing deeply and I guessed that she must have felt my erection. She busied herself with the tea tray, offering it first to Sandra and then to me. We sipped the tea in companionable silence and I found its pleasant astringency calming. My traitor dick lay in wait biding his time. Begin Part 3 Refreshed, I sat musing. I placed my empty tea bowl on the tray then sat back to reflect on the sudden changes the day had brought. We were all quiet for a while. I slipped my arms around Sandra and Saki. They moved closer and put their arms around my shoulders. Something about that moved me and made me think about how much I loved both of them. Suddenly, I did not want the day to end without telling them so but I could not find the right words to say what was in my heart. On impulse, I disengaged and traded my warm place between them for Nao’s stool. Saki and Sandra slid together on the bench. The leftover hot towels were still very comfortably warm. I took one of the still steamy hand towels and began to wash Saki’s feet. Nao-san, always watchful, must have seen me. She brought a couple of thick, fluffy towels and set them on the bench next to Saki. They were warm but dry. Saki was watching me carefully. Her almond eyes were half closed and I could not read her expression. Her feet were small and delicate. For the first time I realized that they were very beautiful. I dried her feet with one of the towels Nao-san had brought. When istanbul travesti I was finished, I slipped off the stool to my knees. Raising each foot in my hands, one at a time, I kissed them and then I kissed her pretty knees. I felt her fingers in my hair and goose bumps shot down my arms as I heard her whisper, “Oh, sweet boy.” Seated on the stool again, I turned to Sandra and felt her eyes on me as I lifted her foot into my lap. I gave Sandra as careful and loving attention as I had given Saki. When I had dried and kissed her feet, I just sat there on the stool looking at their beautiful feet. Saki asked, quietly, “What’s going on with you, Kev-chan?” “Should we be worried about you, Baby Brother?” I glanced up at them, blinking back tears. I tried to smile and made a bad job of it. “I don’t know how to say what I’m feeling. I just…” it trailed off. They slid forward on the bench, took my hands, and tried together to hug me. The tenderness of their affection made something inside me give way. I could not hold back the tears. I think that spooked them. They fussed over me and if I hadn’t been feeling like crap, their lavish attentions would have been terrific. With their arms around me, I whispered, “I love you.” Saki snickered and asked, “Is he talking to our feet or to us?” “Ask him, he’s right here.” I ignored that and said, “I love you both more than I know how to tell you.” “What you did just now, Kevin, speaks more eloquently than words.” “It was also very hot, Kev-chan. No one has ever made me feel so – feminine.” I lifted their hands to my lips and kissed them, pressed them to my cheeks. The thorn in my chest was back and I ached to hold them, touch them – make love to them. “I’m… I’m sorry that I’m such a mess. It must be a real pain in the ass to have me under foot all the time, looking after me and putting up with my adolescent crap.” Both of them sat back and folded their arms, frowning. My heart sank and I was afraid the foot kissing had been too much. They were very quiet for a moment. “Saki, I think you may need to drag his worthless, scruffy ass out back and beat the snot out of him again. I would be tempted to do it myself but you are much better at it than I am.” “If I thought for one second that it would actually do any good, we would already be headed out the back door.” I knew they were in teasing mode because their smiles had not entirely disappeared but there was something istanbul travestileri else in their voices, something not quite covered by their mock sternness. There was a hint of apprehension. I was about to say something else stupid when I felt Nao-san’s hand on my shoulder. “Not good idea to put both feet in mouth at same time. Go take shower.” I went. — Nao-san sat on the stool and patted the girl’s knees. “What’s the matter with you two, why you tease him so hard? Don’t you know that the boy is in love with you, both of you?” She tapped her forehead. “In here he is very sharp, still boy but he grow into man very fast.” She touched her heart. “Here he is man already. He has very big heart even for man. He adores you. He would do anything you ask and more. I think he would give life for you if need.” She took their hands and squeezed them. “No one will ever love you as much or as selfless as he does. You be very careful not to break his heart. Remember he is still boy, like puppy he wants only to please – he sit, roll over, fetch stick – and all for small token of approval. He is not puppy. Do not make him beg for your approval or your affection. He aches in his heart for love of you.” “Momma, we know that he loves us both with all his heart. We’ve known that for some time. We also know that he is easily wounded by our disapproval. He usually knows when we are teasing him. We love him. We would never deliberately hurt him or break his heart.” “Very good, now go make fuss over him.” — I went to the guest room that the three of us shared whenever Sandra and I stayed over. It was dressed out Japanese style but it was more like a sitting room or den than a bedroom. That was largely do to the way Japanese rooms are laid out. A traditional Japanese bedroom has no bed. The futon is spread out on the floor for sleeping but kept stored away when not in use. The floor consists of thick tatami (rice straw) mats. There are low cabinets and chests of drawers along the outside wall. There is usually no closet; however, this one had a large walk-in. Cabinet space was not used up by clothing. There was also a small Hokkaido style fireplace in one corner. I selected three CDs of Koto music then set the switch to pipe the music into the main bath. I went into the closet, stripped my cloths off, and slipped into a thick, oversized terry robe. On a hanger were the navy kimono jacket and cotton shorts that I usually wore. I took them and a couple of large travesti istanbul bath sheets with me to the bathroom. The bathroom was designed to be the best of both worlds, western and Japanese. The commode was strictly western and surrounded by a shoji (rice paper) screen to afford some privacy. The tub was a large tiled Japanese communal tub. It was filled with mineral water and heated. No one went in without scrubbing off the dirt first. There was also a heavy-duty filtration system. The shower was a huge stainless steel and glass cabinet called a “waterfall” shower. That, of course was its distinctive feature. The last corner of the room was also enclosed by shoji. It served as linen closet and massage room. It was fully equipped. I hung my cloths in the massage room then dropped the terry robe on the floor. At the control panel, I set two of the showerheads to warm mist. I stepped into the shower and I sat on the bench between them. I activated the waterfall. That’s where they found me. I did not hear them come into the bathroom. When I heard the latch to the shower door click, a thick cloud of steam filled the cabinet and the glass door was fogged. I had not turned on the room lights. The shower had its own lights, which I had set to dim. The door slid open about a foot. I was bemused to see two pair of eyes one above the other. The warm water falling on me in sheets had pushed me toward a state of torpor. It had been a long, physically draining day, then Sandra, then Saki. That is probably why I did not remember that I was naked. It never even crossed my mind. Saki stepped into the shower wearing only a pair of cotton knit, drawstring shorts, and a shy smile. Her small, well-formed breasts were absolutely lovely. She carried a wooden pail of hot soapy water and a sponge – a real sponge. Sandra followed Saki into the shower and closed the door. She too was wearing little more than her good looks. She reached over my head, turned off the waterfall and both showerheads. One breast pressed into my cheek, so I turned my head and kissed it. Sandra did not pull away. Saki saw the kiss and offered her own dark rose nipples for kissing. I was very tempted to do more than kiss them. Her nipples were erect. I nuzzled and kissed them both. She groaned with pleasure. Sandra also carried a sponge and a squeeze bottle of mineral water. I had nearly drifted off to sleep. Even in their nubile presence, I was still very lethargic. My stupid dick was at about half-mast but did not stir. Sandra and Saki sat on the bench and put their arms around me. Their skin was soft and cool against my overheated flesh. They kissed my cheeks then splashed cold water in my face. “Are you still with us Kev-chan?” “My kisses weren’t a clue?” I growled. “Let’s get Mr.

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