Great Neighbors Ch. 01


This is the first story in a series about a man and a wife who participate in sexual liaisons with a couple of female neighbors, fulfilling the husband’s sexual desires and reawakening his wife’s sexual drive.

Jon and his wife Linda moved into a new upscale home in an expensive gated neighborhood. Linda’s success in becoming a partner and drawing a high salary in a large law firm at the age of 35 afforded them the ability to move into the most exclusive neighborhood in town. Jon, 36 years old, worked from home as a consultant for a couple of companies, doing computer programming for them as needed.

Linda’s job was demanding, forcing her to work long hours, leaving her tired and drained. In the first few years of their marriage, the sex was nearly every night. Their sex could never be considered outlandish, however, Jon found it fulfilling. Jon still considered Linda to be hot. She still enjoyed sex, but the energy devoted to her job left her uninterested in sex on days that she worked. In the last couple years of his marriage, Jon found that the combination of working at home and Linda’s decreased sex drive was making him lonely. He had become addicted to internet porn and masturbated as many as four times per day.

Within a few days of moving in, Jon found himself lusting after two of the women living in the neighborhood. One lived across the street, the other next door. From a distance they both appeared to be very beautiful. He wished it weren’t early December so that he could see them in skimpier clothing. He would masturbate and watch for just a glimpse of them as they left their homes to get into their cars, furiously working his cock to ejaculate while they were in sight.

A week after they had moved into the neighborhood, both of the neighbors that Jon had been fantasizing about visited at different times on a Saturday to drop off house warming gifts. Jon was not home at the time and was disappointed when Linda told him who had visited. From Linda, Jon learned that Christina lived across the street and Abbey next door. Linda told him that both women were in their early 30’s, divorced, and living on alimony. This excited Jon, as had been wondering about not seeing any men at either home and imagined they both had unfulfilled sexual needs.

Linda also told Jon that Christina had invited them to her Christmas party and Abbey to her New Years Eve party. Linda didn’t seem particularly interested in attending either party as she preferred to use her time off from work for the holidays to relax and rest. Jon pointed out that they could leave the parties early and be home in seconds if they weren’t enjoying themselves. Christina agreed to attend both parties when Jon also pointed out that it would be a great opportunity for them to get to know their neighbors

In the two weeks leading up to Christina’s Christmas party, Jon fantasized daily about Christina or Abbey pulling him aside at the party and offering their body to him. The thoughts kept him constantly aroused.

In the days leading up to Christina’s, Jon thought he was drawing some suspicion from Linda over his excitement and was very relieved when they were finally standing at Christina’s door the Saturday night before Christmas.

Christina opened the door, wearing a very short, low cut, red dress, stockings, and red pumps with very high heels. Jon nearly gasped at the sight of her deep cleavage and incredibly sexy legs. Christina greeted them warmly but to Jon’s disappointment didn’t seem to take any special notice of him.

The party proved enjoyable, with around thirty people in attendance, the food and drink were excellent. Jon found some interesting people to talk to and managed to catch Abbey alone and introduce himself to her. She was dressed nearly identically Antep Bayan Escort as Christina, except her dress was green. She too had great legs and large boobs. Abbey spent about ten minutes talking to Jon. Jon grasped very little of what was said because during the whole conversation he could only imagine rubbing his cock on the back of her legs. Abbey gave him a brushing kiss on the cheek as they moved apart, saying, “I’ll catch you later,” making Jon’s cock rise up and causing him to find a place to sit to hide his arousal.

Jon was quite happy to discover that Linda was having a wonderful time. She really seemed to enjoy talking to other women and he guessed that she was lonely in her own right, working so many hours and only having Jon to talk with at home. Jon had hoped that Linda would interact a lot with Christina and Abbey, giving him more of a chance to get to know them, but she seemed to spend most of her time talking to others. Jon decided they needed to host a party. He thought of a pool party to open their pool and decided it was a brilliant idea, imagining Christina and Abbey in swimsuits.

About 12:30am Jon discovered that Linda and he soon were to be the last guests. Linda was in the bathroom and Christina was standing at the door telling another couple goodbye. Christina appeared to be a bit tipsy as she was weaving a bit and laughing loudly. Linda returned from the bathroom and she and Jon approached Christina to say goodbye.

Linda was the first to Christina and was saying what a wonderful party it was when Christina leaned in, pulled Linda’s head towards her and began trying to tongue kiss Linda, attempting to force Linda’s mouth open. Jon was very surprised and even more shocked when Linda acquiesced, opening her mouth and kissing Christina back. Jon could hear Christina moaning and found his cock rising as Christina began to fondle Linda’s breasts with both of her hands as they continued to tongue each other.

Even in Jon’s wildest fantasies he had not envisioned Christina attacking his wife. Soon Christina pulled Linda to the floor, hiked up her dress to reveal only a garter belt, no underwear and just a small strip of hair above her pussy. She pulled Christina’s face to her pussy. Jon was dumbfounded as Linda began to lick Christina’s pussy. Linda had never expressed an interest in having sex with another woman and was completely uninterested in girl/girl scenes the few times they watched porn together.

Soon Christina was moaning loudly and whispering, “Yes, yes, lick my pussy!” Linda was working her tongue in and out of Christina’s cunt, lapping up to Christina’s clit, and then driving her tongue back in. Christina began to come, her whole body shaking as she screamed, “Fuck yes!” Jon watched Christina shake in awe, his dick rock hard, and realized that by making Christina come, Linda had just done what he had dreamed of doing. He couldn’t believe what he’d just seen.

Christina rose to her feet, pulled Linda up by the hand and led her to the sofa in the living room. Jon followed slowly not wanting to ruin the moment and feverishly praying that he would at some point be invited to join in the sex. Jon was afraid the moment could be ruined if he pressed to join in too quickly.

At the couch, Christina turned Linda towards the couch and pushed her from behind, forcing Linda onto her knees on the couch with her upper body leaning on the back of the couch. Christina knelt on the floor lifted Linda’s skirt up, revealing her garter belt and stockings. Christina pulled Linda’s panties down to the top of her stockings, and began to rub two fingers on Linda’s cunt. Linda’s pussy immediately showed signs of moisture and she began to moan. Soon Christina had inserted two fingers into Linda’s snatch and was reaching around Linda’s leg with her other hand to rub Linda’s clit. Linda started moaning louder and was soon bucking her hips back, fucking Christina’s hand. Jon could contain himself no longer and opened up his pants, took out his cock and began to stroke it. He felt ready to explode at the sight of his wife being finger fucked by another woman. Linda bucked her hips harder and screamed, “Fuck me!” as she came.

As Linda came, Jon had to stop stroking his cock in order to not ejaculate, and wondered what would come next. He did not have to wait long, as Christina dropped to her knees and began to lick Linda’s pussy, running her tongue up and down at a furious pace. Linda was soon moaning, “Harder, harder!” and Jon realized that Christina was smashing her tongue up against Linda’s pussy has hard she could as she worked it up and down. Linda moaned a long drawn out, “Yyyeeessss!” as she came again.

Jon could contain himself no longer and approached the women, pushing his pants to his ankles. Christina sensed his presence and turned towards him, still on her knees, she said, “Let’s suck your husband’s cock!” Linda turned and sat on the couch as Christina took Jon’s dick into her mouth. As Christina sucked his dick, Linda began licking the side and base. Jon was in complete ecstasy, this was much better than anything he had imagined doing with Christina. Both women began friggin their own pussies with one hand. Soon Christina withdrew Jon’s cock and offered it to Linda. Christina then began licking the base of Jon’s cock, tickling his balls with her fingernails, sending shock waves up his spine. The women continued to pass Jon’s dick back and forth, stopping briefly as Christina forced her tongue into Linda’s mouth as they both masturbated to another orgasm. Linda was sucking Jon’s cock when Christina started using her hand to jerk up and down on the base, yelling, “Suck him off!” Linda, getting a splatter of pre-cum, pulled back while Christina began furiously jerking Jon’s dick in front of her face, her mouth open and tongue sticking out. Linda, having always avoided Jon to cum in her mouth, shocked Jon by putting her face next to Linda’s and touching her tongue to Linda’s. Jon knew he was having the best orgasm of his life as his cum shot out, hitting Christina in the forehead. Christina then adjusted his dick downwards, causing his next blast to catch the lady’s tongues. The final spurts from Jon’s dick hit his wife on the upper lip and dribbled down onto her chin and then onto her breasts.

Jon then experienced what he had never known existed, the incredible sensation of having your dick sucked immediately after orgasm. Christina began bobbing her mouth up and down on his prick, sending incredible sensations through Jon’s whole body, causing him to moan and scream in something between ecstasy and agony. Christina passed his cock to Linda who began to suck, but his member had become so sensitive his brain couldn’t handle it and Jon had to pull away. Christina laughed and said, “It’s about the only time you’ll see a man pull away from sex!” Then she tongue kissed Linda again.

Christina then rose from the floor, picked up her dress and used it to wipe Jon’s come from her forehead and from Linda’s upper lip and chin. She sat on the couch and turned to Linda and ordered, “I want you to suck my tits and finger fuck me!” Linda moved to the opposite aide of Christina on the couch so she could use her right hand to fuck Christina and Jon sat where Linda had been sitting. Christina spread her legs, placing one leg over Linda’s thigh, the other over Jon’s. She elevated her pelvis, giving Linda wide open access to her pussy. Linda began massaging Christina’s clit and leaned over and sucked one of Christina’s nipples into her mouth. Jon considered sucking Christina’s other tit but decided that this was another moment that he should just hang back. Christina moaned, “Yes baby, do it!” Soon Linda began thrusting three fingers into Christina’s cunt. Christina screamed, “Bite my nipple bitch!” and thrashed around as she had yet another orgasm.

The action had caused some excitement in Jon, but had not caused a full arousal. He was wondering how to get himself involved again in the action when Christina reached down, pulled off her pumps, handed one to Linda and said, “Fuck yourself with the toe!” Christina, holding the shoe with both hands, began working the toe of the shoe up and down on her cunt. Linda watched Christina briefly and then began to do the same.

Jon watched in amazement. This was the kinkiest thing he’d ever seen. He couldn’t believe how Christina could get his wife to do about anything.

In just a few seconds both women were moaning. Linda had never had problems achieving orgasm but this was crazy, she was shooting off every five minutes of so. Christina was moaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as she worked the shoe up and down. John felt his cock rising and achieved full erection as Christina shoved the shoe about four inches up her cunt. Both women writhed in pleasure as they came and John could hardly control his desire to fuck something.

Christina, dropping her shoe to the floor, rolled over so that she was kneeling on top of Linda. Looking back over her shoulder at Jon, Christina demanded, “Come fuck us hard!” Jon approached nervously, worried that Linda might be upset, a shared blowjob was one thing, but fucking Christina in front of his wife seemed impossible. Jon, in a questioning voice said, “Linda?” Linda responded loudly with, “Yes Jon, fuck the hell out of us!”

Jon began by kneeling and inserting his cock into Linda’s drenching wet pussy, reaching around Christina to stroke her clit and finger fuck her. Soon both women were again shaking with orgasm, Linda moaned, “Your cock is so hard!” as a spasm shook her body.

Jon then stood up, switched his cock over to Christina, and began pounding her from behind. Christina hollered, “Fuck me, fuck me!” Jon noticed that Christina was furiously stroking his wife’s pussy again with her fingers. After a couple of minutes everyone was again about to reach orgasm. Then Christina hollered, “Fill me up with your hot cum, Stud!”! Jon felt his climax recede a little as he was afraid of Linda’s reaction. He again in a questioning voice said, “Linda?” Linda responded with, “Oh God yes, fucking give it to her!” Jon rammed his cock in and out of Christina’s wet hole at an even more furious pace and could see Christina working her thumb in and out of Linda as Linda stroked at her own clit. As Jon shot his warm load into Christina’s soaking, soft pussy, both women screamed, “Yes, yes!” over and over again!

Everyone collapsed on the couch, enjoying in silence the blissful aftermath of orgasm. Both women were having spasms in their legs from the frenzied pace; orgasm after orgasm. After about ten minutes, Christina announced, “I’ve got to sleep now,” and leaned over sideways on the couch, drew her feet up and closed her eyes.

Jon and Linda rose, Jon pulling his pants back up, Linda pushing her skirt back down. “Wow, all that and we barely even took our clothes off,” thought Jon.

Jon and Linda went out the front door and started the walk across the street. Jon asked, “How did that happen?” Linda responded, “I don’t know, when she forced her kiss on me I started to resist and then just let it go. After that it was just all crazy, one thing after another!”

Other than promising their love to one another and saying good night, neither spoke another word after their brief conversation in the street. As Jon lay down to sleep he thought, “Crazy is right, and I’ll go crazy if it doesn’t happen again!”

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