Subject: GREEK REUNION 3 Hi, Nifty, would you please add this to my Greek Reuon series in Incest. Thanks. Dear readers, please donate to fty. It’s a great resource for readers and writers and provides many hours of pleasure. We can help keep it a thriving site with donations large and small. Thank you. Greek Reuon Part 3 In Part 2, Yians and his older brother Nikos reconnected on the ride home from Athens International Airport. Yians had left Greece eight years earlier to attend college in Boston. The boys had shared a bedroom growing up and they would be sharing one again. By Dudley Jarvis-North Mama and Pa are thrilled to see me, their youngest son, and are full of questions about my new life in Boston as we dine on moussaka, calamari, salad and drink wine. My brother Nikos is very quiet — unusual for him. He seems anxious. Nikos is not interested in a long, drawn-out dinner. Something else is on his mind. “Mama, Yians had a long flight. We should let him get some sleep.” He looks my way and winks. Now, I’m feeling anxious. We’ll be in the same bedroom we shared much of our lives. My mouth became reacquainted with his perfect dick as he drove me home from the airport, but now I’m wondering about accommodating him in other ways. He is long — 8 or 9 inches — and the head of his pes is the biggest and fattest I’ve ever seen, so much so that it stretches his veiny foreskin into a translucent sheet. Will it fit inside me? Will he go slowly? In Boston, I usually topped guys I met.And it occurs to me that Nikos is not the most patient of men. In the car we had talked about his playing Socrates to my being one of his students. If you know Greek history, you know what I’m talking about. “May I have another glass of wine?” I say, with a gulp and Mama fills my glass. Nikos is watching me with a Cheshire cat grin. I wonder what he is thinking. Mama speaks, “Yians, you had better go to sleep early toght like Nikos says. He can tuck you in and make sure you are OK. Just like old times.” She had played right into my bro’s hands. We take our leave. Nikos and I are in our old bedroom. I can hear the door being locked. He still has that odd grin on his face. He grabs me and pushes me onto his bed. His full weight is on top of me as he pulls my head closer and kisses me on the lips. I feel his tongue invade my mouth. He is massaging the back of my neck as he sucks my lips, tongue, the inside of my mouth. He is like a savage beast. He hadn’t been so aggressive on that fateful ght eight years ago. He breaks the kiss and whispers, “We are not going to have sex like the last time; we are going to have rougher sex. Do you understand? Now kiss me, bro; show me how much you want me.” I land my lips on his. He tastes like the wine we’ve been drinking. I had too much of it. I am having trouble thinking straight. He has had şişli travesti enough of kissing. I feel his hands undoing my belt; then my pants are being pulled off and my sneakers. I am soon naked except for my black boxer briefs. “You’ve grown up, Yians… look at your body.You were a boy the last time and now you are a man.” This is true. While I am just over 5-6, I am 175 pounds and have musculature like a well-built gymnast. My chest, stomach and legs are hairy, but not as much as Nikos’s. He raises himself off the bed and starts to strip. “I am a man also.” He flexes his muscles and jumps on top of me with his knees splayed on either side of my hips. He is still wearing his underwear — white cotton briefs–and he is gripping me by the ears. “You want your brother’s dick in your mouth … I can see hunger in your eyes.” I nod, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. He grabs my nose and twists it. “Say it — say you want your brother’s dick in your mouth.” I’m so eager to taste his dick that of course I say it. “I want it, yes, I want your dick in my mouth.” Nikos threads his dick through the fly of his briefs. “Take a good look. Tell your big brother what you like about his dick. I ignore his request and push forward to try to get my mouth on it, but he pushes me away. “Not yet. Tell me why you love my dick.” It’s fucking beautiful,” I blurt out. “It’s tall, just like you, and the head is so big it flares out and makes your foreskin stretch. I never saw a dick like yours.” Nikos proudly pulls his foreskin back about halfway and pushes it into my nostrils. “I’m glad you like it — I agree, it is beautiful, so why don’t you smell it?” I have little choice as he is rubbing it under my nose. “What does it smell like, Yians, Is it sweet?” I fumble for an answer. it really doesn’t smell sweet. it’s gamey– it smells of dried cum and piss, but I’m afraid to offend him. What if I say something negative and he stops what we’re doing? “It smells delicious,” Nikos, “Look how hard I am.” Nikos reaches back and feels my through my undies. “Your big brother turns you on — eh? He brings his pes to my lips. “You like it so much, why don’t you kiss it? I’m really drunk. His scent has aroused me beyond any high I’ve ever had. I press my lips against the head and smother it with kisses. “Look up at me while you kiss it, he orders. “And lap my foreskin up and down with your tongue.” I do as he asks, but I really want his dick in my mouth, all the way in my mouth. I make a move to wrap my lips around it, but he pushes my head away. “That’s not what I want toght. I bet you know where I want to put my dick. You’ve been wiggling your ass at me since you were a teenager, teasing me, making me horny. Now you’ll pay for teasing me.” The die is cast. i am going to get fucked — maybe even revenge-fucked –by my big brother. beylikdüzü travesti I’m so turned on in the moment that I forget to worry about his oversized crown and how much it will hurt. Nikos moves off my body and twists me onto my stomach. He rubs my ass through my briefs. He grabs the elastic band with both hands and shreds my briefs in two — what’s left of them is hanging around one leg. “Fuck,” he bleats, “I can’t believe how hairy your ass is — you’re as hairy as I am back there.” He pulls off his tightey-whiteys and turns around and planks his ass close to my face. Gawd, his butt is as beautiful as I imagined. Nice and meaty and the crack is thick with black hair that stands out against his white ass. It runs up the crack and makes a dark patch at the small of his back. He notices me staring. “I bet you want to stick your tongue in there,” he brags and pulls his cheeks apart so that I can see his pink hole. “But not toght. It’s your ass that is getting all the attention.” He runs his finger up and down the crack and says, “I need to make it more moist.” He has climbed onto the bed and spread my cheeks. I feel his face on my butt and then his tongue is lathering it up and down. He spits onto my hole and does it again. He is lapping at my tiny hole, his tongue darting in about an inch. “Bro, you taste sweet. What a sexy ass you have.” Now he has me wondering how much experience he has had eating guys’ asses, and I’m also wondering about the real facts about his quick divorce from Penelope. He has always presented himself as a ladies man, a totally straight hunk of Greek manhood. But this isn’t a good time to ask questions about his experience with guys. He turns me on my back and looks me in the eye. “That’s enough lubrication. You will open up for me, ready or not.” He pulls up my legs and and tells me to use my hands to keep them up. He looks crazed as he moves his foreskin back and forth over his tight head. His dick rests at my hole, but he doesn’t make a move to push it in. He isn’t through with the talk part. “Tell your big bro what you want.” I’m excited and a little apprehensive at it hurting, but I blurt out, “I want it.” “You want it?” What do you want?” “Your beautiful dick,” I say. “You want it where.” This seems obvious enough, but I play along because at this point I can’t think of anything but Nikos’s cock in my ass.” “I want your fat dickhead inside my ass, bro. I want to feel you inside me.” This seems to satisfy his ego. He pushes the head perhaps a half-inch inside. “Jeez, you’re tight,” he says. “Loosen up for me.” I push my sphincter outward and think about how good he’s going to feel. He pushes at my hole and in time the head is inside. “That’s a boy.” Then he moves it an inch more inside. That’s when it starts to hurt like blazes. My ass isn’t quite as istanbul travesti ready as my brain to get fucked by his big dick. “Wait a second, bro, let me get my bearings.” Nikos ignores that and pushes in another inch. Yeah, it hurts. Just then he violently slaps my butt cheek. “Open up, you little tease. You wanted my dick; now you’re going to get it.” He moves a few more inches inside me. I decide to do what a Boston guy once advised me as he tried to take my hole. “Take deep breaths.” I try to picture openg for him and and — wham — Nikos is not waiting — he plunges the full 8 inches inside. I know this because I can feel his hairy pubes against my ass. “You feel amazing, bro… your ass was worth the wait.” Nikos is hammering my hole in full fury now — all the way out and back in again, forcing me to accept it. He grabs my wrists and pulls them over my head. I am in the most vulnerable position with my legs up and his heavier body holding me in place. I’m slowly starting to get into it, feeling him and also picturing his dick entering me, pulling out, then pistong in. It’s the first time I have relaxed enough to enjoy the experience. “Take my big Greek dick,” he barks, in full alpha mode. “You are going to get fucked like never before.” I ignore that he has become something of a loudmouthed braggart. I guess he should be proud of his prowess. He is a sexy fucker. I look at his face — it is full of pleasure as he fucks me hard. He moves his face closer and puts his lips on mine, kissing me and slobbering on my mouth. “Don’t I feel fantastic?” his voice has gotten more gentle. “I want it to be good for you, too.” I answer by sticking my tongue in his mouth and kissing him deeply. His eyes are closed in a reverie, but mine stay open so that I can look at his handsome face, which is redder than its usual olive. I take perverse pleasure in making him work. “That feels intense, Nikos, don’t stop. I don’t care how long it takes. You can fuck me all ght if you want to. I’ll be proud to have your cum inside me.” His eyes open and he looks supremely satisfied. His ego was always much bigger than mine. He is plowing my ass so hard that I feel an electric current runng through my body all the way to my toes. My body is on fire. I am thrusting my pelvis forward to meet my brother-fucker. I have reached that point where his dick up my ass is all I want in life. Other stories I’ve posted are in Encounters: The Bass Player, The Pact (both Sept. 13,’17), James (Jan. 26, ’18), At the Underwear Rack (2 parts, April 23 `19). Aleksandr (Aug. 19 and 21, 2020). In Urination there are Drink It (2 parts, Sept. 24,’18) and Lesson at Rock River (Nov. 6,’18); In Adult Youth, Aaron’s Basement (Jan. 12,’18); In Authoritarian, Taken in the Woods (May 28,’18), Forced Reenactment, Nov. 12, Dec. 14; The Pushment that Wasn’t (Feb. 9, April 2 2020); Shane the Barber (Aug. 11, 2021). In Camping, the 4-part Camping with Josh (Sept. 24, 18) and in High School — William the Great (3 parts, Jan, 16, ’19). In Incest, How Did My Bro know, March 16 ’20) and Greek Reuon (July 17’21)

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