Hallowiener Pt. 01


“We could dress as girls!?”

He was actually smiling at me. Smiling at me across the dinner table in our packed out college cafeteria. He was actually pleased with his suggestion. What the hell was he thinking?

“Hey I’m up for that if you two are!” John chirped in rather too enthusiastically for my liking.

It was always the same, October would be rolling by and we didn’t have a clue of what we were going to wear at Tom’s annual Halloween bash.

“I don’t know guys, it’s a little, um, weird, don’t you think?” I asked. I didn’t really like the idea of dressing up as a girl.

“Oh come on Dan! It’s Halloween! Live a little!” Tom didn’t have an inhibited bone in his body. Last year he dressed as Tarzan, using only a pair of speedos two sizes too small. It wasn’t pretty. “I mean what type of outfit were you thinking?”

Tom thought for a while as John smiled stupidly at the idea of the three of us dressed up like girls. “Nurses!” Tom finally said rather loudly.

“Umm,” I sat quietly for a moment contemplating his suggestion, “I really don’t know about this.”

“Do it!” Tom and John sang at me in unison. “It’s only one day out of the year and once you get the wig on and a little make-up people will hardly recognise you. After a night on the booze how many of them will remember you dressed as a nurse?” Tom continued.

I had to admit that Tom’s logic had its merits, but the butterflies were circling my stomach already. “Ok, I’ll do it, but please promise me that you’ll not get anything too revealing?”

“I’ll make sure of it!” Tom said with a broad grin.

That was two weeks ago and that whole conversation was still fresh in my mind. However, here I stood in front of my mother’s full-length mirror checking myself out in the ‘not revealing’ costume Tom had gotten me. I have to admit that I did make a decent enough girl. I had never really had much body hair, so the light fuzz beneath my fishnets was barely visible, even to the touch. In addition, the fake boobs Tom had given me sat rather nicely beneath the lacy black bra. Once I had applied the lipstick and my short blonde bob was in place, I didn’t look half-bad. However, the issue I had been with the white skirt that barely passed my waist. It didn’t even cover the stocking tops. I was seriously worried about flashing the bikini panties Tom had given me to wear. I just hoped I wouldn’t’ need to bend over. If I was supposed to be dressed as a health worker, I was one of the sexiest I’d ever seen!

“Damn you Tom, I knew you’d pull this kind of shit!” I wasn’t best pleased, but thought back to what Tom had said, and he was right. Nobody would really pay attention and most of the party would be too drunk to care.

The three of us were a big hit. Most of the other guys were dressed as vampires or some film star; generally, they were dressed in their normal attire just with a pair of fangs or fake blood down their white tees, not overly impressive.

We, on the other hand, were getting all the attention. Girls were flirting with us left, right and centre. Joking with us about make-up tips and asking to borrow our heels. Even the guys joined in the joke. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had my butt squeezed with a Escort Bayan Gaziantep “Would you like to see my thermometer?” whispered into my ear. One guy, from another high school, even tried hitting on me before he realized I wasn’t what he thought. It was more fun than I expected and the night ended all too soon.

The party slowed to a whimper and around 2am the last of the guests left. Tom had pulled; being it was his house they were up in his room. I hadn’t seen John for a few hours but he only lived down the street so I assumed he’d left or found another little spot to crash. Me, I spotted the couch and zeroed in. I was too drunk to function and was asleep before my head landed.

“Well hello there what have we here?” I could hear the deep voice quietly purring beside me but didn’t pay it any mind. I hadn’t been asleep for long but my mind was just a fog of nothingness and for all I knew I could have been dreaming. In fact, when the soft hand began stroking my thigh I knew I must me dreaming. It felt too good to be anything else.

“Mmmmmm” I moaned as I felt the hand slide beneath the hem of my skirt.

“Oh I see, you like that do you babygirl?” The voice was calm and strong in my ear; I could almost feel the breath against the back of my head. “That’s it little one, just lie there and let Daddy make you feel good.”

It did feel good. The hand was strong as it squeezed my thigh. Each stroke beneath my skirt got higher and higher until the large hand gently squeezed my cheek. “mmm” I let another moan escape my lips as I continued to imagine all the sensations these mysterious hands were giving me. God they felt so real, I even felt my cock stir and begin to stiffen.

The large digits began manipulating my cheeks with more vigour as time went on and with each passing moment my staff thickened its modest six inches and the moans became more frequent.

“That’s a good little girl; do you like Daddy teasing you like that?” The deep voice questioned.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” a muffled hum into the cushion was all I could muster in response, the reply I got however, I didn’t expect.

Zzzzzippp! I knew that sound, the familiar sound of a zipper dragged down its 5-inch metal track. Whomever the dream hands belonged to, it was clear the situation had them just as turned on as me. I was turning on this mysterious dream invader and I loved the idea. As I focused on the light grunting, I had forgotten about the curious hands squeezing my butt. That didn’t last long as I felt a large digit digging beneath my panties and slipping between my cheeks. I let out a little gasp of surprise. I imagined I’d do that even if I were awake. The finger kept sliding between my cheeks until I felt it press gently against my asshole. I have to admit the way I imagined it was rather nice, even tickled a little bit. Even as he pushed a little harder, I liked it, although it was starting to hurt.

“Oh baby, you’re a tight little one aren’t you?” My mysterious dream lover asked, “We’ll have to loosen you up a little before I try you on for size.”

That was all the voice said before withdrawing his hand from my panties. I felt alone, vacant, the hands had left me and it was almost cold. Then I felt the couch move. The cushions depressed around my head and I could tell something new was about to be introduced to my dream.

Totally caught in my dream world I was revelling. I had never felt like this. I knew the voice and hands belonged to a man but for some reason it didn’t matter, after all this was just a dream. Moreover, I couldn’t wait for what this mystery man had in store for me next. Through bleary eyes, I could see a large socked foot land beside my head, depressing the couch, which told me all I needed to know. Tilting my head up my eyes traced the line of his large thigh to a jean clad crotch inches from me. What I didn’t expect was to see the monolith that seemed eager to introduce itself.

Standing straight up from the hole in his jeans was an extremely vicious looking cock. Even through the haze of sleep I could tell there was even more hidden from view but it stood at least 6 inches from what I could tell and the lattice of veins trailing its shaft made it look so damn thick. A large hand cradled my cheek as I heard the deep voice coo at me again.

“Do you like what Daddy’s got for you young lady? Would you like Daddy to feed you?” His tone was intoxicating and in this dream scenario, I could be anything I wanted, and I have to admit that at that moment I did want to be his young lady. His cock looked magnificent! Gently the hand lifted my head up, whilst the other tilted his cock downwards. Then there I was, faced with a solid cock. He pressed the tip against my lips; I could feel the soft spongy skin of his cockhead begin to spread my lips. His hand moved around to the back of my head and encouraged me to take him inside my mouth. I could feel my own cock throb against my belly as the tip of this large cock wiggled between my lips. My eyes fixed onto the long veins disappearing into his jeans as he pushed harder, almost impatiently. Then I thought, “Danny, this is a dream, just do it, stop being such a worrier!” Without further thought, I opened my mouth and the large, thick prick eased over my tongue into my mouth.

“Ooooooh yessssss!” the deep voice hissed as his fingers massaged my scalp, feeding me his cock. “That’s my good girl!”

It felt good, damn good. My tongue traced the veins as he sawed the large phallus in and out of my mouth, bouncing my head into his lap repeatedly. I couldn’t get my head around it. None of my dreams had ever been this erotic. I was drunk, lying on my mates couch having my mouth used like a cheap whore and I loved it, and god it felt good, so damn real, almost too…

The realization hit me like a train. My eyes blinked open swiftly as the sensations flooded over me. I wasn’t asleep. I had never been asleep. I was still lying on Tom’s couch only now I was being face fucked by some unknown man. I tried to look up at who it was but lying on my stomach as I was I couldn’t lift my head high enough to see, but maybe I didn’t need to.

‘Marlboro’. One word, clearly visible, white lettering on a shiny red base, my mystery man’s belt buckle, and one I’d seen before. Tom’s father! ‘Get up, stop sucking that gorgeous cock and get up’ was what I screamed at myself. ‘Come on Danny, get your ass up and stop swallowing that big dick!’ My mind screamed at me repeatedly but my body did nothing, except that is, to continue to service his cock. ‘Gorgeous,’ I had called it gorgeous in my own mind, was I really enjoying this? In my panic, my cock had started to wilt but as I posed myself the question again, life surged into my member once more. Oh my god, I do like it. I am enjoying my new role as a cocksucker. All this time I thought I was coming to the party dressed as a nurse. While all this time I had come dressed as a whore!

My mind raced for an answer but in the meantime, Mr Roberts hadn’t stopped. He was steadily working six inches of thick meat in and out of me grunting with every thrust. He had both hands entwined in my golden tresses and his force had grown. He let go of my hair for a moment and I watched as he unbuckled his belt and peeled open his jeans. My eyes stretched wide and I gasped around his cock, causing him to roar loudly. Released from the confines I could see this huge cock properly for the first time. He must have been at least 9 inches but the base of his dick was ferocious. The shaft splayed out as it reached his body making it look like obscenely thick.

“That’s my girl, take Daddy’s big cock!” He was slurring, not too badly but I didn’t notice earlier because of my naivety believing it was a dream, now it was clear as day. “Come on, take another inch for Daddy!”

He rammed my head down harder this time and he began gasping between thrusts. I was gagging terribly, but that only seemed to fuel his urges. He started holding me in place as he used my mouth, loving the sound of me choking on his cock. Longer and longer, he’d hold me in place as he slowed his rhythm. That was the first time I realized what was about to come, in more than one sense.

“That’s my good girl! You want Daddy’s cum don’t you, you dirty girl!” His words became stagnated and slow as he fucked my mouth. Then I heard the guttural thundering coming from deep in his throat. “Fuck baby, here it comes!”

I braced myself as he pulled his cock almost all the way out. Leaving just his spongy cockhead resting on my tongue, I felt the first blast of cum splash the roof of my mouth. Another, then another slithered over my tongue. I had no choice, but in fact, my reaction just swallowed it down. Tears ran down my cheeks but more from the discomfort than anything else, I must admit it didn’t taste that bad and the feeling of the thick cream on my tongue was kind of nice.

His roaring voice lessened as the thick cock’s eruption began to reach its end. I found myself sucking and teasing his cock more than I’d done during the whole event. Part of me didn’t want it to end.

“Oh babygirl, that was the perfect end to the night!” Mr Roberts said as he stroked my cheek. “Now if you excuse me I need my bed.”

He pulled his cock unceremoniously from my lips with a rude POP, and began zipping back up. With a gentle squeeze of my butt, he stood and walked out the door.

I lay there for a few minutes trying to come to terms with what had just happened when I heard voices from upstairs.

“Hey Dad,” I heard Tom say. “You’re home late.”

“Oh hey there son! Nurses uniform too, huh? That must have been popular this year.”

“Not so much, John and I were brunettes and Danny was a sexy little blonde. No one else.”

“Wait, Danny was…” His voice trailed off, I couldn’t help but smile a rather devilish smile.

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