Happy Anniversary


Henry and Jane’s 10th wedding anniversary.

‘Do you still have that jacket you wore last week Meredith?’ Su Ann asked her good friend calling from her mobile phone.

‘Jane needed it for an outdoor event last night and I gave it back to her during the week Su-Ann,’ Meredith responded.’

‘That’s OK. It’s about time I bought one for myself,’ Su-Ann said. ‘Want to come shopping with me Moo?’

‘There’s no need. Jane’s happy for you to have it any time you like. I’ll call her and you can pick it up this afternoon. She’s home with Henry preparing for their 10th wedding anniversary party tonight,’ Meredith said.

‘Call her for me and tell her I’ll pick it up this afternoon and bring it back tomorrow. Call me back.’

Meredith called back and told Su-Ann Jane and Henry were expecting her to call.

Su-Ann showered and dressed in her light green dress with large white polka dots that had a soft looking bodice that accentuated and exaggerated any movement of her braless her firm breasts when she moved. The material below the waist was loose, and short enough to show half her thighs, plus a little more of her legs when she walked. Under her dress was a suspender belt holding up a pair of sheer black stockings.

She felt like a bad girl in this outfit and seeing her reflection confirmed how naughty she looked. What was even more wicked, was her occasional habit of wearing no underwear. She didn’t regard suspenders as underwear, because more often than not, it was on show, or at least worn to be seen.

She twirled around watching her dress billow out. Satisfied that any movement or slight breeze would give anyone who saw her a glimpse of her suspenders or maybe even more, she left her room and drove her car to visit Jane and Henry, his friend’s sister and brother-in-law.

Henry answered the doorbell, and said ‘Hi Su-Ann. Do you want to see Jane? She’s just leaving.’

Jane called over his shoulder, ‘Hi Moo. I can’t stop. Henry can get the jacket for you.’

He held the car keys above his head beyond Jane’s reach and said, ‘Going somewhere Jane?’

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth murmuring, ‘MMMMmmmm,’ while he surrendered the keys, continuing to kiss a few more seconds. Su-Ann watched them and was aroused by their demonstrative expression of unbridled lust.

‘Yes. Somewhere,’ she answered unnecessarily, adding ‘See you soon Hank the Hunk,’ adding another hungry kiss before disappearing through the door.

She was gone and Su-Ann heard the car start and drive away outside as she joined Henry.

‘Hello Henry. Wow! What a salacious kiss. How’re the party preparations going?’ asked Su-Ann.

‘Frantic if you ask Jane. Cruising if you ask me. Can I get you a drink?’

‘Just water thanks Henry. Where’s the cream jacket of Jane’s that Miranda wore last week? I’m so jealous I’m going to steal it.’

‘Good idea Su-Ann. It’ll look great on you. I’ll get it for you,’ he said, giving her a drink before making his way to the main bedroom.

Su-Ann placed her glass on the coffee table and quietly followed him to the bedroom, watching his gait and checking out his body from behind. She had always thought he was too skinny, but then, she realised he had broader shoulders than she had thought before. She liked that he was only about three inches taller than what she was.

Jane had left the jacket on the bed. Henry was unaware he had been followed

He was startled when Su-Ann kartal escort bayan said, ‘Let me try it on.’

He took it from the bed and held it out to her. She tried it on for size, and checked her reflection in the wardrobe-mounted mirror.

‘How does it look Henry?’ she asked.

‘It looks good to me,’

She noticed a range of shoes on the floor of the wardrobe. She knew Henry was watching her legs, suspenders and maybe something else, as she bent down and picked up two pairs of shoes.

Holding them to show Henry, she asked him, ‘Do you think Jane would mind me trying these on?’

‘Don’t really know Su-Ann. Would you mind somebody wearing your clothes without permission?’

‘Absolutely no problem,’ she replied.

She thought jackets or coats might be OK, but she knew if anyone put anything other than a coat or jacket of hers on, and wore it somewhere and she found out, that friendship would end in a heartbeat.

She bent down to squeeze her feet into a yellow pair that might suit the yellow dress she had at home. She took her time making them comfortable placing herself at a slight angle to Henry so he could see the top of her suspenders and the swell of her round buttocks. She carefully placed her body so he could see the shadow between the tops of her thighs from the back, but not her entrances. She thought a little mystery would work better than a full gynaecological view.

She stood up and examined her reflection in the mirror and then turned to him and said, ‘What do you think Henry?’

She knew what he was thinking already. She could see the beginning of an erection in his shorts.

‘I’m surprised they fit you. I thought you would have bigger feet than Jane being taller than her. I think they suit you.’

Su-Ann tried on the other white shoes with the three-inch heels, all the while bending forward to give him the view of her from the back. She glanced at him in the mirror noting the obvious growth of a tent forming in his shorts.

She stood up and performed a small ‘twist’, apparently to bed her feet into the shoes but also to swirl her short dress giving him another show.

‘These fit me perfectly,’ she said. ‘Do you think they suit this dress? How do I look?’

‘Sensational. They work nicely with that dress. I’ll say this. If anything gets stolen around here, you would be the first suspect.’

He looked her over from head to feet, looking at Jane’s clothes in a new way.

She looked at the swelling in his shorts for a few seconds, then walked up to him almost touching him and said, ‘I might have stolen something already, Henry. Why don’t you frisk me?’

‘Yeah! Sh-sh-sure Ann Sue, I mean Su-Ann. I c-c-could do that,’ he spluttered. ‘The trouble is,

I can s-s-see everything you’ve got. There’s nothing I could find that you didn’t bring with you. There’s n-n-nowhere to hide anything in that dress.’

‘I might have hidden some jewellery in my bra,’ she said challengingly with her hands on her hips. ‘You’ll never know if you don’t do a thorough search. I don’t mind.’

She took his hands and placed them on her firm breasts and held them there for a few seconds, slowly moving her body around under his hands. He thought he could feel her nipples. He was sure when she started squirming. His penis was beginning to harden alarmingly. And when she moved closer to him, he could feel it touching her below the stomach.

‘Find anything suspicious Henry?’ she said escort maltepe with half a smile on her face.

‘I can’t check in your bra. You’re not wearing one,’ he said, his voice shaking uncontrollably.

‘How can you be sure if you don’t take my dress off?’ she asked in a beguilingly innocent voice that was full of promise and totally lacked innocence.

‘There’s no need to remove anything, Su-Ann. I trust you,’ Henry replied with growing confidence.

Su-Ann quickly pulled her dress off over her head, dropped it on the floor and stood in front of him wearing only her suspender belt, stockings and Jane’s white shoes.

She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her firm tits and said, ‘You should feel me all over, Henry. By the look of you there is something making you excited,’ she said looking directly at the swollen lump on the front of his khahi shorts. ‘If I haven’t taken anything, you might find something you like. Can you see anything you want? Because I can.’

‘Su-Ann, You must stop this before we go too far. I don’t think I can do this,’ Henry pleaded.

‘If you can’t we wont, but it looks to me like you can,’ she responded with her tell tale eyes dilating with lust.

She knelt down in front of him and ran her hands up the back of his legs letting her fingertips stray around to the front of his thighs and up under his shorts. Henry was stuck fast like a hare caught in the blinding glow of headlights. He seemed unable to move.

Su-Ann sensing his immobility, lowered his zipper, unfastened the button and lowered his shorts to the floor. He obligingly stepped out of them. She reached inside his Jocks and felt for his hardened penis trapped to the side. She stretched the waistband of his underpants and freed his seven and a half inches of throbbing cock, holding it in her left hand while she lowered his jocks to the floor with her right. She looked up at him while she lightly screwed the end of his swollen cock and she could feel involuntary spasms in her hand.

She slowly placed his cock in her mouth and held it still at its base in her hand while she gradually closed her lips around the shaft two inches past the tip. His spasms were becoming more pronounced and she could taste the sweet secretion of pre-cum in her mouth as his straining cock began to harden to another level.

Then her thumb on the underside of his cock gripped tightly as she began to lick the underside of his tortured penis. He emitted a loud straining groan. Then she released her grasp slightly and could feel his semen surging past her thumb. She tasted it as he squirted his copious load to the back of her throat. She easily swallowed his half dozen thick gushes of cum, then milked his erect cock for any last drops.

She took a deep breath and sighed releasing him, then reached for her green dress and put it back on. Without a word, she replaced Jane’s shoes back in the wardrobe, stepped into her own and waited for Henry to replace his undies and shorts.

She took his hand and led him through the door and back to the lounge room and settled on the sofa, ‘I might have that drink now,’ she said reaching for her glass of water left on the coffee table.

He said, ‘Su-Ann, that was insane. What got into you?’

‘You did. You’re so hot I just went with what I was feeling. I’m such a bad girl.’

‘I think I know who’s hot around here,’ he said.

They sat talking in the kitchen, trying to ignore their total abandonment to pendik escort momentary lust that seemed to exist in another part of the house.

Su-Ann asked, ‘Where’s Jane gone?’

‘She’s picking up some party lights and entertainment form a party hire place in town for the anniversary bash. She’s a much better negotiator than me and always ends up with the best prices.’

They sat and drank coffee for a few minutes and, Su-Ann stood up and appeared ready to leave.

‘I think I know how to say good-bye to you Henry. Like this.’

She put her arms around his neck, licked her lips and kissed him full on his mouth, just like Jane had done earlier, releasing one hand from around his neck to reach down and have another feel for his cock. To her surprise, she could feel it swelling in her hand again.

She said, ‘Very Nice,’; while they were kissing and reached for his zipper and the button at the top again, releasing his penis from his shorts. She was getting very good at this having done it once already.

Holding it in her hand, she turned around, rubbing her derriere against his legs, and presented her by now dripping cunt to him, ploughing the hardened tip through her sopping nether lips.

She asked, ‘Would you like to do me from behind doggie style Henry?’

He seemed incapable of answering so Su-Ann fed his cock into her slowly, feeling it gradually filling her vagina giving her that delicious feeling she has whenever a decent hard cock first enters her. Once she had acclimatised, she began to grip his organ with the muscles of her hungry little cunt and Henry started fucking her very seriously like a wild animal.

Su-Ann could feel herself getting excited with her arousal rebuilding. She bent over further and held the door knob for support while Henry gripped the front of her legs with his hands and fucked her vigorously. Her climax built quickly and with only a very close view of the wooden door to look at Su-Ann began panting. As her orgasm took over, she let out a piercing squeal, which triggered another ejaculation from Henry.

When they stopped to catch their breath, they heard the slam of a car door. Henry abruptly pulled his cock from between Su-Ann’s legs, stepped back a few feet, pulling up his pants attaching the button but unable to zip up before Su-Ann could feel the door knob turning.

The front door opened and Su-Ann said ‘Hi Jane. Just leaving. Henry says you’re the negotiator around here. Did you get everything you need for your party?’

‘It’s in the car.’ She addressed Henry. ‘Be a treasure and bring in the party lights Lovey. There’s a helpful boy.’

‘Woof.’ He says, and goes through the front door anxious to zip up again out of Jane’s sight.

Su-Ann follows him out saying, ‘Thanks for the jacket, Jane. I hope the party goes well. Happy Anniversary you two.’

After she closed the door, Henry asked her, ‘What were you thinking Su-Ann. We nearly got caught. I would be so dead if she knew.’

‘Think of it as an Anniversary gift from me. I expect you to do the right thing and give it to Jane as soon as you’re capable, and going by your quick recovery, it shouldn’t be too long. Have fun tonight. Toodloo,’ she said grinning and waving as she climbed into her car and drove away.

Su-Ann seemed to encounter men who were absolute push-overs whenever there was an important event on that day. As she drove away she remembered when she arranged to get fucked by her sister’s husband on their wedding day, a grieving husband on the day of his wife’s funeral and the priest on the day he was giving her younger sister her first communion.

But she was completely discreet. The only people who ever knew, were the men she seduced, and she knew they would never tell.

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