Happy Birthday


My 45th birthday was last September. As our kids are older, to do a fun celebration my wife suggested we do something different than the traditional family dinner of getting drunk, and complaining about our extended relatives.

I thought it was a great idea, I suggested a weekend in Las Vegas where I could golf, gamble, drink, and fuck as if it was the last birthday of my youth.

My wife of 22 years, Sarah, is still magnificent, five feet five inches tall, 125 lbs. still with killer curves led by her all natural 34C breasts. As she isn’t a big gambler or drinker, she thought she might be lonely if I go off to golf and gamble all weekend, so she suggested that she invite a couple friend of ours, Meaghan and Marcus. I too thought it would be a great idea, as Marcus and I like to drink and golf. Meaghan, who also has a great body, with her not so natural 36D tits, has always been very flirty with me, especially after a few drinks. So having them with us would make the weekend that much more fun.

Sarah took it upon herself to plan and make arrangements for us to go to Las Vegas. She also helped Meaghan plan for our friends to join us the next day, as Marcus couldn’t get out of work in time to take the same flight.

We arrived in Las Vegas on a Thursday, checked into our hotel, had a great time with a nice supper, a couple of drinks, and taking in a show. That night was fucking hot. Sarah, who never wears lingerie, put on the sexiest teddy after we took an in-room hot tub together. Needless to say, the teddy didn’t stay on long.

Knowing this could be our only private night together, I took my time to ensure Sarah had a great orgasm. I caressed her, stroked her back, kissed her neck, massaged as much of her body as I could, before I found her soaking wet, waiting to get off. Rubbing her hot pussy and clit, I made sure she got the more than enough foreplay to make the sex rock. Truth be told, I was trying to make her so horny she’d get really nasty. While my wife is fucking hot, she’s never let me do any of the things she considers taboo, like cumming in her mouth, anal sex or having a threesome, although I still try to make these happen.

After her moaning and writhing, I felt like I was going to cum without having been touched at all. But this was Sarah’s night. After a few short strokes of my seven inch cock, I entered her in one easy push. Within moments, Sarah threw her head back and started yelling to fuck her good. Because we’d decided to not have sex the week prior to our trip, both of us wanted to cum, and cum hard. I pushed in as deep as I could, sending the tip of my cock into the back of her pussy. Sarah shrieked in ecstasy as she came, and so did I. While the sex didn’t last long, I knew we had the whole weekend.

The next morning we got up and rented a car for a couple days. As this was planned, we had offered to pick up Meghan and Marcus. On arrival at the airport, we were surprised to find only Meaghan made the trip. She said Marcus couldn’t make it as he had to stay at ‘work’, which she stated with an unusual tone of voice. Regardless, Meaghan said she was ready to party, gave me a big birthday hug, and made sure her big fake tits rubbed into my chest.

After getting Meghan checked in to the room adjoining us, we decided to head the peripheral izle to the pool for an afternoon of sun, poolside drinks, and for me, a view of nothing but tanned glistening skin, and the smallest of bikinis.

The afternoon started off as it always does, Sarah complaining about her work, Meaghan complaining about her husband, and I stay quiet trying to offer a supportive ear, but all I can think of are the smoking hot women in the pool.

As the sun was beginning to set, we decided to head in, get cleaned up and go for supper. The ladies looked as sexy as I’ve ever remembered. Sarah wore a tight camisole and blouse that hugs everything just the right way, and Meaghan in a tight black dress with a neckline that shows off her great cleavage.

After a light supper, I told the ladies I wanted to play some cards, and to give me a couple of hours by myself. Sarah hugged me from behind, sticking her wonderful tits into my back and told me to have fun. “If all goes as planned, we’ll have ourselves an even bigger blast tonight” she whispered in my ear. Meaghan, always the flirt, decided to hug me from the front and rub her tits into me again. Knowing how flirtatious Meaghan can be, I thought nothing of it, although my dick did a little twitch.

While Sarah and Meghan went off for a couple of drinks, I found the poker room and decided to play some cards. It was one of those nights where nothing could go wrong. I was on a heater that lasted hand after hand. Within a couple of hours, I was up nine thousand dollars.

Sarah and Meaghan returned and found me in the poker room as we had arranged. It was clear they had a few drinks and were very bubbly. While within her limits, my wife is a monster in the sack when she’s had just the right amount of alcohol. When she said it was time to go upstairs, I couldn’t cash out fast enough, hoping that tonight was the night she was just drunk and horny enough to let me cum in her mouth. All three of us headed upstairs for the night.

On the elevator ride up to our floor, both ladies were giggling and rubbing their breasts on my shoulders and arms, and I loved every minute of it. As we walked down the hallway, we arrived at our room first, scanned the key card and opened our door. I walked in first, and Sarah followed behind me. To my surprise, Meaghan followed Sarah in the room as they continued to whisper and giggle amongst each other.

While I was excited to have both ladies in the room, I was also disappointed because I’d have to wait for Sarah and me to get our fuck on. That’s when I got the hint something different was about to happen. Meaghan has offered on more than one occasion to join my wife and me in the sack, but I always thought she was joking. It’s not in Sarah’s nature to plan a three way, but didn’t know what the fuck was going on, so I went along for the ride.

Sarah told me that I’d been the best husband any woman could ever want, that she loved me with all her heart, and that she wanted to make this birthday the best one I’ll ever have.

She asked me to make a round of drinks for us, and when I was done to sit in the chair. Only when I was seated would Sarah and Meaghan come out of the adjoining room to celebrate my birthday. With the recruit izle my mind racing, and quickly made a rounds of drinks, sat down in the chair, and told Sarah I was ready.

Both Sarah and Meaghan came out of the room wearing the sexiest of lingerie I can imagine, put some music on the iPad, and started dancing very suggestively. I told them if they took off their clothes, I’d scrap tomorrow’s plan to hit one of Vegas’ strip clubs. Sarah told me there’d be no need to go anywhere tomorrow.

Sipping on my drink, and watching the women do a slow strip tease was getting me hard. Within a few moments, the ladies had made their way over to me on their hands and knees, tits out of their lingerie, and slowly stroking my cock from outside my pants. Sarah looked up at me and told me to enjoy the night, as I earned the fuck of a lifetime.

Undoing my belt, they slowly took down my pants and boxer briefs to expose my rigid cock. After using her hand to get started, Sarah continued by licking my cockhead and shaft, immediately making me harder than I’ve ever felt. Meaghan had started rubbing her hands on my chest and eventually stuck her left nipple in my mouth to suck and bite. Sarah soon engulfed my cock in her mouth, and seeing her head bobbing up and down was unbelievable. I’ve never came from a blowjob since I was 18 years old, so I was able to hold out. That is until Meaghan decided to join Sarah on her knees to help her with what was already an amazing blowjob.

If you’ve never seen two women sucking your cock at the same time, it’s a sight you’ll want to remember forever. Taking turns going as deep as they could, they used a rhythm that made my cock hard as a rock. Up and down they went, taking turns giving the most pleasure I’ve ever experienced, I couldn’t hold out much longer. I started to feel my balls tighten. After I moaned that I was close to cuming, Sarah and Meaghan moved from taking turns sucking my cock, instead they positioned themselves so they could suck and lick me at the same time. With their tongues and glistening lips, they ran their mouths from my tip to base at the same time. That was too much for me to take, with each side of my cock in their mouths; I screamed that I was cuming. They didn’t miss a beat and kept on sliding, licking and sucking as jets of cum fired out of my balls onto their tits, into their hair, and onto the floor. After I was done, Sarah looked up at me asked how I liked the appetizer.

With that I knew we were in for a long night, we took a short break to finish our drinks, and I told them to get ready to get fucked hard and fast, as tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’ll do what I want. They said they wouldn’t want it any other way.

It was then I told them lay on the bed side by side. As I like to lick pussy, I was going to be in my glory with two sexy women to lick to orgasm. Starting by a rubbing their breasts, sides, and inner thighs, I made my way to their sweet spots with my fingers. Already wet from their drinks and the earlier action, my fingers easily slipped into Meaghan. While doing that, I made my way into position to lick Sarah. Flicking at her clit with my tongue, it took less time for her to cum than normal. She was fucking horny, and squealed in ecstasy. the rig izle As Sarah always needs a couple of moments to recover after an oral orgasm, I concentrated on Meaghan’s pussy. Being a perfectionist in licking pussy, I ensured all of my skills were being used to lick, flick, suck and swirl (I wanted her to give a great report to Sarah) around Meaghan’s clit. This also went on for a short amount of time, until she too screamed out in orgasm.

Now that we were deep into my night of drunken horny sex, I was going to make sure I enjoyed every moment I could, as I’d likely never have a chance to do this again. Being hard as rock from the women’s screams it was time for the main course.

Sarah, now recovered, was the first to get bent over the bed, and have me impale my rod into her from behind. With a heavy moan, she accepted my cock. As we started to perfect our rhythm, she closed her legs together for me to enjoy her tightness even more. While a powerful woman, Sarah likes me to take control of her in the sack. As this was my night, I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled as I fucked her hard and fast. She loved how she was getting drilled, and came again with a load moan. Sarah turned and looked up at me with a roar, as if to say ‘I loved it’. Catching my breath for a moment, Meaghan looked at me and said “my turn, I’ve been looking forward to this for 15 years”.

Laying on the bed, Meaghan lifted up her legs, and I easily pushed myself all the way into her in one stroke. Meaghan was very open about her sexual prowess. She was far more open to fucking in every way possible, and was all about the experience of sex, and making sure her lover was very pleased. One of the ways she pleases is by being very vocal. She let everybody on the hotel floor know how much she liked getting fucked by me, as she was as loud as anyone I’ve ever nailed. I loved it. That’s when I got the next surprise.

Being the nasty little slut she is, she looked up and begged me to fuck her in the ass. I looked at Sarah who nodded her approval, and said to fuck her hard. Turning her over on the bed and onto all fours, I rubbed my cock from her clit to her ass, and pushed in. In doing that, it became clear to me she’s done this before and loved it. She immediately squirmed, and moaned from the bottom of her stomach, the kind you know is deep pleasure. Meaghan turned around with great fuck me eyes, and told me to fuck her rotten. Without hesitation, I picked up my pace, but not too fast as I wanted to enjoy the feeling of this woman’s tight ass.

Pumping Meaghan’s ass, listening to continued guttural moans, and feeling the sexual ecstasy of doing something I’ve never done before, I knew I couldn’t last much longer, but I kept fucking and held out as long as possible. As my speed and pounding picked up, Sarah could tell I was getting close to cumming, and urged me to cum in Meaghan’s mouth. That was all I could handle, I took my cock out of Meaghan’s ass, she got on her knees, and started sucking my cock like I’ve never experienced before. Within 30 seconds, I was firing shot after shot of the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced into the mouth of my wife’s BFF. Unfuckingbelievable.

Being spent from the night of fucking, the three of us took a hot tub bath to clean up, after which I had a deep, dream filled sleep. Or at least I thought it was dream filled. I awoke to Sarah’s pussy in my face and Meaghan’s mouth over my cock.

I looked up at my wife and asked how many of my fantasies are you going to make come true this weekend. She looked at me and said, for you baby, all of them. Happy birthday.

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