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Helping Baby sisterMy little sister came home from her first day of high school and slammed the door. I could tell that she was really upset about something. I am a different from most brothers I suppose you see I really like my k** sister and always have. So it was only natural that I wanted to see if there was something I could do to make her feel better.“What’s wrong Nicole?” I asked“Nothing!” she said with anger in her voice“Hey s*s this is your big b*o! You know you can tell me whatever you want! Now tell me what’s got you so upset?” I said with concernNicole looked at me and I could see a tear start to form in her eye. I could tell that something was really starting to bother her. I just took her hand and looked her in the eyes.“I was made fun of today by some of the older girls at school! We had to take showers after and Brenda Edwards said that I looked more like a little boy than a girl. She said that no boy would ever want me for a girlfriend since my titties are so small. Then she teased me about whether or not I was even old enough to have a period! Then later on I saw her in the lunch room whispering things to her boyfriend and his buddies and they all looked at me and laughed! I was so humiliated!” Nicole unloaded all the pent up emotion that she was carryingShe started to cry and I took her in my arms and gently rubbed her back. She sobbed uncontrollably. I wanted so badly to make her feel better.“Nicole I hear that Brenda is a real bitch! I hear that if she didn’t put out so much nobody would be seen with her!” I said“Yeah, but she is going to make my life hell! Nobody is going to want to be with me! Maybe I should learn to put out but guys all want is big boobs!” she continued to sob“Nicole, you are a really hot girl and you are going to get hotter with time! I bet all kinds of guys are already checking out my little sister!” I saidShe looked up at me and smiled a little. My heart melted as I looked at her.“Do you really believe that?” she said“If you were not my sister I would be trying to get next to you.” I said“I would like that!” Nicole said excitedlyI bahis siteleri hugged her closer but then I felt my cock start to get hard. I started to wonder what it would be like to fuck Nicole. My cock stiffened quickly and I was suddenly aware that my stiff cock was rubbing against Nicole’s stomach as I held her. I knew I should let go but I wanted to feel my cock against her. I felt her arms around me pull me closer as she rocked gently from side to side. My cock wanted to explode. “I think you really do find me sexy!” Nicole said as she pulled back from meHer eyes looked down at my bulge and then she looked back up at me and smiled. She looked so sexy and I wanted to have sex with her in the worse way!“It looks like I gave my big brother a hard-on!” she said with a sexy smileNicole sat back on the couch and pulled me to her. I looked at her short skirt as it rode up showing her slender legs. I wanted to fuck her so bad!“I have never told you this but I watched you jack off a couple of times. It made me so wet!” she said“Really? Did you finger your pussy and think about your brother’s stiff dick?” I aksed“Yes! Ricky, my pussy is really wet right now! I may have to finger myself again!” she said“Maybe you would like to try something new?” I asked“Like what?” she said with a sexy smile“Like letting me eat your pussy!” I said“I would like that!” my little sister answeredI helped her remove her clothes and then pushed her back gently into the couch. I was fascinated as she spread her legs and I could see her sweet young pussy through her sheer panties. I leaned forward and could smell her excited pussy. I could see the slimy juices dripping from her pussy. I gently pulled her panties aside and looked at her pussy. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and licked her slit.Her hips jerked as I sucked the wonderful juices from her cunt. I had never in my young life been more excited as that moment as I heard Nicole moan with pleasure. I wanted to make her cum so hard!“OH Ricky! That is good! So much better than my fingers!I pushed my tongue into her and reached up and gently stroked canlı bahis siteleri her nipples. This made her grunt with pleasure. I watched as my sister’s flesh got goose bumps and then she began to shake. Her moan became a wale as an orgasm hit her. Her ass lifted as she tried to push her pussy against my face.Suddenly her body went limp and she made a sound that reminded me of a cat purring contentedly. Her hand reached down and gently stroked the back of my head. “Was that better than your finger?” I asked with a chuckle“Ricky that was the best!” she said excitedlyI looked at her for a moment and I knew I need to have her but would she go along?“I think I need some relief!” I said as I started to get undressedNicole looked at me as I stripped and when my cock came out she stared at it.“Ricky, show me how to help you!” Nicole said with lust in her voice“I want you to suck my cock! Will you do that?” I asked“Tell me what to do.” she saidI stepped forward so that my cock was near her face. “Kiss the head and lick it to start with.” I groanedNicole kissed the tip and then licked the head making me moan. This excited her and she looked up and smiled and then licked every inch of my cock.“Open your mouth!” I groanedHer mouth opened and I slid my cock into her mouth. I gently pushed and pulled my cock in and out of her mouth. We both moaned as I fucked her mouth. She reached up with her hand and stroked my cock as her mouth began to pump me. My little sister now knew how to suck a cock. I just let the pleasure of her mouth overwhelm me.“Am I sucking your cock right?” she asked but with a tone in her voice that said she knew she was “Just keep going!” I groanedI watched her suck my cock with more and more confidence. My little sister was going to make a lot of men happy. I wondered how long it would be before she was fucking. As that thought crossed my mind I knew that I wanted to fuck her. I wondered what it would be like to bust her cherry and show her how much fun fucking was.“Nicole, I want to fuck you!” I shouted with pleasure“Good! I want to fuck right now!” she canlı bahis moaned and lay back opening her legs“I better put on a rubber first!” I said and reached in my pants for oneNicole watched as I put it on and I could see her face was mixed with desire to have my cock in her and fear with what it was going to be like to lose her virginity. I moved better her legs and rubbed my cock head at her entry. I pushed and felt me enter my sister for the first time. She looked me in the eyes and I wondered if she was going to chicken out. Then I felt her hands pulling me into her. I felt her pussy open. She groaned as the cock sand into her to my balls. My sister was no longer a virgin.I gently started to slide my cock in and out of her. I was concerned that she might still be in pain but then she moaned and I realized that she was having an orgasm on my cock. This made me start to fuck her harder.“FUCK ME! FUCK ME RICKY!” she screamedI pounded my cock in and out of her. Her hips pushed against me. I realized that I was going to cum soon. “I need to cum!” I moanedNicole looked up at me and smiled.“Would you let me finish you with my mouth? I really want to taste you!” she said with lust in her voiceI rolled off her and the pulled the condom off my cock. Nicole’s mouth inhaled my cock and pumped me with quick strokes as her hand did the same. I felt my cum was boiling in my balls. I knew it was going to happen soon. I wondered if she knew what was about to happen but I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad!My cock jerked and she moaned as for the first time in her life my little sister had a man’s sperm fill her mouth. She tried to swallow but I could feel the mixture of her split and my sperm drip down my cock.Nicole swallowed and licked my cum up as my eyes rolled back in my head!We stayed there with her kissing and licking my now satisfied cock.“Thanks Nicole. I have never had better sex with anyone. Brenda can say whatever she likes but you are a real sexy woman!”Nicole kissed my face and I knew that she was going to be ok.The end(a word from the perverted author: I hope you all enjoyed this little tale. Of course this just a perverted fantasy but I am sure I am not alone in having it. If you enjoyed a thumbs up would be greatly appreciated. Comments are welcome and private message as always are answered.)

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