Her dream


Her dreamHe stood there checking, making sure everything was set up just right for what he hoped would be a very entertaining evening for his slut cris. The living room floor was opened up, the plastic laid down first, then the sheet over it and finally the inflatable k**die pool set in the middle. The ten full face masks were stacked on the cabinet just inside the front door and one of the video cameras was set up on the tripod aimed directly at the pool. There was beer, soft drinks and water for the guys to drink and he hoped it would do the job filling the men’s badders.It had taken him two weeks to get things set up for this evening including running an ad on C/L for his slut’s degradation. Basically the ad had read, Men wanted to walk in and use a CD slut, cum in her mouth, on her and then relieve yourself over her, zip up and leave. Videos and pictures will be taken and full face masks will be available for the camera shy. All are welcome just be clean. This will happen between 9 to 12 Saturday evening.He had 35 responses to the ad and taking into consideration half could flake that would still güvenilir bahis mean cris would be covered by over 15 men’s cum and piss. He looked up at the clock to check the time, it was now 8:30 so time to bring his slut out and make sure she was ready for her starring role. She was wearing her collar, chastity device and white blouse just tied at the bottom. He took a few pictures of her then at 8:55 had her take her place in the center of the pool. The doorbell rang at five after nine and when he opened it to let the guest in he was a bit surprised that there was five men already there, two white, two hispanic and one black. When they came in three took a mask and all stripped down while looking at the sweet cum slut in the pool, once nude they walked over to the pool and cris began to do her duty, with one of the happiest smiles on her face he had ever seen. Her mouth was filled with a nice black cock from a guy that couldn’t have been 25 and she took one cock in each hand stroking them until it was their turn to use her. He really didn’t have time to watch as the doorbell once again and other türkçe bahis guy entered, sat down and began watching what was happening.Shortly after the young black guy pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked off all over the sluts face then went and sat down on the couch to watch. No sooner did he walk back her mouth was filled with another cock. Again the doorbell rang and three more guys entered just in time to see the second cock cover cris’s face in cum.Her Dom Daddy then began taking pictures and close up video of her face, two loads now and he even caught the third load being shot all over her. Cocks were being replace by other cocks and when done the guys didn’t leave, they stayed to see the show. Once again the doorbell rang and two other guys walked in with three more heading to the door from different directions.f******n men were now in the house, some standing around the slut stroking others watching. It was now 11 and once again the doorbell rang with two more guys entering. Now there were 16 hard cocks trading places in her mouth and hands or just stroking while standing around the güvenilir bahis siteleri pool or sitting in the chairs. His slut cris looked as if she was getting tired but still loving it as by now her face and even back were covered in cum, she had also swallowed no one knows how many loads. The cum was dripping down her to her chest and pooling around her chastity devise, you could even see how much her cock was straining against it as it was purple from not being able to escape.It was 11:50 when the last cock shot all over the sluts chest. Then all 16 guys stood up around the pool and the streams began to hit her all over her body, she opened her mouth hoping to catch some of the golden flow. Slowly the men began to walk away thanking the Dom for the entertainment, dressing and leaving. Once all the guys were gone her Daddy walked over to her unzipped and added his own golden stream to the others and once he zipped up he tossed her the key to the chastity and told her she had permission to remove it and take care of herself. Not 30 seconds after removing the devise she added her own load to the others over her body then collapsed in the pool.Next time be careful of what you wish for slut her Dom told her and once hearing his voice she looked up, smiled and said, ”Thank you Daddy”, before letting her head rest on the edge of the pool.

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