Her Husband

Her HusbandMy friend always bragged about how big her husband’s cock was and how good he was at fucking. I was curious and finally got the chance to test him. She had to go out of town for a few days on business and I invited him over for dinner. I kept giving him lots of wine and after we ate I took his hand and sat him on the couch. I wore no bra and panties that night as I had a plan to get him naked and if his cock was huge I was gong to fuck him and underwear was just a slow down. On the couch I sat real close and as we chatted I leaned my big tits against his arm. Then I kissed his neck and he did not back away so I then kissed and tongued his mouth. He was a great kisser and I then began rubbing his nipples and soon had his shirt off. As we kissed more he responded by rubbing my tits. I now knew I was in control. I began rubbing his cock through his pants and it felt big. I unzipped his pants as I kissed him deeper and then pulled his cock out. He was “big” and not even hard yet. I then took my dress off down to my waist and he then began rubbing my big globes and fingering my nipples that were now rock hard. I stroked his cock and got him harder and harder and he was now huge. I have had a ten inch cock and he passed that. I got busy and pulled his pants off and now he was naked and hung huge. I ran my hand under his cock and grabbed his balls that were also giants. I kneaded them then went back to his cock. I some how got my dress off and kayseri escort now we were both naked and as I jerked his cock he began to finger my cunt and rub my clit. I then moved over and straddled his lap and sank my cunt down on that huge hard cock and I could feel it go deeper in me and it felt so good. He then grabbed me by the hips and began moving me up and down on his thick meat and fucking me harder and faster as I felt him deep inside me. He then grabbed on of my nipples with his teeth and bit and sucked as he fucked me like I have never been fucked. He was big and hard and a great fuck.He fucked my cunt with that huge dick for over forty five minutes before he unloaded with a huge blast of cum. It felt warm and thick and now I want to suck him and swallow his load. He was not done. He rolled me over onto my back with his cock still in me and began to fuck me more. This time he really pounded my fuck hole and I felt every inch of that monster inside my we cunt. He fucked me and rammed me forever biting and sucking my huge tits with every thrust in my hole. When he finally filled me once again with his cream he then began kissing and tonging my mouth and sucking and biting my tits. He reached under me and found my asshole and shoved two fingers in it and as he sucked a nipple he finger fucked my ass. It felt like heaven as I felt his cock come to life another time. This time he turned me over onto my stomach and spread escort kayseri my ass cheeks and pushed that huge meat into my asshole. Now that was a mix of pain and pleasure. He was so huge for my tight ass but I knew if I could take it the fucking would feel so good. He worked his way inside me and then began fucking me. It felt like the best pain I had every had. Then he shoved three fingers in my cunt and now I had never felt anything better. Cum was rolling out of me as I kept pumping and cumming hard. He moved his free hand to my nipple and began twisting it and the pain just made it all better. With his cock in my ass and his fingers in my cunt and the twisting of my nipple I was pumping out the cum. I lost track of how long he ravaged my body but I did not want any of it to stop. He whispered in my ear “You wanted to get fucked and now you are getting fucked. I am just starting with you. I am going to be here all night fucking you like you have never been fucked. You will not be able to walk tomorrow. I am going to ride you like a stallion rides the brood mare in heat. I have got stamina to keep my big dick hard all night. You are going to get those huge tits and your cunt and ass ravaged and ****d many times.”It took him no time to get hard after he filled me with cum. Each time he fucked me it took longer for the next load of cum. He had his cock in my mouth and I was sucking him and he shoved more cock in gagging me and he kayseri escort bayan slapped my face and then my tits and told me “Take that monster dick. Suck me till I cum. I love a good cock sucking slut. I am going to fuck your throat and gag you but you will take this dick.” As he rammed more dick in my mouth he used his hands and fingers on the rest of my body. He would twist and pull nipples and slap tits and finger fuck my as and cunt. He even slapped my pussy a few times between fingering it. Then he finally filled my mouth and throat with his cum. It was a huge load and warm and very thick. He stayed all night and by morning my tits were marked with his little bite marks and my cunt and ass were raw and sore. He kept cock or fingers in me all night long. He had drained all the cum out of my body but he was so worth it. I loved his big dick and the way he had amazing stamina. In the morning he took me and showered me washing my body of all the love juice put there by both of us. When we were both clean and dry we had breakfast in the nude. He didn’t fuck me again before he left but he did eat my pussy for a marathon time. I also gave his cock one last suck and big blast of cum. When he left he told me “Leave Wednesday open for me. I will be back. I want to fuck you every week or maybe more often. I am going to dream of my cock between your huge tits and the taste of your sweet cunt. I am home alone for the next five days so if your cunt gets normal again call me. You are the hottest fuck I have ever had.” He then tongue kissed me and fondled my tits right there in the open doorway before he left. I went to bed for a nap and dreamed about that huge thick cock and it coming back for more action.

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