Holiday with Paula Pt 1


Holiday with Paula Pt 1Holiday Adventure with Paula. Exhibitionism, Group Sex,Threesome Part 1Paula and me, Tom have been together for a year, both of us after unsuccessful marriage’s, this was to be our first holiday together although we had been away for weekends and I unleashed Paula’sexhibitionist side.I am 5’8”, shaven head and no body hair with a 7” cock, Paula is 4’11”,slim, Blonde with 36c tits and no pubic hair just a few wisps of short blonde hair.We were booked on flights to Callela, stopping in a hotel by the sea both of us excited and ready for the break.We arrived late morning and soon unpacked to hit the pool area with Paula wearing a conservative bikini which was doing nothing for her tan. The rest of the females by the pool all had very skimpy bikinis, with lots being topless.Paula commented on this and said she would have to buy a new one and I agreed, so we left our towels and wandered off to the shops.There were some shops on the front but not with the ones she was seeking, so we looked in the back streets until we saw lots of beach wear in a shop on a side street.Paula looked outside at a few, then the owner, a middle aged plump Spaniard took her arm taking her into the shop showing her lots of tiny bikinis and telling her to try them on in a curtained changing room.Eventually she picked three off the rack and went to try them on as he followed her and switched the light on and pulled the curtain partially shut as Paula entered.With the bright light on the curtain was nearly transparent to any one out side and as Paula removed her bikini top and bottom she was naked to the Spaniard who was rubbing his cock openly in his track suit bottoms, I was standing back checking out the men’s shorts and watching them both.Paula studied the new bikini in the mirror then stripped again to try the next one as she was naked the owner took out his phone and videoed Paula, totally disregarding my presence.Eventually Paula left the room and decided to buy the three.I wondered why they were so cheap but it became clear when back in the room as none of them had linings in the tops or bottoms.Paula said it didn’t matter as they were so small and she was only going to wear the bottoms most of the time.She put the red one on and we made our way back to the pool where she immediately removed her top and applied sun lotion.After a couple of hours we needed food, so we packed up and made our way to a cafe with Paula still wearing her bikini with a thin wrap over much to the delight of the young guy taking our order as we sat outside the cafe.Paula had been sweating which resulted in the bikini becoming virtually transparent.We finished our meal and decided to check out the beach with Paula putting her wrap around her waist.Later we finished off the day by the pool and after an evening meal decided to get to bed early as it had been a long day after starting out early for our flight.We must have been shattered as we slept in until nearly eleven and had missed breakfast so we showered and dressed for the pool, Paula wearing her yellow bikini and a beach wrap.We tried the pool area but there were no free loungers so decided to cross the road and try the beach and get some food from the bar there.We had burger and fries and a bottle of cheap wine then found a spot to lay out our towels by the road underpass from the hotels area.As soon as the towels were down Paula had her top off and was applying sun lotion to her red nipples and front, then asking me to do her back.I smothered her in oil as the sun was so hot.She lay on her front for an hour and had a few drinks from the wine we had with us, then applied more oil and lay on her back pulling the bikini bottom tight between her legs showing her vaginal lips clearly through the thin material which was wet with the oil.I told her she may as well be nude for what it covered and she smiled with her naughty grin.I was sitting up having a drink of wine when a black boy about eighteen came out of the underpass and made his way toward us.He saw Paula and walked slowly to us taking in Paula’s body as did, then as he reached us he surprised me by stopping by Paula and asked if we were OK in a broken English accent, looking directly at Paula’s body and her vaginal lip shaped in her bikini.Paula jumped at his words and struggled to see him in the bright sunlight as she had removed her shades. She raised her right hand to shade her eyes and said “hi” to him.He smiled at her and still staring at her breast and vagina asked which hotel we were in and how long we were here for, Paula responded grinning at his interest in her body.The answer seemed to go over his head as he told us he could show us around as he knew all the area well including halkalı escort good clubs and his friend could drive us to better beaches.I thanked him but said “we were happy with the hotel and the entertainment there”, Paula said “if he was around later we may change our minds and take his offer up.He said a very slow goodbye taking in Paula’s body again then slowly walked off up the beach looking back at Paula.“He should have had a camera the amount of your body he took in and his cock was rising in his shorts when he stared at you crutch”.Paula smiled then moved her bikini to one side exposing her soaking engorged lips with her clit poking out.The wind picked up and sand was swirling making getting a tan painful so we packed up and retuned to the room where Paula virtually ****d me having an orgasm as I entered her and two more before I came in her.Then she spent a long time in the shower frigging herself with the shower head blasting between her legs.She then lay on the bed naked and fell to sleep until we both woke about seven.I dressed in shorts and a tee shirt with sandals and watched Paula dressing in her white low cut backless halter neck sundress with no underwear at all, she looked as sexy as hell with the string straps loose enough to show nearly all her breast’s when leaning forward.“Am I sexy enough for you to take out” she asked as I dropped my shorts and showed her my erect cock and moved toward her, “not now tiger” she said opening the room door, leaving me to fasten up and follow her.We ate in the restaurant, having a bottle of wine with the meal and a few more drinks of vodka red bull at the bar which always get her horny as hell. Paula suggested trying some bars and clubs in the town.The first few were full of older generation couples watching the football on the TV or talking taking up most of the bar stools and tables so we headed for the back street bars, which had more space and had good music playing.We found a table in one in a corner by the dance area and settled to have a drink and chat about the day, I asked Paula about the black guy on the beach today and she admitted that she was very hot having him look at her and seeing his cock getting hard in his shorts.She also said she wondered what if he would do if he saw her naked as he stood on the sand and see what he would do and admitted she was wet just thinking about it.She had more vodka red bull to drink which makes her really randy and gave me a long kiss reaching down to my cock and stroked it with some pressure then gave it a squeeze saying she “loved it and me”.That’s when I noticed the man sitting opposite Paula smiling at us, I had my back to him so didn’t see him before.She told me he had been watching us since we came in and she had flashed him when she sat down and he grinned at her.I looked at her and saw her legs open and naked vagina on show to him, she was looking passed me at him slowly opening and closing her legs.I could see his reflection in a small pillar mirror as he was rubbing his cock through his trousers as she flashed him.She finished her drink and asked for another saying she was going to the toilet, so I went to the bar as she walked slowly past him to the corridor leading to the toilets.By the time I got the drinks and returned to the table he had gone, so I sat and waited for her return.She was a while and when she returned her left breasts was partly exposed and her nipples hard as they pushed against the top of the dress.What have you been up to I asked, “mmm” she said smiling, I made his day as I came out of the toilet he spoke in Spanish and hugged me so I let him feel me up, at that moment he returned to his table with a massive smile on his face.She continued flashing him and drinking more vodka red bulls as the place filled up and the music behind the bar picked up and people were dancing.Paula and me had a few drinks and we danced until she did a twirl and twisted her ankle resulting in us having to slowly make our way back to the hotel were the night porter, a 50 year old Spaniard insisted on putting an ice pack on it and took a good look up her dress at her clit which was now soaking wet as he stroked her ankle and up her calf.Paula said it was soothing her as his fingers closed in on her vagina and she opened her legs a little more to give him better access.He didn’t look at me but had to stop as some guests came to the desk to check in.We made our way to the lift with me holding Paula and her holding the ice pack.I stripped her and we had mad sex until the pain got too much for her.Her ankle was a lot better next morning but we decided not to go to far for şişli escort sunbathing so staid by the pool all morning, then had food on the beach with vodka red bulls.We sat by the bar there for a while and had a few drinks before setting our towels by the underpass area, Paula tossed her top by her bag and pulled the bikini tight on her pussy showing the lips and slit quite clearly.We were then surprised by the black boy from the other day holding two vodka red bulls in his hands for us, he said they were free from the beach bar owner.We thanked him and he sat on the sand by Paula telling us his name was Paulo, I introduced myself and Paula as he shook our hands, first Paula’s then reaching across her to shake mine he rubbed his elbow on Paula’s left breast.He sat with us making small talk and taking every opportunity to touch the side of Paula’s breast.He told us of clubs in the area and of a fun sex bar by Barcelona which Paula took a great interest in, especially when he mention the half way rooms where we could have sex with Paula being naked, half in one room and half in the other with a thick plastic strip screen separating her sections.She thought this was great fun especially with all the drinks we’d had.He said him and his friend would be going there later to meet his cousins and have a family party later.Paula asked what time he was going and when he said about an hour Paula asked if we could go with them without asking what I thought but as she had ben on vodka red bulls she was randy as hell.So we soon packed up and she had the first shower shaving her vagina smooth and creaming it with perfumed oils and cream, “making it nice for me” I asked. “Of course it will be a new experience for us so I want it to be special”.She put the white bikini on with a short wrap over dress which left the bikini top nearly all exposed.We met by the hotel entrance and Paulo introduced us to his friend Sal, a bid slim young back boy in his late teens who spoke very good English and smiled intensely when he saw how Paula was dressed and was introduced to him.Paulo kept explaining the club and that there there were lots of areas catering for all tastes including three bars, but that as we were with him we would have cheap drinks and his cousin Shena would look after Paula while we had some drinks with his Uncle.I said “I would prefer it if Paula stopped with me but she said we were on holiday and we should enjoy other customs and practices.Sal said we would enjoy the club and want to come back again.We arrived at the club just as the sun was going down and the neon lights were being switched on, it had two windows on the entrance but the rest was all just lit by neon lighting and benches.When we entered we were shown to a large bar and met Paulo’s uncle, a short stocky black man with glasses dressed in a designer tee shirt and chinos.He smiled and kissed Paula’s hand then offered us drinks, telling the bar man all our drinks were free.We had more vodka red bulls but the vodka nearly filled the glasses, Paula was then introduced to Shena as she came through a side door and shook our hands.We talked for a while and had more drinks then Paulo offered to show me the club and Shena would take Paula to the other bar areas.We entered the first bar which had lap dancers and side cubicles, it was mostly empty with just a few men mostly Spaniards and tourists, we stopped for drinks and two of the topless dancers joined us telling us how the bar would be busy later and they would make money then.I was feeling a bit drunk and decided to sit by the bar for a while.Sal said something to Paulo and moved away though a door at the side of the bar, reappearing after a few minutes and guided us into another dark bar with a stage which had live sex shows.It woke me up as I saw two women with a dildo having sex with a naked black man being given a blow job.That’s when Paula and Shena rejoined us and she told me of the areas she had seen including two disc areas, one for gays and the other for lesbians, she said Shena was going to show her a special are and they may be a while.I asked what it was and she said it was a surprise and then they disappeared leaving me with Paulo as Sal moved off too.Paulo’s uncle joined us and asked if I was enjoying the club, ordering more drinks for us as he did and calling two topless girls over.They came either side of me and put my hands on their tits as they rubbed my now hardening cock.They took us to a cubicle and slipped off their skirts leaving them in g strings covering very little.Paula had gone with Shena to the split sex room being told I would follow, she got her to strip naked and sit on the cushioned table, sarıyer escort then slide her naked lower half through to the other side.Then she tied her hands into fluffy handcuffs on the walls, she kissed her and stroked her nipples exciting Paula, telling her she was going to set the other room up for me.Shena then came to the other side and raised each leg into leather shackles and tied them there, then she licked her and fingered her bringing her to orgasm.Paula then heard the door open and voices from that side before she felt a hand slap her pussy lips and fingers enter her soaking wet clit.She trembled as the finger played with her clit and pushed deeper inside her stretching her wide open.Then she felt a finger enter her anus wet with her vaginal juices and she purred with excitement as the head of a penis brushed against her clit.Her legs were spread and the head entered her thrusting into her with two strokes, she gasped as she felt a different size and shaped curved penis inside her.She was confused but excited as a pair of hands crept up her body to her hard nipples, hairy black arms with long fingers pinching her nipples.She screamed as she had another orgasm as the cock thrust deeper and deeper, then the thrust penetrated deep and the grip on her breasts tightened, she felt the warm fluid inside her, then dribble out as the cock withdrew.She sighed expecting to be released but then another pair of hands touched her pussy and a tongue licked the juice on her clit.Then fingers entered deep inside her, two then three then four stretching her wider and wider before she felt the head of a large cock rubbing her clit as it slowly nudged it’s way inside her, making her moan very loudly then scream as it thrust deep into her.Another cock touched her leg and rubbed against her as hands reached for her tits and grabbed her nipples and squeezed her tits.She gasped as the two cocks rubbed her clit, then one lunged inside her and a finger pushed into her arse hole followed by another.She felt herself gush as an orgasm erupted and she squirted down her legs and all over the balls and cock inside her just as he came too.Then she heard the door shut and her legs were released, soon after the door closed again and Shena came in to release her hands asking if she had enjoyed the experience as she smiled.Paula just lay for a while then said “it was fantastic but where was Tom” Shena then said that my turn would come.The two girls had my cock out with them both licking it when Paula and Shena came back to us and soon after Sal arrived. Then the girls zipped me up and left as Paula asked if I had enjoyed my time without her and I grinned.We had a few more drinks and Shena told me about the split room and asked if we would like to try it, I looked and Paula and she grinned as she nodded. So off we went to the area with Paula stripping in front of me and Shena who put her hands in the restraints then took me to the other room where a lot of men in various states of undress had their cocks in holes being wanked or given blow jobs and others fucking women in rooms with doors open with their naked lower halves exposed.Shena took me to the room with Paula’s lower half exposed and opened the door, then with the door open she strapped her legs up leaving her vet vagina fully open and exposed. Her vaginal lips were enlarged being red and blue with her excitement (I thought).Then she stripped me with the door still open and sucked on my cock before leaving and shutting the door, I moved in and sucked Paula’s clit which was soaking and sticky indicating she had orgasmed, but I was too worked up to care.I pushed my hard cock into her as she moaned on the other side of the partition, then thrusting inside her the door opened behind me and Paulo came in but I was to interested in fucking Paula to care.He smiled and stroked Paula’s leg reaching her clit with my cock in and started frigging her making her moan and then orgasm squirting all over me and down my legs and over his hand.The excitement of the situation soon made me cum as I thrust deep into her soaking cunt which was now greatly engorged and purple.As I withdrew Paulo was stripping and smiled at me as he moved into my place and slipped his long thin black cock into her, again Paula gave a loud moan as he rotated his cock in and out of her’ then reached his hands through to feel her tits.He had obviously done this before as he slowed the speeded up until he finally grimaced and groaned as he came deep inside her just as Paula climaxed again, squirting her orgasm fluid all over him and the floor.He used the tissues provided to dry himself before leaving then Shena came in as I was drying myself and I was talking to Paula about the event, then Shena bent and licked my cock clean.We then returned to the main bar and had a few drinks and laugh about the events, me not knowing about Paula’s earlier visit to the split room.We were pretty drunk and tired so we took a taxi back to the hotel and after a little foreplay went to sleep.I was thinking what will the next day hold for us?

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