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Subject: House for Sale After our double encounters with Sean the builder Cath and I became much more open with each other about our sexual feelings. We got together often when my husband was working late or away on business and usually ended up in bed or in the shower together. It was light-hearted happy sex. She doesn’t want to break up my marriage and neither do I, so we’ll carry on having fun. Cath has been keen to change career for quite a while. What she really wanted to do was work in an estate agency, what in the US they call realtors I think. She managed to get herself a job initially as an admin assistant but with a chance to move into the property sales side. The company she works for has some very high-class country properties on its books in a sought-after area of Southern England. One day, Cath was asked if she would like to accompany a colleague showing a client around a house. She had processed the pictures and added them to the agency website, so she was very pleased to say yes – the house was just fantastic. The owner was selling because he had been assigned to Dubai to oversee a major construction project. He had also recently divorced and was no longer happy to live in the house that he had shared with his former wife. Together with her colleague James, Cath took plenty of time to show the prospective buyer around. There was a pool and jacuzzi in a separate building in the secluded back garden, a steel and granite kitchen that opened into a garden facing dining room, a huge lounge with a concealed home cinema screen bursa evi olan escort and a master bedroom nearly as big with an ensuite black tiled bathroom. The viewing was late in the afternoon, and James lived in the opposite direction to the office, so he asked Cath to drop the keys back on her way home. Cath said yes, but then realised that she was running late for an eye test appointment. It was Friday, she was working on the Saturday morning, James wasn’t, so she figured he would never know if the keys weren’t back that night. After the eye test we had arranged to meet for a drink at a wine bar near the opticians. I had already arrived when Cath walked in. She was full of chat about the house she had seen and enthusiasm for her new job generally. Jokingly I pointed out that no-one would know if she showed me round too. She thought it was a great idea, so we finished our wine and headed back along country lanes to the house. We felt like naughty schoolgirls as we drove in through the electric gates and they closed silently behind us. The sun was setting as we looked around the main bedroom and its bathroom. Cath looked good in a dark business suit and I was beginning to feel just a little horny for her. “How about having a shower” I suggested, winking at her. “I’ve got a better idea” she said, and led me out to the pool house. “Let’s go skinny dipping”. I didn’t need to be asked twice. There was a stack of towels on a shelf, so that was no problem. She searched around for the jacuzzi control box and altıparmak escort switched it on. Then she peeled off her clothes in seconds and jumped in the pool. I undressed a little slower, doing a striptease for her. Then I sat on the edge and slid into the pool. We did a couple of lengths and then clung to the edge side by side. Cath turned her head and kissed me, putting her tongue in my mouth. We let go the pool edge and embraced, our whole bodies touching, pubic mounds strsining to rub against each other. Fingers explored wet labia and slid inside vaginas. I was very aroused and felt my muscles involuntary clutch around Cath’s fingers. I knew she really got off on this. She pushed me away a little and hitched herself up to sit on the poolside, spreading her legs, her pussy perfectly positioned for my hungry mouth. I didn’t rush, just brought her to a slow delicious orgasm with my tongue and lips, nibbling her clit gently. I tasted her sweet juices, licking around my mouth and then she slid back into the pool, one hand kneading my ass, pulling my knee up so she could get to my pussy. For my turn, I chose the jacuzzi. We swapped cool water for warm bubbles, rolling over in it, letting the jets massage our aroused bodies. I have trained myself over years so I don’t come too quickly. I prefer one earth shattering orgasm after up to an hour of foreplay with or without penetration at the end of it. This time, we had no dildoes or vibrators, just each other’s bodies. We revelled in the sensations of the spa bath, massaging and biting nipples, spreading pussy lips to feel the water jets caress our clitorises. I was utterly relaxed, but also very turned on. Cath helped me to greater arousal with gentle fingers just to one side of my pulsing little love-button. She had become so expert in knowing exactly what to do to give me maximum pleasure. Somehow she moved me around so she had two fingers deep inside me, moving in and out, but with one strong water jet pulsing over my clit. Her mouth was alternately on mine and on my breasts. I held on as long as I could, knowing it would make the climax better, but eventually gasped and cried out. It was nearly dark by the time we tidied up after ourselves and left the house as immaculate as we found it, the September dusk wrapping our departure in wisps of mist. Halfway home, my husband rang and asked me to collect some Chinese food he had ordered. We had a wonderful meal and had some great sex together later on, although some of the images in my mind were of Cath and myself and it was her mouth on me when he went down on my still-eager pussy. The following morning, I was making breakfast and John was in the shower when Cath rang. She had some startling news. She read the email the house owner had sent her over the phone to me. “Well done ladies, what a great show you put on for me. You couldn’t have known about the webcams – they are all over the house. I enjoyed watching with my new girlfriend, who now wants to have a threesome or even foursome. When I come home to conclude the sale, perhaps we can all get together. Don’t worry I won’t tell your boss.” I was speechless for a moment, then I giggled. “So you think you might be able to sneak those keys out again then”. “I’ll try” said Cath – and I’m sure she will.

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