If I was a teacher


If I was a teacherI would work as a high school teacher and would be the Saturday day detention teacher. I would have a curvy figure and skin fair white with long dark brown hair. I would be wearing a pair of black panties and matching bra, a purple blouse and a pair of black leggings and a nice tight black skirt One Saturday I was coming in to babysit the k**s in detention and I got there the room was empty so I sat in my chair and waited for the k**s to come in. I looked at the list and saw I only had one k** his name was Jamal. 5 minutes to 8 and this tall skinny black k** walks in and comes to my desk and says I’m here for Saturday detention. I said “Jamal take a seat in the front row” he turned around and sat down. Jamal was tall black and was wearing baggy jeans a loose t-shirt. He sat there quietly and I sat there working on papers. I got up to get something off the shelf and I had to bend over to get it. I got back up and went back to my desk I looked over to Jamal and saw him rubbing his crotch and I got aroused at the thought of him fucking me. I got up and closed the classroom door and pulled all the shades down. Jamal asked ” miss C what are you doing.” I responded “just closing the door and shades, I don’t want the sun glaring in and I like a little privacy so I don’t like people looking while I’m working.” I notice Jamal was looking at my ass as I walked around the room. I went over the chalkboard and started cleaning it and dropped the eraser. I bent down to grab it and pecked back to Jamal staring at my butt. I got up and went to the back to the shelf in the beck of the classroom and started organizing güvenilir bahis the books and I called Jamal over “Jamal could you help me with these books” Jamal said “sure miss C” I got on my hands and knees and Jamal knee next to me helping. He leaned back and i felt his hand on my butt. I wiggled and pretended like I didn’t notice. We finished and I got up at the same time as Jamal and tripped and fell on him. He fell on his butt and I fell face down on him and my hand was on his crotch. Moved back without thinking and my face was directly over his crotch. I looked down for a moment and noticed his zipper was undone and could see his white underwear and a slight outline of his dick. I could smell a combination of piss and sperm coming from his crotch. My hands slipped and I fell into his crotch and feel his cock on my face. I got up and was beat red in the face and Jamal asked “miss C you ok.” I said “yes Jamal just slipped.” I walked back to my desk with Jamal close behind me. I sat down and Jamal came up to me and said “miss C your very pretty” while he was saying that I could not keep my eyes off is crotch imaging his cock in me. I blurted out not thinking “I want to suck you’re cock” and I looked up not realizing Jamal heard me. He pulled down his pants and underwear revealing his huge black cock. It hung there and grabbed it and leaned down and wrapped my lips around his cock and licked it tasting a mix of sperm and piss. His cock was warm and I could feel his pulse in my mouth. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out and shot cum over my blouse. I took off my blouse and pulled down my skirt and türkçe bahis leggings. “Miss C I’m want to fuck you hard” I wiggled my butt and grind it against his erected cock. Grabbed my waist and pushed asid my panties and shoved his cock in my vagina. I felt his big black cock stretch open my pussy. I looked back and his cock was only half way in and it felt like my pussy couldn’t take anymore. I felt him forcing his cock further in and with each inch I felt my body shiver. He pulled his cock and thusted back in. He started fucking me hard. After a few minutes he suddenly stopped then I felt it he released his sperm in my vagina. I looked back and said “Jamal I could get pregnant I’m not on the pill” Jamal laughed and said “bitch I dint fucking care” he tightly grabbed my waist and pushed me onto my desk and continue to fuck my now cum filled pussy. He kept fucking me for about a half hour then stopped and said “miss C I’m going to **** your ass” he grabbed my bra and took it off me and gagged me with it and pulled his cum soaked dick out of my pussy and penetrated my ass. I screemed has hard as I could as I felt his cock stretch open my asshole. “Damm miss C I’ve need wanting to fuck this ass all year” his cock moved in and out my ass fast and soon I get him stopped and he said “miss C I just cummed in your ass and it felt great” he pulled his dick out of my ass and shoved it back in my pussy “miss C how about another load in your pussy just to be safe” I felt his cock move in and out my sore vagina and after a few minutes he unloaded his cum again and pulled his cock out. My panties moved back in place covering güvenilir bahis siteleri my cum filled vagina and ass. I pulled my leggings back up and Jamal grabbed me and sat me down in my chairs and holding his cock in one hand and took my bra out of my mouth and said “miss C suck my cock clean and I won’t tell anyone.” I did as Jamal command and cleaned his cock tasting all the cum and pussy juice on it. He pulled his cock backed and pulled up his pants. “Miss C detention is almost over” I grabbed my blouse and pulled back on said “jamal I think you need detention next Saturday” Jamal laughed and said “damm miss C you like my blac cock that much.” He walked out saying “miss C I’ll be back next week” I sat there exhausted and my ass and vagina were both sore and I felt his cum leaking out. I grabbed my bra and threw it into my bag and put my skirt back on and as I got up the janitor walked in and closed the door. He was this short heavyset black man and he came up to me and said “miss C if you want to keep me quiet then you have to please me” he unzipped his jumper suit and pulled his big blac cock out and I dropped to my knees and just started sucking it. I looked,up at his grinning face the back down at his cock disappearing in my mouth. After a couple minutes he pulled his cock out and I pulled my blouse off. I took his big black cock between my white breast and let him fuck them until he shot his cum and I felt it hit my chin and drip down my neck over my breast. He zipped up his jumper and said “thank you miss C, I’ll see you next week and don’t fuck so much so I can enjoy more of you” he left and I pulled my blouse back on covering my cum covered tit. I got fucked by two different guys in the same day and I had one’s sperm leaking out my ass and pussy and another’s dripping down my face and covering my boobs c at wait till next week

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