I’m Now Called Dee Ch. 09


At the club that night, I wiggled my ass, flirted like crazy. I could have had any man I wanted. Then I saw Craig, my eyes lit up. Revenge is sweet, I thought. I pointed Craig out to Kate and told her, if I wasn’t home by mid morning, to call Pamela. She knew where Craig lived.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Oh he’s going to get his punishment, but he’ll not realise who he fucked, till I’m well away.”

Craig thought he’d struck lucky and that he’d be fucking this girls eyes out tonight. Oh, I’d let him fuck me but he didn’t realise who was in charge. Dangle the prospect of sex in front of him and he was putty in my hands.

When we got back to his place, I let him strip me, as I stripped him and made him sit in a chair

“Do you like my tits? Do you want to lick them and suck them?”


I took a photo of him suckling them.

“Do you like my pussy?” I said spreading my lips and fingering myself, “do you want to taste it?”

“Ohhh yesss.”

I took another photo.

“What’s with the photos,” he mumbled, his face between my thighs.

“I just thought I would like to share our time together.”

The dumb, vain fool, that he was, hadn’t a clue. I faked an orgasm. Straddling him and resting my head on his shoulders, I let him think I was coming down from a high. I could feel his hardness, twitching, between our bodies. I started a slow grind against his prick, taking him in hand, I guided him inside me. All too soon I realised he was close to cumming, I faked another orgasm.

I felt him cum inside me, his erection started to wilt. I tried using my vaginal muscles to milk him and hopefully revive his erection. All I ended up doing was expelling his cock.

Did I enjoy it, it was alright but was over too quickly. He was the first person to cum inside me, I felt indifferent. Could you lose your virginity twice? Once as a male, and once as a post op female? As these thoughts whirled round my head, he was drifting off to sleep.

“Oh no you don’t! You aren’t finished yet. Clean up your cum, lick it out of my vag,” I said shaking him.

At last I had an orgasm, nothing spectacular, but it would do. Plus I had lots of photos to use.

I crawled back into bed with Kate, around 6 am, and snuggled up.

“You’re back early, did you enjoy yourself?” She mumbled.

“Oh I enjoyed the revenge and the power I had over him, I’m not sure about the sex.”

I thought she’d fallen back to sleep.

“You need to try a man you have no history with,” she mumbled, wrapping her arm around me, snuggling into my back and promptly falling asleep.

We spent a leisurely morning in bed making slow but passionate love and talking.

“You know I meant what I said last night about another man.”

“I don’t need to,” I said, “I’ve tried one man and I know what I prefer.”

“No, you had a grudge against him, so that’s not a fair trial.”

I was getting upset, was she pushing me away? Apparently not, she encouraged me to try a relationship with a man I had no history with. She said I had to be sure about my sexuality, or I would always wonder what might have been. She would never forgive herself if I stayed with her, out of loyalty, but was unhappy.

In the afternoon, I printed some of the pictures and wrote a note for Craig. Telling him the woman he had sex with last night, was the same lesbian he had claimed to have given a screaming orgasm, who was also his ex work colleague Dave. Placed everything in an envelope, sealed it and went to visit Pamela and Yvonne.

I asked Pamela to place it on his desk gaziantep escort in the morning and let me know what his reaction was.

“What’s in the envelope,” she asked, feeling and shaking it, “it feels like postcards? Dirty postcards?”

“Sort of.”

“Can I see them?”


“What are you up to? You wicked girl.”

She put the envelope in with his morning mail and waited. When he got round to opening my envelope the photos spilled out, she heard a gasp, as he quickly gathered them up.

“What did you send him? He keeps surreptitiously looking at the photos and the letter. He has an obvious tent in his trousers, which he keeps trying to hide, if he has to get up.” Texted Pamela later that morning.

“I’ll tell you l8er,” I text back.

It wasn’t the reaction I expected. What was going on?

Pamela and Yvonne came round later that evening.

“What did you send him? I was worried at one point, because he kept looking over at me,” said Pamela.

I gave her a brief outline of what happened, without going into too much detail. She told me he eventually approached her.

“You know Dee don’t you?” he said, “I’d like to meet her again, just to talk, please ask her.”

I agreed, because I was curious, but it would be on neutral territory with Kate in attendance. Pamela and Yvonne insisted they were coming too.

“Safety in numbers,” they said.

We decided to meet in a cafe, not one of our usual ones. When we got there Craig was already waiting. We ordered our coffees. Kate, Pamela and Yvonne sat two tables away, while I sat with Craig. We had the longest, and most revealing, conversation I’d ever had with him.

“Dee, the other night was amazing, I don’t care that you used to be Dave, you are a gorgeous woman. Sorry I gave you a hard time in work, I was jealous, you seemed to get on so well with all the women. I couldn’t understand why, you looked so…so…”

“It’s OK, you can say effeminate.”

“OK, I didn’t want to put my foot in it again. If I’d known what you were going through, I hope I would have been more understanding. Normally I don’t have a problem with people’s sexuality, but when I’ve had a drink or three and all the women want nothing to do with me, well, my jealousy makes me aggressive.”

“Craig, you need to drop your macho man attitude, too macho isn’t appreciated, show your more caring side. You certainly surprised me today, with a side of you I didn’t know existed.”

Going out clubbing and flirting, soon had men interested, offer them the possibility of sex and they were easily manipulated. I ended up having a brief affair, six weeks, with Derek. I took care to pick a single man, Derek was divorced. I did like seeing his head between my thighs while he licked, sucked and nibbled. I liked him between my legs as he entered me and best of all I made him clean me up by licking his cum out of me. Eventually he suggested spending the weekend together, we could go to London, take in a show, see the sites and stay over in an hotel. I’d only ever spent 2 or 3 intimate hours, at a time, with him before. So excitedly I said yes.

I went to buy myself a sexy nighty and some sexy lingerie for the weekend, I wanted to impress. As the weekend approached, I grew more excited and nervous. What would it be like? A whole weekend!

We checked into the hotel Friday evening, went out for a meal, wandered round looking at the lights along the Thames. All day my excitement had been quietly bubbling just below the surface. My panties were soaking by the time konya escort we got back to the hotel. I tried on my new nighty, it didn’t stay on for long. Soon I was on all fours on the bed as he took me doggy style. I could feel his ball sack smacking into the back of my thighs. After a short rest I mounted him cowgirl style, I was looking forward to a night of sex. The sex didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. He couldn’t manage anymore and fell asleep. I was still revved up and spent the next hour pleasuring myself, while he slept.

I’d forgotten that in my pre-op days, I wouldn’t have lasted, but post-op me seemed to be able to have multiple orgasms and still want more. I couldn’t help but compare the difference in feelings of the positions pre and post-op. I still marvelled at how wet I became, how my vulva opened and my labia and clit swelled up and became sensitive. I’d often seen Kate in an aroused state, but now this was happening to ME. I’d deliberately aroused myself so I could watch the changes, the only way I could describe it was opening up like a flower. My conclusion was women got the better deal.

In the morning we woke up to more sex. He wanted to do 69, while I was happy for him to eat me out, I couldn’t bring myself to take him in my mouth. I masturbated him and kissed it, but no way was that going in my mouth, nor was I going to swallow cum. He spoilt the moment with his next comment.

“I can’t put my finger on it, but you taste subtly different from the other women I’ve tasted.”

a. I didn’t want to know about his other women and, b. If I tasted different, it was no great surprise, my fluids weren’t produced by the same glands as a cis-woman. Kate had never commented and was happy with my taste.

After breakfast we visited the Tower of London. As the day progressed I started to wonder about our relationship, he wasn’t really listening to me, or my opinions, it seemed to be all about him. By the time we went to the show in the evening, I was distracted. Back at the hotel, I thought, no I have to give it a chance, maybe it’s just me. In bed it was the usual routine, he started by eating me, then crawled between my legs and started humping away. My heart wasn’t in it. There was no connection, no love, it was just sex for sex’s sake. I was dry, the sex was chafing and my sensitive parts were sore. When he came I rushed to the bathroom and locked myself in.

Sitting on the bidet, washing myself out, I was crying. I felt like a whore, he’d paid the money and I was letting him have sex. When I thought back, it had only ever been about sex, there was no love. Before this weekend I had been in control, that was what I loved. Now it felt as if the tables had turned and I missed the companionship and love I shared with Kate.

If I stayed in the bathroom long enough, maybe he’d be asleep. It was too late to go home now. Besides I was too nervous, as a single woman, to make my way home in the early hours. I was determined that as soon as the streets were busier with people out and about, I would leave.

I wished I’d brought my pyjamas, or at least a pair of my comfy cotton work knickers, instead I put on the french knickers and the nighty, in the forlorn hope of some protection.

I was woken in the morning to, “Have you ever had anal?”

My knickers had been pulled to the side and he was attempting to push his prick between my cheeks. I shot out of bed, grabbed my clothes and locked myself in the bathroom.

“What’s up? Come back to bed, let’s have some fun.”

I didn’t answer. I quickly dressed. Thinking kayseri escort nobody uses my rear-entry, my ass, my boy pussy now. Not even Kate. I have a vagina now, please have the decency to use it. Obviously I wasn’t thinking straight, because I didn’t want him to use it anymore.

Storming back into the bedroom, I said, “You don’t love me! You’re just using me! I never want to see you again! Where’s my train ticket?”

I rifled through his pockets, till I found it, then throwing the rest of my stuff into my overnight bag, I stormed out of the room, slamming the door. I didn’t even hear his protests, I was too angry and upset. To cap it all, when I left, I realised we’d stayed in one of a chain of budget hotels. Bloody cheapskate, I thought, he could at least have picked a small cozy independent. Oh god, I’m even thinking like a whore.

The train journey home, I looked a mess, no makeup, tears streaming down my face. Most people avoided me, just stared curiously. One woman asked if I was OK and offered some tissues so I could blow my nose and wipe my eyes.

“I’m OK, it was just a date that ended badly. I just want to get home [to my wife],” I said, and thought.

“Did he hurt you? If he did you should report him to the police.”

“It’s only my pride that’s been hurt, but thank for your concern.”

Arriving home, Kate was in the kitchen.

“Your home earl . . . Oh come here,” she said wrapping her arms round me.

Leading me into the conservatory, our favourite space to relax, she rocked me in her arms while I cried into her shoulder.

After checking that I hadn’t been physically hurt, she said, “whenever you feel ready, and only if you want to, you can tell me what happened.”

I went for a long soak in a hot bath, dressed, made myself presentable, did my hair and applied my makeup. I was ready to face the world. I was back home in the arms of the one person I truly loved. Of course I told her what happened, after all we shared everything, even the fantasy about her sister, that I’d been apprehensive about.

The upshot was, a couple of months later we renewed our marriage vows. The first time round Kate had chosen to say ‘Love, Honour and Cherish,’ I chose to say ‘Love, Honour and Obey.’

All Kate’s family were there, my mum was there, my father still wouldn’t talk to me, but he was talking to mum about me. Even referring to me as she, sometimes. Would he eventually accept me?

Craig was there with his new girlfriend, it seemed that all he needed was a good woman to take charge, and not just in the bedroom.

Ellie was sharing a house and super king size bed, with Mike and Rachel.

Kate and I were going on a second honeymoon, round the Greek islands.


– – – o O o – – –

If you followed this story to the end, many thanks. I have enjoyed reading your comments and nobody, so far, has shot me down in flames. Your criticisms will, I hope, help me improve.

This was a fictitious story that was inspired by seeing, in a department store, what at first glance was an attractive woman. This person was sat having makeup applied, by one of the sales assistants, covering up a beard shaped shadow. I thought how brave s/he must be.

I have also often wondered what it would feel like to have a woman’s body? After all how could I be whole person if I couldn’t also experience the minutia of womanhood.

I have made some assumptions for the sake of the story. If I have made factual errors, that is down to my ignorance and relying on the internet/google, and we all know how misleading some pages can be.

Quick survey for the ladies

What do you call your vulva, your lady bits? Do you use different terms depending on circumstance, such as

Amongst your female friends.
Amongst male friends or mixed company.
When passionate with your lover/partner.

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