In the Flesh


It happened so fast. She signed in hoping to have a nice hot chat with him, but instead Trisha found a series of instructions that left her wandering through the next few days like she was in a dream.

“Take the weekend off,” his directions said, “pack a bag, grab a cab, and be at the airport at 5 PM Friday. Wear something nice because this Friday is going to be first class. Wait for me at the baggage area for Delta.”

Trisha sat staring at the monitor full of nerves and excitement. Originally, he had written because he liked one of Trisha’s posts; it had been on being divorced and wanting to search for love again. He asked if she would like to chat with a fellow searcher and perhaps commiserate together over the lack of good prospects in the dating world. Trisha had already noticed Rick on the board with his intelligence and humor. She sent him her instant messenger ID. They hit it off immediately, talking for hours that first night.

After months of talking, intimacy had seemed natural. With the use of the cam and his erotic way of telling a fantasy, she often found herself breathless and, soon, wanting more. He was eager to meet her, too. He had told her late one night, after they had both come more than once, that he thought there was more than sex involved.

She told her bank’s manager that she needed to take Friday off. She spent the morning grooming herself and getting her hair cut and colored the deep shade of red Rick had told her he loved. She sometimes worried about her looks, but in the mirror Trisha knew she looked good. The day after she had gotten his instructions, she had taken her lunch hour to buy a sexy and sophisticated black halter dress. It made her feel great. It had an asymmetrical hemline and fell gracefully over Trisha’s body showing off her curves and enough cleavage to suggest her eagerness for him.

When she heard the cab outside, she checked herself one last time in the mirror, her deep-set green eyes, her thick, auburn hair hanging down in soft waves to frame her heart-shaped face, her full lips a delicate red that matched her manicured nails. “Damn,” she said, “I’m ready” and rushed out the door, dragging her bag behind her.

In the cab, she shivered when she imagined his eyes looking up and down her for the first time in person. Everything felt new, and dangerous, and exciting. A fantasy was beginning that Trisha had played over many times in her mind.

She thought about what she was about to do. All the play, all the pretend was suddenly over, but this time when Trisha had signed off with “See you Friday, Baby,” it felt real. For a moment she felt frightened, but when she left the cab at the airport her confidence came back when she caught, and felt, the glances she was collecting from the men she passed.

Her sense of being at risk disappeared. As she waited at the Delta carousels, Trisha felt strangely safe. It was like submitting to his directions left her free to be herself. Rick had been good ever since she met him at encouraging her. She had lost some of her reluctance and inhibition. She had been trying to enjoy each new thing. She enjoyed the feeling of being eager. Trisha felt herself smiling as she waited, no doubts left that the weekend would transform her life, her attitudes, her ability to love.

She had meant to be early, and she was. She sat in one of the plastic chairs anchored to the cold, glossy floor and daydreamed of him in a scene with no plot, just desire. She kept looking around, imagining she had seen him, that he was there. She sensed something behind her, her imagination playing tricks again, helped by the detail her daydreams had taken on. It was almost like she could feel his breath on her bare shoulder. She didn’t know whether to enjoy the sensation her daydream was provoking or to turn for another nervous reality check. She sat up straight and blinked her eyes.

A single, pink rose appeared before her.

A hand gently pulled her hair to one side and the breathing came closer until lips touched her ear, and a man’s voice nearly whispered: “Are you waiting for someone?”

Her hand reached for the rose as she forced her head to nod a tentative yes. She felt a rush of adrenalin take away her peace. His hand covered hers and turned her toward him. Trisha rose to her feet and his hands slid to her waist. She could see him now, especially his eyes. Their eyes searched each other’s. They were frozen in this space. Trisha couldn’t think of what to do for a change, so she placed the rose to her lips and relished the scent he had given her. She became aware that his eyes were traveling over her body.

“Move that silly rose. I have to kiss you.” They smiled and she lowered the flower. Now she knew what to do. She put her arms around his neck and their faces closed on one another slowly, as if neither had ever kissed before, cautiously relishing this first time together.

Trisha’s lips touched his, lightly at first, then quickly they both lost their sense grup sex porno of reserve and their lips locked, sending the message of passion and desire. They were lost in their kiss, their tongues exploring and their bodies pressing together. The crowd around them was forgotten. They kissed for what seemed to her a delicious hour, and when it broke at last they were both breathless.

“Come on, we have a rental car to collect and places to go,” Rick said quietly, his voice still showing his passion.

He took her hand and led her through the airport. It seemed as though he could measure her passion and, just about the time it cooled, there was something else to stoke the fire. When they stood in line to rent the car, it was a look; moving to the counter, it was a little touch in the small of her back; while they waited for the car to pull up, it was small kiss that was held just a second too long and the touch of his tongue on her lower lip. Each was harmless by itself, but combined with her growing anticipation, Trisha found her desire simmering and found the teasing increasingly frustrating. It was as if her universe centered on her need, and it suddenly seemed unimportant that they had just met. What mattered was what would happen when they were alone. She felt her breath tighten.

Once they got to the car, Rick hurried to open the door for her; it gave Trisha a chance to be less than lady-like. The flash of leg didn’t go unnoticed as well as the delicious view of her cleavage. He could tell she didn’t have a bra on. She could see him resist the urge to slip his fingers inside the halter neckline and touch her.

“You’re such a hottie,” Rick grinned. He leaned into the car for another deep kiss. She felt her lust roll into a ball and felt herself wanting to let go and just reach for his crotch now or lie back in the seat and let him take her. Her surprise at her own new desires gave him time to move away and close the door. The engine started and he turned to face her.

“You are so damn sexy, Trisha.”

As she mumbled a thank you, she realized that she was far less embarrassed about her lust than she would have thought she would be, and for the way he seemed to know just what she was thinking.

Their drive to the unknown destination was too long. They tried to be chatty, and succeeded in distracting themselves part way. Sometimes it seemed like they were two old friends “catching up.” Well almost like that. Trisha found herself drifting off into fantasyland. Rick was doing the same thing and cast lustful looks her way. The scenery changed from city to country and then to mountains. His hand left the steering wheel and rested on the inside of her knee. She looked at it; tingles ran up her leg; her desire increased again.

“Trisha, I want this entire weekend to be special. Our first time together should be mind-blowing for you. I want the word pictures we have made to come to life.”

She rested her hand on top of his. She had meant it as a reply. She smiled at him and found herself considering pulling his hand up her leg and under the hem of her dress. He must have sensed her thoughts and gripped her leg more firmly.

His voice became intense, sexual. “For tonight I want you to do nothing but experience things and respond. Allow me this Trisha.”

She wasn’t sure what that meant, but she felt a charge of electricity run through her body and rest in her loins. She steadied her voice and said, “Okay.” Nothing more would come out.

Trisha decided to concentrate on the scenery. The drive climbed higher, and tall trees passed slowly as he negotiated the tight turns. After they escaped the forest, they found the resort. The vistas were overwhelming and seemed to suggest to her freedom, the freedom to experience and to respond.

Rick stopped in front of the main entrance to the lodge but left the motor running. “Sit tight for just a minute,” he said with a wink. The trunk popped open and she saw her small overnight bag disappear with the bellman. Rick got back into the car and smiled at her.

“I hope you’re not starved. One more stop before dinner. I want you to see the sunset on the summit.”

The car strained past a row of expensive-looking log cabins and up the last half mile to a small parking lot with a half-dozen cars. Small groups of people were milling about. Some pointed to far-off places while others walked hand in hand, deep in themselves. Children were running off nervous energy. Trisha and Rick were another couple on the mountain, hand in hand, except she was the only woman in a short black dress and heels.

“You’ve just increased the beauty of the view immeasurably, at least for the guys,” he whispered into her ear. She giggled and smiled brightly at him. Their timing had been perfect, and the sun was melting into the distance with an incredible range of colors and its own special beauty. It began to drop below the horizon. A cool breeze caused her to shiver.

Rick moved latina fuck tour porno closer and a little behind her. He slid his arms around her and pulled her closer into the front of his body.

“Are you cold?” He whispered against her ear.

“Just a little, but don’t stop, that feels nice.”

His head rested against her shoulder as she wiggled back against him. She was actually searching for his hardness. She couldn’t believe her own boldness. He helped by pushing against her. His hands pulled her hair back, and she felt his breath on her neck. He began using his lips to nibble on her earlobe. Again, she could felt that pesky tingle building in her belly. In spite of the people that milled about, she wanted more. Trying not to be obvious, Trisha wiggled her ass harder into his groin.

Rick whispered. His words sent a jolt through her body, “You are so bad, and you’re so going to get it later!” As she wondered what “it” meant, she threw back her head in consent allowing him to plant a wet kiss on her throat. They were enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies as the twilight built and she thought Rick, too, was anticipating what their bodies would be doing later. They would finally be alone.

They didn’t talk on the drive back to the lodge. Words weren’t needed. Trisha could still feel how short her breath was when Rick pulled into the parking space, shut off the engine, and glanced at his watch.

“Ah, time for dinner my dear.”

Trisha waited for him to come around and open her door. It gave her time to mumble beneath her breath that she wished he were the main course. She wondered if they were ever going to get down to it.

It became apparent that he knew this place. He took her hand, and they walked with purpose toward the dining room. On the way down a hall, without warning, Rick jerked her through a small doorway and caught her in his arms when she started to lose her balance. He pushed her deeper into what was obviously a coat closet. It was as if he had heard her thoughts in the car. He pushed her up against the wall, looking deep into her eyes.

“I know we’re moving slowly. This is just so you know how badly I want you.”

Before she could reply, he pressed his lips against hers, and all the gentleness was gone. His tongue immediately forced her mouth open. He raised her hands above her head and held them against the wall above her with one of his as he ravished her mouth.

Trisha could feel his hardness pressed against her stomach, but then he moved back and reached for the hem of her dress with his other hand. She felt his hand cover her panties and press against her pussy as he broke off the kiss.

“As I thought, soaked,” his smile said much.

Trisha barely heard the words. She bent her knees, trying to deepen his touch. Voices of people walking down the hall reminded her of where they were. But in seconds she went from stifling her moans to not caring who might hear her.

“Oh, Rick,” she whispered, not sure what to say next.

His hand stayed between her legs, but he didn’t move it. Trisha was frustrated to be pinned and unable to wiggle against his hand. As the voices in the hall trailed off, she whispered in a ragged voice full of desire.

“Please, Rick.” Her eyes pleaded with him. Her mouth opened as he leaned toward her, but he only whispered in her ear.

“This is how I want you. This is how I’ve seen you, nearly overcome with desire.”

Then, before realizing what was happening, she was pulled out of the closet and toward the dining room. Trisha smoothed down her dress with her free hand and tried to gain composure again. She cast a glance at Rick who beamed down at her with a smile that almost made her heart leap right out of her chest.

Fortunately, their table was off by itself in a corner by a window with an incredible moonlit view. However, the view seemed almost a distraction. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she knew because she saw nothing but him. The throbbing between her legs was still growing somehow. When she pushed her hair back from her face, Rick reached across the table to stroke her cheek with his fingertips. Trisha took his hand and brought it to her lips. She smelled the faint scent of her own sex as she kissed his hand; the slight taste made her think of what was to come.

Their dinner was a blur of fine food, wine and sexual tension. How odd it seemed to Trisha that he was able to touch her and caress her body with his eyes. She could feel her nipples stiffen when he was staring at them. How exciting it was that when their eyes met, they seemed able to see and feel the passion of the one they wanted. Trisha could feel the energy flow from his eyes to the center of her body where the warmth moved outward making her tingle. Her anticipation continued to build.

The tension felt wonderful, romantic and yet animalistic. Recalling his kiss and his hand against her sex in the closet lezbiyen porno made Trisha’s body shiver and her pussy ache. If only the tablecloth were a little longer, she could touch herself. The thigh squeezing she was doing just wasn’t making it, and it didn’t help that he must be able to tell when she did it because he winked at her every time!

When they at last left the dining hall hand in hand, Trisha felt a sense of relief. For the moment, there were no distractions, at least until they were near the doorway to the coat closet. She tugged ever so gently on his hand as if he wouldn’t notice that she was encouraging him to go in. His response was to pull her towards him and put his arm around her waist.

“Soon Baby, soon,” he seductively murmured into her ear causing a moan, barely audible, to escape her lips.

Their room was perfect, although the first thing that caught Trisha’s eye was the bed. She became aware of his body snuggling up behind her. His arms went around her waist and pressed against her tummy in a way that seemed strangely familiar. Rick’s lips near her ear asked, “You approve of the room?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, as she wanted to turn and kiss him, but also she enjoyed the feeling of being enclosed in his arms. By wiggling back into him, she could feel his hardness pressing against her ass. His lips formed a little “o” in the nape of her neck.

“We need to talk,” he said.

The knot that formed in her stomach passed quickly, causing her to smile. She knew that there couldn’t be a problem, but her body reacted to the stimuli. Even a momentary panic felt good.

Rick pulled her out onto the deck to “talk” and made it clear that she should get comfy in the padded lounge chair. It was a deck to beat all decks. There were walls on the ends so they had privacy and the only view was out the front and down into the valley.

In the center of the deck was one of those patio fire bowls. Rick leaned over and lit it with one of the long matches provided in a tall container. Watching the flames burn higher through the wood reminded her of her own passion and the fire within her. He took the match and lit a number of candles, and he opened another bottle of champagne, handing Trisha a glass, and then sat down in his own lounge chair across from her.

Trisha was quite sure that even in the fire and candlelight he could see up her dress. She also realized that she didn’t care. No, that wasn’t true, she did care: she parted her legs a little because she wanted his eyes to caress her pussy.

“Are you sure you want to talk?” She smiled enticingly.

“Uh huh,” he nodded, his eyes never leaving hers. He drank deeply from his glass.

“Trisha, I think you know that I want everything to be special tonight, this whole weekend. But it’s almost frightening.”

It was apparent that he was choosing his words carefully. Trisha listened closely but her body was screaming, ‘Hurry up, damn it!’

“Sex with you has been so incredible even though all we’ve had are words and images on a screen. I guess what I am trying to say is that I think we should work our way into this. I’m almost afraid of how good it will feel once I’m inside you.”

To lighten the moment Trisha raised one knee a little and winked, “Well, I’m wishing we’d hurry up and find out.”

“Oh, we will! But let’s start where we’ve been so to speak.”

The ice rattled as he removed the champagne bottle and filled their glasses. Settling back into his chair Trisha noticed his left hand in his lap.

“You’ve been a wonderful cyber lover and we have had such a good time watching each other through our monitors that I want us to now add more reality, but slowly enough so we don’t ruin anything.”

There was no doubt now. His hand was massaging between his legs, working the lump she had felt pressed against her several times. Almost without realizing it, Trisha found her own hand grazing the front of her dress, sending fire into her nipples.

Their eyes explored each other, awash in a pool of flickering firelight and candles bordered by the darkness. They were so alone, so close to each other, even though separated by at least six feet.

“I thought about bringing a couple of lap tops so we could chat.”

Trisha’s dreamy mood crumbled into laughter. The tension broke so that now only the romance and passion remained. Suddenly it was time to explore and enjoy.

“God, I love your smile.”

He sat his drink down and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and slid the zipper down. His hand disappeared there. Trisha took another sip of champagne; their eyes never left each other’s.

“Don’t you want to let the girls out?”

She smiled at his pet name for her breasts and reached behind her to unhook the halter-top. Without hesitation, Trisha held onto the two ends of her top and pulled it down. She felt the cool night air wash over her, her nipples quickly responding.

“This is where I usually type ‘Whoa!'” He chuckled.

Trisha smiled at him and, in her teasing way ran her hands over her breasts, pulling on her nipples and loving how they hardened quickly between her fingers.

Rick’s massaging got a little more intense. “Oh baby! Kiss them for me Trisha, make them harder.”

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