Innocent Flirting Ch. 01


Tiffany can be such a tease

Tiffany is an adventurous and open-minded 19-year-old with a harmless mischievous streak. More recently she become obsessed with flirting and teasing. Wary of younger guys, it’s a game she played confidently with older men. Her parents, fearful of the game getting out of hand, convinced her to seek Doctor Love’s assistance.

Great stories Maddi. Something else Mummy and Daddy don’t need to know about! Tiff.


René pulled me back against his bare chest, his erection pushing into the soft skin of my lower back. I grimaced as a hungry hand wrapped around me to work up under my bra to cup a breast and another dived into my panties. ‘Please René, not so rough,’ I almost begged.

‘Trust me, ai know what you fukeng wén,’ his lovely French ascent now tainted with distasteful lust as he manhandled me.

I gasped and writhed as he crudely pinched and rolled a nipple and his fingers raked across my intimate folds. ‘Gentle René, you’re hurting me,’ I winced, then cried out as a finger plunged into my sensitive internal flesh.

Continuing to groan with the discomfort, René release his grip and I slumped forward on the bed. ‘You’ré a virgin, aren’t yo?’ His ascent not hiding the snigger in his voice.

‘Yes, it’s not supposed to be like this,’ I whimpered into the bed covers as he pulled my panties down.

My eyes widened with the feel of his hand gripping my raised hip and his cock nudging my intimate opening. ‘Please be gentle,’ I begged, grimacing as his cock worked against some resistance as he pushed inside me.

‘You’ré zo fukeng dry,’ René lamented as I gasped and groaned with the unpleasant friction of his thrusts.

I sighed with relief as his cock finally withdrew and rolled onto my side. René straddled me, turning me on my back and knee-walked towards my chest. ‘What are you doing?’ I gasped, breathing heavily and my heart pounding.

‘Givéng you a taste of Francais cream,’ René grinned, stroking his cock with a clenched fist.

With his other hand, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head toward his cock. A few seconds later a stream of cum hit my forehead and hair, suspending a sticky string over an eye and along my nose where it cascaded to my lips.

‘Oh God, that’s grouse!’ I shrieked as René milked every last drop from his cock.

I went to the bathroom and saw my reflection in the mirror. My eyes swelled at the sight of my face doused with cum and makeup smeared, hair clumped and matted in sticky gunk.

Suddenly René appeared over my shoulder with a smug grin. ‘Mon seventh faireign slut ét a virgin,’ he boasted.

I cleaned up and left as soon as I could and haven’t seen René again. That was over six months ago and I haven’t had sex since . . .

‘What’s the harm in some innocent flirting?’ I thought as Daddy drove me to the Practice. It was a warm Friday afternoon and I didn’t have any lectures at Uni. I’d much prefer a session on quantitative economics and business analysis than what my parents had arranged. They finally persuaded me to go and see Doctor Love. I couldn’t see the problem really.

Mummy and Daddy had been to the Practice and reviewed the facilities and services. They were very impressed but I thought it a bit weird. Who reviews a doctor’s practice? It sounded more like an exclusive club for women than a medical centre. I didn’t see the big deal about a little harmless flirting. It was just a bit of fun and I assured them that it didn’t go any further.

I was pretty nervous about discussing such a trivial matter with a counsellor and glad Daddy was driving me to the appointment. He often did things like that, looking after me even at aged 19. We’re very close and he calls me his ‘little jewel’. That’s how I got my name, Tiffany. Mummy and Daddy are jewellers and it’s a family business. Not Tiffany the exclusive jewellers, but still a very successful business all the same.

It was Daddy’s business colleague, David, who mentioned me flirting with him at a party that brought it to a head. I really couldn’t understand him mentioning it. What older man doesn’t like the attention of an attractive young girl? I felt more embarrassed for Daddy than myself. I’d never seen Daddy so upset and concerned about me.

We arrived at the Practice in Park Crescent and luckily found a parking space right outside. ‘Would you like me to come in with you?’ Daddy asked in a tone matching his apprehensive look.

‘No, I’m a big girl now. Why don’t you go back to the business and I’ll text you to pick me up,’ I suggested squeezing his arm with a misleading confident grin.

He nodded and smiled before driving off. I turned and walked through the steel gate admiring the building. The large old double-story home was impressive and even better than my parents described. It had a wrought iron veranda and the floor was tiled in a colourful pattern and edged with a grey stone. An old-fashioned light was on the wall between a large bay window and Escort bayan a matching wooden front door.

I really hadn’t taken much interest in period homes before and was looking forward to seeing inside, for a moment forgetting the reason for my visit. The small brass sign on the wall next to the door said ‘Doctor Love’s Practice’ otherwise it looked like any other home in the street. I rang the doorbell, expecting the Practice Manager to greet me.

A young woman only several years older than me answered the door. ‘Good afternoon Tiffany. Welcome to the Practice. Please come in. I’m Maddisyn,’ she smiled.

‘Thank you,’ I replied stepping into the entry hall. ‘It’s a lovely old home, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, it was built in 1882. The previous owner restored the building and Doctor Love modified it as a practice designed for women,’ replied Maddisyn. ‘I think it provides a lovely atmosphere for their treatment,’ she added.

The air conditioning felt wonderful and Maddisyn’s greeting was also welcoming, although the word ‘treatment’ did send a chill through me. She looked very professional in a two-piece outfit and high-heels with her long black hair tied back in a ponytail. I was thankful Mummy insisted that I got a little dressed up. I felt appropriately dressed in a loose summer mid-thigh skirt and blouse with a light jacket. I was relieved that Maddisyn was a similar age as me. She spoke softly and had an attractive, natural smile that was very warm and helped settle my nerves.

What struck me most about the building were the lovely ornate features. I hadn’t been in a home like it before. Some of the buildings at Uni were old but they lacked the warmth and charm of the Practice. There were solid doors under archways and a white staircase with polished wooden steps running up from the entry hall. Overhead there was a chandelier suspended from lovely patterned plasterwork. Polished floorboards appeared to be throughout the building.

Glimpsing into an adjoining room, it looked like an elaborate lounge with comfortable furniture and a fireplace. Another feature was the bay window I saw earlier protruding into the front veranda. I could see why Mummy and Daddy were impressed. ‘It must be costing them a fortune,’ I thought. Were they really that concerned about my flirting?

‘Through here is the Sitting Room where Guests can relax before their appointment with Doctor Love,’ Maddisyn announced leading me into the room but it didn’t appear there were any other Guests.

‘Am I the only one waiting to see the doctor?’ I inquired, a little surprised and relieved.

‘There’s an appointment this evening but Doctor Love likes to leave plenty of time between Guests,’ she answered with another settling smile.

‘Why are they called Guests?’ I asked in an inquisitive tone.

‘We treat women who attended the Practice as Guests rather than patients,’ replied Maddisyn. ‘They receive individual care and attention to make them more comfortable and relaxed while they’re visiting the Practice,’ she added.

‘I thought it sounded like a club when my parents explained the place,’ I somewhat clumsily replied.

Maddisyn smiled before replying. ‘We think of it as much more than that. Guests do come for treatment from Doctor Love but we want them to enjoy the experience. The Practice’s philosophy is the nurturing of the body, mind and soul through a journey of sensual self-discover and well-being.’

Maddisyn’s spiritual reply stirred my interest. It really did sound intriguing but I was still wondering what all this had to do about my harmless flirting. I’d always had an open mind and I was already committed anyway. I couldn’t stand facing my parents with all the trouble and expense they were going through. Maddisyn seemed very nice and I was actually starting to feel more comfortable about seeing Doctor Love.

I felt pleased that Maddisyn interrupted my thoughts to continue showing me around. ‘Through here is the Guest Lounge,’ opening a door to a lovely and bright room which looked like a large ensuite.

Maddisyn explained that the lounge was where Guests could freshen up before going to see Doctor Love. The facilities were lovely. There was a spa bath and a dressing table with a large mirror. Another room had a massage table and shower facilities. Maddisyn mentioned she can help Guests with their makeup and hair and provide a massage, having worked in the spa and beauty industry.

As we moved back into the Sitting Room, I began to ponder about the Practice. It didn’t look or feel like a medical centre. It was obviously for the exclusive use by discerning women who could afford such exquisite facilities and personal attention. I knew that Doctor Love’s specialty was as a sex counsellor and therapist. Surely women see Doctor Love for more important issues than harmless flirting? It all seemed so excessive and needlessly expensive for such a trivial matter.

‘If you would like to take a seat, I need some personal information Bayan Escort from you as we’ve only been dealing with your parents,’ Maddisyn mentioned, gesturing me towards the couches.

I sat down and Maddisyn went to a desk at the other end of the Sitting Room that looked like her office. The fabric was soft and felt luxurious to sit on and the couch had gorgeous delicately patterned cushions. I looked around in amazement at how elegant the room was. It felt so surreal, hardly able to believe what was happening.

Maddisyn returned and handed me an iPad. ‘Some questions are multi-choice and others need some information. Let me know if you need some help,’ she added, leaving me to complete the survey.

It started with expected and routine questions. I entered my name and age, 19, brunette, 175 cm tall with a slender and thin build. I was proud of my tall and attractive figure and was reasonable fit, walking regularly and playing basketball at Uni.

Aware of my great body and angelic looks, I could use them to my advantage when it suited. Working those hips and adding a little bounce to my breasts. Giving a demure and innocent look. Who wouldn’t melt at the sight of my naughty grin? Or get excited at a raised suggestive eyebrow? I knew all the flirting tricks to tease and arouse men.

Siblings, two. I’m the youngest and have two brothers. Marital status, single and so on. I entered my occupation as a student studying business management. I’m nearing the end of my second year and will be doing a marketing major, planning to join the family business.

The survey was pretty normal stuff until I had to enter some information about my sexuality. I found this section a little distressing, particularly about sexual experiences. I’d only had one relationship and wished it hadn’t happened. My heart beat became more noticeable and my mouth felt dry as the images came to mind. I found recalling the details painful and took a few deep breaths. Entering the information as best I could, I was relieved at finishing the survey and went over to Maddisyn at her desk.

She accepted the iPad with a lovely smile. ‘Doctor Love can see you whenever you’re ready for him,’ she mentioned.

‘Him! Him! Oh . . . no!’ I thought, not realising Doctor Love was a guy! I felt a lump forming in my throat and my heart started racing. I assumed Doctor Love was a woman. Thinking quickly through the many conversations with my parents, I realised Doctor Love’s gender was never mentioned. Was it an innocent oversight? Was being a guy purposely disguised? Did Mummy and Daddy even know? I didn’t recall Maddisyn mentioning it either.

I drew a deep breath and began to settle down reassuring myself that it must have been unintended. I’d never thought to ask anything about Doctor Love. Mummy and Daddy may have also assumed Doctor Love was a woman.

I didn’t know what to do and needed a little time to think this through. ‘May I use the lounge first?’ I muttered trying to disguise my nervousness.

‘Certainly, use them anytime you like,’ Maddisyn replied.

I went to the Guest Lounge and sat on the chair at the dressing table looking at my worried expression in the mirror. My face was bereft of colour and my eyes glistened beneath narrowed eyebrows.

Talking with a woman about flirting I could handle. I’m sure she would understand, but a guy! They were flirting and teasing opponents. The thought of discussing it with a young doctor almost made my stomach turn. Maybe he would be short, fat and balding. Hardly anyone I’d be interested in flirting with. Surely, he would understand? Aren’t doctors supposed to be compassionate? I took several minutes to composed myself, freshening up before going back to the Sitting Room.

Maddisyn stood up and moved away from her desk as I approached. ‘What’s Doctor Love like?’ I mumbled, hesitantly.

My nervousness was obvious. ‘There’s nothing to worry about. He’s lovely. You’ll be okay,’ Maddisyn reassuringly offered.

‘I didn’t realise Doctor Love was a guy,’ a tremble in my voice clearly evident.

Maddisyn reached out and took my hand. ‘We know some matters are sensitive and even embarrassing. Doctor Love is a great listener and has a caring nature. You’ll be fine,’ she finally reassured me.

‘Thank you,’ I whispered, forcing a smile.

Maddisyn sounded so gentle and calm. I’ve never felt so close to a person I hardly knew. Her touch and words were reassuring. The closeness in our ages was also comforting, just like a big sister. Maybe I wasn’t such a big girl after all.

‘Take a seat and relax for a few minutes,’ Maddisyn kindly suggested. ‘Would you like a drink?’

‘Yes, thank you,’ I replied, taking a seat back on the couch.

‘Coke?’ She offered with an accompanying smile.

I felt the comforting need of a sugar fix. ‘Ooh, yes please,’ returning her kind smile.

I contemplated the situation while Maddisyn went to a kitchenette behind her desk. Flirting wasn’t Escort such a big deal. Why was I so worked up? It was just that he was a guy. I felt a little more relieved when Maddisyn returned with two glasses and sat beside me on the couch.

‘I’ve worked with Doctor Love since the Practice started and he’s caring and professional,’ Maddisyn comforted me. ‘The Guests think he’s nice and a real gentleman.’

‘Thank you for the drink and the chat,’ I replied with a smile displaying my relief.

‘I’ll take you through to Doctor Love’s suite when you’re finished and introduce you,’ offered Maddisyn before taking a long sip.

I followed Maddisyn down a long passageway leading from the entry hall to the back of the building. Maddisyn’s high-heels made a loud striking sound on the polished wooden floor with every step, like a drum beat announcing pending doom. There were a set of stairs up to the next floor and we passed a door half way down the passage way.

‘The stairs lead to where Doctor Love lives and this door is another entrance to the Guest Lounge,’ Maddisyn explained, sensing my interest.

We entered the suite and found Doctor Love seated at a large wooden desk. He heard Maddisyn and I enter and got up to greet us. He wasn’t short, fat or balding. Doctor Love was a bit older than Daddy, maybe late 50’s. He looked quite distinguished and handsome for an older man. He was tall and slender with an athletic looking build. Doctor Love had short lightly greying hair and was smartly dressed in a suit and tie. What really appealed to me was his charming smile and blue radiant eyes which lit up when he saw me.

‘Doctor Love, I’d like you to meet Tiffany,’ introduced Maddisyn with a comforting hand in the middle of my back.

‘Hi Tiffany,’ he greeted me extending his hand with a warm smile. ‘How have you girls been getting along?’

His hand felt soft and warm yet firm but welcoming, in a reassuring way that showed consideration for my soft and young delicate grip.

‘Very well, thank you,’ I muttered, a little overwhelmed. ‘Maddisyn’s been showing me around and I can see what impressed my parents,’ I added trying to sound a little more confident.

‘That’s great. Please, let’s take a seat,’ he offered directing me to one of the couches.

I briefly looked at Maddisyn who smiled, giving a reassuring nod and gesturing with her eyes. I smiled back before she left, closing the door behind her.

We sat opposite each other on the two couches. ‘Comfortable?’ Doctor Love inquired, his gaze showing interest.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I answered, leaning back to experience the luxury of the couch and the cushions while enjoying Doctor Love’s attention and the warmth in his eyes.

The suite was furnished with lovely furniture similar to the Sitting Room and nothing like you’d expect a doctor’s consulting room would be. The suite was warm and inviting and I felt an unexpected calmness in Doctor Love’s company.

There is something about older men that makes me feel comfortable and secure. My earlier worries were now replaced with a feeling that Doctor Love’s maturity and experience may make some sense out of my parent’s concerns. I was even feeling a little excited about discussing my flirting now that I had met Doctor Love.

‘I see that your appointment was made by your parents?’ Doctor Love prompted, intent on commencing a conversation.

‘Yes. They’re concerned about me flirting and came and reviewed the Practice. I don’t think it’s a big deal really,’ I added feeling surprisingly relaxed about the discussion.

‘What’s their concern?’ He asked.

‘They think I might get hurt, you know? Things might get out of hand,’ I laughed, almost to myself, comfortably sharing his gaze.

‘Do you think they’re over reacting or just protective?’ He inquired.

‘Probably a bit of both I think,’ I replied. ‘I know Mummy and Daddy care a great deal about me. The flirting is just a bit of fun and hasn’t gone further than that. It wasn’t a problem until Daddy found out about it from a friend of his,’ I added.

‘What happened?’ Doctor Love continued prompting.

‘We were at a party and there was some harmless flirting with David. I thought he was enjoying my attention. He later mentioned it to Daddy and said it wasn’t appropriate,’ I calmly described. ‘Daddy was very upset and now I’m here with you.’

Doctor Love laughed before replying. ‘Well I’m pleased to have you join me,’ his humour causing any lingering tension to evaporate. ‘Is David a similar age to your father?’ He added.

‘I suppose so. They look about the same age, maybe early 50’s. Daddy’s 52,’ I replied.

Doctor Love’s friendly nature helped the conversation to flow. Maddisyn was right. He is a good listener. There’s something different about older men, easier to talk with and a feeling of being understood. There seems less drama and self-interest with their maturity and I feel better appreciated.

I was feeling relaxed and actually enjoying his company. I started to admire how nice Doctor Love was. I found his smile sweet and eyes so engaging. Doctor Love certainly had what I enjoyed in an older man. I was finally feeling pleased I listened to Mummy and Daddy and was at the Practice.

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