Subject: Into the Unknown 3 Into the Unknown 3 Adam was becoming more street wise every time he ventured out, he had even at that early age experienced more gay sex activity than most boys who usually just played around in school, he became astute in recognising the signals, the mannerisms, his gaydar improved day by day, this is not to say that everything went smoothly, far from it, his young age frightened off more men than those wanting to go with him, he realised the consequences of these men being caught with him and of course the trouble he himself could bet into, but at the same time he found cruising exhilarating and it became an obsession, even when he was not alone whether it was with family or friends he noted where the toilets were just in case he ever returned by himself. He was now fully comfortable in sucking cock, the taste of cum varied and his taste buds became accustomed to it, he even enjoyed the smell of the old toilets, he found himself continuously looking at men passing by in the streets, his wandering eyes focussed on the parts of their bodies that excited him, their cock bulge, bottoms, chests, face, well everything about them really, when he saw workmen out in the street wearing vis vests and hard hats looking so macho he wished they were gay, when he saw anyone in uniform whether it was a policeman or a member of the armed forces in uniform, he would fantasize about having sex with them, you make think that Adam would have been very self assured of himself but in fact he was quite shy and reserved in other aspects of his life, what did compensate for his shyness was that he had a good personality and made friends very easily and popular with his school friends. As in life he would have to take steps into the unknown and find out for himself what he liked, disliked, what he wanted to do, these steps would be made by him but others would be made by the influence of others. Such a step occurred when he was told that he would be going on holiday with his family to meet friends of his parents and staying at their home, this is where the shyness took over, sitting with strangers, answering questions from adults, so it was on this holiday and he was not exactly excited by the idea of this visit, he would have been even less so had he know of the sleeping arrangements. When they arrived and he was introduced to this family everything seemed ok, they came across as nice and welcomed them with open arms until it was explained that there was not enough room to accommodate everyone and then he was told that the son of theirs who had a flat nearby would be letting Adam stay with him, he would be with his family during the day and eating with them in the evenings but would sleep at this guys flat, when he was alone with his Mam and Dad he told them that he didn’t want to do that only to be told that there was no other way and that he would be ok. All he knew was that this son of theirs was 23 and his name was Paul, that he worked during the day and that he was looking forward to having Adam stay with him and would enjoy his company, Adam was not convinced and this did nothing to ease his comfort. They sat down for their evening meal and Adam politely answered all the questions adults would ask a young teenager, he enjoyed the meal even though he knew very shortly this Paul would be coming to pick him up and take him back to his place, they were still sitting around the table chatting when Paul arrived. In walked Paul, he was introduced to everyone and he shook hands, Adam being the last, first impressions to Adam was extremely favourable as Paul came across as very nice and friendly and Adam knew straight away that he would be ok with him and secretly felt total relief, what took his breath away and making him feel rather flustered and his face blushing at the introduction which came across as his shyness was that this Paul was extremely hot. To say Paul was good looking would be an understatement, to Adam he was an Adonis, he stood at about 6″0 maybe a bit taller, he had short blonde hair in a soldiers kind of cut, his eyes were sparkling blue, his handsome good looks and smile melted everyone away, he was one of those guys who was attractive to both sexes in different ways, he wore a tight white t shirt that pronounced his physique tucked into a pair of jeans that showed off his long legs and tight bum cheeks, he came across as very fit and anyone could see that he was into fitness but not body building, he just had a strong slim firm body, had anyone the need to describe him the term sex on legs would encapsulate everything. They made way for him to sit at the table next to Adam and whilst Paul sat and ate his meal he chatted to everyone but concentrated on talking to Adam, his aftershave and body spray wafted over Adam which did nothing to calm him down, he could not remember what Paul was asking him but somehow he managed to put the look of those blue eyes, the melting smile to one side and answered his questions the best he could. After a long day it was time for Adam to leave with Paul and ow he was quite happy to do so, he said his goodbyes and would see them the next morning, when Adam sat in the car he kept glancing at Pauls legs spread slightly open as he drove the short journey, when he got into his flat which was on the ground floor Paul showed him around, it was part of an old house and the rooms had high ceilings and were quite large apparently he had lived there for a few years after leaving university. He was shown to his room which was rather untidy as it was filled with boxes and things but the divan bed in the corner looked comfortable, Paul showed him his own bedroom, it had a double bed, a large room, but in the corner was quite a few exercise things, Paul explained that he was into fitness, Adam already knew that as his physique spoke for itself, then Adam was shown the bathroom, once again it was large having both a bath and a shower unit, Adam felt totally at ease now and after getting a wash joined Adam in his lounge. When Adam joined Paul in his lounge he found he had changed into a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t shirt, it was summer and it was exceptionally warm, although he could no longer see the outline of hatay escort his chest and nipples he was compensated with a view of his athletic legs and tanned legs at that, they talked about school and things and had a few jokes which relaxed them both, a couple of times Paul patted Adams legs, there was definitely a bond and friendship starting, Adam knew he that this holiday was turning out to be very good indeed. When it was time to get to bed Paul said that he was welcome to share his double bed if he wanted to and then they could continue to talk but it was not a problem if he didn’t want to, Adam said that would be ok that would be good without sounding eager and excited as he undoubtedly was, Adam actually thought nothing was amiss at Paul’s suggestion as he honestly believed that he was just being friendly and in no way this guy could be coming onto him, he was macho and straight as a dye surely, but just the chance to be next to him in bed was a turn on. As Adam got ready for bed Paul went to the bathroom followed by Adam, as he made his way back to Adams bedroom he heard noises, there he was doing exercises, he stopped and told him that he always did exercises before bed and would it be a problem, of course Adam was ok with it and got into bed and watched Paul go through his normal routine, however as he did the exercises Paul took off his shirt and shorts and was standing in these tight white briefs, Adam sat up in bed and took in the view, his cock was doing exercises of its own, here was this sexy guy working on different machines in a sexy pair of briefs that showed off his cock bulge and his bum cheeks, his bare chest and washboard stomach was a sight to be seen, his athletic legs complimented his whole physique, Adam had never seen anything like it except in magazines or catalogues but this was real life not models posing. Paul told him which exercises were good for which parts of the body, Adam just agreed as the results were self evident. Paul got into bed and they started to talk once again about different things but mainly around school and boy things, a few comments touched on the subject of boys, playing around with each other and having a laugh just like Paul used to do when he was at school, Adam didn’t realise at first that Paul was sussing him out and getting him to divulge a few secrets, then when Paul turned off the lights he continued to banter with him and that was when he realised that this sexy hot guy was starting to flirt with him, being in the dark somehow made it easier for both of them to talk and joke about things in a sexual manner, Paul learned that Adam had no interest in girls, what Paul did not know was that this boy was trying to tell him that he was gay in a roundabout way but trying to say that in a roundabout way. They fell off to sleep but somehow after talking they were closer together well that’s what they both thought but in fact both were just dozing aware of each others bodies close to them, an arm suddenly came over Adams midriff and he kept still but he could feel breath on his neck as Paul moved ever so slightly towards him and emanated a sound as if he was fast asleep. Adam knew perfectly well that Paul had sexual intentions towards him and he was exited at the thought as his cock was stretching his pyjama bottoms but as this was his first ever experience of this kind every move would be have to be taken by Paul and then he would respond to these advances. Adam felt his hand go ever so slightly further down as Paul made a slight grunt as if he was going to start to snore, although he was a novice at this game he was not that naive to think he was actually asleep, he knew Paul was testing him as to how far he could go, a few minutes later instead of pursuing his intentions he took Adam by surprise and let go, Paul kept perfectly still but listened not sure what he was going to hear, with his back to Paul he felt a slight movement and then the bed sheet moved, Paul had taken off his briefs and was now naked. Adam could not settle thinking that inches away from him lay a naked sexy man, the very first man he lay in bed with and the real possibility that he would have actual sex with a man in his bed, now Adam was left wearing his pyjamas, he would normally be naked in bed but his mother bought them knowing he would be staying with strangers, they did feel intrusive so about five minutes later he quietly slipped them off and he to lay naked, he was sure Paul would know what he had just done. Both eventually fell off to sleep and they must have been asleep for a good three hours when the early summer morning sun started to shine through the curtains and very slightly make the room lighter, Adam turned over to see Paul silhouetted against the light, the sheet was off him as it had been a very warm night, he was lying on his front with his head facing him and definitely asleep, Adam lay there looking over his body, what he saw made his morning wood feel that much harder, he took in his handsome face, those sexy lips, he loved the back of his neck, his strong shoulders and arms and then his eyes followed his spine down his back and a bare inch or two of his bare bottom cheeks, Adam had never seen anything so sexy in his life and this made him move and take hold of his cock as he very gently stroked it as he watched the sexy male form beside him, Paul started to stir and as he moved the sheet came off him and Adam saw the most peachy sexy bum he had ever seen, not that he had seen many. Paul started to stir more even though it was only about 6 in the morning and then he opened his eyes to see Adam looking at him, all Paul did was to ask if he had slept ok as he looked at his watch and saw the time, ok thanks came the reply. Paul turned onto his back but had the sheet over him, Adam did the same, Paul said it had been a warm night and that he had taken off his briefs and was it ok? Adam told him that he to had taken off his pyjamas and that he usually slept naked, the conversation started to turn a bit raunchy ever so subtly and then Paul said he needed to pee, he got up and went to the bathroom giving Adam a complete rear view, on his return Paul instead of returning to bed quickly he went over to the curtains and hurma escort adjusted them then stood at the bedside picking up his watch and checking the time, Adam watched him all the time and focussed on his cock and balls as he stood there, he had a semi hard on and his flaccid cock was a good 5 inches and lay over his smooth shaved balls, Adam made no effort to pretend he was not looking, after Paul got into bed Adam said he to needed to take a pee and proceeded to get out of bed, he walked just that bit slower than usual and Paul saw that he to had a good semi hard on, he to made no effort to hide his stare and what he saw impressed him, his guest displayed a good body and his cock was easily a good 6 inches and for a young boy his balls were a good size, not only that he had a really good peachy bum on him, on his return he watched intently the young boy’s body. Paul broke the ice by complimenting Adam about the size of his cock and asked if he could shoot his load yet? the boundary of polite questions had been broken and now the conversation was turning more sexual by the minute and both their cocks were hard and throbbing. Paul started to talk about how he was always playing with his cock when he was younger but as he talked one hand was under the sheet and the sheet was moving, subtle comments between the two and a few innuendos followed and Paul knew that Adam had some experience of cock play and it wasn’t just with his school mates, Paul confessed that this was making him feel horny and Adam agreed it was the same for him, Paul suggested that they both have a wank if Adam was ok about it, ok came the reply and the sheets came off to reveal two throbbing cocks, they complimented each others cocks and then Paul asked Adam if he wanted to help him out. Now it got serious as Adam took hold of this impressive man cock, it had to be 7 or even 8 inches and perfectly formed, not to thick but extremely good to stroke, he had a great cock head that did not look oversized as some he had seen, Adam received compliment after compliment at how good he was doing only for Paul to ask him that he had done this before, yes was the reply, and I bet you have sucked a cock before then? once again came back yes, Pauls hand pushed Adams head down and Adams cock became wet inside the young boys mouth. To Paul what was happening was unreal, here he had this naked young boy with a sexy body giving him head, he lay there watching the boys head bob up and down, he was good, he had never had a young boy before and the experience felt amazing that he just had to explore his young fresh body, he pulled Adam off him and before Adam knew it Paul was kneeling between his legs, his legs were parted and lifted in the air, Paul took the young boys cock and devoured it down his throat, Adam felt his cock getting wet with Paul’s saliva, then his cock was released from his mouth and his tongue licked his whole length, Adam moaned out as his balls became the focus of Paul’s tongue, sensation after sensation overtook young Adam and then Paul stopped and said how about a 69, the look on Adam’s face told him that he didn’t have a clue what he meant, before he knew it Paul placed them both in the 69 position side by side, to Adam this was incredible to have access to a man’s cock and balls and at the same time to receive the same attention back, this was a step into the unknown but gladly accepted, he thought he could not experience any more better sensations than this when he felt Paul lift his leg up, for a split second he did not know why but then he received a tingling feeling that he had never had before and it was sending him wild, his boy hole was being rimmed and Pauls wet tongue was running over his boy cunt lips, poor Adam had to stop sucking when he felt his hole being opened by Paul’s fingers and his wet tongue slipping inside, the only thing he could do was to moan out and say Fuck! Paul stopped after a few minutes and got Adam to lye on his back and was asked by his older lover if he was enjoying it, only to be told that it felt amazing, Paul told him that it was called rimming before he lifted the young legs up once again to taste his boy hole, Paul kept stopping and looking up to see the facial expressions, then Paul told him to just relax, Adam looked rather curious at this request and then saw Paul wet his finger and started to rub his hole, as Paul looked into Adam’s eyes his finger very gently entered him. Once more he was told to relax and he felt the finger go in deeper, what had changed between them was that they started to actually talk to each other during their sex games, expressing how each touch felt to them, how they liked certain things, Paul in response lay down beside Adam and embraced him and it felt so natural for him to kiss the young boy and Adam responded by French kissing, as Pauls finger continued to fuck the young boy hole all he could think of this boy was something else and that he to was experiencing something that he had never known, suddenly Adam moaned out and Paul explained that he had hit his G spot, once again Paul explained that this was his prostrate and that when a cock or finger rubbed against it then it would create a sensation. Adam tried to take this all in as his G spot was being hit but it was difficult to breathe or concentrate as Paul’s finger went in deeper and faster until Adam shot his load and out come spurt after spurt of cum landing on his stomach, he was amazed that this happened without touching his cock, Paul let out a few expletives as he watched how much cum was being shot, Paul now needed to cum and lay back and started to wank his cock off, to his enjoyment Adam took over and pulled his cock and then was taken by surprise when he shouted out he was about to shoot, his cock was still inside the boys mouth as he tensed up and emptied his balls into Adam’s eager mouth. They fell back to sleep for a good hour fully satisfied with their first sex session together, both partners could not believe what had just happened but the sexual chemistry between them was growing and growing, when they awoke again they woke as two completely different people, totally relaxed and comfortable with each other, nothing more was said but ığdır escort each one knew that the week ahead was going to be very enjoyable indeed. Both went into the bathroom together without any apprehension, both naked as the day they were born, Paul even stood at the toilet and took a piss, Adam watched and Paul grinned as he saw that pissing in front of him was giving him pleasure, Adam took his cock to piss and was pleasantly surprised when Paul held his cock as he pissed and made them both laugh. Then an invite Adam could not refuse was to join Paul in the shower, they ran their soapy hands all over each other and took turns to suck each others cocks, Paul’s soapy finger once again went inside Adam’s hole, as he fucked his finger into Adam he started to talk dirty, he told Adam that he had a great cunt hole and how tight it felt, he asked Adam if he wanted to do the same to his hole, before he could answer Paul had turned around and leant against the shower wall and had spread his legs apart, to Adam this was amazing to see Paul’s bum so wet with the water running over his cheeks and down his strong legs that any hesitation into the unknown evaporated and he felt Paul’s hole, he knew what to do as he could not forget what Paul had done only a few hours beforehand, he was a quick learner, it felt so sensual to touch a man’s most private part and then somehow it felt natural to use his finger the same way as Paul had done. Paul started to wank his cock as Adam finger fucked him, Paul kept instructing Adam to work his finger harder and faster up his cunt, Adam loved the word cunt as it sounded so dirty and he loved that, his whole finger went inside and then was instructed to put a second finger in, he duly responded and the feeling of his fingers rubbing inside Paul’s cunt felt so dirty but good, he was doing such a good finger fuck that Paul shot his load and cum shot after cum shot ran down the shower wall, Adam furiously wanked his cock as Paul bent down under the water stream with his tongue out waiting for the boy cum to land on his tongue, the sight of Paul on his knees and tongue out took Adam over the edge and his first two cum shots covered Paul’s tongue before the remainder went down his throat. They cleaned off and dried themselves and Paul asked Adam if he had enjoyed that, he also told Adam that he thought he had enjoyed watching him take a piss, Adam told him that he loved watching men pissing, Paul told him that he could watch him piss anytime and in fact if he wanted to they could piss over each other, Adam laughed but the idea didn’t repulse him. They got dressed and Paul drove him back to his parents house to have breakfast with them, Adam was asked if he had slept ok and was comfortable and he told everyone that he was ok, not a flicker of his eyes or facial expression gave the game away but everyone could see that Adam and Paul had hit it off together so that was a relief, Paul said that if it was ok with everyone he could take some days off and look after Adam during the day as well and show him around, maybe go swimming or something, all agreed that would be great. Since it was nice weather they would have a barbecue that night and that Paul would see them later on and left, the day was left looking around the area and having lunch out, Adam put on a show that he was enjoying himself but all he wanted was to be with Paul not just for sex but just to be in his company, after the long day he watched some TV as the barbecue was being prepared in the garden, the wine was opened and he drank orange juice, Paul arrived back from work and everyone was enjoying a drink and chatter, but out of the blue that completely shattered Adam to the core with shock and surprise was that through the patio doors appeared a girl and was introduced as Paul’s girlfriend! She was called Lucy and she was introduced by Adam to his parents and then to himself, he could not understand how he had a girlfriend and even more so after what they had been doing, thankfully she was very nice to talk to and for the evening the three of them sat together, Adam had an awful feeling that she would be staying at Paul’s place and that he would be relegated to the spare room where he should have been sleeping in any case, thankfully he found out that she was going away the next day on a business course for the rest of the week, she told everyone what she did but Adam didn’t understand what it meant but a warm feeling returned when she had to leave to get packed and she kissed Paul goodbye and he saw her out. How could someone have a girlfriend but then have sex with him it just didn’t make sense so he would have to get Paul to explain, they walked back to his flat which took just over half an hour, Paul explained that he was bi sexual and what that meant, how this other side of him was a secret and that there were lots of men married who led secret lives, Adam listened but asked Paul that men who he had met in toilets could be married, this was a revelation, Paul confessed that he had never been with anyone younger than himself and that he was surprised at himself for going with a boy of Adam’s age, he sounded guilty but Adam told him that he was enjoying being with him, Paul wanted to know more about Adam’s escapades into gay life and listened to what he had been up to and as he also went into toilets he understood, Paul just had to ask if Adam had been fucked before, he knew that when his finger was in him he felt tight so he knew the answer but just wanted to confirm it. As they walked the conversation got more intense and intimate between the two of them, each one confessing to what they had done, what they liked and disliked. The bond between them grew stronger as they walked more slowly and opened up to each other, Adam confessed that he was a virgin but wanted to find out what it felt like to be fucked, Paul listened and explained what it meant by being a top or a bottom, Adam understood perfectly and asked if Paul wanted to fuck him, he was surprised to find out that Paul was reluctant to take his virginity because of his age, he was wary that it would hurt him and he didn’t want to do that, Adam said that he understood it would hurt he expected that but he had to lose his virginity at some time and he wanted to do it with someone special, not with a stranger in a toilet or outside somewhere. Paul put his arm around Adam’s shoulder and they arrived back at Paul’s flat, both had mixed feelings, both had urges, both wanted to step into the unknown.

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