Irene’s story – Chapter 9 – I expose myself to my favorite co-worker

As you may recall from previous chapters, a few months ago, my husband, Oscar, convinced me to wear a very revealing outfit to a disco which was located on the twentieth floor of the Hotel Vela in our hometown, Barcelona. This was a bar with a dance floor. It was bar frequented by foreign tourists on holiday. It was Oscar’s birthday. For his ‘present’, he wanted me to dance with other men. I was instructed to grind into them on the dance floor and encourage them to touch me while Oscar watched from a nearby table. That night, I met Johan, a strikingly handsome, twenty two year old who was on holiday from Norway. Johan and I danced. I humped against him on the dance floor. I allowed him to feel me up as Oscar watched. Then I allowed him to take me to his room, and fuck me. That night, Johan became only the second man to ever penetrate my vagina with his large, rigid penis. I experienced multiple orgasms while Oscar sat in the corner and watched. My affair with Johan only lasted one weekend. Sadly, he was forced to return to Stavanger, Norway far too soon. Although I was only with Johan a few times, this brief affair remains one of the most erotic and cherished memories of my life; and it changed me, and my marriage, profoundly. I tried to settle down and return to the life of a boring housewife and mother, but Johan had awakened something inside my psyche’ that I simply could not ignore. About two months ago, I convinced Oscar to allow my mother to watch our daughters while we took a week long vacation at a couple’s resort called the ‘Spice resort’ in the Canary Islands. Just to be clear, the Spice resort was a swinger’s resort for attractive couples.  On our first day at the Spice resort, I met Dori and her boyfriend, Richard. Dori was a gorgeous statuesque blonde from the states. She told me that she was happily married but that her husband remained back in Ohio watching their boys while she vacationed with her boyfriend. Her husband not only knew about her relationship with Richard, he fully accepted it. Richard was a handsome and wonderfully built black man with a beautiful long and thick penis. I was very attracted to Richard from the moment I saw him standing in front of me, naked by the swim suit optional pool at the resort. During my week at Spice resort, I experienced a great many things. I had my first lesbian encounter with Dori as she introduced me to the pleasures of woman’s body. I had my first interracial encounter with Richard. I now fully understood the expression ‘once you go black, you’ll never go back’. I had my first double penetration as Richard drove me to orgasm with his huge black erection buried deep in my vagina while Oscar’s smaller and much thinner penis found its way into my backside. It was a deliciously naughty and wicked experience to have one man ejaculate in your vagina while your husband is climaxing in your backside. Dori also taught me a great deal about the psychological aspects of cuckolding. She helped me understand Oscar’s desire to see other, more powerful men drive me to orgasm. And most significantly, Dori helped me understand that Oscar was actually aroused by the humiliation associated with watching well endowed men fuck his wife in a manner he never could. She helped me understand how powerfully arousing it was for Oscar to watch another man force orgasm upon orgasm upon me. She explained that seeing the spent semen seep from my raw and swollen pussy served as a visual reminder for my husband that another man had pumped his wife’s womb full of sperm. In short, my discussions with Dori served to give me a much deeper and more accurate understanding of this new and unorthodox relationship that Oscar and I were sharing. Oscar and I returned to Barcelona changed forever. Rather than sating my desires, these experiences served to inflame them. Several weeks ago, I was feeling particularly horny and restless, so I took a day off work and went to the beach; but not just any beach. I went to La Mar Bella beach across town. La Mar Bella is a swim suit optional beach. I positioned my blanket, my bottle of wine and my lunch near two fine looking youths who were kicking a soccer ball between them. After carefully arranging my blanket, I stood shamelessly in front of them and removed my sundress and panties. Sitting naked under their gaze, I poured myself a glass of merlot and smiled at them, constantly making eye contact and flirting shamelessly. They responded as I hoped they might. They approached me and introduced themselves. I soon learned that Eric and Albert were on holiday istanbul travesti from Munich, Germany, and spoke very little Spanish. Despite the language barrier, we found a way to communicate and make our desires known. We ended up in their hotel room drinking and fucking the entire afternoon. I arrived home late, my vagina puffy and raw, and literally brimming with the semen from my two German lovers. Oscar could not contain himself we he saw my stained panties and the white gooey mess seeping from my vulva. But all these varied adventures had one thing in common; each was a temporary fling. Not only did none of my lovers live in Barcelona, they all lived in different countries. There was no risk of any long term emotional encumbrances, and therefore, these encounters posed very little threat to disrupting my marriage.My feelings for Oscar had changed a bit as I became increasingly aware of the sexual pleasures I was missing in my marriage. Perhaps I did resent the fact that Oscar could not drive me to orgasm with his rather tiny, five inch erection. However, I did love him, and had no intention of destroying my marriage. I decided that now that I had discovered the joys of fucking young, viral, unattached men, I had the best of both worlds. I had a fulfilling sex life with gorgeous semi-anonymous young men while enjoying a good marriage to a man who loved me and whom I loved. But everything started to change when Alfredo got transferred to my company’s Barcelona branch office from Madrid. Alfredo was tall, muscular, handsome and very charming. He was twenty seven years old and had a cute wife and an eighteen month old baby girl at home. I was immediately drawn to him on many levels. But because he was married and seemed to adore his daughter, I was certain he was safe. He had the cubicle next to mine, and we chatted frequently. He was a shameless flirt, but I viewed it as harmless flirting, nothing more. There was something about the way he looked at me that I found intoxicating. His eyes seemed to pierce mine and communicate an attraction and desire that I found extremely flattering. I should have realized that I was headed for trouble when I began thinking of Alfredo as I was selecting my outfits in the morning. If I knew he was not going to be in the office for the day, I would dress a tad more conservatively. However, if he was going to be in the office, I would select an outfit that highlighted my figure a bit more. I even purchased some blouses and bras that, while not being obscene or inappropriate for the office, did highlight my breasts and expose a bit more cleavage than normal. Further, if only Alfredo and I were in the office, I would subtly unbutton one extra button on my blouse.  I loved teasing him. I loved watching the expression on his face when he tried to maintain eye contact and not look at my breasts or thighs while we talked. He reactions made me feel sexy and desirable. And I convinced myself that I was actually doing his wife a favor by getting him all wound up and sending him home to fuck her. I truly had no intention of trying to actually seduce him. It was Thursday evening. The digital alarm clock on my nightstand showed it was just past ten p.m. Oscar and I were lying in bed together. I decided to let Oscar enjoy the little game of flirtation I was engaged in. I knew he would find my description of the interaction between my young co-worker and me exciting.”There’s a new guy in the office, Alfredo. He transferred here from Madrid. I think he has a bit of a ‘thing’ for me.” Oscar sat up a bit. I had his attention. “Tell me more. What has he done?” Oscar asked with a nervousness in his voice. “I don’t know. Nothing really. He hangs around my cubicle a lot. I catch him stealing glances down my blouse,” I paused to allow Oscar to form the appropriate mental image, before continuing, “I guess I kind of encourage him.” “How do you encourage him?” Oscar asked anxiously. “Well I have been leaving an extra button on my blouses undone when he and I are the only people in the office. I like teasing him a bit. He is so cute when he tries to sneak a peek down my blouse without getting caught. I also let me skirt fall open a bit. I don’t think he even knows I am doing it on purpose,” I confessed. “How old is he?” “He’s twenty seven, but he actually looks younger. He’s married, but he likes flirting with me. I guess since I’m so mch older and married, he thinks it’s safe to flirt a little. I must admit, I do enjoy the attention.” “Is he attractive?” “Oh god, yes. He’s fucking istanbul travestileri gorgeous; like a model,” I admitted truthfully. “You should show him a bit more skin,” Oscar encouraged. “Just how much skin do you want me to show him?” “I think you could lose your panties the next time you let your skirt fall open.” “Ooooh, you are so bad,” I responded. But I must admit, the thought of flashing my naked pussy to this young man was very appealing. “Oscar, I couldn’t do that; not in the office anyway. It would be too dangerous. But I suppose I could give him a harmless glance at my panties.” I could feel the bed rocking slightly telling me that Oscar was arching his hips as our conversation was arousing him, making his little pecker hard. I liked the fact that he grew aroused at the thought of me exposing myself to another man. It excited me too. “But Irene, no one will know you don’t have any panties under your skirt until you let it fall open for him. And you won’t do that when other people are around. He’ll be the only one to ever know, and he’s not going to tell anyone,” Oscar reasoned. “I see your point. You’re getting hard thinking about this, aren’t you?” “As a rock.” I reached over and felt his little boner through the covers on the bed. “I see that you are. Very nice. Well let me think about it. I may see how he reacts to getting a quick glance at my panties before going ‘commando’ and flashing my naked pussy. I’ll have to see how naughty I am feeling.” I gave Oscar’s cock a squeeze as I contemplated my options here. Truthfully, now that I had experienced several other penises, some of them simply huge, I thought of Oscar’s five inch erection as cute, but not terribly sexy. However, I did love him and wanted to make him happy, so I decided to jack him off while we discussed scenarios where I could ‘innocently’ expose myself to my new friend and co-worker. I slid my hand under the covers and found his erection. I fished it out of his underwear and gently stroked it up and down. “I suppose the next time Alfredo and I are alone, I could go to the ladies room and remove my panties. He spends a lot of time in my cubicle, it won’t be too hard to allow my skirt to fall open and separate my knees for his viewing enjoyment.” Oscar’s breathing was becoming more measured, his hip movements were more pronounced. He was getting close. I started stroking him more quickly.”I wonder if he’ll get hard staring at my naked pussy. I bet he does. From the bulge he carries in his pants, I bet he has a huge cock. I’ll be so wet while I am exposing myself, I bet he’ll be able to smell my scent…” Before I finished my last comment, Oscar stiffened and grunted, “Oh fuck.” I felt his little erection throb in my fist and the semen trickle down the head of his cock over my fist. “Oscar, I think you made a mess,” I jokingly chastised him. “You better go clean up.”I got up, went to the sink to wash the gooey mess from my hand. Before washing my hand, I brought it to my nose and inhaled the scent of Oscar’s sperm. “Oscar, I really like the way your semen smells,” complimented him. I stopped short of adding that I had discovered that I liked the scent of every man’s ejaculate with which I have been exposed recently. Slut that I was, I simply liked the unique aroma of cum. It aroused me. I washed the residual sperm from my fingers, returned to bed and drifted off to sleep.I awakened Friday morning before the alarm sounded. I sipped my coffee while sitting silently in the kitchen as I considered my options. I knew that by mid-morning the office would be basically empty today. Most of the salesmen arranged extended business lunches with key customers on Fridays. There was likely to be an opportunity to give Alfredo an intimate glimpse of my ‘charms’, if I so chose. I went to the closet to select my outfit for the day. It would need to be modest enough to seem appropriate for the office, but allow me to attract Alfredo’s full attention. After surveying my options for several minutes, I opted for my brown wrap around skirt that buttoned up the front, my beige silk blouse and my sheerest white bra and panty set. I decided that white panties would be most noticeable if someone was looking up my skirt. I also reasoned that it would be very obvious that they were missing if I decided to subsequently remove them and go ‘commando’ to give Alfredo a more intimate view. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. My dark hair framed my face nicely, I was a very pretty, it not beautiful woman. Most people would describe travesti istanbul me as cute and petite. The shear bra and silk blouse did very little to hide my perky 34B cup breasts with their erect nipples standing so proudly. You could even see the darkness of my areolas through the thin beige material of my blouse. I turned to Oscar and said, “How do I look?” “My god, Irene, you are smokin’. You will drive the men crazy. You look beautiful and sexy. What is your admirer’s name again?” I saw the small bulge forming in the front of my husband’s pants.  “Alfredo. His name is Alfredo,” said before pausing. “You know, I will have to wear a sweater in the office until I am alone with Alfredo and ready to start my show. I can’t let the other guys see me like this,” I said nervously. “I think that is a good idea. You will cause quite a distraction otherwise,” Oscar agreed, staring at my breasts with obvious admiration. “You need to text me throughout the day telling me how your day is going.” “Okay, but that will just make ‘little Oscar’ stand up. If I text you, I will have two men walking around their offices with boners.” “I am pretty sure I will be hard imagining you are teasing your new boyfriend regardless,” Oscar admitted. I liked knowing he would get hard just thinking about me.  During my thirty minute metro ride to my office, my vagina was leaking into my panties, soaking the crotch as I considered various scenarios to play with Alfredo today. I arrived at the office around nine o’clock. Seated at my desk, I discretely unbuttoned the bottom three buttons on my skirt. If I kept my legs together, the skirt revealed little. But if I crossed my legs, the skirt would fall open, exposing most of my upper thigh. I practiced subtly opening my thighs ever so slightly until I perfected the motion such that it looked almost accidental and innocent. Alfredo was not at his desk yet, but several other salesmen were lingering around. With my tan sweater covering my breasts, I was dressed appropriately for the office and would not attract undue attention. Alfredo came by a few minutes later and handed me a latte he had gotten next door at the café. “Here, I was getting myself and espresso, and I bought you this,” as he handed me the drink. “That is just so sweet. Thank you,” I said before taking a sip. Alfredo walked around to my side of my desk sat on the corner of the desk. His closeness was somewhat disconcerting. I was forced to lean backward in my chair to talk with him. Initially, I felt slightly intimidated by the superior posture he assume over me. He appeared to be taking a bit of a dominant, posture. I needed to grab my control back here. This handsome and sexy young man was not in control; I was. He was positioned perfectly for me to give him his first glance up my skirt. Looking directly in his eyes and sipping my latte, I allowed the skirt to fall open and slowly crossed my legs. I separated my knees ever so slightly to allow him a glimpse of the very damp gusset of my white panties. The expression on his face was priceless. His eyes darted from my crotch to my face and back again. He smiled but seemed worried. He was trying to determine if my exposure was intentional. He was trying to determine if I knew that my panties were on display like they were. I could feel myself blushing as I struggled to maintain eye contact and not disclose that I was intentionally flashing my panties to my young co-worker. “Oh, this latte is delicious, Alfredo. Thank you again,” I said sipping my latte’. Without breaking eye contact, I opened my thighs ever so slightly, giving him a better view of the very wet gusset of my shear panties. I cannot describe the rush I felt exposing myself this way.  It took all my strength to sit there with my knees apart while this gorgeous young hunk of a man tried not to look. I could feel my skin burning as I blushed from the humiliation of exposing myself in such a shameful manner; yet the excitement was real. I could feel every single pulse of my heart in my blood engorge clitoris. I wanted to touch myself, but I did not. There was a noticeable swelling in the front of his trousers. Alfredo definitively liked the view. He liked it a lot. “So what have you got planned for this weekend?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could.  This was such a rush, being so naughty but pretending that I had no idea what I was doing to him. “I’m a bachelor this weekend. Sonya took the baby back to Madrid to visit her parents. She’ll be gone until next Thursday.” There was now a huge bulge in Alfredo’s pants. Awkwardly, he tried to subtly adjust his swelling penis. I smiled at his uncomfortable problem that was growing in his trousers as we chatted. God, I loved making men hard. “So what are you going to do with all that free time?” I continued, my voice cracking slightly.

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