Its ok , you are the smaller

Its ok , you are the smallerI spent the weekend in the wood with my family at this nice camping we go every summer at least once a monthive made friend with the two black boys who were at the camping spot near ourit was dark our parents all together around the camp fire , me in the tent getting mouth used by the 2 boys bbc it happen so fast i was taken by surprisethinking it was a joke my friend sat on me taking his bbc out i laught talling him to get of but my legs where pull up by his friend my pijama bottom lift my ass naked getting something wet ”hey guys hey uuuggggffffff””muuuuuiiiiffffff”push it in looking down , holding my head making me open and taking it in both my holes , just like that big hard black cock sliding in me making love to my holes”fuck yes , nice tight white boy cunt ””shhhhh not too loud dude they are too close””shit you are right”down legs up and mouth fuck , i was helpless , taking them bbc in deep and the first come in my ass. my first load ever i was panting and open like a real cuntthe 2nd taking place and filling my ass tooi had not a single second to argue , my 2 holes home for their bbc until they left me dripping cum on my tent bed , nothing was the same after , i had been used , own and cum in like a bitchi went out to the fire , still dripping cum , feeling broken i sat down quiet but they had plan for me”lets go , we have until midnight mom said;”we walk toward the wood behind the park, i knew no one would be on the beach its closed”guys….why ””you have a nice ass and a small cock thats why””yeah small cock boy likes it in the ass”slapi was walking my ass slap called a pussynothing i could do my pijama went down and they saw my wet hole still dripping cum, i was going to get fuck more i knew it seeing the huge log made me stop but they push me ass up on it ”dont fight it you like that, that dick is so small, you better get used to cocks”ass up fucked again twice in under 2hrs, a dark cock in me owning my hole up as he wanted”oh im loving your hole so much , you like my big cock ?””yes bursa escort yo do , moan on him , moan mouth full you are good”i literally was made a pussy, i knew it now the feeling making me ….liking him in my ass”he likes it, look at him”he turn me , face smilling at his friend fucking me deep ”oh you are a goooood sissy boy””you know what we could do?”no?””we should put him in a bikini tomorrow and go fishing””oh that would be nice”i was fucked and told i would be a propper sissy tomorrow and they cum in my mouth one after the other , making me look up and swallow them big cum load”fuck this is nice isnt it? you like sucking cock ?”i nod swallowing , i had so much feed to me”damn you are so cute like this””wanna spent the night between us 2?””see how many time you can get us hard?””ahah you are so fucking cute, i love how you smile , you want to be a cute sissy””dont be shy its ok we wont say a word””yeah he is right you are our secret”i walked back to the fire our parents waiting for us to be back”oh look they are back , ok im tired im off to sleep good night everyone””you 2 had fun?”looking at me , their dad grin was making me uncomfortable”yup we are off to sleep””ok boys lets go, you coming honey”i was alone, in my tent , thinking it would be crazy to join them too soonthey were right , i loved it, i wanted it again and again, nothing had made me feel so…love before i walk silently out and right there on my parents camper, my mom bikinii should have not undress and put it right therebut my mind was into pieces and i felt great in her bottom, not putting the top ,getting back in my pijama , i walk toward their camp in mommy white bikini thongi saw him and it was too late , he wave and made a sign to get closer”hey boy not asleep too?””i….no””you can have a beer if you want, my boys are dead ,the wife too””……i , ok ””you had fun today? i ear you guys going fishing tomorrow””yes””cool , i ear there is trout here maybe we will eat some if you guys lucky””would be nice”the time passed bursa escort bayan and he had to pee he saidmy hearth was pounding….i shouldn’t even think about doing itbut i coudnt resist , i wait a while and went in the woodhe had done and was walking back , he ear the branch to his left and look at mein the white bikini panty on my knees smilling like a little fag boy”holy ……shit””you want to suck me boy?”i nod opening my mouth , i wanted a fat cock to please so bad”oh i should have know my boy were up to something ”he walk clooser and touch my face rubbing my lipsmy hands took his pant down and i saw a nice cock to get hard”wanna make me hard cute sissy?”i took him in my mouth noding , he sat down spread againt the tree , his cock never stop growing , he was so big and hard, the power of it overwhelming me ”mmmm you suck good , here im all wet , turn like that , oh that sweet pussy hole”he was spread his cock right there for me to back on doggy agaisnt him relaxing , giving it to me like a toy i rub agaisnt it”oh you cant resist , go on show me , fuck your boy pussy on daddy bbc”i listen to him whisper at me to just do itand i started bouncing back my hole open sliding down the bbc, in the dark forest , humping back on him , getting compliments and nice petting on my ass”you needed this cock dont you?””yes mmm ah yes””good sissy boy here let me tell you a story”he got me sit on him my back on his warm chest , his bbc all in me , keeping me down plugged , his hands started teasing my open legs down to my mom bikini bottom from , my balls and lil cock groped over the bikini his hand sliding palm open like i had a pussy under iti went crazy , as he started talking about knowing of his son doing in secret”the first time i wasnt even aware of it ””he had been coming to play video games and slept at home often””i should have known something was up with my son and him””i was home back earlier and i never expected it””i open the lobby and there was a weird noise coming from his room””i got closer and i görükle escort could ear it””the sound of a sissy boy getting fuck ””he moaned and moan yelling he love his cock””i got mine out and hide listening to this incredible sound , he made the cuttest noise getting fuck i cum a huge load and walk away not knowing what to do off this”he pumped slowly in me relating this story in my ear , lost in his arm in the dark forest , my bikini rubbed so right , i felt lost , in his possession, his thing to play with , my hole plugged on him , claiming my hole for the night ”it took me a good week to understand them pattern””but i never could see him alone until that warm night , i was in the backyard and he tried to sneak in ””you should have seen him freeze as i walk to him ””he look at me grab his neck and we walk to the locker , he sucked in the dark , before he could see my son ””his little mouth so good , so used to suck cock, i fell in love with hungry sissy fem boy””i cum and he swallowed it all , licking me saying he liked my bbc””he never got to my son , i was so hard i flip him ass up face down and fuck the shit out off him ””he was so happy i had to tape his mouth , he was too loud as i fuck him up, my fist boy pussy, god i can still remember how i felt stupid i didnt do that younger ”i kept getting fuck slowly and teased on my bikini , i was loosing it all, all to him making me know how much of a good sissy i washe cum deep in me kissing my neck and i felt proud and complete with him cumming in my ass i slept so good that night , i was exhausted and drift to sleepi woke up had a good breakfast and left to go fishingi spent the most of my day sucking them as they fish and smoke weedi was getting very good at deep throating my friends bbc ”you want to fish ?””here come sit right here sexy white slut””here take the rod and fish , i bet you will bounce more than fish you cute slut”i cast once and he started helping me bounce, up and down moaning starting to have trouble fishingi got stuck in the edge of the river and i was taken the rod away”what i thought, you better just getting fuck ”ass up looking at the other friend get closer ”suck , yes suck as i pluck your pussy open ”i was trully better at this, eye close sucking and moaning my ass stretch open

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