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Neither the writer nor Nifty assumes any liability regarding an individual’s access to, or an individual’s decision to read Jaiden’s story. Nifty runs off financial donations made to their site. Please remember to donate fty If you wish to comment on this story, address your comments ail. No argumentative or disrespectful comments will be allowed. Readers leaving argumentative or rude comments will not be allowed to make future remarks. Greg Patrick “So, you boys decided to come inside to eat breakfast?” “Yes, Mam, we need to eat and get the babies ready to eat their breakfast too.” “The ladies have beaten you to that task this morning. Jenny was busting at the seams to get them up when she heard them stirring around, and when she headed to their room, the other ladies followed; they should be downstairs in a few minutes.” Jaiden and Peyton headed to their son’s room and got there just at the boys were finishing their potty time. Peyton looked at Jenny and said, “So, sis, what do you think of our boys using the potty at such a young age?” “Peyton, I have never seen babies so young use the bathroom like my nephews did, it’s amazing; how did you train them to do it.” “Jenny, it’s a trade secret.” Jennifer spoke up and asked, “really, how did you get them to use the potty at their age?” Jaiden replied, “Jennifer, the truth is we didn’t do anything. The babies, all ten of them, stopped wetting and soiling their diapers so we sat them on the potty seats and they did their business � and it was on the same day! To make a long story short, it was their idea.” “Jaiden, “You’re joking with us.” “No, Marty, I’m not, ask Dale and Charley.” “No, I don’t have too. I never dreamed a baby could be potty trained at their age. The boys are really smart.” “Peyton said, “Marty, our babies aren’t smart, they are brilliant. Let’s finish getting them dressed and Jaiden and I will show you something.” Jaiden went to Angie and whispered in her ear to go put some keys on the end table next to the couch, and stand at the kitchen door and watch the boys without saying anything. Angie did what Jaiden told her to do, and waited to see what was going to happen when the babies came downstairs. When Peyton, Jaiden and the three other surrogates walked toward the den, the boys walked to the stairs, sat down, and then scooted down the steps on their fannies; that surprised the ladies. But what really got them laughing was when Nathan Robert and Jason Scott headed for the keys on the end table, got them, and proceeded to hide them. The difference this time was that Angie was watching and knew where the keys were. When they’d all had breakfast, Peyton and Jaiden got ready to go to their office. Jaiden looked at Angie, winked, and then said, “I can’t find my keys, has anyone seen my keys.” Then he looked at Nathan and Jason and asked them if they had seen his keys. Both boys grinned and acted as if they had no idea what their Dad was talking about. Jaiden pretended to look for the keys, and when he got near where Nathan and Jason had hidden them, Angie told Jaiden he was getting hot.” Jaiden found the keys and started chasing Nathan and Jason playfully asking, “Did someone hide Dad’s keys this morning. The two boys started laughing as Jaiden picked them up and started blowing raspberries on their necks. Peyton looked at Jenny and told her, “Didn’t I tell you that those two are just like you? Those boys will pull pranks all day if they get a chance.” Jenny was laughing hysterically when she said, “Touch�! You’re getting paid back for all the things you did to me as we were growing up on the farm.” “Jenny, you were the prankster, not me; I didn’t do anything to you, just ask Mom.” “Peyton, you know you could never do wrong in Mom’s eyes.” “Yeah, like you could never do wrong in Dad’s eyes.” “I guess you’re right about that, you needed someone to take up for you.” “Darn tootin I did!” “Jenny, if you ladies want to go somewhere, the keys to the van and the Lincoln Navigator are on the key rack to the right of the door to the garage. Both are gassed up if y’all want to go somewhere. Jaiden got a phone call as they were about to walk out the door to go to the office. He got a worried look on his face that puzzled Peyton. When he hung up, Peyton asked him what had him so worried looking. Jaiden replied, “That was Greg. They were on the way to the beach this morning, and as they rounded the curve toward Makala Drive, his nephew had a seizure that scared him witless. He had never seen Jamie have a seizure. Greg told me the seizure only lasted about three minutes, but when it ended, Jamie was so tired he couldn’t move, and didn’t respond to his Dad when he tried to get him out of the car. When they finally got Jamie inside the house, they laid him on his Dad’s bed, and he slept for about an hour, and then got up and acted like nothing had happened. He didn’t eat much the night before, and wouldn’t eat his breakfast this morning before he had the seizure, but afterward he was starving and wanting to eat.” Jennifer asked, “Jaiden, why did he have the seizure? ” “Jennifer, when he was born, he had bi-lateral retinoblastoma. They were able to get the cancer off the nerve on one eye, but they had to remove the other eye. He went through numerous treatments of chemo and radiation, and between the two treatment modalities, they fried his little brain. Since then, he’s had three other bouts of cancer that they were able to remove without further treatment. He’s 24 now, but he has been a great and loving child even though he can’t verbalize anything. He’s on a drug called Epidiolex that costs $35,000 a year, and there aren’t any other medications he can take other than what’s prescribed now.” “He has not been able to go six months without having another seizure. And if you add his mother abandoning him to the mix, it’s sad what he has gone through in his life.” “Jaiden, is it really that bad?” “It is, Jennifer. He is a truly great, loving young man who has been dealt a bad hand in life. Everything that could possibly be done has been done; there just isn’t much more that can be done for Jamie.” “Daddy’s home!” When Jaiden walked in the door and said that, his boys came running, so Peyton and he sat on the kitchen floor and wrestled with their sons eliciting hearty laughs from the boys as they climbed all over their dads tickling them and getting tickled. The ladies and their families got a kick out of watching Peyton and Jaiden and their boys. “OK, guys, your dads need to go change their clothes and get ready for dinner. What would you, your brothers, and your sister like to eat tonight?” All the children said, “Skety, Da,” so Jaiden looked at everybody and said, “Well it looks like Tony’s for supper tonight, we’ve been over-ruled by all the children.” Peyton called Tony’s and asked Phil to reserve them a table for 27, that everybody from Oregon was in town. Phil said he’d have the table ready at 7:15, so Jaiden and Peyton changed into some comfortable clothes, loaded everybody up in the van and in the cars and headed to the restaurant. When they got to Tony’s, all the children started clapping and laughing. They were excited that they were going to get their favorite skety. When everybody went inside and got seated, the older children wanted an all-meat pizza, and the adults got the eggplant parmesan since Dale and Peyton had said how delicious it is. The adults weren’t disappointed, they raved over how good the food was. When they finished eating, they headed back to the house to sit on the deck, gossip, and have some of Dale’s coffee. Charley asked Jaiden if he had heard anything on Jamie, and Jaiden said he talked to Greg that morning and learned that Jamie was tired last night after the seizure, and that he didn’t want his usual breakfast from McDonald’s that morning; he did eat three hash browns, but he didn’t touch the sausage on the biscuit which he normally scarfs down. His caretaker said at lunch he made up for not eating at breakfast. As far as his reaction to the seizure, he said if you didn’t know it had happened the day before, you wouldn’t be able to tell he’d had an episode. “That’s good, Jaiden, I am davening that he will make it past the six-month mark without having another seizure, and actually, that he never has another seizure.” “I think we all are, Charley.” Jaiden looked at the time and said Peyton, he, and their brothers needed to get the babies dressed in their sleepwear and get them in bed. The ladies got up to help get the children through their bedtime routine, and get them into their beds. Angie asked if the children were always so good about going to bed, and Dale said they were, but sometimes one of the children would have a hard time going to sleep so one of the dads would rock them until they and their dad both fell asleep. Everybody laughed at that because they understand ten babies can make their parents very tired.” Jenny asked her brother how Jaiden’s and his medical practice was going, and Peyton said, “It’s a very busy practice already, and when you add to that that we are the hospital’s mezitli escort staff doctors for the pediatrics floor, we are always busy. All of us can hardly wait to get to Tennessee, get our residencies in pediatric oncology and oncological surgery completed, and get back to Erie.” Marty asked, “Dale, Charley, how is the move to Tennessee going to affect you?” “Marty, we’ll all be together and our internship will last six months, and we are supposed to work with the engineers to get St. Jude’s addition completed. By the time that happens, we’ll all be ready to return to Erie together. The engineering company intends to open a branch in Erie so Charley and I can continue to work for them after we get back home. We couldn’t stand the thought of being separated, and St. Jude’s caught wind of that, and made sure we and the babies would not be separated. I don’t thing Hashem could bless us more than he already has.” “Dale, I don’t think so either. You guys are wonderful dads, and to get to stay together is only going to make things better for all of you.” Jaiden said he could not agree more with that statement. Ron said the Friday night campout on the deck was planned out, and the boys were excited about getting together with their friends for the night. “I talked with Pete Gray today, and he said he was picking up pizzas from Tony’s for the boy’s dinner. That should be a surprise for them. We don’t drink a lot of sodas at home, but I am going to the store Friday morning and get some for Friday night’s drinks. I don’t think one night will hurt the boys.” Peyton said, “I hate to be a party pooper, but I need a shower, and I want to get to bed by 10:30 since Jaiden, Richard, and I have a full schedule of patients tomorrow, plus any problems that crop up on the pediatrics floor.” Jaiden said, “I think I’ll excuse myself as well to make sure Peyton washes behind his ears.” Jenny laughed out loud and said, “Yeah, I bet you will!” Jaiden looked at her, winked, took a sip of coffee, and smiled as he walked inside without saying a work. Jenny said, “Damn, Jaiden, you do that just like your Mom.” He smiled even more broadly. Allison Gray called Jaiden at the office and said Jason had been vomiting all morning and complaining of stomach pain. Jaiden told her to bring Jason in and let Ashley know when she got there so they could come in the employee entrance. Jaiden examined Jason, did some blood tests, and discovered he had appendicitis. “Allison, I don’t know what is going on around here, this is the fifth case of appendicitis this week. I need to get Jason to surgery and get the appendix out. Call Pete and let him know we are headed to surgery. I’ll put all the IV lines in here in the office, and that should give Pete enough time to get here. Once we get into surgery, it should take about an hour, and if Jason does OK in recovery, he should be able to go home by six tonight. I’ll stop by the house after dinner and make sure he is OK.” Jaiden called surgery so they could get a surgery suite ready. After he got the IV lines installed, the orderlies from surgery brought a gurney to the office and headed to surgery with Jason. Just as they got to the surgical floor, Pete came running in, gave his son a kiss on the forehead, and told him he’d be waiting with his Mom for him to get out of surgery. Forty-five minutes later, Jaiden walked into the waiting room and told Pete and Allison that Jason did well in surgery, that he was in recovery, and he would take them back to sit with Jason. When they got to the recovery room, Jason was a bit nauseated, so Jaiden gave him a shot of Phenergan to calm his stomach and to help him sleep a little while longer. “Allison, Pete, if he does well for the rest of the afternoon, I’ll discharge him around six this evening. If the nausea doesn’t calm down, I’ll let him stay overnight. Sally will be his night nurse, so I know he’ll get good care if he needs to stay.” “Thanks, Jaiden, we’ll talk to you after we get home tonight.” “OK, you guys try to relax so Jason can. I’ll talk to you later this evening. If you need anything, tell a nurse. If you don’t get it, call me, you have my cell number.” “Hey, babe, did you get Jason taken care of?” “I did, love, but he was a bit nauseated when I left to come back to the office. Are we very far behind?” “No, Jaiden, Richard and I got everything taken care of, so we’re on schedule.” “Thanks, I needed to hear that.” “We thought you would. Why don’t you go to your office, sit down, and have a cup of coffee? Dale was here a few minutes ago and I had him make you a fresh pot.” “Sweetheart, you’re an angel, thank you. By the way, why did Dale come by?” “He had lunch with Richard and me while Charley was finishing some work at Penn State.” “OK, as long as the children are not sick.” After the guys got home from work and had dinner, Jaiden and Peyton took their sons outside to play in the back yard. They were hilarious as they played their version of chase and tag. Jaiden was smiling, but he was very quiet compared to normal. Peyton looked a Jaiden just in time to see a tear roll from the corner of his eye. “Jaiden, what’s with the tear?” “Peyton, I got an email from Greg today and he sent a picture of the outside of the room where we stayed on our honeymoon. He also sent a picture of the path to Little Beach, and it set off a wave of emotions and memories for me.” “How so, Jaiden?” “Sweetheart, that was the happiest time of my life up to that point. You honored me by marrying me, and the time we shared with Charley and Dale was so special. I thought about our walks on the beach, the rocks we sat on when the sun had gone down, and getting locked out on the balcony of our room and me holding you all night until Dale and Charley got up the next morning; I can still smell the scent of your hair, and your body from that night, and remember feeling like I was the luckiest guy in the world. ` “The day we had lunch at the Cheeseburger Factory, and met the Rabbis, was an epiphany for me as I realized Hashem had answered my prayers about a schul that would accept us, love us, and let us participate in the temple’s activities. When we got back to the resort, and I was sitting on the sofa while you went to the bedroom to get your book, you walked back into the living room, and all I could think was `damn, he’s so freaking gorgeous.’ It has only gotten better with each day that has passed.” The boys saw Peyton as he leaned over and kissed Jaiden, and they came crawling up the steps to get their kiss from Da. Jaiden started laughing and said, “Peyton, those boys don’t miss a thing, do they?” “Nope, Love, they don’t; that’s why we have to be careful about what we do and say in front of them.” The ladies and their families had spent the day at the beach and touring parts of Erie they hadn’t seen. They got home while everyone was still out back on the deck, and went out to join them. When the older children went to the yard to play with the babies, the fun began. The adults were laughing so hard they started coughing. They hadn’t seen their children have so much fun in a long time. When the babies sat down in the grass, their dads knew they were tired and ready to go to bed, so they went to the yard, collected their children, and headed to the showers. Peyton asked, “Jenny, do you and the ladies want to come watch the rodeo?” “Sure, we do, Peyton; we’ll even participate if you guys will let us.” “Jaiden looked at Jenny and said, “Y’all bathe the boys tonight, Peyton and I will sit back and watch. When they got to the showers, and got the children undressed, the dads sat back and laughed the whole time. Jaiden looked at Peyton and said, “Nathan Robert is more like a slippery eel with Jenney than he is with you. Peyton replied, “Yeah, he is; isn’t it fun to watch.” “Yep, it sure is.” After the babies were dressed and put in their beds for the night, the adults went onto the deck with a cup of coffee and sat and talked about things they saw in Erie. The subject quickly turned to the guys and their style of parenting with Angie’s husband’s comment. Joseph looked at Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley, and said, “Guys, thank you for showing me how to be a better parent and husband. Since the babies were born and Angie spent the month here in Erie, Angie and I have gotten along better than ever. The quality of our marriage and family life is tremendously better because of you guys. You gave us a new life of love, peace, and happiness, and I don’t know how I, we, can ever repay you for that; the other husbands chimed in with a British `here, here!’ Charley replied that Dale’s and his relationship was changed because of Peyton’s intervention during an argument Dale and he had. He spoke of what Jaiden set up for them in counseling, and how Jaiden had monitored the counseling to ensure they attended and made progress. “Joseph, he did the same thing for Dale and me that you say he did for your marriage, and the result for Dale and me is the same as what you claim for Angie and you; Dale and I have seen him do the same thing for other couples.” “Jaiden, how do you do it?” “Joseph, I really don’t know. The way I am is because of the way a single mother with a heart full of pain raised me. I was only three when Dad died in the plane crash, but I can remember to this day the pain and grief Mom suffered, the guttural cry she had at the cemetery. When I met Peyton and we developed as a couple, I realized the love she had for Dad, and I have been determined to have that same intense love for Peyton, and if I can help other couples find that same calm love, I do my best to help them find it and develop it.” “Without a doubt in my mind, Peyton is the single best thing that has ever happened to me, and everybody deserves to have the love he gives to me, and I try to give to him. We don’t argue with one another, curse at each other, scream, yell, or get angry. We talk things out pozcu escort and then we let it go and don’t mention it again. You can’t change history, but you can create the future, and Peyton and I work hard to do that together for us and for our sons.” “Jaiden, all I can say is thank you for helping my marriage and my family become what it is today. Our love is infinitely better because of you, Peyton, Dale, and Charley. I am grateful for what you have accomplished, and helped us accomplish, and I don’t know if there is any way I can ever repay you for that.” “Joseph, come with me for a moment.” Jaiden and Joseph walked upstairs to the babies’ room where Jaiden quietly opened the door, and said “look, Joseph, you have more than repaid anything I could have or ever could do for you and Angie. How much more could you ever bless us?” Joseph didn’t say a word as he leaned against the door frame and let tears roll from his eyes. He got the message, and he understood what it was saying, “Love conquers all!” They walked back to the deck and joined the other adults. Joseph sat down and put his hand over his mouth as his tears continued to flow. A few minutes later, he lost it. Angie held Joseph until he calmed down and then said, “Joseph, what is going on with you, I have never seen you cry in all the years I have known and been married to you?” “Angie, I knew I loved you and you love me, but a few minutes ago, I learned the real depth of that love and I gained more respect for you than I have ever had. You are an amazing person, an amazing wife, and an unbelievably amazing Mom, and the boys and I are blessed to have you in our lives.” Angie stared at Joseph after he said that, as she seemed to be paralyzed in thought. A tear trickled from her eye as she leaned over and kissed Joseph on his cheek. Ron leaned over and gave Jenny a kiss on the top of her head to tell her he felt the same way. Jacob was no different as he leaned over and kissed Jennifer on the forehead. A lot of husbands might be jealous, but not these four. It was getting late, so the adults decided to turn in for the night. When Jaiden and Peyton got to their bedroom, Jaiden closed and locked the door. He walked Peyton in front of the dresser mirror, and ran his hands under his shirt, reaching and lightly tweaking his nipples as he kissed the nape of Peyton’s neck. It was obvious that Peyton was rising to the occasion, so Jaiden moved his hands to Peyton’s waist, and started slowly and sensually running his hands up his lover’s sides and arms as he removed his shirt. That accomplished, he sank to the floor and kissed Peyton’s back all the way to his neck, which he then began kissing in a way that made Peyton squirm uncontrollably. He turned Peyton to him, tenderly placed his hands on his husband’s face, and kissed him as passionately as he could. He unbuckled Peyton’s belt, unsnapped his pants, and began to lower them and Peyton’s briefs. As the pants went down, Jaiden went down. When the pants and briefs were removed and tossed to the side, Jaiden grasped Peyton and began giving him an oral sensation that made him incredibly sensitive. The more sensitive Peyton got, the more Jaiden did his magic until Peyton told him the sensation was getting too intense. That’s when Jaiden made a swift movement with his tongue and Peyton exploded sending everything he had floating down stream. He was so weak in the knees that he had to lie down on the bed to catch his breath. Jaiden looked at his lover and asked, “Babe, did you enjoy that?” “Yes, sweetheart, I did. That was the most sensual, erotic, intense session we’ve ever had. You’re going to have to tell me where you learned that so I can master the technique and reciprocate. Jaiden went to the dresser, opened the bottom drawer, and reached under the clothes and retrieved a book entitled How to Please Your Lover � A Sex Manual for Gay Men. He handed the book to Peyton and said they would have to study the book together and try some of the interesting techniques he’d read about in the book. Peyton opened the book, read several pages, and then cut his eyes up at Jaiden as he said, “We are definitely going to try some of the suggestions in this book.” Jaiden smiled because he knew he had found a way to add some spice to his and Peyton’s bedroom life. “Jaiden, maybe we ought to get a copy of this book and sneak it into the top drawer in Charley’s and Dale’s room. We won’t say a word about it, we’ll just wait to see if they ask us about it; then we’ll tell them the truth. All four of us can make it sound like we’re swinging from chandeliers, but this book, it should really add some spice to their lives. Jaiden said, “I’ve beat you to the starting line, Peyton,” as he reached into their closet and brought out a copy of the book. “When they take their children down to breakfast in the morning, I’ll sneak it into the top drawer of their dresser and we can both wait for a response.” “Jaiden, come here.” When Jaiden got to his husband, Peyton pulled him onto the bed, kissed him, and said, Babe, you are the best, and I love you more than anything in this world.” “Same here, sweetheart.” Peyton began removing Jaiden’s clothes and when they were on the floor, he placed a condom onto Jaiden since he hadn’t taken time to get ready. He lubed the condom, kissed Jaiden, and said, “Babe, you know what to do.” They didn’t have sex, Jaiden made sweet love to his husband and sent him to Mars once more. When both had expended all their energy, Jaiden went to the bathroom and got a warm wash cloth to clean Peyton and himself. That being done, he crawled into bed and snuggled up with Peyton until they fell asleep. When they awoke the next morning, Peyton had his head on Jaiden’s left shoulder, and Jaiden’s left arm was holding Peyton closely to his side. Peyton said, “Babe, I hate to say this, but we have to get up, shower, eat breakfast and then get the boys up, bathed off, pottied, and fed. “Yea, you’re right. And besides, we have a lot of guests to feed as well.” When the morning routine had been completed, Peyton and Jaiden met everyone in the dining room to have a southern breakfast Jenny was surprising everyone with. Once Dale and Charley were seated, Jaiden said, “Excuse me for a moment, I’ll be right back.” He went to Peyton’s and his room, got the book, and sneaked it into Dale’s and Charley’s room, and put it in the top drawer of their dresser. As he walked back into the dining room, Dale and Charley had their back to him, so he winked to let Peyton know the task had been taken care of. Peyton blushed and smiled a little; Jenny did not miss that look. After breakfast was over and the dishes were in the dishwasher, she asked Peyton why he blushed when Jaiden walked back into the dining room. “Jenny, that is between Jaiden and me, and it is something we’re pulling on Dale and Charley, so please don’t say anything or ask Jaiden or me anything in front of them; I’ll tell you about it when I call you to make sure you got home OK this weekend. “Peyton, that’s mean!” “Yep, it is, Sis, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for Dale and Charley. Just keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll know when the moment happens.” After dinner, Charley went up to Dale’s and his bedroom to get something. When he came back to the den, he stared at Peyton and Jaiden and didn’t say a word. Peyton said, “What, Charley?” “Did you do it?” “Do what, Charley?” “Peyton, you know what I am talking about.” “Charley, I have no idea what you are talking about.” “Well, if you don’t, I am sure Jaiden does.” Jaiden spoke up and said, “Charley, what the heck are you talking about?” “Jaiden, you know exactly what I am talking about.” “Charley, I have no clue what you are talking about.” “Jaiden, you and Dale come with me for a minute.” They walked to the bedroom and Charley opened the dresser drawer and pulled out the book Jaiden had slipped into the drawer earlier that evening. “Somebody put this book in the top dresser drawer, because it wasn’t in there before I went downstairs to get dinner. Dale, did you put it in the drawer?” “Babe, I have never seen that book. If Jaiden didn’t do it and Peyton didn’t do it, my guess is that Jenny did it; she’s the one who likes to pull pranks on people.” Jaiden went to the stairs and asked Peyton to come upstairs for a minute. He started laughing as he got up and headed for the stairs. This time Jenny blushed because she knew Peyton and Jaiden had pulled one of her types of pranks on Dale and Charley. When Peyton got to Charley’s and Dale’s bedroom, Charley held the book up and asked Peyton if he had put it in the top dresser drawer. Peyton denied any knowledge of the book and said he’d never seen it before. He looked at Jaiden and they both busted out laughing. “Charley, I saw that book and ordered a copy for Peyton and me, and for you and Dale. I tried one of the techniques mentioned and Peyton can tell you the result. “Charley, all I will say is that what Jaiden tried was so intense I almost passed out. What he did was so intense and pleasurable that I can’t wait to read the book. “Damn, guys, if what Jaiden did was that good, I think I’ll read the book tonight.” “Dale looked at Charley and said, “Saturday night, Babe. We’ll have time and privacy, and since Jaiden and Peyton have heard our amorous activities before, they can spend the night laughing.” Peyton said, “Dale, you and Charley are a hoot, correct hoots, but hoots nonetheless.” Charley grinned and cut his eyes at Dale; no doubt the weekend was going to be exciting. Friday night was the campout for the boys, so Peyton would call Phil tomorrow and order the pizzas and wings for the boys to eat, and Jaiden and he would go to the store to get chicken wings for Ginny and Granny to cook for breakfast Saturday morning before the temple services. Banana-macadamia nut waffles and fried chicken would be breakfast for the boys Saturday morning. Thursday escort bayan night was buffet night at the Wharf Seafood House, so everyone headed to the restaurant for dinner. When the children saw the buffet, their eyes bulged with excitement. The babies could hardly wait for their Dads to mince the shrimp and fish. Since the babies wanted more fish and shrimp the last time, Jaiden, and Peyton doubled-up on what they plated for the babies. When the nephews got back to the table with the plate they fixed for themselves, Jaiden’s, Peyton’s, and the boy’s Dad’s eyes almost popped out of their heads as they wondered how in the world the boys could eat that much seafood. What really got their attention was when the boys went to the buffet for seconds and came back with as much food as they got the first time…and ate every bit of it! When the boys got up and went to the dessert bar, Peyton heard Ron say, “damn,” and saw Jenny give him the eye. What was hilarious is when the boys came back to the table with multiple deserts, it was Jenny who said, “Dayum!” When everyone got back to the house, Dale made several pots of coffee and the adults sat on the deck, drank coffee, and shot the bull. Jaiden noticed Charley was reading a magazine, or that’s what everyone thought, and he tapped Peyton and got him to look. Since they couldn’t tell what Charley was reading, Peyton made an excuse to go to the kitchen to get some Stevia for Jaiden. When he came back to the deck, Peyton whispered in Jaiden’s ear it was the book he’d put in Dale’s and Charley’s dresser earlier in the day. Jaiden and Peyton fought with everything they had not to burst out laughing, and as usual, Jenny didn’t miss a thing. She quietly asked Peyton what was going on and he told her to go inside with him and he’d tell her. Jaiden watched As Jenny and Peyton got inside, and when he saw Jenny doubling over with laughter, he knew what Peyton had told her. As the two came back outside, Jaiden looked at them with a smile that ran from ear to ear. When Jenny and Peyton sat down, Jenny said, “Hey, Charley, watcha reading?” “Oh, just an architectural magazine.” Jaiden lost it when Charley said that, and Charley asked what he was laughing at. “Nothing in particular, I’m watching Jenny and Peyton needle each other.” Now it was Peyton doubling over in laughter. Later in the evening when the adults decided to turn in, Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley headed to their rooms. When Charley reached the door to his room, Jaiden quipped, “Charley, have a good night.” “Trust me, Jaiden, I am.” “That’s what I thought Charley, I saw the book inside the magazine.” “Oh no, Jaiden, did anybody else see the book?” Jaiden said, “I don’t know, Charley, you’ll have to ask them,” and then he walked into Peyton’s and his room and shut the door. Peyton had a pillow over his mouth as he laughed so hard his face was blood red and he was coughing. “Jaiden, you knew exactly what was going to happen, didn’t you?” “Yep, I did, and it did. Let’s see how those two look in the morning.” When Dale and Charley came out for breakfast the next morning, Jenny took one look at them and said, “Damn, looks like you guys had a really good night.” Dale and Charley blushed a dark crimson red as Peyton said, “I’m sure they did, Jenny. In fact, I’m positive they did.” Dale looked at Peyton and said, “Hey, weak knees, I bet you had a good day yesterday, too, didn’t you?” Peyton was now blushing a dark red and rethinking saying anything else about his two brother’s night. Jaiden excused himself and went into the kitchen where he got a hand towel and held it to his face to muffle his laughter. It didn’t help that Jenny had joined him in the kitchen for the same reason. Dale looked at Jaiden and said, “Jaiden, may I see you on the deck for a minute?” Jaiden thought he was in deep doo until Dale said, “I don’t know where you got that book, but thank you, thank you, thank you. We had the most amazing sex last night that we have had since Wellstone. It was so enjoyable and intense that I almost passed out, and I have never felt that way before.” Jaiden bent over the deck railing and laughed so hard he almost lost his breakfast, and Dale was right there laughing with him. When Jaiden and Peyton got to their office, Jaiden told Peyton what Dale said on the deck and Peyton let out a screeching laugh that made Ashley go to the breakroom and check on them. Jaiden looked at her and said, “Private joke, Ashley. I wish I could tell you, but I can’t. Just suffice it to say I pulled one over on Charley and Dale and the result was hilarious.” “If you say so, Dr. Jaiden.” The rest of the day was nothing short of wonderful with the attitudes the day started with. One of the children Jaiden saw asked him if he was always in such a good mood. Jaiden replied, “Buddy, let’s just say the day started with something really funny for Dr. Peyton and me, and it left us in a fantastic mood.” When the little boy said he hoped something funny like that would happen to him that day as he walked out the door, Jaiden put his arm on the wall, his head against his arm, and died laughing. When Peyton walked out of the exam room where he’d just seen a patient, he saw Jaiden howling and asked him what was going on. When Jaiden told him what the little boy said, Peyton leaned against the wall and lost it with Jaiden. Ashley stepped into the hall and said you guys must have had a really good time last night. Jaiden told her if only she knew. Jenny had been out buying some things for the boy’s campout that night and she stopped by her brother’s office to speak to the ladies and to say hello to Peyton, Jaiden, and Richard. Jenny asked Peyton what had been so funny, and since he had a break between patients, he took Jenny to the breakroom and told her what had occurred the night before. Jenny spontaneously combusted with laughter. When she stopped laughing, Peyton made her promise not to say anything to Dale or Charley, and not to tell the other ladies. When Jenny got back to the house, she showed the other moms the movies she got for the boys to watch: Jumanji, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and Tom & Jerry since the boys had never seen cartoons that were out before their time. The movies should keep them occupied for at least four hours. When Jaiden and Peyton got home, the Dads had the tents set up on the ground in the backyard. Jaiden bought a portable fire pit so the boys could make a small fire to roast marshmallows and make Smores. They got excited when Jaiden said he was going to Tony’s to pick up pizzas and wings for their dinner. He had a table set up on the deck where the boys could eat and not worry about being messy. There was an outdoor television and Peyton had hooked up a video player so the movies Jenny purchased could be shown outside while the adults inside could watch their favorite shows. The next morning, Jaiden and Peyton awakened to the smell of Southern Fried Chicken and Banana-Macadamia nut pancakes since they were easier and quicker for Ginny and Granny to prepare. Jaiden and Peyton walked into the Kitchen and gave Ginny and Granny a hug and kiss on the cheek. He didn’t see Gampy or the Reverend, so he asked where they were. Granny and Ginny said the men were at home resting and watching television. “Ginny, Granny, call Gampy and the Reverend and tell them to come over for breakfast and be with the rest of the family. Ginny asked, “Jaiden, are you sure?” “Yes, Mam, I am. You, Granny, Gampy, and the Reverend are just as much family as the four families in the den. All four of you have been great parents to Peyton, me, Dale, and Charley, and we’d love to have them over for breakfast and then go out to lunch at the Country Club with the rest of us after services. Everyone congregated at the Country Club and discovered Jaiden had ordered Prime Rib for everybody…his nephews included. The babies got skety with the “vegetable-meat” sauce. Baked potatoes and grilled asparagus rounded out the vegetable portion of the lunches. Coffee on the deck for the adults and a round of gossip was the fix of the day. The families were flying back to Oregon on Sunday, so the ladies got everyone’s bag packed and ready to go to the airport. Jaiden looked at his nephews and asked, “so, guys, did you have fun on the campout?” That started a conversation with his nephews that lasted at least an hour and a half. Peyton looked at Jenny and said, “Sis, I think the answer to Jaiden’s question was a definite yes.” “Peyton, I think so, too.” Since they were going to get an early start to the airport, everyone turned in early. The next morning, they went to a local restaurant, had breakfast, and then went to the airport to check in, get through TSA, and board the plane. They would be home in five and a half hours from takeoff, and Jenny promised to call Dale when they got home to let him know they arrived safely. Just as she was about to get on the escalator, she leaned over and whispered into Charley’s ear, “when you get through reading the book, send it to me.” She grinned from ear to ear as she rode up the escalator. When the guys got the babies in the van, Charley looked at Jaiden and said, “I think Jenny saw the book when I was reading it on the deck.” “Why so, Charley?” “As she was getting on the escalator to go up to TSA, she said she saw the book in the magazine and told me to send it to her after I read it.” “You may want to ignore that request, Charley, I would.” “I am, Jaiden, don’t worry about that.” “Good!” Jaiden and Peyton were in the van with the children on the way home. Peyton asked Jaiden what had happened between Charley and Jenny. Jaiden told him Jenny told Charley she saw the book in the magazine on the deck, and asked him to send it to her when he finished reading it.” Peyton and Jaiden lost it when he told Peyton what had happened. “Jaiden, I told her about the book in the office, so that is how she knew about it. The fact that she pulled another one over on Charley is hilarious. I’m not going to tell him the truth about it, and I hope you won’t either.” “Don’t worry, Babe, I won’t. I would rather see him sweat about it.” “Hon, your Mom is so right about you.” “How so, sweetheart?” “You are so bad!” “Yeah, ain’t it fun?”

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