Subject: Jaiden – Chapter 2 Disclaimer: This story and any subsequent additions are the intellectual property of the writer/owner and protected by US and international copyright laws. No portion of this story or any subsequent editions may be copied, disseminated, or used publicly in any manner without the express written permission of the author/owner. This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. Additionally, this story may contain sexual inferences of or direct mention of male-to-male contact. If you are under the age of 18, or access to this story is a violation of community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live, or if this type or style of writing offends you, please leave this site immediately. The writer and Nifty assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to an individual’s access to or an individual’s reading of stories fty runs off financial donations made to their site. Please remember to donate accordingly. If you wish to make a comment about this story or any additional episodes which may or may not be added, please address your comments ail. Keep your comments clean and respectful, otherwise your comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. G. A. Patrick Jaiden Chapter 2 When I woke up this morning, the bed was a mess. I just spread the sheets up and will change them out when Jaiden and I get back from shopping. The only thing I can think of is that I had some awesome dreams. Jaiden and I headed out to the cafeteria to get some breakfast before we went to do some shopping for things we were going to need: tooth paste, bath soap, clothes detergent, and generally all the things a guy leaves at home with every trip taken. I always question why this happens and yet I can never find a satisfactory answer. Jaiden just watched me and died laughing. I laughed with him and just looked at him and said “A-hole” to a high five. We were about to leave when I remembered there was one thing I needed to get so I started over to the make-up section and picked up a lightly scented jar of Albolene cream. Jaiden asked “what is that for,” and I just replied “dry skin’ leaving him to wonder about it. Its use will become evident at some point…I am planning on that! Since this is my junior year at the university, I knew that there was a good, AUCE buffet about two blocks south of the college, well within walking distance like the grocery and drug stores. We headed that way and had an awesome lunch of grilled steak, baked mezitli escort potato with all the trimmings, and just about every vegetable that didn’t have to be counted toward fats and calories. Yeah, we pigged out and getting back to school was slow-going. Since traffic was so heavy with the influx of the rest of the students arriving on campus, we decided to tour the campus, find where our classes would be and tried to judge the time it would take to get to each class on time. We also played the usual game of freshman ID since they were totally lost and somewhat freaking out. Jaiden and I just about died laughing at some of them because they were so funny. Jaiden even commented several times at how hot some of the freshmen were. I had to stop him several times from staring a hole through some of the younger guys. Whatever, he had a smile on his face the whole time we were walking around the campus. We talked about some of the exercises we enjoyed and jogging was at the top of the list. I asked Jaiden what time he liked to go jog and he said in the evening a few hours before bedtime. I told him that was my time too after getting cleared medically to run. The enzymes in the body that cause problems for runners are highest early in the morning and since most of my uncles died of heart attacks in the early hours of the day, I didn’t take a chance on that. We made it a date to run his usual 2 miles on Sweetheart Circle in the middle of the campus. Sweetheart Circle was the one place on campus where people had no inhibitions about giving in to their lusts and where I had no problem letting my eyes wander. We were dressed in gym clothes so when we went by the gym, Jaiden said “why don’t we do a work-out routine and get some steam room time.” “why not, let’s do it.” So, into the gym we went. We did several reps on the bench press. When Jaiden was doing his reps, I stood in front of him and observed. It was kind of amusing when he did the same thing as I completed my reps. Even though we had walked a good bit after lunch, we also hit the rowing machine for about 30 minutes each. We finished that and did some leg presses and then hit the steam room. We stayed in there about 15 minutes which is about the limit anybody can stand at 120 degrees. We did keep it steamy while were in there. As we left the gym, Jaiden commented that he was sore since he hadn’t exercised that much in quite a while and that he wanted to go back to the apartment and get a hot shower. I was more than willing for that to happen. pozcu escort As we went in the door to the apartment, I noticed that our other two roommates had brought their things in but had left the apartment. I saw a note that said they would be back in around 10 that night. Jaiden immediately went into our side of the apartment and got ready to take his shower. When I heard him turn the water on, I gave him time to get in the shower and then went in and sat the Albolene cream on the table between the beds. Normally the beds would be set up bunk style to save room, but we had decided against that early on the day before. Jaiden got out of the shower and just crashed on his bed after drying off. Not a stitch of clothes covered his body. He kept talking about how tired and how sore he was so I looked at him and said “turn over on your stomach.” He did and I grabbed the jar of Albolene cream and put a fair amount in my hands and rubbed them around. Then I started working Jaiden’s shoulders with just enough pressure to make them relax. It also helped that I had an ocean CD playing when he got out of the shower that helped both of us relax somewhat. After working his shoulders, I took the balls of my hands and began running them up and down his spine in a way men like to have it done. You apply pressure to the hand on the back with your other hand and slowly move upward and back down. This really seemed to make Jaiden moan with pleasure. Then I focused on the flanks of his back to massage those muscles and make them let loose of the tension from the workout in the gym. He really liked that, but what got the biggest response was when I grabbed a little more of the cream and began massaging his gluteals. I took quite a bit of time doing that and letting my fingers trail his crevice, or should I say his “crevasse.” Jaiden has started to squirm a bit at this point, and I intended to pleasure him as long as he could stand it. He had really enjoyed that part of the massage, but it was time to move on. I pulled his legs slightly apart as I grabbed another small glob of the cream and applied it to the back of his thigh at is crease with his butt. I began to work his thigh with both hands and when I pushed my hand down the inside of his thigh, I ran the back of my hand against his package and continued that movement for several minutes. When I began massaging his thigh and my hand touched his scrotum, he jumped a bit and let out somewhat of a “squeak.” Three thigs were very obvious at that point: Jaiden was really enjoying escort bayan having his thigh massaged, having his junk touched, and he was hard as a rock. I did the same thing to his other thigh and got the same response as when I had started there. His gastrocnemius muscles were really tight so I put in a lot of attention there until they totally relaxed. I didn’t want him waking up with a cramp in his lower legs…or did I. The last part was my favorite part since I have a fascination with feet and how something so small can hold up something so big and get it from point A to point B. It just totally fascinates me. Perhaps that is why I am a Micro-Biology major with the intention of getting into podiatry school. Well, anyway, I applied a small amount of the cream to my hands and began holding and rubbing the bottoms of his feet with my thumbs applying a goodly amount of pressure to make the plantar muscle relax. I hit each toe as well until it appeared Jaiden might be trying to go to sleep. That couldn’t happen since only his back side had been massaged. “Jaiden, roll over.” He rolled over and the temple massage began. That would make the slight headache he had go away very quickly. I gathered a bit more cream and began massaging his pectoral muscles with quite a bit of force since they were as tense as stone. When they began relaxing and letting go of the tension, I began a palm massage of his stomach moving from just below the sternum and pushing downward until I was just at the tip of his penis doing this for at least 30 minutes. By now Jaiden was furiously dripping copious amounts of precum. His belly button looked like a clear lake and I was nowhere near the end of this part of the massage. When you press downward and push downward with your palms, it causes the area of the penis to engorge itself with blood which translates into a more rigid erection, and that goal had been reached. I purposely didn’t touch Jaiden’s rock-hard phallus the same way I had done in the back, and this brought on the point of no return: Jaiden began shooting more spunk than I had ever seen in my life. He seemed a little embarrassed but none the worse for wear by the smile that came across his face without a word spoken. I finished up with a light massage of his tibial areas and the front of the feet. Jaiden was totally relaxed, but there was a swamp on his stomach and chest that needed to be cleaned. I went into our bathroom and cut on the water until it got very warm. I wet a wash rag and wrung it out slightly and went back into the bedroom and began to gently and gingerly clean up Jaiden’s stomach, his chest, and, to some degree, his chin. Then I cut off the lights in the room and just sat on my bed and watched the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen fall into a deep sleep that would last until I woke him up for dinner.

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