James and Sarah: College Adventures


I was browsing around the forum section of Literotica when I ran across a couple who wanted to see their story in print. So I asked them to give me the details, and I would see what I could do. As it turned out, they sent me the information in three separate packages. The first was a combined effort of the beginning of their relationship when they were in high school which they composed together. But they thought it would be fun to send me the second part in two separate packages that each prepared on their own. They thought it would be fun to set down how each of them perceived the flowering of their relationship while they were in college — in two separate schools. The following is their accounting of that adventure. The fun is that neither will know what the other wrote until they read the complete package when it appears on Literotica.


I met Sarah, a petite little Thai girl, with small, shapely tits, and a sexy round ass when I was still in high school. She was a shy, bookish little thing who was firmly focused on studies. I was able to contrive an occasional conversation with her, as long as we were in a safe, public place, and I kept my hands to myself. She was very dutiful to her parents and wouldn’t think of doing anything of a sexual nature that might get back to them. She was a good Thai girl, and she made it very clear to me that she was determined to stay that way. I doubted that any guy had ever touched one of her tits or that anybody had ever seen her in anything more daring than a two-piece swimming suit that completely covered all the important parts of her body. She was definitely parsecs away from anything resembling sex. I doubted that she had ever as much as seen a cock. Her prominent eyeglasses just served to reinforce her innocence and provide another layer between me and her inner workings.

All of that just served to intrigue me all the more, and I felt myself becoming uncomfortably enamored of this totally lost cause. I knew I had little chance of ever cracking her, and if I did, she would always hang onto her strict Thai sexual restraints. It would be a lifetime of solo sex with no imagination or creativity. Still, I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was the challenge of trying to get into the pants of such a lost cause, or maybe it was those rich chocolate eyes that seemed to hide layers of promise behind the protective lenses her glasses. So, I kept pursuing her, and she didn’t push me away.

We loved to sit outside on the lawn between classes or after school and talk and talk and talk. I never got bored. I couldn’t get bored. I simply lost myself in those eyes and her obvious intellect. She was smarter than I was, and we both knew it, but she never allowed it to be an issue. I was smart enough for her, and she never let me doubt it.

One day near the end of our senior year, I was standing outside the school building looking up a jet leaving a contrail across the sky when I felt something soft come to rest against my arm. I looked back, and there was Sarah, smiling up at me, resting her tit against my arm. Her eyes were bright, and the message they were sending was unequivocal. The tit on my arm was no accident. She gave a quick glance down her front, and my eyes followed. She was wearing a soft cotton top with a fairly low front — low enough for me to actually see cleavage for the first time. As she moved away from with with an intentional push of her chest, I noticed her blouse tended to gap in front.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me over to a shady spot with nobody else in the vicinity and sat down on the grass. As she sat down, she kept her eyes on mine and leaned over, ever so slowly. In the process, her top gapped, and I got the slightest glimpse of two beautifully shaped orbs with two dark brown tips. She was not only wearing a low blouse that gapped, she was also not even wearing a bra. Even more astonishing was that she seemed to have pulled the maneuver on purpose. It was as if she actually wanted me to see her tits. Then she sat up straight and the magic moment was over.

I trembled as I sat down next to her, a stupid questing look on my face. I was relieved to sit down. I was sure everybody on campus could see the bulge in my pants. Still, she allowed me to hang on to my dignity. The warmness in her smile never left, and she moved over against me again.

“Well,” she said, “You’re my best friend. Don’t you think it’s time you saw my breasts?”

I bobbed my chin but remained speechless. Anything I said in my state of arousal would not ring sincere. Still, a suspicion was dawning on me that my idea of a lifetime of boring sex with Sarah might have been a bit premature.

She leaned forward slightly, enough for her top to gap again. This time she held still for long seconds, still smiling up at me. Her tits were clearly displayed for me to see and see and see. I remained silent, as I tried to regain my breathe.

Suddenly, Sarah pulled back and the gap in her top closed.

“Okay,” she said. “That’s our reward for being friends these past two years. I think we deserve it, don’t big ass porno you?”

I was puzzled but regaining my composure. “Our Reward?” I asked.

“Sure, our reward,” she repeated. “You don’t think sex is just for guys do you? That was for me too. It sent a chill up my spine, knowing that a guy had finally seen my breasts for the first time — and the best part is that he was my best friend. Now, that we’re going off to separate colleges, will we still be best friends?”

“More than that,” I answered. Then I put my arms around her and pulled her to me, giving her the biggest, wettest, most sincere kiss I had ever given anybody.

“Much more than that.”

We parted that last day of high school with much promise and high expectations for college. The fact that we would be going to separate campuses just meant an inconvenience, not a death blow to our suddenly exciting future. ———————————————–


We spent some time together that summer, but both of us worked, so the few times we got together, it was usually at family functions with limited one-on-one time. I managed a few stolen moments of kissing and got a little bare tit which excited the hell out of me, but the one time I moved my hand inside the top of her panties, she stopped me and simply said, “School. When we get to school, things will open up for us. We will have fun; I guarantee it. Please be patient.”

That was good enough for me. I would be worth the wait. I knew she would feel much freer to pursue some new adventures when she was outside the very strict influence of her parents. We were going to separate colleges, but we could easily get together almost on a weekly basis. I could live with that. Images of our soon-to-come adventures filled my mind as I kissed her goodbye on her way to college. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the reality that lay ahead.

It was almost a month before I saw her again. We both had to settle in at school, get a feel for the heavy dose of academic reality that washed over all college freshman, and begin to sample the absolute freedom of living away from our parents. That was OK with me. I wanted to experience the whole gamut of college life. It didn’t hurt that I wound up sitting next to a delicious-looking little blue-eyed blonde in my cultural anthropology class. Her name was Jan. We had already established the habit of sitting out on the grass on the campus Quad after class and talking over class, campus life, and sex. The latter emerging as our favorite topic of conversation.

Jan had already been on campus for a month, practicing her varsity cheerleading routines and had met most of the football team, which had also arrived early to start pre-season practices. We became very good friends very quickly and often got together to study anthro and talk about our new phase of life, with its freedoms and responsibilities. Our anthro class had the innate quality of providing a window of understanding into our culture and giving us the tools to rethink the lives that our parents had laid out for us.

On that topic, Jan had said, “I have a boyfriend who goes to another school. He’s so afraid that I’ll get pregnant, he simply won’t fuck me.”

She smiled and said, “How do you like my new vocabulary? I would never have used that word until I came to school. It seemed so dirty when I was in high school. Now, it seems dirty AND EROTIC! Anyway, I wanted to fuck, but he didn’t . . . . Well, let me rephrase that. Of course he wanted to fuck me, but he wouldn’t. He wanted to wait until we got married. He is the love of my life, and I’m certain we will get married someday, but I have some things I want to get done in college, and those things don’t include being celibate.

“So, as soon as I got here, I went to the school clinic and got some birth control pills, and I managed got nailed the first week of cheerleader practice by the first-string running back on the football team. He had absolutely no qualms about fucking me, and he already had a girl friend, so he wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. He was content with a nice little piece of ass, and I was anxious to be just that: a nice little piece of ass, with no complicating entanglements. To make it even better, he was experienced! He knew exactly where my buttons were, and he touched them in just the right way. I’d wager that not many girls cum during their first fuck, but I did. It was great. Since then, I’ve been fucked by two more football players, and the school’s star basketball player, who also arrived early to get in some gym time. Now, that guy had a cock!”

Trying to hide my thumping heart beat and burgeoning hard-on, I managed to compose myself enough to say, “Uh, my my. You’ve been a busy girl.”

She laughed and said,”Yeh, in the old days, they would have called me nymphomaniac. Now, they just call me a college girl.”

In a clumsy attempt to pursue more detail in our conversation, I said, “You said your running back friend was good in bed. Well, I happen to have a girlfriend who is a virgin, and I would like to big tits porno make it good for her the first time we make love. Would you mind sharing a few details?”

Shaking her head and smiling, Jan said, “Sure, James, I’ll share some details with you. Better yet, why don’t you come over to my dorm room tonight, and I’ll show you. My roommate is always happy to give me some privacy, as long as I return the favor from time to time.”

I had to ask, “Are you serious? I mean, we haven’t as much as held hands, and you’re willing to teach me how to fuck you?”

“Look,” she said, “We’re already good friends, and I think we may be good friends for a long time. Furthermore, we both have very serious significant others, so we probably don’t have to worry about long-term complications. And I think I know enough about you that I won’t have to worry about diseases. As far as I’m concerned, we could stay friends forever, and how convenient would that be? We could both have on ongoing opportunity for occasional clandestine fucks for the rest of our lives.”

She looked around. “Would you like a preview?” she asked. “I have really great tits: 32 Ds and almost no droop.”

She discreetly undid four buttons in her blouse, then slid her hand in and pulled one side of her bra up off her tit. Then she cupped her tit in her hand and pointed her nipple right at me. She held that pose for about ten seconds, then discreetly put things back into place and buttoned up. Her tit was almost white, and the quarter-sized nipple was a light pink: not a huge contrast but very delicate and appealing nevertheless.

“That’s all you get for now. Come by my room tonight about 10:00, and I’ll show you the rest.”

Then she got up and hurried off to her next class, her tight little ass swinging as she walked.

I have to admit: I didn’t get much studying done that day, and it took a great effort to keep my hands off my cock until 10:00 P.M., but I managed. I had to. I felt obligated to give Jan my best.

She met me at her room dressed in a short, low-cut white nightie and obviously no bra. The top of the nightie was nicely filled out, and the bottom came to about two inches from where her panties would end, but there was no evidence of any panties. I thought I could discern a faint v-shaped patch.

She leaned against me, stood on her toes and kissed me. I wasn’t used to getting tit on the first date, but sometimes I did, if I were persistent. But this time, I abandoned caution and grasped her left tit in my right hand. She just squeezed harder against me, as I explored her surprisingly large tit for such a small girl. Emboldened by her response — or lack of one — I slipped my hand down the top of her nightie and took her right tit in my right hand, squeezing and quickly finding her nipple, which was already getting hard. She stopped kissing me and pushed herself slightly away.

Smiling up at me, she said, “What’d I tell you. Pretty nice tits, eh?”

Without removing my hand from her tit, I said, “I didn’t know you were from Canada.”

“Yeh,” she answered. “Southeast British Columbia. “How’d you know?”

“It’s your bum, I think. That looks like a Canadian bum.”

She laughed and looked over her shoulder at the reflection of her ass in the mirror. “So what does a Canadian bum look like?” She asked.

“Oh, you know: It’s a bum that’s on a girl who says, ‘eh?'”

I removed my hand from her tit and reached for the bottom of her nightie. Pulling the hem upward, I felt the bare skin on her thigh, then quickly moved to her pussy. She moved her legs slightly apart and said, “Go ahead. Check out my pussy.”

I slid my middle finger to her slit and traced the groove up to her clit. When I touched it, she trembled slightly but didn’t pull away. Instead, she unzipped my pants and reached inside my shorts to get my already hard cock out into the open.

“Oooh,” she said. “The naughty boy is already hard, eh?

I didn’t bother to tell her the “naughty boy” had been hard almost continually since we parted company earlier in the day.

As I began a slow spiral stimulation, she stood on her toes and tried to spread her legs a little wider. It gave me enough room to get my finger in about three inches.

“Oooh, I said. “The naughty girl is already wet. We shouldn’t keep her waiting, eh?”

“Absolutely not!”

She tightened her grasp on my cock and led me to the bed.

“Strip,” she commanded, as she lifted her nightie off and tossed it onto the floor. Then she lay down on the bed and spread her legs, while cupping her hands over her pussy. It occurred to me that Sarah would never do that, but I wished she would.

I took off my clothes and climbed onto the bed between her legs, as she spread them wide to accommodate me.

I reached for her, but she halted me with the palm of one hand, as she uncovered her pussy. She had a narrow blonde strip of hair above her cunt.

“Look at my pussy and tell me what it suggests to you?”

I smiled and said, “It suggests that you’re either a natural blonde, or you’re good at cosmetics, eh?’

“Ding blacked porno ding ding,” she sang. “You’re the winner. Now, you get to plow the patch. Fuck me!”

I moved closer, and she took my cock in one hand and spread her pussy with the other hand. She briefly rubbed the end of my cock on her clit and said, “Usually, this is where you start, but today I’m in a hurry.”

She pulled my cock to the opening of her pussy and said, “It’s a little dry on the outside, but it’s plenty lubricated on the inside. Just push. It will go.”

I pushed, but it wouldn’t go. She reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy wider. “Try again.”

I pushed, as she spread and wiggled her ass. Suddenly, I was in far enough that the ample inside lubrication took over, and my cocked slipped halfway in.

She gave a little sigh. “That’s what I like,” she said. “There’s nothing like initial entry. I look forward to it every time.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Isn’t it great fucking a sexy, gorgeous, natural blonde cheerleader with great tits and a natural blonde bush?”

I didn’t say a thing. I was concentrating on the task at hand, and I was worried about how long I would last.

She grabbed her legs under the knees and pulled wider. “Now, give me the rest,” she said. “All at once.”

I pushed hard and hit bottom.

“Stop!” she said. I like to savor this part.”

So I held my position, as she pulled me down and kissed me.

“There,” she said. “I kissed you. I usually don’t do that. I usually keep it to just fucking, but this proves you’re special. You will get to fuck me again. That’s not true for most of my partners. Now, there’s something else you should know. My tits are very sensitive. I want you to play with them a lot. Whether you’re fucking me, making out with me, or just copping an occasional subtle feel, please do not neglect my tits. Someday, when you’re titty fucking me, I want to have an orgasm. I think I can do it.”

Somehow, I felt I could comply with that request, especially when it pertained to fucking a sexy, gorgeous, natural blonde cheerleader with great tits and a natural blonde bush?

I took a tit in each hand and started a slow in and out. Her pussy was tight but well-lubricated, so I increased the pace. Then, I was pounding her, harder and harder. She watched my cock disappearing then reappearing for awhile while meeting my cock with her own pelvic thursts. She could give as well as receive.

Then, she said flippantly, “My turn on top.”

We rolled over, and she grasped a tit in each hand. “These will provide a show for you,” she said. “Even if you live long enough to graduate from college, you probably won’t see another set of tits like this bouncing around as a girl drills herself from the top.”

She smiled as I reached for her tits. I would watch them bounce soon, but for now, I just wanted to play with these extraordinary mammaries. She pushed her ass up in the air as my cock slid almost completely out of her cunt. When it got to the very tip, she slammed down hard again, then ground hard against my pelvis. As she ground her hips, her clit rubbed against my pelvic area. She kept my cock and herself stimulated even while she was fully penetrated.

Then, she pushed my hands away from her tits and started bouncing up and down on my cock. Her tits darted in every direction, sometimes working against each other. Other times in sequence, but regardless of the action, the combination of the her tight pussy riding my cock and those glorious tits bouncing around were too much for me. I shot my wad full into her cunt. She recognized my dilemma immediately and slowed to a halt after a dozen or so more strokes.

Leaving my cock in her pussy, she leaned forward, gave me another kiss and said, “It’s OK. You lasted longer than I expected, and you will get better as you get used to me. You can finish me off with your fingers this time. But I expect you to get better. I’m an orgasmic girl, and I want to have an orgasm every time, so you have to promise to work on getting me off in the future, eh?”

She lifted herself off my modestly diminished cock and walked over to a shelf, where she flicked off a video camera that had recorded everything we had done. “It’s for posterity,” she said. “Next time, we’ll get some closeups. Someday, after you’re married and the sex is beginning to get too predictable, you can show them to your wife. It will liven things up a bit. She will be impressed by what a classy chick you were nailing on a regular basis in college.”

Then, she walked back over to the bed. “Now, finish me off,” She said.



I was free! After an early lifetime of being controlled by my loving but strict parents, I was now on my own — completely on my own. I was a bit daunting but also very exciting. I would be making decisions for myself, now, and I wanted to have fun, but I also wanted to be prudent — except when James came to visit. Then, I would be anything but prudent. I was still so much a virgin that, frankly, it was disgusting. I had finally allowed James to get his hands on my tits, but when he tried to get his hand into my panties, I had inexplicably stopped him. The specter of my parents’ influence was just too much to overcome while I was at home.

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