JAN AND TED 5She rang Ted on the following Wednesday, and there was no answer. “He might have gone down the pub.” Mike said. The phone rang a minute later. It was Ted.”Sorry, Jan, I was in the shower. I heard it ring, but couldn’t get to it. Funnily enough, I was just thinking about you when you rang me. Isn’t that a coincidence?” She could tell by his voice that he was in an upbeat mood, and she knew that he was trying to tell her that he’d been masturbating when she rang. “Yes, I suppose it is!” she replied, trying to conceal the irony in her voice from Mike.“So now, I’m just sitting here cooling off. I’m wearing that lightweight dressing gown you bought me for my birthday last year. It’s lovely and cool in this hot weather.” And now she guessed that he was telling her that he’s sat there naked, with the gown open, stroking his stiff cock. Dirty old man again! “He won’t be so cocksure when I’m done with him on Saturday” she thought.“I’ll be over Saturday, Uncle Ted, about 4. I’ll have a look at what wants pruning in your garden.” she said.Once again, he was the perfect gent when she got there on Saturday, making her tea, chatting on about this and that. They went and sat in the garden, as it was such a lovely day. “I’ll get the secateurs and get cracking.” she said. She went in the shed…everything neat and tidy, as usual. She got the secateurs, then noticed the bundle of canes in the corner…lots of different heights and thicknesses. “Mmm….” she mused…they’d keep the old bugger chastised, that’s for sure!” A huge grin spread across her face.She was wearing a sleeveless top and a short summer skirt, as it was so warm. She got busy pruning, while Ted cleaned the shears. She knew that the sly old lech would be watching her, and was aware that her top, when she bent forward, would show plenty of cleavage and that her skirt would ride up at the back, showing her thighs, possibly her knickers. After a while, she squatted, to get at the lower plants. “Right, you randy old sod, I’m going to catch you with your hand in the cookie jar!” And she parted her legs as she squatted, giving him an uninterrupted view of her pink knickers. She gave it about ten seconds, then quickly looked up. Bingo! He was caught red faced, ogling her panties.! She fixed him with a glare, stood up and walked towards the kitchen door. As she passed him, she beckoned with her finger. She heard him following, and lead him into the front room. She stood before him, arms folded, and stared at him unnervingly.“Do you remember last Saturday, when we discussed your dirty old man habits, and I told you that from now you were MY dirty old man, and therefore you needed my permission for all your dirty old man activities?” she asked.“Yes.” he replied, avoiding her gaze. She had him. It thrilled her. What a great feeling to be in command!“Well, firstly, on Wednesday when I rang, you seemed to enjoy hinting bursa escort to me that you had been masturbating in the shower when I called. So, is it also true then that you hadn’t finished, and that you were actually masturbating while talking to me on the phone? Is it?” He didn’t reply. She slapped his face. The impulsive act shocked her as much as him. “Is it? Answer me!” He mumbled a soft “Yes.”“Well,” she said “how about that for insolent defiance of what I said. Actually playing with yourself while talking to me on the phone!”“And now. Looking up my skirt. Down my top. Ogling. Leering. Again acting like a dirty, dirty old man. Without my PERMISSION!” She paused for effect, then said very quietly “ Go up to your bedroom, strip off and lay face down on the bed. I’ll be up in a minute.” He walked out of the room without a word. She watched him go, measuring the situation in her mind. She remembered that Aunty Joan had been very much the dominant one in their marriage, and consequently she often saw two sides to Uncle Ted. The quiet, almost subservient husband, and the lecherous predator when Joan wasn’t there. So, it seemed that he slipped into the former role easily. “And that’s how you are going to be from now on!” thought Jan. “Under control!”She waited until she heard him in the bedroom upstairs, then went out to the garden shed and chose a selection of canes. Walking into his bedroom brought back some very potent memories for her, of what had happened on his birthday, but she shrugged them off……things were going to be different from now on.As instructed, he was laid face down and naked. She laid the canes against a chair, and went over and slapped him hard on his naked bottom twice with her hand. He gasped. She slapped him again, rapidly, about six times. “Aaah!” he gasped again. She saw the redness appear on his wobbling arse cheeks. His face was buried in his pillow now, expecting more. She saw his slippers on the floor, picked one up and whacked him three or four times with it. He moaned into the pillow. She did it again. His cheeks now turning fully red. She knew that this was exciting her. She had never been in this situation before, and it felt good, it was making her wet. She looked at the canes. She looked at his crimson buttocks. She couldn’t. She knew she couldn’t. This was her uncle..she couldn’t beat him with a cane. She had the control without that, it was the control that thrilled her, not inflicting pain. She couldn’t use it….but….. he didn’t know that, did he? She gave his arse one final hefty smack with the slipper, and picked up one of the canes, then tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his head and saw the cane. A sharp intake of breath, and he buried his face in his pillow again.She stood by the bed, looking down at him in his pose of complete submission. How different from all those times when she was scared to be alone bursa escort bayan with him, expecting the smutty remarks, the wandering hands! Quietly and slowly she said “ I’m not going to use the cane. Not today, anyway. Its time may come…that’s up to you!” And she delivered a final hard slap with her hand.“Get dressed and come downstairs when you’re ready.” she said. As she walked out the door, she looked back. He was lifting himself up off the bed. His cock was fully erect……Downstairs, she looked through the lace curtains while waiting for him. She saw a woman in next door’s garden, who she didn’t recognise. “She must be his new neighbour.” she thought.She was a small and buxom, dressed in dark trousers and green top. Probably in her mid 50’s, Jan guessed. She heard Ted coming downstairs, and she sat down in the armchair by the window. He walked in, and she motioned towards the settee. He sat down, facing her.“You’re going to have to remember what I have said. I don’t want to be going to all that trouble each time to remind you, but if I have to, I will, you can be sure of that!” She stared at him, and said “Now, keep your eyes on me!” He looked at her, and she began to slowly part her legs until he had a good view of her knickers. She watched him as he looked, then lifted her top up over her bra. He watched her, confused, but obviously excited. “You see,” she said, “you can see my underwear without having to be peeking like a dirty old man. But the difference is that I’ll decide. It’s my choice if you get to see, not yours!” There was a short silence, and then she said “Well, go on, you can masturbate if you want to. Go on, get your cock out and play with it while you look at me.” He eagerly unfastened his trousers and pushed them and his underpants down to his knees. He was soon erect. He began to stroke it, looking at her showing her knickers and bra to him. Then he began to masturbate himself. “Mm, the perfect picture of the dirty old man!” she taunted. She watched him, and felt the warm desire between her legs. “Why not?” she thought,” I’m in control and can do what I like!” and she began to stroke herself through her knickers. After a while she pulled them to one side and began to rub her shaven cunt. They watched each other and wanked in silence for several minutes. They could hear the sounds of everyday life outside the window, but they were both engrossed in their own world of sexual self gratification. “Here. Come here.” she heard herself saying. He got up and, holding his trousers, waddled over to her. She threw a cushion on the floor. “Kneel on that.”He knelt down, and she said “Take my knickers off!” He looked at her. “You heard me, pull my knickers down! “ She lifted her skirt and he reached and tugged at the waistband of her panties. He pulled them down, and she lifted herself to help him slide them down her to her thighs, then to her ankles. escort bursa “Take them off!” she ordered. She sniggered “A dream come true, eh, Uncle Ted? How many times have you fantasised about pulling my knickers down? You see, anything is possible as long as I decide, not you!” she lifted her legs to allow him to pull them free, then spread her thighs. “Lick. Come on, lick it. Lick me!” He leaned forward, and she closed her eyes, savouring the delicious feeling of his warm tongue, as it began to lap at her clitoris. He then ran his tongue up and down her lips, before plunging it inside her. Oh, he was good, he knew all of the tricks…..lapping, licking, nibbling, fucking her with his tongue….varying it intensity and speed all the time, to please her. Did he do this with Aunty Joan? She couldn’t imagine it. But, he was good, he certainly knew how to please a woman with his tongue. She reached out and took hold of his head, to press it more firmly against her eager, wet cunt. Several minutes of this, and she felt the orgasm coming…..her thighs trembling, her hands clutching his head, it burst on her like a volcano erupting, spewing out her juices into his mouth. She convulsed, hissing through clenched teeth, fucking his face until she was spent..When she has calmed, she opened her eyes. He was still knelt between her legs, staring at her sex, and slowly masturbating. “Go on, then, it’s your turn now.” she whispered, meaning that he should bring himself off. Instead, he began to raise himself up and climb onto her. To fuck her! “No, no, I didn’t mean that! I meant make yourself come!” she blurted out, suddenly panicked by the situation. She realised that she had momentarily lost control, so she snapped at him.“ Don’t ever assume that! Don’t ever think that you can do that! Just wank yourself off! That’s what you are good at, isn’t it?” she hissed. He looked forlorn, and she regretted saying it.“No, I was wrong,” she said. “You are also good with your tongue. Very good, in fact.” She got up and smoothed her clothes down, and saw her knickers beside him on the floor. I’ll leave those here. and you can wash and iron them for me….after you’ve had your fun with them!”He was struggling to his feet, using the armchair as support, and she suddenly felt sorry for this vulnerable old man. She hadn’t appreciated how difficult it must be to kneel in one position at his age. She helped him up, and impulsively kissed him on the cheek, then bent down and kissed the knob of his rapidly diminishing cock. “I’ll give you a ring on Wednesday. Don’t come to the door like that” she giggled.“ Your new neighbour is in the garden!” And she gave his cock a playful slap before she headed for the door.She got in her car, very aware of the sopping state of her knickerless cunt. She put her hand down there and slipped two fingers inside. So wet, so wet, so……“Oh,” she thought “I could have fucked him. He was ready. So was I!” She took the fingers out and licked them. “I could have. It’s my choice.. It’s my choice. I call the shots now with him. He’s mine. But I’ll save myself for Mike tonight!”

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