Jasmine’s Carnal Journey


“Remember tonight is for letting loose of your inhibitions.” The deep voice behind her whispered in her ear.

“I remember.”

The man smiled. What he had in store for Jasmine was going to rock the very foundations of her suburban life. He was going to make every dirty fantasy she had come true. He noted the blindfold covering her face and kissed her softly on the cheek.

“Remove your clothes!” He commanded in a booming voice that made the young 30 year old jump. Aiming the video camera straight to where she stood he wondered when the mind altering drug would take effect. She knew about it, in fact she has asked for it.

“Slowly now. Do it seductively.” What Jasmine didn’t know was that there was a group of ten people besides Kenneth in the room watching her. Soon though he knew he would be able to take off her blindfold and she wouldn’t care who was in there or fucking her as long as something was inside her pussy, but he had no plans to.

“Now my dear I want you to rub yourself for me.”

“Rub myself?”

“Yes I want you to masturbate.”

“I don’t think I know how. I have never done anything like that before.”

“Jasmine is your body starting to tingle yet?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”

“Then rub the places that are tingling.”

Hesitantly she began exploring her body. Starting with her full breasts and her already hard nipples. She ran her hands over them, between them. She began rolling her nipples between her fingers. Soft moans began to escape from her. With her right hand still on her breast the left made it way down to the apex between her thighs. Wetness was collecting there and she couldn’t get enough of the sticky feeling. She brushed the lips of her pussy feeling the newly smoothness of her now hairless cunt. She spread the lips apart and ran her fingers along the opening to her hole. Her right hand joined in the exploration of her pussy as it had found her clit and was rubbing it in a circular fashion.

“That’s right Jasmine Insert a finger inside your pussy. Beylikdüzü escort Feel the wetness inside. That’s good. How does that feel?”

“It feels so, so good.” She whispered.

“Taste yourself Jasmine. Taste the elixir of your body.” He nodded approving as she took the finger out of her pussy and tasted the juice of her own body. “Now don’t be afraid little one. I am sending someone to merely help you find that joy of orgasm.”

A beautiful raven-haired beauty made her way to where Jasmine stood once again fingering herself. Slowly to not frighten her the raven-haired woman removed Jasmine’s own hands and replaced them with hers.

The shock that went through Jasmine when she felt the tongue of the other person, who she was thinking was female, flick across her clit was amazing. Soon the woman had Jasmine grinding her now extremely wet pussy all over her face. The woman took a dildo from the inside of the bag she brought with her. She began to rub it along Jasmine’s pussy lips. Slightly spreading them and making sure to get the toy lubricated for penetration.

“Jasmine how are you feeling?”

“Wonderful” She whispered.

“You are about to be penetrated by a dildo. The dildo is about eight inches long and two inches in diameter. I just want you to relax when you feel it slip inside you.”

Slowly the woman started easing the dildo inside Jasmine’s pussy. Inch by inch watching as it disappeared inside Jasmine. She started sucking on Jasmine’s clit while slowly sliding the dildo further inside her and then back out. Only to slide it further inside with the next push. When the woman seen that Jasmine was getting close to cumming she removed the toy and walked away.

Jasmine groaned.

“Now Jasmine you are going to be led to the bed. I want you to lay on your back with your legs spread as far as you can spread them.”

Two men led the woman to the bed and helped her lay down. She felt someone else get on the bed and position themself between her spread legs. She Beylikdüzü escort still had on the blindfold and could not see the person, but could tell it was a man. A very well endowed man. Just like with the dildo he started slowly. Inch by slow inch he entered her pussy. Jasmine moaned even louder this time and grabbed hold of the man’s ass.

Kenneth smiled when he seen that. He watched her become more aggressive the closer to orgasm she got. He couldn’t help it the sight of that cock invading her tight little cunt was turning him on as well.

Just as before, when the man felt Jasmine getting close again to orgasm he withdrew his cock and walked away.

Jasmine groaned louder.

“Jasmine, my dear, you need to turn around for this next step.” Kenneth told her. “I need your ass high in the air. Ahhh yes that’s perfect.”

She felt someone else approach her. This time it was a stunning blonde carrying a small vibrator. Jasmine felt a slimy liquid dripped on hr asshole and then rubbed all around.

“Now relax, my girl, this is to help you. To loosen you up.”

Jasmine took a deep breath as she felt pressure on her anus. But it wasn’t near as bad as she was expecting. With the lube it seemed to slip right in. The blonde slowly fucked her asshole. When Jasmine started to respond she exchanged the smaller one for a vibrator twice its size. Jasmine didn’t seem to mind. All she wanted to do was cum. But as with before when the blonde felt Jasmine tighten up and start to shake she too withdrew the toy and walked away.

Jasmine groaned even louder.

“Jasmine you are about to be lifted on top of a man. I want you to ride him.” Kenneth now felt that she was ready for just about anything if it would make her cum. Like a weightless object she was lifted and straddling a black man.

“Now put his cock inside your pussy and sit on him.” Kenneth directed her.

She did as she was told and sat down on the nine-inch cock. It filling her more than she had ever been filled in her Escort Beylikdüzü life. She moved her hips feeling the cock deeply buried inside her pussy. The black man grabbed hold of her waist and started lifting her up and down on his stiff cock.

Finally Jasmine was allowed to cum. And cum she did! Her juices ran down him and all over the bed beneath them. Soon the man was also given permission to cum and he soaked her insides with his seed.

The black man lifted Jasmine and slid out from underneath her. Jasmine was sorry he was leaving and almost said so.

“Now for some real fun.” Kenneth told her.

Jasmine was once again lifted and this time thrust on a stiff cock. She moaned as he began to fuck her harder and harder. She felt someone else get on the bed behind her. She once again felt the slimy liquid on her anus. She was so crazy with lust that she didn’t care. Just as Kenneth predicted she just wanted to be fucked! Another cock was driving its way inside her asshole. A place not even her husband was allowed to go. It was as if he could feel the cocks actually touching inside her. With one pulled back the other pushed in. There wasn’t a second she didn’t have a cock inside her. Then another movement on the bed as a gorgeous red headed woman straddled Jasmine’s mouth with her pussy. Grabbing her by the hair she pulled Jasmine’s mouth to her pussy and she began to lick and suck the other woman’s pussy.

Jasmine was grunting, moaning, and screaming her orgasms. She had never felt so much pleasure in her entire life. She wondered how she could go back to the dull sex life she had with her husband. She shook the thoughts from her mind. Jasmine didn’t want to think about that now. All she wanted to concentrate on were the sensation she felt at this moment in time.

The activities soon went from the bed to the floor so everyone could have a turn. Before long it had turned in an orgy of ten people fucking each other. A sweaty orgy that Jasmine never wanted to end.

But as all good things eventually do it did and all of Jasmine’s sex partners quietly left the room. By the time she removed her blindfold everyone was gone. Even Kenneth. She would never know the faces of the people who had given her the gift of carnal pleasure. She would never forget them either.

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