JessJessMy mothers gave birth to me at the age of 46 to say I was a mistake is an understatement as my two elder and bitchy Sisters both in their late teens at the time of my birth consistently reminded me I grew up in an elderly family to be honest there was no one near my age .The only one I could talk to was my Mothers elder Sister Jess four years older than my Mother.Jess who was single best described as homely fair but strict she took care of herself and I would say attractive with shoulder length hair which over the years remained the same and if asked I would have said early fifties I never really noticed Jess until my early teens I heard two older boys passing comments about Jess which made me annoyed and to be honest jealous but it set my thoughts working overtime until then Jess had always been in the back ground we talked and she helped me deal with my Sisters but never took sides.Has I approached sixteen I asked if Jess had ever been married my mothers bitchy reply was ‘ no Husband or Boyfriends we think she’s Lesbian‘ she started to say more but realizing who asked the question shut up and said no more, bitchiness I thought was a family trend.For some reason the question bugged me, I knew I had to find the answer, the answer came sooner that I expected one day Jess unexpectedly picked me from school on the way I home I finally bit the bullet and asked Jess if she had ever been married she looked annoyed and turned to face me I knew I had blown the one chance to get my answer.The sick look on my face spoke volumes Jesse’s face softened in a kindly voice asked if the answer was important to me I just nodded. Making me promise not to tell anyone it was just between the two of us She explained why she had never met anyone she wanted to go out with or to spend time with. My reply was ‘it must be a lonely life’ shook her head ‘I know I will meet someone and it will be worthwhile’ she held my hand and whispered ‘still friends’ again I just nodded my mind in turmoil I just couldn’t speak.We spent the rest of journey in silence Jess stopped the car just before home turning towards me holding my hand she told me she would pick me up from school tomorrow I said ‘yes’ my heart racing as she gently kissed my cheek.I glanced in a wing mirror on the way in I saw the lipstick on my cheek gently wiping it off I put the tissue to my lips and tasted the lip stick which had a faint trace of Jess. I folded the tissue carefully putting in my blazer pocket I knew I would keep it and not say a word to anyone.In the past twelve months I had a couple of brief flings with a girl I knew and an older teacher which lasted about six months it did teach me a lot I knew the basics and I admit I’m not the worlds greatest lover but I decided to take things very very slowly my feeling for Jess were mixed. I thought a lot kaçak iddaa of her and if asked I would admit my feeling for Aunt Jess were one of love and I have to admit I had fallen in Love with my Aunt,I hoped it would last I didn’t want to upset her or cause distress which she might regret. I had considered the age gap but I didn’t care at that moment all I wanted was Jess I couldn’t think of anything except holding Jess in my arms and kissing her.The next day at school was bad I got into trouble on a number of occasions for not paying attention I kept looking at my watch every five minutes willing it to move faster all I thought about was 3.30 and getting out of school to meet Jess. Yes I know what you are thinking I’m behaving like a love sick puppy yes I know and yes you are right. but at this moment all I cared about was being with Jess.Finally my watch showed 3.30 grabbing my books and bag I ran out of class into the school yard I could see Jess in the car smiling I ran to the car. Jess took my hand out of breath ‘lets find somewhere quiet’ holding my hand where possible we drove into the country finding a lay-by Jess stopped the car and pulled me towards her we kissed gently at first and soon with more passion has Jess’s tongue brushed my teeth and slid into my mouth.My hand with a mind of their own gently brushed her right breast her coat was open my hand slid into her coat I cupped her breast I felt Jess’s nipple harden as I stroked her breast I heard Jess moanI felt her hand press mine into the soft mound of her ample breast. I knew that a lay-by on a busy road was not the best place for seducing your Aunt. Finally we broke apart my hand still on her breast I voiced my thoughts I knew with what I wanted say it would either destroy my life or make it taking a deep breath I told Jess I loved her Jesse’s reply was light hearted ‘you are suppose to love me I’m your Aunt yesterday I said ‘I would know when I found someone to love I just have I love you’ our lips and tongues met as we kissed I felt her hand move down stroking the front of my trousers.My hand rested on her knee slowly I inched my way up fully expecting Jess to stop my hand going any further she opened her legs wider I finally felt her stocking tops and suspender I heard her moan as I gently started to rub her panties my hand going between her legs I heard her breathing change to short pants I heard her mumble ‘don’t stop please please don’t stop this wonderful I love you’ Jess kept on repeating it over and over suddenly I felt Jess give a massive shudder and her legs shut tightly trapping my hand between her warm thighs.Keeping my hand in place Jesse’s breathing slowly returned to normal as jess’s breathing returned to normal the smile on her face said everything finally Jess reached across and we kissed as we broke apart I head kaçak bahis Jess Say ‘that was worth all the waiting I knew someday it would happen’ and its the best thing that I have ever experienced’We stayed awhile just holding each other and kissing finally it was time to go Jess drove me home as we parted we kissed again has I got out of the car I heard Jess ‘ two tomorrow at my home I hope you are gentle I’m still a virgin’ I knew then I would take Jesse’s virginity I waited till she drove off smiling and a wave as she went. I went into the house walking on air just thinking of Jess made me hard.My two bitchy sisters were there gloating they had spotted the lipstick on my face. Just before it got heated the phone rang and I heard my Sister say hello Auntie Jess I didn’t hear the conversation but I did hear my Sister say nine in the morning.I’m not keen on my two Sisters but they have done well in business one doing ladies hair and my other sister the make up for special occasions. I have been shown photographs and to give the two girls their due they were the brilliant.All night I had fantasy after fantasy about Jess I felt nervous I knew it was a life changing moment I also knew I could change my mind or walk away I knew that option was a non-starter I could never walk away from Jess.I made an effort with getting changed to see Jess instead of jeans and Tee Shirt it was grey suit white shirt and tie. Has I walked to Jesse’s home I thought back to my brief affair with the teacher she taught me a lot the main thing was always make sure you your partner gets full satisfaction before yourselfAt two pm I arrived at Jesse’s as I walked up the path the front door opened and there stood my darling Jess hair and make up perfect she wore a full length lemon silk dress she drew me into the hall and we kissed her tongue sliding into my mouth, my hands finding their own way to her breastsI felt her two nipples harden an my touch it came a as surprise she wasn’t wearing a braI heard Jess moan with pleasure I felt her hands gently slid my jacket from my shoulders as it fell to the floor she undid my shirt buttons I felt her cool hands on my chest.My hands reached fro the back of her dress and slowly unzipped the lemon dress she held the dress at waist level hold on to the dress Jess suggested going upstairs to bed.She lay on the bed arranging the dress so it covered the her legs I quickly removed the rest of my clothes I approached the bed Jess gently took my erect penis into her hands and kissed the end.I lay beside Jess and kissed the red nipples sliding down I slid under the hem of her dress and there was a surprise no panties my lips started to kiss and nibble the lips of her vagina I could hear her moan all to sudden Jesse’s legs shut trapping my head between her legs.When Jess had relaxed her legs I slowly illegal bahis came from under the yellow dress reaching for some KY jelly on the dresser I liberally rubbed my erect penis with the jelly and finally inserted a finger in Jesse’s vagina I felt her hymen knowing I would soon break her hymen finally taking her virginity.I put my penis at the opening of her vagina Jess guided me inside her I felt a slight hesitation as Jesse’s hymen broke and I slid deep into Jesse’s beautiful body as we started to move Jess wrapped her legs around me drawing me deeper inside her.I heard her breathing change to short sharp pants I heard her moan ‘Please don’t stop I Love you Please don’t stop’ repeated over and over all to soon I felt Jess move under me as she tensed her body I shot my load of warm white sperm deep into her as second later Jess climaxed I felt Jess shake at the intensity of her orgasm she held me tight to her.We lay together wrapped around each other I started to move down but I heard Jess say ’not yet wait a few more minutes’ she explained about making love in the dress she wanted the dress stained with her virginal blood and my sperm to keep to remember this moment.To be honest making love on the silk dress added to the pleasure and intensity.Jess slid from the bed and gently folded the stained dress she sat astride my face so I could lick and suck the leaking blood and sperm it tasted better an the finest wine finally we kissed I used my tongue to coat the inside of her mouth with the sperm and blood from her vagina which she took pleasure in swallowing.As I lay on her bed she kissed her way down taking my limp penis into her mouth licking and sucking finally using her hand to bring it to full attention at this point I shot a load of of warm sperm into her I watched as she swallowing it.After a while she sat astride me taking hold of my penis guided in to her moist vagina her hands pressing on my chest rode my penis whilst I rubbed her two breasts I could feel her nipples as hard as bullets stood proud I feel myself starting to cum as I felt her thighs tighten around my hips.All to soon Jess through her head back crying out as we came together the feeling of our orgasm the intensity was overwhelming.We lay together our bodies entwined time didn’t matter we kissed and touched each other lost in our love for each other.We made our down stairs picking up our discarded garments as we went finally it was time for me to leave we kissed on the door step and with sad hearts said goodnight just as I was leaving Jess said ‘there will always be a place for you here no strings’.As I walked or should I say staggered home I glanced at my watch and saw it was after midnight I just didn’t care all I thought about was my time with my darling Jess.In the morning I had a major row with my parents and walked out never intending to go back I moved in to Jesse’s home and into her bed this happened six months ago and we have never been happier as to the future I don’t know all I do know is Jess must be part of it.

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