Joel and Carrie Ch. 04


“Miss me?” Carrie asked as she came into my arms and hugged me. She looked amazing as always.

“A little,” I smiled in reply.

“Only a little?” she asked with a frown as she pulled away. “I’ve been gone for over a week.”

“Was it that long?” I asked nonchalantly. She poked me hard in the ribs.

“Jerk!” she snapped before turning away angrily.

“Oh come on!” I said quickly, reaching for her. “You know I was kidding. It was the longest eight days of my life!”

“It better have been,” she sighed. “Because it felt like an eternity to me! I don’t think I could have lasted another day without you.”

“I’m sorry I joked about it,” I said, taking Carrie into my arms and hugged her tight.

“You’re forgiven,” she said into my shoulder.

There was something about her voice that made me glance down at her. I was surprised to see actual tears in her eyes. They made me feel like a heel, but at the same time I felt oddly relieved at the sight of them. She still loved me.

We kissed briefly and then continued to hug. The airport was filled with people returning from Christmas vacations, but for the moment it felt like we were totally alone. It was a long time before either one of us was willing to let go.

“Carrie, your father has the luggage and is waiting,” Carrie’s mother said as she walked up. “You can get reacquainted with Joel on the trip home.”

“Hello Mrs. Capanna,” I said in greeting. I smiled and tried to let go of Carrie, but she refused to release me.

“Hello Joel,” Carrie’s mother replied, not quite frowning. I sighed.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like me, or at least I didn’t think so. It was more that she wanted better for her daughter. I wasn’t from an affluent family and lived in a middleclass neighborhood. Mrs. Capanna thought Carrie could do better and truthfully, I agreed with her. Luckily for me, Carrie didn’t.

“Did you enjoy your vacation?” I asked pleasantly.

“It was a good trip,” Mrs. Capanna replied, and then thawed long enough to smile slightly and add, “Of course it would have been a bit more enjoyable without Carrie counting down the days until we returned. She missed you.”

“I missed her too,” I said, wondering if the smile was Mrs. Capanna’s way of showing that she was finally beginning to accept me. I thought I was growing on her, but I couldn’t be certain.

“Hey Joel!” Mr. Capanna said as he walked up wheeling a cart with their luggage. “Thanks again for agreeing to pick us up at the airport.”

“Not a problem,” I smiled.

Oddly enough, Mr. Capanna seemed to like me almost from the start. Carrie kept teasing me and telling me that it was because he was happy she was dating anyone other than Jimmy, but I think her father actually liked me.

“Carrie, let the poor young man go so that we can get home,” Mrs. Capanna sighed. “I’m tired and there is all the unpacking to do.”

Carrie stopped hugging me reluctantly, but she took my hand before I could move to help her father with the luggage. Mr. Capanna saw and laughed.

“Don’t worry about it Joel,” he grinned. “I’ve got it.”

“Thanks Mr. Capanna,” I smiled and then led them to the SUV. It was theirs. Carrie’s father told me I could use it while they were away, but I decided to play it safe. I only used it to drop them off and pick them up. I didn’t want to chance losing any ground I’d made with Carrie’s mother with something as stupid as a car accident with their SUV.

Mr. Capanna drove home and I sat in the back with Carrie. We held hands and laughed as they shared their vacation experiences with me. Carrie spent much of the trip from the airport watching me. The soft, loving glow in her eyes made me feel warm all over.

I helped Carrie’s father unload the luggage and carry it inside when we arrived at their house. It didn’t take very long. Mrs. Capanna started unpacking almost immediately. Carrie led me into the basement. We typically hung out in her father’s playroom when we were at her house.

“Care for a game of pool?” Carrie’s father asked me from the bar. He was pulling a beer out of the refrigerator for himself.

“Sur…” I began, but Carrie cut me off.

“Oh no you don’t!” she cried, and then turned angrily toward her father. “I haven’t seen him in over a week and you’re not going…”

“Okay! Okay!” Mr. Capanna laughed, holding up his hands in surrender as he left.

“And you!” Carrie snapped, turning toward me. “How could you agree to…”

I pulled her close and kissed her, silencing her angry words. Carrie remained tense for a few more seconds, but then she slowly melted into my arms.

“I love you,” I said as we broke apart a few minutes later.

“You’re just horny!” she teased, brushing my cock with her hand. “It’s been a whole week since you’ve been satisfied.”

“There’s that too,” I laughed. “But that hasn’t nothing to do with the way I feel about you.”

“It better not,” she sighed. “Because this vacation made me realize just how much I love you too.”

“Good!” I said, kissing her again.

We put the gaziemir escort television on and sat on the couch. We left the volume low and discussed what we both did during our week apart. My golden goddess looked spectacular with her tan. Of course, Carrie would look just as spectacular no matter what.

After a while we fell silent and watched the television. Carrie was resting her head on my shoulder. I had one arm wrapped around her. The movie we were watching was okay, but nothing special. I didn’t mind suffering through it just as long as Carrie was next to me. I took a deep breath, enjoying all the fragrances that were part of what made Carrie unique.

“Have I ever told you that you smell wonderful?” I asked with a shake of my head.

“Please!” Carrie said with a roll of her eyes. “I smell terrible! I’ve been traveling all day.”

“You smell amazing!” I insisted. “I even missed the scent of your perfume and shampoo. I didn’t realized how addicted to them I’ve become since we started dating.”

Carrie smiled and tilted her head up so that she could kiss me. Our lips met and soon we were kissing passionately. We lost track of time until Mrs. Capanna voice brought us back to reality.

“It’s getting late and you both have school tomorrow. You’re father is already in bed,” Mrs. Capanna said pointedly as she walked down the stairs and into the room. I tried to break away from Carrie, but she refused to let go. Her mother saw and added, “Carrie, let the poor boy breath!”

Carrie ignored her mother’s words and kept kissing me. Mrs. Capanna shook her head and left the room. I thought I saw a slight twinkle in her eyes before she turned away, but I couldn’t be sure.

As soon as her mother was back up the stairs Carrie started rubbing my cock through my pants. I groaned softly. I used one hand to caress her breasts and tweak her nipples. It was her turn to moan.

“That feels so good!” she cried.

“You’re telling me?” I asked, groaning again. A moment later Carrie had my pants open.

“Hey! Your parents are upstairs!” I cried in surprise.

“I don’t care!” Carrie snapped as she slipped her hand under the waistband of my underwear and starting playing with my already hard cock. “I love you so much and want to show you!”

“I believe you!” I laughed. “And God knows I love the way you show it, but don’t you think it’s a little dangerous with your parents in the house?”

“Not if we don’t get loud,” she grinned, kissing me again.

“But your mother is just starting to warm to me!” I groaned. “If she catches us…”

“Hey, if you don’t want to…” Carrie interjected, starting to let go of my cock.

“Are you kidding?” I cried, pushing her hand back to its place. “I want to!”

“I thought so,” Carrie giggled. “Now stop protesting and let’s have some fun!”

“Yes dear,” I said in a joking tone. She made to hit me, but I kissed her hard and she forgot all about it. Carrie pulled her top over her head and I unsnapped her bra.

“You like?” she asked as I broke away and looked at her breasts. They weren’t huge, but they were large enough and perfectly shaped. I buried my face between them. She sighed and added, “I guess so.”

“Joel,” she said a few minutes later. “I want to feel you inside of me!”

“I thought you’d never ask!” I joked.

“Who said anything about asking?” she replied with a grin as she stood and pulled down her panties from beneath her skirt. I took them from her hand and brought them to my nose.

“This is another scent that I’ve missed terribly,” I smiled. “It’s absolutely delicious!”

“Pervert!” she cried as she took her panties from me, but she was laughing.

“Now what?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Now we check to see if we still fit,” Carrie replied as she climbed up onto my lap facing me.

She reached between us and directed my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Carrie rubbed my dick back and forth along her wetness making the head slippery and warm before sinking down onto my cock. We both gasped in pleasure.

“So, do we still fit?” I half asked and half groaned.

“Like we were made for each other!” she gasped in reply as she started riding my cock slowly.

“That’s because we were,” I smiled, but my expression quickly turned to one of passion as she continued to bounce on my cock. I groaned and added, “I love you!”

“I love you too!” she replied.

I leaned forward and kissed her before concentrating on her breasts. My tongue and teeth eventually found her nipples and teased them unmercifully. Carrie picked up the pace. I reached around and gave her tight ass a hard squeeze.

“Don’t tease me like that!” she cried. I smiled. I knew what she wanted. My fingers quickly found her asshole. I played with it for a few minutes before pushing two fingers in. Carrie groaned happily and started bouncing faster. I buried my face in her neck and bit gently.

A hot ass always turned me on, but not every girl appreciated my fetish. It was basically unfulfilled until I met escort gaziemir Carrie. Her willingness to try anything, not to mention her friend Tara’s introduction, led to us exploring what turned out to be a shared fetish.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the feel of my cock buried deep into Carrie’s soaked pussy or hot mouth. Both experiences frequently made me cum with a smile. Carrie seemed equally satisfied with those aspects of our sex life, but both of us knew that there was something special going on when I stuffed my cock deep into her ass. I can’t explain it. Whatever it was, it struck some basic animalistic place in both of us.

“Joel! I’m going to cum!” she whispered hoarsely.

“Go ahead!” I whispered back. “Drench my cock with your cum! Make it ready for your ass.”

“Oh yes!” Carrie cried out as her orgasm hit.

I quickly covered her mouth with my own to stop her parents from hearing her cries of ecstasy. Her tongue moved with maddening quickness in my mouth as her pussy continued to spasm for quite a while. Afterward she laid her head on my shoulder and slowly got control of her breathing. My hard cock was still inside her. Carrie started shifting ever so slightly a few minutes later.

“So, do you think your big cock is wet enough to squeeze into my tight ass?” Carrie asked with a seductive smile.

“God yes!” I growled.

I hadn’t cum in a week and the thought of my cock buried deep into Carrie’s ass was almost more than I could bear. Carrie shifted off of me with surprising quickness considering the power of her orgasm.

“I want you to take me over the arm of the couch,” she said, taking my hand and helping me up.

“If you insist,” I grinned.

“I do!” she laughed and moved into position.

“What a sight!” I crowed softly.

Carrie’s ass was open to me as she lay over the arm of the couch. Her face was buried in a pillow and her legs spread wide. I got between them and took a moment to taste her pussy. It was still soaked with her cum from her orgasm. It tasted amazing!

“You’re pussy is so warm and inviting,” I groaned. “And it tastes out of this world! I want to make you orgasm again, only this time all over my face!”

“Next time!” Carrie insisted. “Right now I want to feel your big cock fill my ass!”

“Eventually,” I smiled and kissed my way to her ass. I let my tongue trace around the edges.

“Stop teasing!” Carrie cried.

I smiled and used just enough pressure to force my tongue past her tight opening and into her ass. Carrie groaned. So did I as I lost myself for a while.

“Joel, I’m ready. Please take my ass!” Carrie demanded a few minutes later. She was panting and obviously couldn’t wait much longer.

I stood and moved until the head of my cock was once again at the opening to her pussy. I stroked in and out just long enough to get my cock wet before pulling out and directing it to her other opening.

“Gentle or hard?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“The harder the better!” Carrie cried. Carrie seldom liked her ass taken gently.

“That’s my girl!” I groaned and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. A moment later I grabbed her hips and shoved the rest of my cock in with one long and hard thrust. Carrie buried her face in the pillow and screamed.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She nodded. Carrie’s ass was tighter than I remembered. It must have been the week away from each other.

It wasn’t long before I was pounding her ass. The sound of my full balls slapping her pussy from behind sent shivers through me as always. I wanted to hold off cumming, but I couldn’t. A weeks worth of cum sprayed into Carrie ass as I pushed my cock in as deep as it would go.

“Yes!” Carrie cried, loving the feeling of my cum as it filled her.

She didn’t orgasm, but that was okay. I wasn’t done yet anyway. I slowed my pace, but didn’t stop fucking her ass. Carrie looked back at me and smiled.

“You didn’t think I was done yet?” I asked with a grin. My cock wasn’t as hard as it was before, but it never turned so soft that I couldn’t continue.

“Not really,” she giggled. “It one of the things I like best about you!”

“Good,” I laughed, picking up the pace slightly. It wasn’t long before my cock was hard enough to ride her ass seriously again.

“Joel, let’s move to the rug,” Carrie said.

“But that means I have to pull out,” I complained with a smile.

“Only for a few seconds,” Carrie laughed.

“Oh, alright!” I sighed loudly. Her laugh grew louder and I joined her.

“Sh!” she giggled. “My parents will hear!”

I pulled out of Carrie and helped her to the rug. She lay down on her back with her legs splayed open and looked up into my eyes. I got between her legs and pushed my cock back into her ass with one long, slow stroke. Carrie gasped as she put her legs on my shoulders, giving me full access to her ass.

“I wonder what your parents would think if they saw us like this?” I teasingly asked.

“Don’t even joke about it!” Carrie cried, but a moment gaziemir escort bayan later she giggled and added, “My mother is such a prude that I can’t see her allowing anything as big and long as your cock in her ass!”

“Then I guess I’m lucky I fell in love with you and not her,” I replied. “Because I love the feel of my cock buried in your ass!”

“You? The deeper the better!” Carrie moaned, pulling me to her despite the position of her legs and kissing me deeply. Her knees were beside her head. I had complete and total access to her ass. I slammed in and out of her hard and picked up the pace considerably.

“I want you to cum with me this time,” I panted as I grew close to orgasm. I propped myself on my arms so that she was more comfortable. It had the added benefit of giving her clearer access to her pussy. I grit my teeth and felt my lust spike at the thought before demanding, “Reach between us and play with your clit!”

“You just like watching me play with myself!” she laughed, but her fingers quickly found her clit.

“Not just,” I laughed, but then groaned in excitement as I watched her and added, “But it is an added benefit!”

“Joel! I’m so close!” she moaned a few moments later.

I took hold of her legs on my shoulders and hugged them to me as I slammed home into her ass with everything I had and then pulled out slowly. I repeated the action over and over again.

“Carrie, you really are a golden goddess!” I groaned as I watched her near her orgasm.

“Your golden goddess!” she panted.

“Yes,” I smiled despite the closeness of my own orgasm. “You’re my golden goddess. All mine!”

“Yours! All yours!” Carrie cried out in agreement and lost control. Her orgasm was far stronger than her first.

I slammed into her ass one last time and came again. My orgasm was also stronger than my last. The two of us held each other, shivering and shaking until we were both totally spent.

“Wow,” I sighed once we were done.

“That was amazing,” Carrie smiled as I shifted off of her. She stretched her legs out and added, “That was also some work out. My poor legs! Not to mention my ass!”

“You loved every minute of it,” I smiled. She just shrugged. We were laying next to each other enjoying the moment when Carrie’s mother called down the stairs.

“Are you two still down there?”

“Oh fuck!” I whispered and nearly jumped out of my skin. We scrambled for our clothes; frightened to death that Mrs. Capanna would come down.

“Yes mom,” Carrie called back. “We’ll be up in a little while.”

“Ten minutes!” Mrs. Capanna called back. “It’s a school night.”

“Okay!” Carrie called. We looked at each other and fought hard not to laugh. We fixed our clothes as quickly as possible.

“Carrie, I really should be going,” I said a few minutes later. “We have school tomorrow. I’ll see you there.”

“Okay,” she said reluctantly as she let me go. We both stood and she walked me to the front door of her house.

“Good night Mrs. Capanna,” I said as we passed her in the hall.

“Good night Joel,” she replied, looking at me oddly.

I suddenly got the distinct impression that she knew exactly what we were doing in the basement. Okay, maybe not exactly. I doubt she realized I was fucking her beautiful daughter’s ass, but she knew we were doing more than watching television.

“You think she knows?” I asked Carrie as she walked me to the door. Carrie started.

“What?” she began, but then shrugged and added, “I don’t know.”

“What are you thinking?” I asked, letting the subject drop. Carrie was obviously thinking about something else.

“Nothing really,” she said, but then added, “You know, we’ve been dating a while now and I think our relationship is continuing to grow and strengthen.”

“I’d say so,” I agreed. “Every day I think I love you as much as any man could love a woman and then the next day comes and I find that I love you even more.” Carrie smiled warmly.

“In that case,” she said. “I think it’s almost time for another sick day. I’ll have to talk to Tara and see when she can get us a room at her uncle’s hotel again.”

“Just the two of us?” I asked.

“If that’s what you want,” Carrie replied. “But I was thinking about a small group of close friends.”

“Really?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Really,” Carrie smiled.

My suspension for the fight was long past and we never reenacted any of the craziness of those couple of days. There were days I thought about what happened, but truthfully I was content with Carrie. Of course, if she wanted to let a little craziness back into our relationship I was more than willing.

“We’ll talk about it more tomorrow at school,” Carrie smiled sexily. “But I have some ideas I’d like to talk over with you.”

“I can’t wait!” I grinned, pulling her into one last kiss.

“Carrie!” her mother called from the house. “It’s freezing out there! Close the door and get inside!”

“I’d better go,” I sighed. “She’s starting to sound seriously angry.”

“Tomorrow,” my golden goddess said with one last hug.

She slipped into her house and I smiled to myself as I made my way to my beat up car. I couldn’t wait to see what Carrie had in store. She said that she had some ideas. I didn’t know exactly what she meant by that, but with my golden goddess, I knew they’d be hot!

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