Jurassic Park 6 The Sickness Part 3


Jurassic Park 6 The Sickness Part 3These events happened around 2 months after the second part on isla sorna. They all came on the north end of Isla Sorna to put the trackers around the island and to go down the sea of braso and down the little gulf.Brittany, Melissa, Jordan, James, Chrissy went searching for evidence of dead dinosaurs to try to figure out what is happening. Me, Brittany, and Melissa were brought to that island by ingen to investigate why some of the dinosaurs were dying from a mysterious sickness. Ingen hired Jordan as the terrain specialist since she knew the area. James was the disease specialist to see what is killing them, and Chrissy is the ingen representative to make sure everything goes according to plan. There is three henchman that is going on this mission to protect the crew, and there is also a captain and her name is Mrs. Wilson, and her assistant is named Mrs. Morealas. The two henchmen went with the group as they were doing their mission. Then the third henchman stayed behind as the rest went to see if they can get anything. Then one henchman and the captain and assistant captain stayed on the ship. Then the boat got attacked by a Ceratosaurus, the captain and the assistant were playing cards out on deck when it went down and bit the captain and shook her up until finally swallowing her down. Then as the Ceratosaurus start destroying the ship and the assistant went hiding away the Hench man went to grab the weapon and went up and was bahis firmaları about to shoot when the ships tips and his shoot went away when he was loading the second dart the Ceratosaurus saw him and picked him up while he screamed and ate him up. The assistant captain mrs morealas dodged out of the way and went below the ship to try to escape and the ship tips and heard a scream of the henchman and decides to go out the diving room to try to swim across and a piece of wood gets stuck in her leg as the ship is falling apart and she got the captains lucky bag and started to escape and swim away from the ship. Brittany found the assistant captain and when she found her, and she told her story then the Hench man patched her leg up and all went off to continue their mission. Then Melissa went to search and found a tiny dinosaur and she doesn’t know what it is, and a lot more come and knock her over and started to eat her then I and Brittany come and knock them all off and chased them off. Brittany, Melissa, Jordan, James, Chrissy went sleep inside the jeep as they continued the mission. Then one of the henchmen went away as the other henchman watched near the jeep and went away to go to the bathroom when he heard a noise of clicking sounds echo the jungle and looked around and one came by and bit him and injected poison in him and he fell and stumbled losing his weapon and finally fell and disappeared. The henchman realized that his buddy hasn’t returned yet from his kaçak iddaa break and went over to talk to me and Jordan about it and they went over and see what is happening and looked for him awhile and yelled his name and I decided to stay back and see if he comes back and not to waste anyone else to get lost and the henchman is very good and can get out of trouble and they went to bed. They went to sleep inside the jeep until morning. Then James went with them in the morning. The henchman found his friend the next morning in a nest and his eyes moved but his body was paralyzed with poison and the eggs would feed on him and later completely killed him as the troodon attacked him took him away to their nest for their young to have something to feed on. Chrissy told them that the troodon were supposed to be killed off, but they survived and told them interesting stories and how she didn’t know that any dinosaurs did what they did. When they reach the power station and had Chrissy and Jordan manually reset it so that they can get the power back on so that they can get to the ship on the southern port. Then they all see a group of velociraptors come in and make it no way to exit without going through there and the switch to escape the backway was right near where the raptors where staying so the henchman went and try to sneak past when the raptors finally caught on and they attack but he won’t be denied as he hit the button as he was fighting them off and the back door kaçak bahis opens up and they escape as the raptors feed on him. Then James after they left through the back door they were running and then they heard the noise coming from the rafters and they all run to safety and try to find their way out and Chrissy, the assistant, Brittany and Melissa found their way out, and myself and Jordan found another way out as we separate but James got bitten and eaten by the flack of troodon in the hallway of the radio station/shed. Jordan continued the mission, and I talked to her about the terrain down to the radio station and about the island and her heritage with me. Then the group of Chrissy, Brittany, and Melissa continue to walk when a Spinosaurus chased them into the channel as the others made their way across and the dinosaur didn’t swim into the river as the others made their way across but there is something in the water and they swim faster when a mosasaur swims up and attacks Chrissy and pulls her underwater and then she resurfaces and screams and then it bites her again and pulls her under and eats her underwater. Then Jordan and I found a way to distract the Spinosaurus enough for Brittany and Melissa to run. The assistant captain mrs morealas ran and made it on the ship and she started to gas it and see if it will start and it did, and she gives the sign to the rest of them to come on. Brittany and Melissa made it on the boat and made it. After all that Jordan ran toward the boat and she made a lot of noise to save me and the Spinosaurus came out of nowhere and picked her up and ate her as she screamed. Then they left the island to never return and let life takes it course.

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