Just Stop By and Check on Me, Part 2

Big Tits

Just Stop By and Check on Me, Part 2So, after Ms K had her fun with me in the restroom at the restaurant, we actually went right back to my house.We went into the house and she began grabbing me again. She kept chuckling and her hands were everywhere, all over me. I giggled and leaned into her so she could grab me as much as she wanted. Even though it was kinda uncomfortable sometimes, I really liked when she grabbed and prodded and poked and rubbed and touched me anywhere.She even gave me a big smack on the butt too! OUCH! She chuckled when I cried out and smacked my butt again! I tried to squirm away but she had a very firm grip on my arm. Every time I would shy away or try to squirm free, she would smack my butt or scold me. “No no no no no no no, you’re staying right here little girl,” she would say. I would nod and obey and she would go back canlı bahis şirketleri to grabbing and groping me. I started liking when she’d spank me, so I’d pretend to not like what she was doing and she’d smack my butt again and scold me again. Each time was a little rougher than the last one, and one time I yelped really loud when she spanked me, but she just did it a few more times, making my eyes tear up.After like, I dunno, 5 hours! (I’m exaggerating… maybe?), she stood up and told me to get undressed. I quickly obeyed and tossed my clothes aside. Then she just grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed and told me to lie on my back. I flopped over and wondered what she was going to do next.She started undressing. I was in awe. She had such big, beautiful boobs, and they spilled out of her bra and my eyes went big and I think I even canlı kaçak iddaa gasped. She grinned at me and continued. She removed her pants and underwear. Then she climbed over top of me and sat on my face. Just SQUISH and she said one word, “Lick”, so I did! And mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she tasted so good. I kept licking and licking, and she started to grind herself against my face. It was sooooooooooooo hard to breathe at all, but I kept licking and licking, swirling my tongue in little circles inside her pussy.So, there I was, on my bed, with a much older woman sitting on my face, grinding against me, moaning, groaning. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up into her. It hurt, but I didn’t complain or anything, I just kept right on licking. I actually started to feel dizzy and I tried patting her on the hip to get her to lift herself up or canlı kaçak bahis let me get a little breath of air or something. She just swatted my hand away and kept right on grinding. I tried to keep licking, but I was getting weak. Then suddenly, she lifted up the tiniest little bit and I could suck in a breath. But she sat right back down on me and kept grinding. And it seemed rougher now. She started moaning really loudly and groaning and breathing really heavily. OMG! She was gonna cum! Yay! I felt her pussy quiver and moisten right on my face. I kept licking and licking, slurping and making all kinds of wet squishy sounds with my mouth on her pussy. I couldn’t breathe, but I don’t think I even realized. She finally climbed off of me and I gasped in as much air as I could.”Did I do good, Ms K?””Yes you did sweetie. Very good.” I felt soooooooo good when she said that! I smiled and squealed! Then I felt silly and blushed. Ms K just laughed and caressed my cheek. I leaned into her hand and made little cooing sounds.This was all just the first day! Ms K stayed with me for almost an entire week!

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