Kisses and Stars

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After trying on 5 different outfits, I finally decided that this was silly. I was acting like a teenage girl and it was absolutely silly. Maureen and I had been dating for about a year. We were doing a date night and I had no idea what to wear. I couldn’t decide what I liked and what she would like to see on me so I just called her and asked. Kind of lame and it makes for a kind of expected reaction, but she would still get the benefits of looking down my shirt. Of course, her reaction was “I don’t know, surprise me!” After a bit of swearing and ripping everything out of my closet, I finally decided to wear the first thing I put on.

At about a quarter to 7 she swung by my house to pick me up. “Wow!” I exclaimed as I opened the door. My date looked super hot! Her five foot nothing curves were accented by the tight blue low-cut shirt (which showed off her 36C breasts perfectly) and short black skirt with matching high heeled sandals. A touch of makeup around her sparkling brown eyes and her beautiful curly brown hair left to frame her exquisite face completed the look. Although I’m no troll with my five foot three, large breasted frame and green eyes/brown curls combination, I couldn’t help but feel very lucky to be out with such a foxy lady.

We went out to a nice restaurant and did that whole couple-in-love-blocking-out-the-rest-of-the-world thing. It was very refreshing to not have to deal with stares and comments, especially considering I usually end up either staring back or saying something snide. We left the restaurant and went to the park to star gaze, considering it was such a warm, spring night. As we were lying on the blanket she strategically “left” in her car, I felt her cuddle up close to me. She bursa sınırsız escort turned to say something in my ear and her hot breath made me shiver with delight.

“I love you so much. This date has been perfect.” She sighed. I turned to look into her gorgeous brown eyes and found myself completely amazed and utterly in love with this beautiful, astounding woman.

“Well,” I started “I love you more than thought possible.” She smiled and leaned into me. I lifted her head and we shared the softest sweetest kiss I’ve ever had. When we pulled away, I looked into her eyes and knew what she was thinking. Making love under the stars is something we both have wanted to do, but the opportunity had not come up yet.

As we started kissing again, I pulled her closer and began to run my hands up and down her sides. Slowly, I pulled her shirt up so I could feel her soft tan skin. I slipped my hands under her shirt as she lightly tugged my hair, making me turn my face up to the bright stars. She kissed my neck as I stroked her back with one hand and held her head with the other.

I had on a button up shirt, so as she licked and nipped my neck and throat, she unbuttoned my shirt, leaving my 40D breasts encased in black lace exposed. I was moaning and writhing on the blanket as she hit every sensitive spot on my neck, making my panties very wet. She reached around me and undid my bra and I slid my arms out of both the bra and my shirt. Immediately, she dove for my chest, hungrily licking and nipping at my hard, ballet shoe pink nipples. My moans grew louder and more intense as she started biting on my nipples, sending surges and waves of ecstasy down my spine and all over my body.

After bursa üniversiteli escort what felt like forever, she slid back up to kiss me and I pushed her over and started kissing her passionately. I slid my tongue in her mouth as I started to feel her breasts through her shirt. After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, I slipped her shirt over her head. I had to gasp. She looked absolutely stunning in a hot pink bra that showed off her cleavage just perfectly. I smiled down at her and started kissing my way down her neck. As I nibbled my way down her chest, I started stroking her thighs. I moved higher and higher up her skirt as I moved lower onto her breasts. After stopping for a second to take off her beautiful bra and marveling at her flawless breasts, I resumed my position. The timing was perfect and as I licked her beautiful brown nipple, I felt her cloth encased pussy. Her panties were already wet from my touch and I smiled as I looked up at her from my position.

She knew what my smirk meant and just gave me a look that said “I love you, but don’t you dare stop!” I chuckled and started sucking on her hard nipples. She gasped when I stroked her through her underwear and she placed her hands on the back of my head. I moved to take her panties off and she helped, but made sure my mouth didn’t leave her nipple. When I finally released her nipple from my hot mouth, she moaned and pushed down on my hands, which were expertly rubbing her clit.

Softly she asked “Inside? Please?” I thought about denying her for a moment, but I decided that roughness is due for another day. I looked her in the eyes as I slowly pushed two fingers inside her. bursa anal yapan escort She moaned and pushed down, her wetness engulfing my two fingers that glided in so easily. As I started to pull and push, she threw her head back and moaned to the stars above. “More, more,” she cried as I start to fuck her faster. I looked into her eyes and knew she wanted me to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could. One more look of pleading from her and I fucked her with as much vigor as I had. Her moans were cutting through the still spring air like a knife.

I could feel her hips pushing up to meet my fingers every time as I reached for her very swollen clit. When I touched her clit, she started moaning my name, which drove me to fuck her with all the energy I had. Finally, after a few minutes of this intense, hard fucking, I felt her body stiffen up and start shivering. She cried out my name and came all over my hand. I held her as she floated down from her orgasm and then we licked my fingers clean. I barely had a chance to catch my breath before she pushed me down and started ripping my pants and panties off. The second she felt how wet I was for her, she pushed a finger in and started pumping. While she was fucking me, she crawled up next to me so she could kiss me and suck on my nipples. Once I started whimpering, she stopped fucking me and started playing with my g-spot.

It felt like a white hotness had burned through my body. She was pushing on my g-spot with all the strength she could muster and whispering all the dirty things she wanted to do to me. “I can’t wait to fuck that pussy of yours while you eat me out, but you have to cum first.” She could tell I was close and just started telling me to cum, demanding that I do. Everything she was doing felt so amazing and I finally opened my eyes and watched her tell me to cum. It was so hot that I started screaming her name as I felt the rush of my orgasm wash over my body. She held me as I drifted down back to earth. We quickly put our clothes on and packed up to head home. The night was still very young.

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