Lady in Red Ch. 10


Paul arrived at Dot’s house at nine, as he stopped at the gates, the gates opened and he drove to the front door. Several gardeners were working in the garden, and he passed a pickup truck with gardening equipment in it. Dot was standing in the doorway waiting for him. She was wearing a red silk dressing gown; he could see the bulge her hard nipples were showing. They kissed and hugged then Dot said, “I enjoyed yesterday, my ass and cunt are still tingling from yesterday, give me the same this morning.”

They went upstairs to Dot’s bedroom, and Dot removed her dressing gown then took a butt plug out of her ass and said, “My ass is ready for you, I have lubricated it for you.”

Paul stripped and his cock was rock hard; it looked so impressive, Dot then sat on the bed and went down on him. Paul took a deep breath then said, “Dot, last night I realised that my job interview this afternoon is with your daughter Sue. I have a law degree and was approached by your firm with a job interview. I want our relationship to continue and am prepared to call the office and say that I have been offered another job. I need your advice on this as I enjoy having sex with you?”

Dot looked up then took his cock out of her mouth and said, “Darling, thank you for thinking of me, I want to continue having sex with you. I can tell you one thing; you will get the job, all Sue’s been talking about for the last month is you. You are a brilliant young man; you have a doctor title, you have written a best selling book which Sue has read so many times. We don’t just have a law firm; we have Hardy Asset Management which handles trillions in assets.”

“The Hardy name is many businesses, our Private Banking and Insurance companies are huge. Sue is always on the lookout for the best staff that are available. She is very excited about meeting you today, in fact, she had a hair appointment at eight this morning, and she is wearing a brand new outfit for your interview. I am sure that she will offer you a job. May I suggest that you go for a Consultancy position as that would allow us to have more time together. Sue is now thirty-two, and the sad thing is if she doesn’t have a child then the Hardy name will be lost from the management of the businesses.”

“Don’t agree on a salary today, she will probably offer you a lot, but I would like it to include something for looking after me, so tomorrow when you visit we can discuss it more fully then. Darling, can I ask you to ass fuck me with your magnificent cock first but today could you give me four orgasms before you do my cunt? ”

Paul knew then that he would have Sue too. He then put Dot on all fours on the bed and then put his cock inside her ass doggy style. Paul didn’t give her four orgasms he gave her five and Dot loved it. He then took care of her pussy, once again doggy style. She had asked him if she could finish him off in her mouth. She had a massive climax, and he was so close, he pulled out, and she took every drop of his cum in her mouth. She then licked his cock and altyazılı porno balls clean. They showered and dressed as the doctor was coming in half an hour to give Dot’s husband his weekly visit.

Dot then said, “Follow me but don’t tell Sue that you were in her bedroom.”

She then opened her laptop, and there was his interview with the BBC, Paul had never watched a replay of the meeting. It lasted half an hour. Dot watched the first ten minutes with him then went downstairs to see the doctor; she told him not to come downstairs until she returned.

A couple of minutes later he checked her browsing history; she was on a couple of role-playing sites. She was looking for online sex with either men or women. He then checked her files, and her filing system was perfect. She had files for cocks, cunts, tits, anal, oral, dildos and vibrators. She had many hardcore pictures of men and women. Her profile said that she was into everything but only online. Paul saw videos of her fisting her ass and cunt. She had a fantastic body. However, in every picture, she was wearing a full face mask. She was a very sexy woman.

Paul then closed the laptop and went back to Dot’s bedroom. Dot came back ten minutes later and said, “He has to go to the hospital, the doctor believes he hasn’t long to go and that he had a stroke a couple of days ago. Darling, it’s better you go now as I will drive to the hospital behind the ambulance. He has been bedridden for over twelve years, he has no quality of life, and I hope he goes quickly. What time will you be here tomorrow?”

They agreed on nine tomorrow morning, and she gave him another three hundred pounds and a long kiss. She told him she would message him if anything happened.

Paul arrived at Sue’s office; it was impressive, a thirty floored office block. The reception told him her office was on floor thirty and to use an express lift. At the reception on her floor, the receptionist took him immediately to her office. She greeted him warmly and asked if he would like a tea or coffee. He opted for coffee, and they sat on a sofa. Sue’s outfit was stunning. She was a tall, elegant woman with a voluptuous body.

The coffee and biscuits arrived. They chatted away in general. Paul sensed that she was very interested in him. He suggested that he could act as a consultant for her group. She nodded in agreement on that. He explained about the wine business. She told him that she was now buying her wine from Nicole Vert as she opened a website.

Paul laughed then said, “Nicole works for our wine company, we set it up, and we have a British website which would save you a lot on the carriage. Nicole is so knowledgeable; she lives in a villa that we have in the Champagne region. We have a wine tasting this evening at our cellars this evening with some excellent Burgundies, you are more than welcome to attend; unfortunately Nicole won’t be there this evening, but she will be here next month.”

Paul then brought out his smartphone and called Nicole and asked türkçe altyazılı porno when she was coming over. She told him three weeks on Sunday, and she will stay for six nights. Paul thanked her then told Sue.

Sue said, “I would love to come to your wine tasting but only if I can invite you for some supper afterwards. I would also like to meet Nicole when she visits, and I will attend any tastings that she’s involved with.”

Paul replied, “You have a deal, we should watch our time as it starts in forty minutes, the cellars, or the warehouse are a two-minute walk from here so we could just walk there.”

Sue answered, “No problem but I would like a quick shower so please follow me.”

She then pressed a piece of wall panelling and a concealed door opened which they walked through into another lounge which had a bedroom and bathroom connected to it. She showed him a cupboard filled with glasses and pointed to a wine fridge and said, “There’s a Premier Cru Champagne with a black label be a darling and pour a couple of glasses and bring them into the bathroom as I shower.”

She started to undress as she walked to the bathroom. Paul found the Champagne; it was Serge’s Champagne, she must have bought it from Nicole, he poured two glasses and took them into the shower. There was a bathroom chair, so he sat on it with his glass leaving Sue’s drink on a tiled ledge. He said, “I know the man that produces this magnificent Champagne, he has a restaurant a minutes walk from our villa. We buy ninety per cent of what he produces. I’m pleased to see that you have lots of it.”

She laughed and said, “I know that I can do things to make you happy. I love that Champagne; it’s all that I am drinking now. Is your car parked in our car park?”

Paul told her it was and she said, “Good, we can leave it there and walk to your cellars, the restaurant that I am taking you to is on the way back here. It stocks this champagne.”

Paul replied, “That’s one of my mother’s restaurants, we supply all its wines. Sue, let me use my card tonight as I get much discount.”

She came out of the shower and wrapped a large bath around her and took the glass from the ledge and said, “You accepted my offer, and I am paying, and I am looking forward to dining with you. I know that it’s not a date, but it feels like a date to me, cheers.”

The touched glasses and they were both looking into the other’s eyes. They both sipped their Champagne then Sue put her glass on the ledge and took Paul’s drink and placed it beside her’s. She turned around and took him in her arms and tongue kissed him, it was a long tender and affectionate kiss, she said, “I like you a lot, but I will be honest with you, I want a baby, and most importantly, I want you to be the father.”

They kissed again, and both of them knew that this would happen. Both were happy as Sue put on her make up and dressed. They walked hand in hand to the wine tasting, which was well presented. Bunty was there and came over and hugged Paul. hd altyazılı porno Paul introduced Sue to Bunty then they left for the restaurant. The meal was excellent; they were chatting as if they had known each other for years, they both were so comfortable with each other.

They got back to Sue’s office flat just before ten, they went into the bedroom and were lying on top of the bed kissing and touching. She went down on him, and he positioned himself so that they could sixty-nine, her body was so similar to Dot’s, their vulvas were near enough identical. Their clits were the same size and very suckable.

He went down on her and sucked on her clit as he finger fucked her with three fingers. She was having lots of small orgasms, and her pussy was getting very wet. He soon was fisting her cunt as he sucked her hard clit. He started to lube her ass using her cum as lube. She loved it and was moaning with pleasure, he now had three fingers in her ass, and she was ready for him.

He put her on all fours on the bed, as he had done with her mother this morning, he slid his cock inside her very wet and tight cunt and went in and out ten times. He came out then pushed his cock into her ass doggy style. She took the full length with the first thrust. She loved it, as his rhythm developed, the louder her moans became. She had her first vaginal orgasm a couple of minutes later; she was shaking with it, she said, “That feels so good, I have just cum don’t stop, make me cum again.”

Paul thought, like mother like daughter, they love the same things. He kept pounding her ass, and within minutes she had two more vaginal orgasms. He pulled out then went into her cunt doggy style, like her mother she was a gripper, and she was gripping to the same tempo as he was riding her, Sue, like her mother, was a great ride. She was rubbing her clit as he rode her, and was moaning loudly. He was now grinding her faster, then they both climaxed within seconds of each other.

He then came out, and they lay on the top of the bed kissing and touching. Sue said, “That was the best fuck of my life, thank you, you are wonderful in bed, and your magnificent cock is superb. Can you stay the night?”

They kissed again then he said, “I would love to, you have a beautiful cunt, and I need more of it. I need to leave at eight as I have a meeting at nine.”

They kissed again and Sue said, “I want your cock in my cunt especially when you cum, but I loved it when you ass fucked me, those were wonderful orgasms, my father was taken to hospital today, I would like to phone mum to see how he is, is that OK with you?”

Paul replied, “No problem.”

Sue then got her smartphone and called her mum. Her dad was in a coma and on life support, it wasn’t good. She then told her mum that she had been invited to a wine tasting and had drunk a lot so would stay in the office tonight. Then Dot asked how the interview went. Sue told her very well, and she liked him a lot, and he would join them as a consultant shortly. They wished each other good night. Paul had been fisting her ass as she spoke and had been fisting her ass and stimulating her G-spot, Sue said, “Don’t stop, I am going to cum.”

She did cum and then said, “That’s good, but your cock gets all of my G-spot.”

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